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Franco V. Villanueva Communication III INFORMATIVE SPEECH PLAN Title: Rise of Apple Inc.

Specific Speech Purpose: To inform my Comm. III audience on how Apple Inc. rose to be one of the top, if not the top, companies in the world Stateme t: Apple Inc. experienced bein in different positions in the mar!et before bein included in the top companies in the world INTRO!"CTION I# Atte tio Step "ow many have a mobile phone ri ht now# A smartphone# $et%s be more specific. An i&hone. 'ut to those who don%t have an i&hone, you are still familiar with it ri ht# II# Clarificatio Step: (ho is not familiar with Apple, the most admired company in the world since )**+ ,accordin to Fortune-, continuin up to present, and the world%s most valuable brand ,accordin to .mnicom /roup%s 0'est /lobal 'rands1- since )*23. It is a multinational corporations that sells consumer electronics, software, and personal computers. Their notable products include the i&hone, i&ad, i&od, and 4ac. $O!% I. Apple was founded a. 5teve 6obs, 5teve (o7nia!, and Ronald (ayne established Apple on the 2st day of April, 289:. 2. They sold the Apple I at :::.:: dollars, that accountin inflation, cost more expensive than the 4acboo! Ai or even the 29;inch 4acboo! &ro. <ot priced with any 5atanic connotations, the Apple I%s price was =ust one and 2>3 of the wholesale cost minus 2. And also, it was =ust easier to type. ). It was built by 5teve (o7nia! in his bedroom and 5teve 6obs did what he do best, advertisin . 3. Ronald (ayne left the company because 6obs wanted to o hi hly in debt for lar e ?uantities of the Apple I. @. <owadays, Apple I were sold to auctions amountin up to : fi ures, the one wor!in upto :92,@** to be exact. b. Apple went in boom 2. Anown as the 0Apple Computer, Inc.1 then, they became publicly;traded with an I&. of a whoppin )) dollars, ma!in it the most successful startup for a company.

). They built Apple II that, ported with innovative pro rams, outdone its competition and became hi hly;successful 3. 6obs and other employees visited Berox to see the Berox &ARC which became the inspiration for the next competin product launches of Apple, as it featured a /CI, the very popular interface most of the computers still use upto now. @. 6obs wor!ed for the 2st pro=ect inspired by Berox &ARC, the Apple $I5A, acronym for $ocal Inte rated 5ystem Architecture, and was named after his dau hter. 'ut he ot out due to infi htin so he went to the other competin pro=ect within Apple. &ro=ect $I5A was the 2st to release to the public a system with /CI. Thou h a very advanced computer of its time, very advanced that only years after it Apple ot to include its features once a ain to its systems, it became unsuccessful due to its hefty price ta . c. 4acintosh D 28+@ 2. The video I will show you ri ht after is, for me, where it all started. This is considered a watershed event to the time now for contributin a lot in Apple%s identity. It is

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Summar& Step: Source: httpF>>applemuseum.bott.or >sections>computers>a2.html httpF>>>)*2*>*9>*+>2*;apple;facts> httpF>>blo .aarp.or >)*23>*G>)8>apple;2;computer;sold;at;auction;for;:92@**;facts;about;apple; i> httpF>>usatoday3*>tech>columnist>!evinmaney>)**@;*2;)+;maneyHx.htm