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Media and Homosexuality


Media and Homosexuality

Ang, Patricia Nicole ENGLCOM C36

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Media and Homosexuality


Media is one o( t)e most e((ecti1e instruments (or trans(erring in(ormation today# 2)roug) t)is, t)e message can easily e relayed to 1arious grou's o( 'eo'le# Media is considered as 'o+er(ul ecause it )as t)e a ility to in(luence its audience – t)e +ay 'eo'le t)in3, t)e +ay t)ey (eel, t)eir c)oices and sometimes e1en t)eir 1alues# 4n t)is generation, 'eo'le are ex'osed to di((erent ty'es o( media li3e 25, maga%ines, radio, ne+s'a'ers and t)e internet# Print media, li3e ne+s'a'ers, 6ournals and articles, )a1e declined recently# Ho+e1er, it is still considered as an e((icient +ay to disseminating in(ormation es'ecially t)roug) t)e daily ne+s'a'er# 2ele1ision s)o+s are (orms o( media t)at ne1er (ail to in(luence its audience# A large 'ercentage o( t)e 'eo'le ’s 3no+ledge consists o( t)e t)ings t)ey )a1e learned (rom +atc)ing 25# Studies s)o+ t)at a ig c)un3 o( a c)ild’s 3no+ledge comes (rom +)at t)ey see on 25 s)o+s and cartoons# Ho+e1er, not only c)ildren are a((ected y t)e 'o+er o( 25 s)o+s# 2)e

're(erence and c)oices o( adults are also 'atterned to +)at t)ey see on 25# 2)eir 1alues and elie(s may also e a((ected y t)e s)o+s t)at t)ey +atc) on 25# 2ele1ision s)o+s and mo1ies are still 'ro a ly t)e most 'o+er(ul (orm o( media until today# Anot)er 'o+er(ul ty'e o( media +ould e t)e social media or t)e use o( t)e internet# Almost e1eryone could testi(y on )o+ (ast in(ormation (lo+s t)roug) social media# 4n(ormation can easily circulate t)e internet +it) 6ust a (e+ clic3s# *ecause o( t)is, it is sa(e to assume t)at social media is slo+ly ecoming an in(luential (orm o( media in t)is current generation# 2)e 'o+er o( media is undenia ly strong7 it acts as an instrument t)at controls t)e minds o( its audience# 2oday, gender 're(erence is a to'ic t)at media in(luences o( its 1ie+ers t)roug) 25 s)o+s and ot)er (orms o( media# 2)is essay aims

Media and Homosexuality


to (urt)er discuss on )o+ media is related to t)e ra'id increase o( )omosexuality in t)e society and )o+ t)ese (orms o( media a((ect t)e audience and t)eir +ay o( t)in3ing# Homosexuality is considered ram'ant in t)e society today — more and more 'eo'le are o'en to t)e idea o( c)anging t)eir gender 're(erence and sexuality# Since t)e society is more li erated, 'eo'le a((irm t)eir gender identity t)in3ing t)at it is more acce'ta le in modern day# Homosexuality is commonly classi(ied into (our ty'es — les ian, gay, isexual and transgendered# Les ians are )omosexual +omen +)o are leaning to+ards t)e male side, +)ile gay 'eo'le are t)e extreme o''osite# 2)ese t+o ty'es are t)e ones most commonly 'resent in society and it is also considered as t)e most acce'ted (orm o( )omosexuality# *isexuals, +it) its 're(ix ‘ i’ meaning more t)an one, are 'eo'le +)o are attracted to more t)an one gender# Lastly, transgender may sim'ly re(er to cross8dressing or at times to t)e extremes o( going eyond eing male or (emale# Homosexuality rates is alarming no+adays# *ecause o( t)e (ree +ill gi1en to )umans, 'eo'le tend to (eel (ree to ex'ress +)at t)ey (eel and t)us, resulting to coming out as )omosexuals# &uring t)e earlier years, discourse on )omosexuality )as een controlled and con(ined# According to Mic)el 9oucault in )is article “2)e History o( Sexuality”, 'ersonal li eration is im'ortant +)en tal3ing a out sexuality# No+ t)at t)e society )as ac)ie1ed a certain le1el o( li eration, 'eo'le 'ut )omosexuality into consideration# Ho+e1er, )omosexuality is not only triggered y t)e (reedom gi1en#

Media +or3s as a ‘'us) (actor’ in terms o( gender identity# 4( media +ould continuously 'ortray )omosexuality as a normal 'art o( society, it is certain t)at more and more 'eo'le +ill slo+ly 'ossi ly dou le# ecome in(luenced and t)e current rates o( )omosexuals may

Media and Homosexuality


Homosexuality is constantly seen on tele1ision s)o+s and mo1ies# 5arious articles are +ritten and s'read all t)roug)out t)e internet +orld — it is asically

e1ery+)ere# *ecause media dra+s t)e attention o( its audience, more and more 'eo'le are a+are o( )omosexuality 'resent today# Ho+e1er, )omosexuality remains to e a

com'licated to'ic# 4t is somet)ing t)at is usually misunderstood es'ecially t)roug) t)e 'erce'tion t)at media 'ro1ides t)e 'eo'le# 2)ese misconce'tions usually lead to t)e common stereoty'es t)at are 'resent in society# Peo'le +)o do not (ully understand )omosexuals tend to t)in3 t)at les ians and gays are a(ter sex and relations)i's# Society also classi(ies t)ese 'eo'le y 'utting a la el on t)eir gender 're(erence#

*ecause o( t)is, di1ersity is 'resent and )omosexuals tend to ecome outcasts# 2)ese classi(ications tend to di1ide t)e 'eo'le and leads to stereoty'es ased on gender#

Media 'lays an im'ortant role in t)e stereoty'es 'resent in modern day# 4n 25 s)o+s, media usually 'ortray c)aracters +)o are eit)er les ian or gay# Ho+e1er, t)ese 'rograms only aim to 'resent )umour to its audience# Homosexuals are o(ten 'ortrayed in a negati1e stereoty'ical +ay# *ecause o( t)is, 'eo'le tend to t)in3 t)at t)ese ty'es o( 'eo'le are to e laug)ed at# 4nstead o( creating a mindset t)at )omosexuals are still )umans, media tends to di((erentiate t)em +)ic) leads to an e1en greater di1ersity# Homosexuality may )a1e started (rom t)e +estern culture ut it is greatly e1ident in t)e P)ili''ine setting as +ell# 4t is clear t)at t)e )omosexuality is not 'art o( t)e country’s culture +it) t)e P)ili''ines eing 3no+n as a country +it) conser1ati1e

citi%ens# Ho+e1er, media )as a great e((ect on 9ili'inos as +ell# 2)eir conser1atism is o1er'o+ered y t)e ideas t)at media 'resents to its 9ili'ino audience# $ecently, local media egan to 'resent )omosexuality as +ell in tele1ision s)o+s li3e “My Hus and’s

Media and Homosexuality


Lo1er” and segments in 'rograms li3e “2)at’s My 2om oy”# 2)ese 'rograms s)o+ )o+ media su''orts )omosexuality in t)e P)ili''ine society# Since t)e 9ili'inos see t)at )omosexuality is starting to ecome a social norm, 'eo'le create a mindset t)at it is normal to ecome a )omosexual no+ t)at t)e country is more li erated# :it) religion set aside, t)e P)ili''ines is considered as one o( t)e most gay8(riendly countries# Homosexuality can e seen as a social norm at 'resent# *ecause o( media, its audience ac;uires t)e idea t)at )omosexuals are a normal 'art o( society# 4t tends to s)o+ t)at )omosexuality is acce'ted y t)e society ut at t)e same time creating an in1isi le arrier et+een t)e )omosexuals and t)e )eterosexuals# Media de'icts

)omosexuals as 'art o( t)e +)ole on one )and +)ile it se'arates t)em on t)e ot)er )and# Media’s 'ortrayal o( )omosexuality remains to e 1ague and uncertain# Media usually 'resents )omosexuality in a negati1e manner# And since it is commonly seen on 25, 'eo'le (rom age grou's are a((ected y t)e 'ortrayal o( media# C)ildren may 'ossi ly t)in3 t)at )omosexuality is a social norm and t)eir gender identity may e a((ected y +)at t)ey see on tele1ision# 2eenagers +)o are ex'osed to 1arious (orms o( media may e a((ected ecause t)is 'articular age grou' 'ro1es to e t)e stage +)erein 'eo'le are 'rone to e c)anged# Adults may still e a((ected in terms o( t)eir gender 're(erences, 1alues and t)e +ay t)at t)ey act to+ards situations# 2)e media is a 'o+er(ul instrument o( 'ro1iding 1arious in(ormation to its audience# *ecause o( t)is, it is sa(e to say t)at media )as an a ility to control t)e ideas o( t)e 'eo'le# Media tends to set t)e standards t)at 'eo'le )a1e +)ic) is +)y it is im'ortant to ecome mind(ul o( +)at in(ormation media (eeds t)em# Media (eeds its

Media and Homosexuality

6 ut it is still u' to t)e 'eo'le +)at

audience +it) in(ormation a out )omosexuality in(ormation t)ey +ould +ant to ta3e in#

Media and Homosexuality


$e(erences! 9oucault, M </=>6?# The History of Sexuality. Ne+ @or3! Pant)eon *oo3s# :ood, M The Portrayal of Gays and Lesbians on TV, and How Viewers React # <n#d? retrie1ed Marc) 3, -./0, (rom )tt'!AA+++#a er#ac#u3AmediaAStudentsAmt+=0.-#)tml S)a'iro, A Portrayal of Homosexuality in the Media# <n#d? retrie1ed Marc) 3, -./0, (rom )tt'!AA+++-# gsu#eduAde'artmentsAtcomA(acultyA)aAtcom/.3(all-..0Ag'/6Ag'/6#'d( Sar'er, 2 <Marc) /0, -./3?# Stereoty es of Homosexuality in the Media# retrie1ed Marc) 3, -./0, (rom LG*2 5s# Media :e Site! )tt'!AAlg t1smedia#+ord'ress#comA-./3A.3A/0Astereoty'es8o(8)omosexuality8in8t)e8 mediaA *ernal, * <"une /0, -./3?# !s the Phili ines really "ay#friendly$# retrie1ed Marc) 3, -./0, (rom $a''ler :e Site! )tt'!AA+++#ra''ler#comAmo1e8')A3/->68')ili''ines8gay8 (riendly