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12 Stress Management Techniques 1. Spirituality - Spirituality is a state or quality of being spiritual.

It is pure, holy, relating to matters of sacred nature, not worldly, ecclesiastical, possessing the nature or qualities of a spirit - The spiritual level holds the entire human person together. Spirituality carries with it the meaning of man’s relationship with a world beyond what is felt by the senses – a world beyond himself, others and the environment – but which somehow gives meaning, purpose and coherence to one’s own existence. It also points to a relationship with a supernatural being which may or may not be articulated by the individual. It is the spiritual level that gives something to live for. - Meditation is a way of reaching the world beyond the senses. It is a very effective method of relaxation. The idea of meditation is to focus one’s thoughts on one relaxing thing for a sustained period of time. It gives the body time to relax and recuperate and clear away toxins that may have built up through stress and mental or physical activity. Meditation can have the following effects:  Lowers blood pressure  Allows breathing  Helps muscles relax  Gives the body time to eliminate lactic acid and other waste products  Eliminates stressful thoughts helps with clear thinking  Helps with focus and concentration  Reduces stress headaches 2. Self-Awareness - Self-awareness means knowing one’s self, getting in touch with one’s feelings, or being open to experiences. It increases sensitivity to the inner self and relationship with the world around. - Self-awareness is important in evaluating one’s abilities realistically, identifying the areas which need to be improved, recognizing and building strengths, developing more effective interpersonal relationship, understanding the kind of motivations that are influencing such behavior, developing empathy and understanding to recognize both personal needs and the needs of other people. 3. Schedule: Time Management - Time is a resource. A resource is something that lies ready for use, or something that can be drawn upon for aid. Time is a tool that can be drawn upon to help accomplish results, and aid that can take care of a need, an assistant in solving problems. Managing time really refers to managing one’s self in such a way as to optimize the time available in order to achieve gratifying results. 4. Siesta - Siesta means taking a nap, short rest, a break or recharging of “battery” in order to improve productivity. It helps relax the mind and body muscles. - It had been proven thru a study that siesta invigorates one’s body. Performance of an individual scored high when siesta is observed with a 15-30 minute nap. It relieves stress tension and one wakes up invigorated and set for the next activity. 5. Stretching - Stretching are simple movements performed at a rhythmical and slow pace executed at the start of a demanding activity to loosen muscles, lubricate joints, and increase body’s oxygen supply. It requires no special equipment, no special clothes, and no special skills and can be done anywhere and anytime. - Frequent exercise is probably one of the best physical stress-reduction techniques available. Exercise not only improves health, it also relaxes tense muscles and induces sleep. 6. Sensation Techniques - The sense of touch is a highly powerful and highly sensitive form of communication. It is a natural reaction to reach out and touch whether to feel the shape or texture of something

Sports . 8.Dance is a form of social activity. Talking to someone when feeling overwhelmed or unable to deal with stress or feeling “helpless” is often the best way of coping with stress.A man is a social being who exist in relationships with his physical environment and in relationship with people and society. Smile . it improves the functioning of many of the body’s systems. Smile is an expression of pleasure. Stress Debriefing . But massage is also invigorating. It provides a medium of expression for thoughts and emotions. leaving with a feeling of renewed energy. as well as information about stress management. perhaps by comforting them. On the contrary without socialization life will be boring and empty.Engaging in sports and in physical activities like these have been known to relieve stress.Critical incident is any unusually strong or overwhelming emotional reactions which have potential to interfere with work during the event or thereafter in the majority of those exposed. .Critical Incident Stress Debriefing means to assist crisis workers/team members to deal positively with the emotional impact of a severe event/disaster and to provide education about current and anticipated stress responses. Sounds and Songs . . 11. Massage helps to soothe away stress. It is also a way to relieve tension. or to respond to another person. It is also considered one of the ingredients or factors that motivates and encourages people to work harder and improve their level of performance in anything they do.Socialization plays a very important role in the development of interpersonal relationships. Communication is aimed at a goal.It has been observed that people who always “smile” are healthy people. unknotting tensed and aching muscles. physical or mental. Through socialization life becomes meaningful. 10. It also gives the body the exercise it badly needs.7. It is the way they obtain understanding. . Through dance man enjoy his body’s love and expresses gesture and releases tension through rhythmic movement. 12. Interpersonal conflicts generally are resolved most effectively by open communication that accept the feelings of the persons involved and lead to better resolution of problems. relieving headaches and helping sleep problems. . reinforcement and assistance from others. Speak to Me . 9. Socials .This world is designed as a mutual support system in which all things relate to each other. It has been found out through research that it relieves all kinds of stresses. so it must remain open until the goal is reached. promotes healing and tones muscles.Music play an important part in the everyday life of a person. happy and worthy. Music adds to the quality of life of a person. Communication is the means by which people make their needs known.