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(Singye Agencies)

Now days the computer has become one of most important needs in every field like scientific research, business activities, entertainments, educative fields etc. From this importance the computer soft ware became one the most important technology which provides interface and solution for the modern people. One of the most important applications of the computer is to assist researcher, manager or any individual in solving problems by analyzing the data provided by the individuals and store records or data and provide up to date information and data to the individuals for the efficient management of their organization.

It is thus very important for all learners of computer science to know how to design computer-based information systems to aid management. esides that birth of ob!ect oriented and platform independent programming language has changed a great deal in programming styles and logic. "o the #ot N$% has become more important and popular language among the co-I% workers and also the professionals. #ue to the advancement of information %echnology in present era it really important for computer students to choose a appropriate topic for the pro!ect as the partial fulfillment of the re&uirement for their degree. "o therefore I have done 'utomobile inventory system as the partial fulfillment for the degree of ('.


without whose help and continuous supports I would have not been able to finish it successfully and to other faculties for teaching me in the *ro!ect related fields and giving their ideas and knowledge in designing the pro!ect. thanks to all my friends for sharing their ideas and generally the '*$+ (ollege for providing such a great platform to do the pro!ect.. Finally. Initially I would like to thank faithfully to my %eachers. Objectives . especially to )))))))and ))))).%he most important and relieve and emotion of respect is when we achieve what we aimed and realize those blessing hands and guidance during our need in struggle in achieving our goal.

 To keep the details of the supplier.  To generate reports for purchase.  The overall objective of this database is to store information of vehicle purchased from supplier and keep records of all the transaction made in the organization. Tool Used .  To keep the record of customers. invoice and sales and can print out the reports and can also save it.  To generate invoice to the customers. purchase details and sales details.Few objectives of the project are:  The general objective of this project is to minimize the manual work.  Viewing and updating of stock details.

it is a standard language for '3$!. SQL server (backend): . "t supports all ke# OO feature like pol#morphism. abstraction.tandard "nstitute). "t is the dot net version of visual basic (V$) language. SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition is the most comprehensive version of .-& (pronounced as /ess.VB.. retrieve.performance database access.erver 4555 and supports the full set of .erver to offer high. manipulate. "t is one of the most popular wa# of developing a windows application. Vb.-& command such as /select1.erver 4555 features.0ue.el1) stands for structured 0uer# language which is used to communicate with database.Net (front end): Visual basic dot net ( uses common language runtime(%&') for program e(ecution. /create1 and /drop1 can be used to accomplish almost ever#thing the one need to do with the database. update and manage data on a database.-& . This version is most appropriate for large organizations that need to manage immense amounts of data 0uickl# and is an object oriented programming language (OO ). )*T +ramework is used b# !icrosoft . . 2ccording to 2). /update1." (2merican )ational . from !icrosoft. /delete1.-& . encapsulation. "t lets us access.-& . inheritance. Requirement Analysis .

tock. .  .  Viewing and updating of stock details. 'e0uirement anal#sis provides the software designer with representation of information.  2utomatic updating of . function.'e0uirement anal#sis is one of the crucial and first steps towards the development of an# project.elling of the vehicle to the customers(i. behavior that can be translated to architectural. interface and component.e sales records)  6enerating invoice to customers. The primar# objective of 'e0uirement 2nal#sis is to describe the needs and the re0uirement of the customer. • Lo$in %odu!e • Supp!ier re$istration • &urc'ase %odu!e odu!e. +ollowings are the few points related to this s#stem (Auto obi!e "nventor# S#ste )  $u#ing of vehicles b# the organization from the individual supplier. Module Description 6enerall# this project is divided into five main !odules.level designs. purchase details and sales details.

ntity Relations!ip Diagram Name $ngine No *hone no #ate .. (usto er %odu!e "n this module. 8e can easil# view7update the customer table. 8e can view sales details.hen the vehicles are purchased and stored the stock gets automatically updated. through which an# user7emplo#ee can log into the s#stem and can operate on the s#stem provided the# know the Administrator name and password.e phno. &urc'ase %odu!e: The details of the transactions made with the suppliers are recorded in this module. "t is fact that the number of suppliers ma# increase or decrease. it will automaticall# deduct the Stock va!ue and so the Stock gets updated.• Sa!es odu!e • (usto er odu!e Lo$in %odu!e: This module is just an entr# point. . . etc.o in this module we can add the new supplier and )e!ete*+e ove the e(isting suppliers. user7emplo#ee has to t#pe the Administrator na e and password in the field provided Supp!ier re$istration odu!e: $asicall# an# *nterprise or organization has regular suppliers and the# keep their details in the database. customer details (i. address. 8hen we sale the vehicles from store and enter their details.etc. 8e can print the bills for customer when sales are made.) and kind of vehicles that the# have booked along with the booking amount paid. are maintained. Sa!es %odu!e: The out flow of goods (vehicle) from the Stock are recorded in this module.. "n order to log into the s#stem.

uantit y (ubic capacity "eat capacity mak e’s Singye Agency 4ehicle 5model6 ha ves rat Customer order form (ol2st choice (ol 3nd choice /ate fro m mak e ooking 'mt paid alan ce to "upplier I# nam e (OF $mail I# Sale #elivery date Suppli er 'ddre ss (ontact No $ngine no Data"low Diagrams 2 data f!o. 8ith a dataflow diagram. The conte(t 3iagram for the Auto obi!e "nventor# S#ste considered in this project is shown below. . "t differs from the flowchart as it shows the data flow instead of the control flow of the program.-odel No "upplier I# 0ey No colour -F1 year 'dd. what the s#stem will accomplish. dia$ra ()-)) is a graphical representation of the 9flow9 of data through an information s#stem. and how the s#stem will be implemented. Office *roposed delivery date (Of Purcha se ' mt %a 7 . /esidence 'dd. users are able to visualize how the s#stem will operate.

new customer update User /eg.0 User 8ogin /esponse -ake payment -ake payment Singay Agencies Supplier *urchase Customer Order "ell vehicle "ell vehicle *ass bill Leve! .Leve!.ne w supplier updat . / /eg.

update view view view Supplier registrati on process (1) 0eeps record Purchasi ng Process (%) 0eeps record "upplier "ie# details ($) /etrieve 9 update *urchase table /etrieve 9 update view view Custom er etails (!) 0eeps record Selling process (4) 0eeps record (ustomer table "ale table /etrieve 9 update /etrieve 9 update .

/./ / supplier "upplier details Supplier registrati on process (1&1) update "upplier table view .Leve!.

/.2 *urchase Supplier "ell vehicle -ake payment 'ransacti on (f vehicle (%&1) 0eeps record Purchase ta)le .Leve!.

0 /eg./.Leve!./.new customer Custome r *egistrat ion process (!&1) (ustomer details update Customer ta)le view Leve!.1 .

/.Order Custome r "ell vehicle Selling proces s (4&1) 0eep record Sale ta)le *rovide invoice +nvoice generati on (4&%) 0eeps record +nvoice ta)le *ayment of invoice Leve!.2 /etrieve 9 update /etrieve 9 update .

upplier doesn:t change ver# often. . .Supplier ta)le Purchase ta)le "ie# etails ($&1) Customer ta)le Sale ta)le /etrieve 9 update /etrieve 9 update Data Dictionary Sin$#e A$encies: )ame of the organization 3ser*E p!o#ee: 2 person who operates the s#stem. "t includes an enterprise. Supp!ier: One who supplies vehicles to the organization is called supplier. a person or a compan#. "t is important in the business that we keep the details of suppliers.

ale Ta( ($.(usto er: 2n# one who comes to the organization and orders a vehicle or asks for service is called customer. &urc'ase: purchase of vehicles b# the organization from the individual suppliers. Sa!e: sale of vehicles b# the organization to the respective customers.ield name :id *wd atatype 4archar 4archar Si-e . )ate: . "t will be calculated on the actual rate7cost price of the vehicle and not the selling price.< . "nvoice: 2 bill which is given to the customer when the# bu# the vehicle. 5a6: 2mount of mone# imposed b# the government to the organization on particular vehicle as $usiness .#stem date 5i e: s#stem time Database #tructure &ogin Table . (4-: %ustomer Order +orm (%O+) is a form that needs to be filled b# the customer during the order or booking of the particular vehicle.T).ield name atatype Si-e escription Constraint .< escription :ser name :ser password Constraint %ustomer table .

(OF #ate Name 4ehicle5model6 *roposed delivery date (ol 2st choice (ol 3nd choice ooking amt paid alance 'dd.upplier Table .residence *hone no Int #atetime 4archar 4archar #atetime 4archar 4archar Int Int 4archar 4archar Int =< > =< 2< =< =< =< =< =< =< =< =< (ustomer Order Form #ate of order of the vehicle Name of customer Name of vehicle 8ikely delivery date of the vehicle 2st colour choice 3nd colour choice 'dvance amount paid alance amount after advance payment Office address of customer /esidence address of customer *hone number of customer Primary key . escription Name of supplier "upplier code $mail id of supplier (ontact number of supplier 'ddress of supplier Primary key Constraint .office 'd.ield name name "upplier?id $mail id (ontact no address atatype 4archar 4archar 4archar Int 4archar Si-e =< =< 2. 2< 2.

urchase Table .of seats available in the vehicle %a7 imposed on particular vehicle Number of vehicle purchased *rice of each vehicle /ateA&uantity Primary key Constraint .no #elivery date atatype 4archar 4archar #atetime Si-e =< 2.ale Table .oreign key .ield name (OF $ng.ield name "upplier?id 4ehicle model $ng no 0ey no (olour -fg year (ubic capacity "eat capacity %a7 .oreign key .ield name atatype Si-e escription Constraint .oreign key "nvoice table . =< =< =< =< =o =< =< =< =o escription "upplier code Name of vehicle $ngine number of the vehicle 4ehicle@s key number (olour of the vehicle -anufactured year of vehicle (ubic capacity of the vehicle No. =< escription (ustomer order Form $ngine number of the vehicle #ate on which the vehicle is delivered Constraint .uantity /ate 'mt atatype 4archar 4archar 4archar Int 4archar 4archar Int Int Int Int Int Int Si-e =< 2< 2.

level design description as a guide. of sale made to customer (ustomer Order Form $ngine number of the vehicle %otal amount of bill Primary key . strategies of testing and the process involved in carr#ing out the tests. .. important control paths are tested to uncover errors within the boundar# of the module.oreign key Testing 3nit 5est &rocedures Testing is an important activit# in the software 0ualit# initiative. There are different t#pes of testing. Test the functionalit# of the code within a module b# debugging each module and giving various inputs.#ate Invoice?id (OF $ng no Invoice?total #atetime 4archar 4archar varchar 4archar =< 2< =< 2.oreign key . 2< #ate of invoice Invoice no.nit testing is normall# considered as an adjunct to the coding step. . *ach test case should be coupled with a set of e(pected results. the software component or module. The design of the unit tests can be performed before coding begins or after source code has been generated.nit testing focuses verification effort on the smallest unit of software design. • • %heck the structures part of the code within a module or a code segment. . 2mong several t#pes and methods of testing " have chosen 3nit 5estin$ to implement in m# project (software).sing the component.