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07.30 – 08.

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb

Opening Ceremony

8& Safet% guideline 9 4n #ase of fire earth:uake and other a##idents please e;it through the same .a% .here %ou entered this room

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PROTOCOL HONOURABLE MENTIONS The honorable Judges of Paper Competition The honorable President of SPE SC UGM Mr !ailul Marom The honorable Pro"e#t manager of Paper Comp $odd% Adi W& 'or the honored all parti#ipants And of #ourse for all SPE SC UGM (oards member and #ourse #ommittees

08.00 – 08.15

Opening Speech by: PM and President

)& Good morning ladies and gentlemen *+, -& 'irst of all let’s praise to God .ho al.a%s blesses us gi/es us health and prote#tion so .e #an attend this e/ent& 0& And no. better for us to start this #ourse .ith pra% to God based on our faith pra% begin&&&&&&& Ameen 4. Wel#ome to Paper Competition of So#iet% of Petroleum Engineers Gad"ah Mada Uni/ersit% Student Chapter one of a part of PETROCHALLENGE 2014 : Ans.ering the Energ% Challenge& With the Paper Competition Theme is 1Ans.ering Energ% Challenge Trough Te#hni#al Approa#h2 3& 4’m 5ita and m% #olleague Tr% .e are %our master of #eremon% this morning& 6& As the #ommittee .e’d like to sa% thanks to all of %ou .ho ha/e #ome here to parti#ipate in this e/ent& Without %our #ontribution it is impossible for us to run this a#ti/it%& We hope this e/ent .ill gi/e ad/antages for us in de/eloping our kno.ledge& 7& Then to #reate the #omfort and to make this e/ent run .ell please make sure our handphones are in silent mode or be turned off

)& <k let’s #ome to the se#ond agenda that .ill be started b% opening spee#h from our Pro"e#t Manager 9 Mr& $odd% Adi Wia#ksono& 'or Mr& $odd% the floor is %ours& -& Thank %ou to Mr& $odd% Adi Wi#aksono for the spee#h 0& !e;t is the opening spee#h from the President of SPE UGM SC9 Mr& !ailul Marom& =& 'or Mr Marom time is %ours 3& Thanks to Mr Marom for the opening spee#h& 6& And no. .e>re gonna read the o/er/ie. and rundo.n information&

1 & )omen(o !e$$ion & P#o(o !e$$ion Pre$en(er$ !"ore Co5n(ing *n.orld& The .1 Opening !pee"#e$ %y: & Pro'e"( )*n*ger o+ P*per Compe(i(ion & Pre$i.30 – 08.orld of petroleum industr% is .pe#ted to understand the .en( o+ !PE -G).30 – 01.ill impro/e the :ualit% of Uni/ersitas Gad"ah Mada graduates .30 – 10.ledge from all of the related ma"ors to run the industr%& Therefore b% holding this e/ent .imi?e its potential start from regulation petroleum .00 01.ploring the energ% potential in order to keep support the .30– 1:.ering the Energ% Challenge2 .ing industr% that keep e.ith theme 1Ans.08.4 – 13.orld>s energ% needs& Therefore the petroleum industr% be#ame a highl% de/elop and gro.4 – 11.ledge and perspe#ti/es& Thus it . Pe(ro4e5m E"onomi" 9 Reg54*(ion (opi"$6 – 1 .ide& 4t needs a lot of people and kno.1 – 08.4 11.30 O/er/ie0 Prep*r*(ion$ Pre$en(*(ion$ !e$$ion 1 2Geo$"ien"e$3 -n"on/en(ion*4 Pe(ro4e5m3 Geo(#erm*4 (opi"$6 – 3 Pre$en(er$ 10.00 – 1 .orld energ% needs& As a #andidate in the petroleum industr% the students are e.ill take the lead of the national energ% utili?ation and de/elopment& te#hni#al until the e#onomi#s perspe#ti/es of .00 Opening Ceremony 08.30 Co++ee 7re*8 Pre$en(*(ion$ !e$$ion 2 2EOR (opi"$6 – 2 Pre$en(er$ L5n"# 7re*8 Pre$en(*(ion$ !e$$ion 3 2Geo$"ien"e$3 -n"on/en(ion*4 Pe(ro4e5m3 Geo(#erm*43 *n.n kno.orld& Con/entional energ% su#h as oil and gas are still the ma"or supplier of the .e hope it #an a##ommodate students to fulfill the #uriosit% about petroleum industr% and the #o@relation of ma"ors stud% needed in the industr% from te#hni#al and non@te#hni#al perspe#ti/es& Also this e/ent is aimed to stimulate the Uni/ersitas Gad"ah Mada students to ha/e a deep understanding of energ% #hallenges in 4ndonesia and build the solutions based on their o. C4o$ing Energ% is one of the primar% needs of our dail% a#ti/ities that support the .4 10.hole aspe#t and pro#ess that in/ol/ed in the petroleum industr% in order to ma.30 08.00 – 10.ho in the future .00 – 08.00 13.!C 08.15 – 08.30 O er ie! and "#ndo!n $n%ormation & ent r#ndo!n: 07.

illingness to #ome to this Paper Competition& And to the the parti#ipants on#e again bun#h of thanks for %our attendan#e on this Paper Competition till the end& And .inners& mungkin di bagian ini ada pengumuman dulu. is %our lun#h+ 4s it good+ 4 hope %ou all en"o% %our lun#h& <ka% gu%s let>s start for the final session the Presentation Session 0& The ne.4 11.t team .e>ll be ba#k after the s#oring session is o/er and .t se#tion is lun#h and break& En"o% %our sna#ks and lun#h and foor Moslems %ou ma% ha/e a time for Sholat Jumat and $?uhur& And please make sure to #ome ba#k into this room at ) PM& 10. it>s time for our "udges to dis#uss about the s#oring and .t se#tion is Presentation Session .30 – 10.4 Presentations Session ! 2EOR (opi"$6 – 2 Pre$en(er$ 5adies and Gentlemen .e #an #ontinue this presentation session& )& The ne. Pe(ro4e5m E"onomi" 9 Reg54*(ion (opi"$6 – Pre$en(er$ 5adies and Gentlemen the #offee break is o/er& Please ha/e a seat so .4 – 11. baru penyerahan prizes for participants dan memento untuk judges As a token of our appre#iation to our guest speaker for his time and his /aluable #ontribution ma% 4 re:uest the PM of Paper Competition Mr& $odd% to kindl% present a memento to the "udges 13.ill be the .A8.4 – 13.30 – 0'.hi#h one of %our teams .30 – 1'.hile& Please en"o% th #offee break for about )3 minutes& 09.e’re sorr% if there are mistakes or in#on/enien#es in our utteran#es during handling all program or sessions& Eopefull% this e/ent .el#ome ba#k to our e/ent the Paper Competition of So#iet% of Petroleum Engineers Petro#hallenge -A)=& So ho.t team to perform is&&& 1 .e>re gonna announ#e .e .00 Preparations )& <B 5adies and Gentlemen let>s start the presentationC This is the Presentation Session ) and the first presentation that .t team to perform is&&&& 0& Gi/e a big applause to the Team -& The ne.and the ne.t team to perform is&&& D#ontinue until the last team on Presentation Session ) <B 5adies and Gentlemen 4 think it>s time for us to break for a .ho ha/e performed toda%& And no.00 – 1 .ould like to thank so mu#h to all the "udges for the .to perform is&&& -& Gi/e a big applause to the Team&&& <B& The last team of this session to perform is&&& Well 5adies and Gentlemen the ne.00 – 10.ill be benefi#ial for e/er%bod%Famin& Thank %ou /er% mu#h good afternoon and Wassalamu>alaikum Wr& Wb& Wassalamuala%kum& Wr Wb& .30 Presentations Session 1 2Geo$"ien"e$3 -n"on/en(ion*4 Pe(ro4e5m3 Geo(#erm*4 (opi"$6 – 3 Pre$en(er$ 10.00 Co""ee Brea# L$n%& Brea# And .30 Presentations Session 3 2Geo$"ien"e$3 -n"on/en(ion*4 Pe(ro4e5m3 Geo(#erm*43 *n.1 S%ore Co$ntin( an) C*osin( Thank %ou /er% mu#h for all the parti#ipants .ill perform is Dthe paper title of Team )D -& Gi/e a big applause to the Team )& The ne.