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        UNDER THE T  GUIDANCE OF                                                                                                      SUBM MITTED BY  PROF. S.A ARUN KUMAR R                                                                                                              RAVI INDRA KUMAR  SINGH                             SRM, SCH HOOL OF MAN NAGEMENT                                                                                           REG. .NO.‐3508048 85  CHENNAI.                                                                                                                                     MBA  SESSION‐2008‐10   

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Under the Guidance of:
Mr. Saket Sinha Area Manager, Toto

Submitted By
Ravindra kumar singh

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INSTITUIONAL CERTIFICATE    This is to certify that this project entitled has been carried out Analysis on  Brand perception and market mapping of TOTO Mr.Ravindra  kumar  singh,Reg no.‐35080485,a student of  Management of Business Application   with specialization in MARKETING,session‐2008‐2010 of  SRM,  School of  management , kattankulathur ,Chennai.   

It is also certified that this project has not been submitted anywhere else for  the award of Management of Business Application.                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                                                           Dr. Jaishree Suresh        Prof.S.Arun Kumar                                                                         (Dean)                         (Project Guide) 


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that to the best of my knowledge the work reported herein does not from part of any other project or dissertation on the basis of which a degree or award was conferred on an earlier occasion on this or any other candidate..” is a bonafide work of Mr.BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE Certified that this project titled "Analysis on Brand perception and market mapping of TOTO ltd. Signature of the guide: Signature of HOD: Signature of the External Examiner:                   ~ 4 ~    . Certified further.RAVINDRA KUMAR SINGH (Reg no:-35080485) who carried out the research under my supervision.

          ~ 5 ~    . There is also difficulty for the respondents to monitor the market regularly which many of the respondents are not willing to do. There is also relation between the educational qualification of the respondents and the awareness towards Sanitary wares The respondents are willing to take moderate risk while competition iz very high amongst sanitary wares. The findings have been that there is no significant relationship between the aforementioned hypotheses. So the company should create awareness of sanitary wares and winning the confidence of the customer.ABSTRACT This project is a study about the customer awareness towards sanitary wares of TOTO ltd. The study helps to find new target groups. which may help the improvement in performance of the customer. So the customer should be educated about the sanitary wares market. The overall picture states most of the respondents doesn't have the complete knowledge about the sanitary wares market .

  Who  have  supported  us  throughout  our  project  work  and  helped  us  at  each  and  every  step  for  its  successful completion.  Saket  Sinha.  a  sanitary  ware  company  and  Mr.ACKNOWLEDGMENT      It  is  with  deep  gratitude.  Area  Manager.  We  are  also  thankful  to  each  and  every  people  of  TOTO  Ltd.    Ravindra kumar singh ~ 6 ~    .  sanjay  arora.    Last  but  not  the  least.  Manager‐Business  Development.  (  East)  Toto  ltd.Arun kumar”   without his kind co‐operation my project report would not be in such a shape.  for  giving  us  the  opportunity  to  pursue  our  project  in  this  reputed  organization  and  to  provide  us  a  real  market  overview  which  helped  us  to  understand  the  market  in  a  real  way  and  also  helping  us  by  visiting  the  market  once  with  us.  that  we  would  like  to  express  our  sincere  thanks  to  Mr.S.    I wish to convey my deep sense of gratitude to my project guide “Prof.  we  are  also  thankful  to  our  parents  and  all  our  friends  and  collegues  who  have  been  a  constant  source  of  inspiration  during  the  project  work  and  to  all  those  who  have  inspired  me  all  the  way  through  my  project work. I am   fortunate to have an opportunity to study under his able guidance.

2 TOTO Mission 1.2 ANOVA 3 Summary and Conclusion ~ 7 ~    .6 Sample Design 1. 1.2 Objective 1.1 Weighted Average Statistical Tools 2.2.5Market research 1.1 Corporate Value 1.1. Data Analysis and Interpretation 2.1 Tables & Figures Research process 1.2 Company profile 5 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 12-14 22-23 24-25 26-39 27-39 40 41-42 43 43 .1 Outline of the project 1. Introduction 1.1.4 Distribution channel Limitation 1.3 Manufacturing Base 1.3 Research Methodology 1.1.CONTENTS Chapter Topic List of Table and Charts Page No. Preface 1. 7 1.

3.2 SWOT Analysis 45 46-47 3.1 Questionnaire for Dealer 4.1 Facts and Findings 3.3 Suggestion and Recommendations 4 Questionnaire 4.2Questionnaire for Architects/Builder 5 6 Bibliography Annexure      48 49-56 50-52 53-56 57 58-69 ~ 8 ~    .

27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 ~ 9 ~    . Page No. Grading of Dealers in Kolkata. 6. 5. Brand Awareness among dealers Brand Awareness among Architectures/Builder Brand awareness among Hotels Demand of different brands Perception of brand TOTO Class of Customer for TOTO Product Parameters of Preference of different brands 7. Percentage of counter coverage of different Brands 10. 7.4 Other Brand 8.1 Parry ware 7.3 TOTO 7. Investment in promotional activities 9. 4.2 Hind ware 7.LIST OF TABLE AND CHARTS Tables and Charts: 1. 2. 3.


PREFACE Indian industries are waking up to the challenges thrown by the market economy.e. cutting the cost and increase productivity. emotional selling preposition. The advertisement has become a source of information in today’s scenario. market share. The companies are working hard to survive in the market and for the companies are forced to bring better and differentiated product in the market. The buzz word of today’s scenario is ‘customer delight’ and the advertisement has shifted from showing the USP i. A need for knowing brand perception is much for designing the proper marketing mix. With the liberalization and globalization the economy has opened up almost in each and every sector. The advertisement has become and important tool for attracting the customers towards the product. ~ 11 ~    . managers are being pressurized to improve the quality. The companies are following aggressive strategies for having a competitive edge in the market. The different steps are being taken to improve the product line so that the product can be made available to the customers according to their needs. unique selling preposition to ESP i.e. To survive in the highly competitive market. The companies are trying to cater the need of each and every customer and hence they are coming up with differentiated products and different promotional schemes so as to pull the customers towards them and are trying desperately for capturing the market share. sales.

Therefore our 1st objective was to know the brand awareness of the brand TOTO and its perception among the dealers. 7. in 2000. 5. Toto is a well known company all over the world but is a late entrant in India i. Our fourth objective was to locate the potential dealers who are capable as well as willing to take the dealership of Toto so that the company can increase its number of outlets. 2. architect and other concerned parties. builders. To find out the brands with which TOTO has to compete in the Kolkata market and also to ascertain the scope of TOTO in this region. Our 2nd objective was to create brand awareness about the brand Toto. therefore our objective was to locate those projects and hotels where Toto can be used.e.OBJECTIVES 1. To create awareness about its soon to open showroom at TOPSIA and also about its distribution channels in Kolkata. To find out the various promotion techniques and procedures used by its national and international competitors. 6. Since Toto is a product of premium quality which can be affordable to big projects and premium hotels. 3. 4. ~ 12 ~    .

The purpose of this section is to describe the methodology carried out to complete the work. When we talk of research methodology we not only talk of the research methods but also consider the logic behind the methods we use in the context of our research studies and explain why we aren’t using the method so that research results are capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others. ~ 13 ~    .RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. The methodology plays a dominant role in any research work.

RESEARCH PROCESS Review the literature Formulate hypotheses Design Research (including sample design) Collection of data (execution) Analyze the data Interpret and report ~ 14 ~    .

~ 15 ~    .information used to identify and define market opportunities and problems. with the help of these a researcher can know the actual scene of the market place. the malls and other big sites like all five and four stars hotels that were building up in the regions of Kolkata. All these information helped us to find out the amount of demand of the product in the market. As the project study was concerned with the institutional sales only henceforth we had only to cover the builders and designers. For this We had to visit the sites where the construction were going on and had to gather information like the name of the project.” There are different marketing tools for conducting the marketing research. the architect. generate. and improve understanding of marketing as a process. we had to gather the information regarding the projects that were being under construction and would be completed in a year or two. refine and evaluate marketing actions. Therefore. monitors marketing performance. This information gives the company the correct picture of its products in the market. with this information he can plan different strategies to capture the market.MARKETING RESEARCH “Marketing Research is the function that links the consumer. customer and public to the marketer through information. the completion level of the sites and had to talk with people regarding the awareness and requirement level of the brand. As for the program to be a success.

Unstructured form Open & Close ended 186 10th March to 5th May Kolkata ~ 16 ~    .SAMPLE DESIGN DATA RESEARCH DESIGN FORMAT OF DESIGN TYPES OF QUESTIONNAIRES SAMPLE SIZE PERIOD OF COMPLETION AREA COVERED Primary & Secondary data Exploratory & Descriptive research design.

2.LIMITATION 1. The builders and architects were very possessive about their current and upcoming projects. Some of the dealers were defensive and did not respond to us. Many architects and builders also turned down our request for appointment because of their unavailability and other such reasons. 5. 7. We do not have any list of the dealers. In case of builders and architects. The chances of missing some of the dealers cannot be avoided. therefore we got problem in contacting them. In east and north kolkata we had to face the communication problem. therefore we have to travel a lot in locating the dealers and that consumed more time also. 8. 9. 3. we found difficulty in getting the appointment because of absence of proper documents and Brochure of the company. 11. so most of them did not reveal about their projects. Some of the dealers were not ready to give full information. The database of architects and builders that we were having was not updated and some address and contact number were changed. 6. 10. therefore the data may vary. In some cases we had to visit 2-3 times at the same site to meet the concerned person because of their unavailability which consumed our time. so we were unable to cover all the builders and architects. ~ 17 ~    . 4. Heavy rain and road blocks also affected our work.

joint venture in Taiwan is established.LTD. SURYA TOTO INDONESIA joint venture in Indonesia is established. is also a company that is devoted to enhancing our lifestyle while preserving the purity of our environment. 1996 TOTO Marrow plant is established in Georgian. 1971 The TOTO Ginza Pavilion showroom is constructed in Tokyo.S.” 1937 TOTO Ltd. 1920 TOTO Ltd. builds Japan’s first “Tunnel Kiln. with it's expanded corporate vision is poised to move forward and provide products as well as services to improve the cleanliness. Georgia. relocates corporate headquarters to Atlanta. is established as a sales base for the U. 1987 Established joint venture with KELIM TOTO CO. LTD. 1990 TOTO KIKI U. Market.COMPANY PROFILE INTRODUCTIONTOTO Ltd. 1946 TOTO Ltd. TOTO USA INC. begins manufacturing sanitary ware at Chigasaki Plant. was founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of ceramic TOTO Ltd.S. begins manufacturing faucets and metal fittings.A. established as Japan’s first manufacturer of vitreous china ware. 1917 TOTO Ltd. LTD. LTD. 1988 TAIWAN TOTO CO. in Korea and The SIAM SANITARY FITTINGS CO. begins manufacturing FRP bathtubs. comfort and convenience of residential and non-residential spaces. ~ 18 ~    .T. 1958 TOTO Ltd. 1994 BEIJING TOTO CO.. in Thailand. 1980 ROYAL TOTO METAL CO. INC. TOTO Ltd. LTD. joint venture in Korea is established. joint venture in China is established. 1977 P. 1970 TOTO Ltd. develops “Aqua-Electronics” and begins manufacturing cast-iron bathtubs.

employees. TOTO MISSION Living Environment Business. KIZUNA PLAN The proposes new lifestyles over and above customer expectations. their partner enterprises. The company will distribute the fruits of this growth to customers of Toto. but through the use of products themselves. he expressed corporate values as follows: The Company will take a service-minded approach toward contributing to the improvement of the cultural life of customers. RAKU AND RAKU PLAN It increases the amount of living space which customers in any situation will find easy and pleasant to use. This is the corporate mission that TOTO is conveying to everyone in each area. and the field is now expanding past the daily living space of the home. shareholders. CLEAN TOWN PLAN The company conserve the environment. No matter how the times change. and community.CORPORATE VALUEWhen the founder and first president of TOTO. The Company continued to conduct research and development based upon the knowledge and experience gained through the water circulation business. Moreover. the TOTO corporate values remain constant and continue to form the bedrock of our operations. not only in the home but throughout towns as well. and deepen bonds with customers throughout their lives. not only during the course of manufacturing the products. and will be united in efforts to contribute to community. ~ 19 ~    . launched the company in 1917. to cities and to the world. TOTO is trying to grow as a Living Environment Business. By achieving the three plans described above. Kazuchika Okura.

S In order to provide products and services that satisfy the customer. ~ 20 ~    . and are continuing to build a network to provide peace of mind to customers using different products of Toto. the concern for customer safety supersedes all other considerations. through a total quality management system that is based upon ISO 9001. and conduct thorough deliberations through Product Safety Review (PSR) structure QUALITY ISSUE Product safety receives the highest priority during the development and manufacturing process at TOTO.A. at our website. The company make efforts to assure quality control at every stage in the process.Q. and in other venues. It strive in particular to ensure the safety of products. We take measures to ensure safe usage by immediately serving notice in newspapers. or even when such a possibility is foreseen. The company provide repair services 365 days a year. AFTER SALES SERVICE It is the issue where the company cares a lot so as to provide even greater customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event that a major quality issue due to a product flaw that might affect customer safety. and also make house calls. from product planning and development through delivery.

TOTO Beijing Co. Surya TOTO Indonesia. Inc.S. Ltd. TOTOKIKI (Malaysia) Sdn. Kelim TOTO Co. ~ 21 ~    .) Ltd. Inc.S. TOTO Dalian Co.. Royal TOTO Metal Co. (South Korea). (Philippines). (South Korea). (China).. TOTO Shanghai Co. Nanjing TOTO Co... Ltd. Siam Sanitary Ware Co.A. Inc.. Ltd..PRINCIPAL SUBSIDIARIES TOTO Kiki (H..T.A. Ltd.. Ltd.. (Hong Kong). (China). Ltd. TOTO Industries (Atlanta). Ltd.A. TOTO Kiki U. TOTO (China) Co.. (U.K. The Siam Sanitary Fittings Co. Inc. TOTO U. Ltd. Taiwan TOTO Co. (Thailand). Bhd..S... Bulthaup GmbH & Co. (Thailand). (China). Siam Mariwasa TOTO.. Ltd.).. P. (Germany). (China). Ltd... Beijing TOTO Co.. (China). Ltd.

A.S.A. Single lever bath& shower Mixer & bath spout set Basin hand set Bath spout Shower tower ~ 22 ~    .W.GA 30260 U. Morrow Plant 1155 Southern Rd. Bath & shower set. Thermostats.GA 30310 U. Ontario.S. Bidets.MANUFACTURING BASES TOTO U.A.S.S. INC.A.. CA 91761 U. Ontario Plant 5351 East Jurupa St. GA 30213 U. Lakewood Plant 1800 Murphy Ave. Faiburn Plant 7700 Spence Road Fairburn. Urinals.Morrow...S.Atlanta. SOME OF ITS PRODUCTS ARE MENTIONED BELOW: • • • • • • • • • • • • One piece toilets.A.S. Urinal sensor Hush valve.

In aqua auto faucets there is turbine which is produce electricity with the help of water pressure. It’s distributor in eastern region is multiwyn design tiles pvt. It’s expenditure in r& d. Its censor is on the tip of the faucets so there is no problem of censoring.IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT TOTO It is late entrant in eastern region. Each & every product of Toto has 5 to 10 years guarantee as well as warranty. is half of the sanitary turn over of India. There are three layers of chrome coating so shining of the faucet is of very high quality. opposite Bengal Ambuja housing complex. Ltd. On same time one can use hand shower as well as bath shower. ~ 23 ~    . How the product of Toto is different from other products? Toto tests its each and every product and applies census whereas other companies follows the sampling procedure for the testing of their product. Due to which durability of the battery increases & consumption of electricity decreases. near steel junction. It’s show room is coming in Topsiya.

K. TOTO (H. New York Office b. Choungqing Sales Office k. Manufacture and sales of sanitary ware and sales of advanced ceramic products in the United States a. Manufacture and enameled cast. INC. Morrow Plant e. LTD. LTD. Lakewood Plant f. Fairburn Distribution & Assembly Plant g. Xiamen Office 4. LTD. San Mateo Office d. TOTO (SHANGHAI) CO. TOTO DALIAN CO.. Manufacture and sale of TOTO products in Hong Kong and southern China 3. Ontario Disturibution & Assembly Plant 2. Manufacture of sanitary ware 7. BEIJING TOTO CO. Guangzhou Sales Office j. LTD.TOTO U.A.. TOTO (GUANGZHOU) Co. Shanghai Sales Office i.DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS Its distribution channel is in 29 countries. LTD.iron and acrylic bathtubs 5... NANJING TOTO CO. TOTO (BEIJING) CO. LTD.. Manufacture of faucets 6.S. Manufacture of sanitary equipment-related products ~ 24 ~    ... Manufacture and sale of TOTO products in China h. TOTO EASTCHINA Co.)LTD. Manufacture of sanitary ware 8.. Manufacture of sanitary ware 11. 1.. LTD. TOTO (CHINA) CO.LTD. Orange office c. Manufacture of sanitary equipment-related products 9.

. SURYA TOTO INDONESIA Manufacture and sale of sanitary ware and faucets 24.A. Sales of sanitary ware 17. VORETO PLUMBING TECHNOLOGY CO. New Delhi Liaison Office Sales of TOTO Products 26. SIAM SANITARY WARE CO. Miaoli Plant 14. TOTO LTD. LTD.DE C.. Manufacture and sale of sanitary ware 21. TOTO Singapore Branch Sales of TOTO products 19.. TAIWAN TOTO CO. Manufacture and sale of sanitary ware n. T..13. TOTO VIETNAM CO. THE SIAM SANITARY FITTINGS CO. P. LTD.. TOTO Dubai Representative office Sales of TOTO Products 27. Manufacture of Washlets 23. TOTO WASHLET (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. LTD. Manufacture and sale of sanitary ware l. TOTO BANGKOK Representative office Sales of TOTO Products 29. TOTO SANITARIOS DE MEXICO S. Manufacture of faucets 22. TOTO KOREA LTD.LTD Manufacture of sanitary equipment-related products 28.V ~ 25 ~    . LTD. Hanoi Branch 20.


out of 140 dealers only 26 i.DATA INTERPRETATION AND ANALYSIS Table-1 BRAND AWARENESS AMONG DEALERS Brand Awareness Aware Not Aware TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 19 81 100 CHART-1 BRAND AWARENESS AMONG DEALERS aware 19% aware not aware not aware 81% INTERPRETATION. ~ 27 ~    .As per the graph.e 19% are aware about the brand Toto.

BRAND AWARENESS AMONG ARCHITECTURES/BUILDER Table-2 Brand Awareness Aware Not Aware TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 41 59 100 CHART-2 BRAND AWARENESS AMONG ARCHITECTS/BUILDERS Aware 41% not aware 59% Aware not aware INTERPRETATION.e 41% are aware about the brand Toto. out of 32 Architects and Builders only 13 i.As per the graph. ~ 28 ~    .

BRAND AWARENESS AMONG HOTELS Table-3 Brand Awareness Aware Not Aware TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 43 57 100 CHART-3 BRAND AWARENESS AMONG HOTELS not aware 57% aware 43% aware not aware INTERPRETATION. out of 14 hotels only 6 i.As per the graph. ~ 29 ~    .e 43% are aware about the brand Toto.

Toto and others are having demand of 60. ~ 30 ~    .DEMAND OF DIFFERENT BRANDS Table-4 Demand of Brands Parry ware Hindware Kohlar TOTO Others TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 33 26 14 11 16 100 CHART-4 DEMAND OF DIFFERENT BRANDS OTHERS 16% TOTO 11% KOHLAR 14% H/W 26% P/W 33% P/W H/W KOHLAR TOTO OTHERS INTERPRETATION. Kohler.49.21 and 30 respectively.out of 186 samples. regarding the demand of different brands in the market of Kolkata.As per the graph. Hindware.26. Parryware.

~ 31 ~    . the perception of TOTO as Highly expensive product is 42(23%). affordable is 5(3%). for special class is 126 (67%) and old established brand is 13(7%).As per the graph.PERCEPTION OF BRAND TOTO Table-5 Classification of Brand Old established Highly expensive Affordable For special class TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 7 23 3 67 100 CHART-5 PERCEPTION OF THE BRAND TOTO old established 7% highly expensive 23% for special class 67% affordable 3% old established highly expensive affordable for special class INTERPRETATION.

25% % of middle e class of pe eople prefer r the TOTO O product ts.As Pe er the graph it is mentio oned that ou ut of 100%.CL LASS OF CUSTOM C MERS FO OR TOTO O PRODU UCT Table-6 Classe es of Custom mer Hi igher Class Upper Class Middle Class All Total No of Respond dent (%) 10 35 25 30 100 CHART-6 6 Class of Cust tomer 35 30 25 10 Highe er class Upper class Middle class All class INTER RPRETATI ION. 35% upper r classes people and 30% of f all class of f people. ~ 32 ~   .

PARAMETERS OF PREFERENCE OF DIFFERENT BRANDS PARRYWARE Table-7.As per the graph.1 Aspects of Parry ware Quality Price Availability Relationship with dealer Product Range TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 28 25 18 17 12 100 CHART-7. in Parryware out of 186 sample size 52 samples pays more preference to quality. ~ 33 ~    .1 PARRYWARE product range 12% relationship with dealers 17% availability 18% quality quality 28% price availability relationship with dealers product range price 25% INTERPRETATION.

2 Aspects of Hindware Quality Price Availability Relationship with dealer Product Range TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 16 26 18 25 15 100 CHART-7.2 HINDWARE product range 15% relationship with dealers 25% quality quality 16% price availability price 26% relationship with dealers product range availability 18% INTERPRETATION. ~ 34 ~    . in Hindware out of 186 sample size 48 samples pays more preference to relationship with dealers.HINDWARE Table-7.As per the graph.

TOTO Table-7.As per the graph.3 No Of Respondents (%) 49 20 0 24 7 100 TOTO product range 7% relationship with dealers 24% availability 0% price 20% quality price quality 49% availability relationship with dealers product range INTERPRETATION.e.3 Aspects of TOTO Quality Price Availability Relationship with dealer Product Range TOTAL CHART-7. 22 out of 45 samples. ~ 35 ~    . in Toto quality is the most important parameter which is mostly preferred i.

~ 36 ~    .As per the graph.4 Aspects of other brands Quality Price Availability Relationship with dealer Product Range TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 12 36 18 23 11 100 CHART-7. out of 186 sample size 68 samples prefer other products because of its price in the market.4 OTHER BRANDS product range 11% relationship with dealers 23% quality 12% quality price availability price 36% availability 18% relationship with dealers product range INTERPRETATION.OTHERS BRANDS Table-7.

INVESTMENT IN PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Table-8 Promotional Activities done by brands Parry ware Hindware Kohlar TOTO Others TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 43 38 6 0 13 100 CHART-8 INVESTMENT IN PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES TOTO 0% HINDWARE 38% KOHLER 6% OTHERS 13% PARRYWARE HINDWARE TOTO KOHLER OTHERS PARRYWA RE 43% INTERPRETATION. ~ 37 ~    .As per the graph. 78 out of 186 followed by Hindware in comparison to Toto. we can see that Parry ware’s investment in promotional activities is highest i.e.

~ 38 ~    . the counter coverage of Hindware and others are 38 out of 186 and Parry ware is covering most of the counter in the market of Kolkata.As per the graph.PERCENTAGE OF COUNTER COVERAGE OF DIFFERENT BRANDS Table-9 Market share of brands Parry ware Hindware Kohlar TOTO Others TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 34 27 8 4 27 100 CHART-9 PERCENTAGE OF COUNTER COVERAGE OF DIFFERENT BRANDS OTHERS 27% KOHLER 8% TOTO 4% P/W 34% H/W 27% P/W H/W TOTO KOHLER OTHERS INTERPRETATION.

dealers of Grade A is 25. ~ 39 ~    .GRADING OF DEALERS IN KOLKATA Table-10 Grades A B C TOTAL No Of Respondents (%) 18 34 48 100 CHART-10 GRADING OF DEALERS IN KOLKATA A GRADE 18% C GRADE 48% B GRADE 34% A GRADE B GRADE C GRADE INTERPRETATION. Grade B is 48 and Grade C is 67. out of 140 samples of dealers in Kolkata.As per the graph.

STATISTICAL TOOLS ANALYSIS OF DEMAND OF DIFFERENT BRANDS FROM CUSTOMERS USING WEIGHTED AVERAGE METHOD Weights→ ------------Attributes↓ RANK I RANK II RANK III RANK IV RANK V Mean score Weighted Average Rank Parry ware Hindware Kohlar TOTO Others 33 x5 26 x5 14 x5 11 x5 16 x5 12 x4 15 x4 33 x4 25 x4 15 x4 15 x3 28 x3 20 x3 25 x3 12 x3 25 x2 7 x2 18 x2 28 x2 22 x2 15 x1 24 x1 15 x1 11 x1 35 x1 323 273 298 267 264 3.73 2.98 2. it means customers demanded Parryware mostly. Kohlar and Hindware which is ranked second and third respectively.23 2.64 1 3 2 4 5 Inference: From the above table it is clear that brand Parryware is ranked first. ~ 40 ~    .67 2.

Xij Higher class Upper class Middle class All class 3 1 0 -2 -2 16 10 0 -1 0 8 6 2 -1 0 -1 2 -2 0 21 Ti 0 25 15 20 ni 5 5 5 5 Ti²/ni 0 125 45 80 ∑xij² 18 357 105 450 T=60 N=20 250 930 Xij=Xij-2 Q= (∑∑Xij²) .T²/N Q=930 – 3600/20 Q=750 Q¹ = (∑Ti²/ni) -T²/N ~ 41 ~    . H0-class of customer are independent on market share.ANALYSIS OF CLASS OF CUSTOMER AND MARKET SHARE OF DIFFERENT BRANDS ANNOVA Higher class Upper class Middle class All class Parry ware Hind ware Kohlar TOTO Others 5 3 2 0 0 18 12 2 1 2 10 8 4 1 2 1 4 0 2 23 H1-Class of customer are depend on market share.

Q¹ = 250-3600/20 Q¹ =70 Q² =Q .Q¹ Q² =750-70 Q² = 680 ~ 42 ~    .

3)= 3.82 Within Sample Q²=680 N-h=20-4 =16 Q²/N-h =680/16=42.5 Total Q=750 N-1=20-1 =19 Calculated F value = 1.50/23.82 Tabulated F value at α = 5% F5%(16.82 of F is less than the table value 3.2389 Calculated F-Value< Tabulated F. hence we accept th null hypothesis Ho at 5% level of significant and concluded that there is no relationship between class of customer and market share.33 Variance Ratio F=Q²/N-h/Q¹/h1 =42.2389.ANNOVA TABLE Source Variation Between samples of Sum of Square Q¹=70 Degree freedom h-1=4-1 =3 of Mean square Q¹/h-1=70/3 =23.33 =1. ~ 43 ~    .value INTERFERENCE: The Calculated value is 1.


As Toto is new entrant in the Indian market so the awareness level is less except few dealers and architects who were aware about the product to some extent. 7.FACTS AND FINDINGS We have come across some fruitful facts and findings. 8. Dealers and architects are not satisfied with the supply of Toto’s product. during our survey which are as follows. Architects are interested in the company thus the company should be in contact with them. ~ 45 ~    . 1. Dealers and architects are willing to see the samples of the product. 3. Central and East Kolkata are two developing regions where the company should concentrate. 9. 5. 4. 2. Unavailability of price list. Toto is not following the promotional strategies as compared to its competitors so the company is unable to position its product properly. The breakthroughs made by TOTO in the field of technology can attract different reputed hotels which are looking forward for their renovations. 6. The pricing of Toto’s product is much higher than its competitor’s which another reason for its less demand. catalogue and other such documents are some issues which were required by dealers and architects.

Hotels.T ANALYSIS In order to get a good overview about the market trend and scenario general analysis is not enough. Company’s huge distribution network worldwide which will help it to spread its product. Latest technology and several breakthroughs in the field of technology. • • • Rapid growth in the sanitary ware market especially in the east and central kolkata. Company’s through effort in customer satisfaction. architects and other such concerned persons are always looking forward for an advanced technology which is an expertise area of Toto. People are ready to pay price for good quality product. which could help it to achieve its target.S. Company’s entrance in many reputed hotels like ITC Sonar Bangle. Maximum investment in Research and Development. Not many international competitors except Kohler which would give it a stiff competition. Availity of good range of bathroom fittings and accessories under one umbrella. Reputation of the company as a multinational enables it to create a good image.W.O. • • • ~ 46 ~    . • • • • • • Company’s concentration on niche marketing. Hotel Grand Oberoi and public places like Forum. so we have also done a SWOT analysis. Many ongoing and upcoming potential projects in the city. COMPANY’S STRENGTH Under mentioned are some strength of Toto. so Toto can penetrate the market with some effort. People generally prefer that product which they are well aware of. OPPOURTUNITIES • • There are some oppournities which the company shows avail in order to get maximum benefit.

WEAKNESS The company is also having some weaknesses which might be the reason for company’s less growth in this region. In the Kolkata region buying habit of people is very difficult to change as they stick to a particular brand. • People are not willing to buy the expensive products which the company is dealing with. Company can face stiff competition from the Indian brand as well as local brand. Lack of marketing and promotional activities which may hamper its growth. Kohler and Roca could snatch some market share of Toto as they are presently doing well in the market. Unavailability of brochures and cd’s which is demanded on time to time. • • • THREATS Company must be aware of some threats in the market of Kolkata. Lack of promotion activities. • • The company is not having timely supply of its product which hampers its reputation. Unavailability of stock when demanded have raised some barriers in its growth in the market. Less contact with the potential dealers and architects in the city. • • • • ~ 47 ~    .

members etc. The company should invest on promotional activities to create awareness and position its products in the kolkata market. 11. 10. 6.. Company should conduct some seminars. 13. In its Brochure the company should provide complete details of the company like its history. The dealers are the one to have the direct interaction with the customers. 7. R&D.e.SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 1. 9. 4. ~ 48 ~    . The company should improve its supply standards to satisfy its customers.e. 5. 3. Low range product should be introduced to cater the need and demand of the eastern market . The problems existing in the market should not be ignored and should be timely solved. the number of products displayed should be increased in the shop. Service Infrastructure and customer care center should be opened. The product range displays in the shops should contain the appropriate number of products i. POP material i. 2. and other such community involvement which will help the company to make its presence in the market. technology. price of product and other important documents should be provided to the dealers. products. There should be regular communication between company and customer. 8. 12. More attention should be paid on print media because. so the dealers should be motivated to push the products of TOTO. There should not be any problem regarding availability and supply in the market for that more counters should be captured. in kolkata region people have a good reading habit.

~ 49 ~    . we have created interest in some distributors and builders who were previously not aware about Toto. • • • • • Last but not the least.OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMPANY. We have also delivered some good recommendations to the company which we think would be beneficial for the company in the near future. under mentioned are some contribution which we think would help the company in carrying on its operations. Toto is not an ordinary name. We have visited almost every dealer and architects in kolkata region. We got this golden opportunity in our summer training program where we have tried our best to make as contribution. We have provided the necessary informations regarding the concerned persons with whom the company could contact in near future. • We have delivered our best to create the brand awareness in the market of kolkata about Toto and its product. Besides. We have put our best effort to know what are the loopholes in the imported products and the reasons for the preference of the people for the Indian brands. We have tried to provide all beneficial documents to the dealers and architects related to our company. it has gained much magnificent achievement in the field of sanitary wares and technology which makes it a wondrous dream company for many with which everybody wants to get their name attached.

CHAPTER-4 Questionnaire ~ 50 ~    .

4. What class of customer generally buy Toto’s product? a) Higher class b) Upper class c) Middle d) All 6. Price b) availability c) attractiveness d) advertisement e) others 7.Questionnaire for dealers Name of the dealer: Contact person: Address: Contact no: 1 Are you aware of brand Toto? Yes No 2. Do you have any current project? ~ 51 ~    . Why according to you a customer choose a particular brand? a. What do you think about the company Toto? a) An old established co. In Which brand you currently dealing with? …………………………………………… 3. b) affordable c) highly expensive d) A brand for special Class people 8. Why you choose a particular brand? a) Customer demand b) Margin c) Price d) Quality e) Schemes f) Availability g) Service h) Others 5. Which brand is more in demand in Kolkata market? …………………………………………………….

Number Type Name 9. What type of product requirement is there in these products? a) Washbasin b) Bath tubes c) Urinals d) Shower evelosur e) Others 10) Name of the architect/plumbing contractor Name: Contact no: 11) Do you provide after sales service? 12) Number of staff: - Area of shop (in square fts.) Grading of the shop ~ 52 ~    .

I am conducting a market marketing mapping for the Toto Company and I would be very thankful to you. Name: Location: 1. color. Have you ever heard about Toto? a) Yes 2.Questionnaire for Architects/Builders Dear Sir. What are the deciding factors before selecting any brand? a Price b Durability c Attractiveness (shape. b) No Do you prefer different brands for different project or selecting the same brand? a) Different b) same 3. others) d Availability e Others      ~ 53 ~    . size. if you devote your prestigious time in filling in this form.

. 3.... Hindware Parryware Toto Kohler Others ~ 54 ~    . 2.. 4.4.. 5.... c. What kind of projects they are? o o o o o Housing Hotel Public institution Private institution Others d What kind of products would you be requiring more while dealing with these Projects? o Washbasin o Bathtubs o Showers o Urinals o Others e) In which brand are you currently dealing in for sanitary ware? 1.. Can you tell something about your ongoing project? a How many projects are you currently dealing with? 1 to 4 More than 4 b... What is the completion time of the projects?. 1.4. No.2.3.5 Which sanitary brand you like to prefer more? Parryware b) Hindware c) Toto d) Kohlar e) others 7.5 1.5 (d) Relationship With dealers What are the reasons to prefer such brands? (1 is for lowest mark & 5 is for highest mark) P/W Others (a) Quality (b) Pricing (c)Product 1.4.5 1.2.5 1.5 1.4.5 1.5.5 Toto 1. Of bathrooms status………………………………….4.2.5 1.3..2.2.5 1.5 range 1. Indian style………………………………………………… Western style ……………………………………………….5 (e) Availability of stocks a.3.2. Which brand provides after sales service? a) Parryware b) Hindware c) Toto d) Kohlar e) others ~ 55 ~    . 1.5 Kohlar H/W 1.4.5

9. what the brands should do to do well in the project? a) More advertisement b) More discount c) Quality d) More concentration on economic range e) Make the distribution channel effective f) Having good relationship ~ 56 ~    . Which brands have regular update of product? a) Parryware b) Hindware c) Toto d) Kohlar e) others 10. Which brand is doing promotional activity? a) Parryware b) Hindware c) Toto d) Kohlar e) others 11. ~ 57 ~    .t www.BIBLIOGRAPHY Consumer behavior Research methodology Marketing Management Websites : Schiffmans and Kanuk : Kothari : Philip Kotler :


~ 58 ~ 


Name of Architect/ Builder 1) Shiv Rai Nath


Brands preferred


Bengal Shelter Housing Developer Ltd. BA-2,Salt lake, sec-1

Parryware, Hindware 23377302

2) Anjan Kr. Dutta

Block HA,Plot no.333 Sec-3, Salt lake,Kol-91

Hindware,Jacob Parryware. Parryware


3) Ashish Acharya

Transformation Group AA-127,Sec-1,saltlake Kol-64


4) Kalyan Kr. Dey

Salt Lake, Sec-3 Kol-91

Cera, Jacob


5) Guru Ch. Das

Dr. Lal Mohan Bhattacharya Not Revealed Road, Kol-14


6) Sandeep Bose

Flat no.-10,12 Rowland rd. Kol-20



7) Gaurav Sanghvi

79, Sambhu nath pandit st, Kol-20

Kohler, Hindware Parryware,Cera Not revealed


8) Debashish Roy

FMC Fortuna, 3rd floor 234/3A, AJC Bose rd. Kol-20


9) Barun Bhattacharya

24B, Park street, Kol-16 Depends on demand


10) Sudipta Samajhdar

NK Realtors,36/1A

Kohler, Parryware


~ 59 ~ 

Name of The hotel


Contact Person

Contact No.

Name of The Architect

1) Hotel Camac Plaza

Near Tapsya. police station Kol-16

Mr.Jeet ( Purchase manager)



2) Hotel Circular

177/A.J.C. Bose road Kol-14



Not Revealed

3) Hotel Rutt Deen

21B Loudan street kol-16

Miss.Kabita kapoor


Not Revealed

4) Hotel The Park

Park street 17 park street kol-16

Mr.kalyan chakraburtty (project manager) Mr. Raju R. Punwani (Director)


Mr. Kalyan Chakraburtty

5)The Lytton Hotel Revealed

14&14/1 sudder kol-16 street



6)Hotel Oberoi Grand 15-Jawahar Lal Revealed

Miss. Aprajita



Nehru Road Kol-13 (purchase operator)

~ 60 ~ 

Bose rd.Dulal Mukherjee ------------- Mr. Basu Chatterjee 22802323 (Chief Engg.7) Hotel Hindustan -international 235/1 AJC.2.3. Kol-20 Mr. Dulal Mukherjee & (28B shakespear             ~ 61 ~    .) ---------- 8) The grand great eastern hotel associates 1.old court house street kol-69 Mr.

Punwani (Director) 22295455 Mr.kalyan chakraburtty (project manager) Mr. police station Kol-16 Mr. Name of The Architect 1) Hotel Camac Plaza Near Tapsya. Raju R.Jeet ( Purchase manager) 9339192389 --------------- 2) Hotel Circular 177/A.Kabita kapoor 22873340 Not Revealed 4) Hotel The Park Park street 17 park street kol-16 Mr. Kalyan Chakraburtty 5)The Lytton Hotel Revealed kol-16 14&14/1 sudder street 22491872/73/75 Not ~ 62 ~    . Bose road Kol-14 Manager 22841533 Not Revealed 3) Hotel Rutt Deen 21B Loudan street kol-16 Miss.C.J.LIST OF PREMIUM HOTELS Name of The hotel Address Contact Person Contact No.

Basu Chatterjee 22802323 (Chief Engg.13 Dutta Mr.L.3. kol.Goutam 9836466604 2228-0301 -------------------- Inn (Administration Manager ~ 63 ~    . Bose rd.Nehru rd. Kol-20 Mr. Dulal Mukherjee & associates (28B shakespear sarani kol17) Name of The hotel Address Contact Person Contact No. J.2.old court house street kol-69 Mr.Dulal Mukherjee ------------- Mr. Aprajita 22492323 Not Nehru Road Kol-13 (purchase operator) 7) Hotel Hindustan international 235/1 AJC. Name of The Architect  9) The Peerless 12.) ------------ 8) The grand great eastern hotel 1.6)Hotel Oberoi Grand 15-Jawahar Lal Revealed Miss.

Debashish Roy (Project & Purchase ---------------- Not revealed manager) 11) Resort Ffort Radisson Topsia Road kolkata Chandan Ghosh (Purchase manager) 9933025310 ------------- 12) Hotel Taj Bengal 34-B. no person available to comment) ~ 64 ~    .10) ITC Sonar Bangla Salt lake.. Belvedere rd. Alipore kol-700 027 Souvik Dasgupta Purchase Excecutive 2223-3939 ------------- 13) Hotel MBD -- Airport Road Dumdum Kolkata ------------------ ----------- ------------- (under construction. Mr. Chaudhary Mr.

Topsia road. 2) suggested more marketing and sampling of the product 3 Md. kol-14 9903112390 Parryware.NO. Coto previously dealed with Toto. Coto 1) Interested in Toto. Essco 1) Demanded cds and interested in ~ 65 ~    . NAME ADDRESS CONTACT NO. kol-107 98302240538 Jacquar.I.road.salim Asian sanitary. Roca Remarks 1 Girish kumar Makrana marbles. C. Rajarhat road. 1)Had Arrow.“A” GRADE DEALER OF KOLKATA SL. 2) Mr. Bose pukur. 9231665550 BRANDS DEALING WITH Parryware. kol-46 9831238041 Hindware. Salim is himself an architect 3) needs sampling 4 Biswanath paul 198.T. kol-59 1)Interested in TOTO 2)Asked for CDs and other documents and demanded sampling of product 2 Rishi Hira marbles. AA/6. street .Singha&Co. Nandan singhania Shree Shyam Sanitation 41.College Parryware. Manoj Goenka Valajee Sanitary pvt. hindware ----------- 1) Have demanded for cds and samples 7 Mr. Roy 28. Eden hospital Road college street Xing . Ltd21. Sanjoy Roy M.visiting street . ----------------Arrow jaguar Hindware ----------------Ess Ess MARC Escco ---------- 11 Amit jain 1) Demanded for Cd and Brochure 12 D. Parrywre. kol-73& co 98308 83222 Neycer .221 Parryware 9-7834 Parryware.N. kol-73 -------------22419529. Hindware 1) Interested in Toto 2) Need cd and brochure 1) previously dealed with Toto 2) Shown interest in Toto 8 Mr. Singha D..L. kol-73 6 Mr. Ltd.N. ------------ ~ 66 ~    . jaguar ----------- 10 Mr. college street . Prasant Bardia Geetanjali traders pvt. kol73 983196451 Parryware. college street .. Subhas Sain Bros& Associates15. 5 Joyjit Ghose Calcutta plumbing stores 25. kol-12 Sanico( India) 4. Essco 9 Mr. 8& Hndware. kol-12 Parryware. kol-12 22418556/834 Parryware. college street .college street . 3292-4399 jaguar.

kol12 Shyam sanitary Emporium. jaguar ------------- 18 Deepak Agarwal 22121928 Parryware. college street . Hindware. Hindware. kol-12 22199903 Parryware. marc -------------- 16 H P Jaiswal Partha sarathi ceramics. kol-12 9830045379 Parryware. Simpolo -------------- 19 Pradeep Dokania 10 nirmal Chandra street. 3/2b. Hindware. college street . Cera ----------- 17 Rajesh Jindal Jindal Udyag ltd. Neycer. 3 nirmal Chandra street.. Chandni metro 9903024008 Parryware. 13 Rohit Sharda 38/b. Neycer ~ 67 ~    . cera Parryware.street 73. 4 college street. Hindware. kohler 1) Interested in Toto 2) Asked to contact later 14 Anand Choudhari Hindustan distributor.kol-12 22418556 Parryware. Jaguar. Tosh sanitation. kol-12 22416413 Parryware. Hndware. elgin road(oppforum) ----------------24862505 Jaguar. 1)Has shown interest in Toto and asked for cds and brochure -------------- 20 Subhash 15. kol-12 22375747 Parryware. Hndware 1) Interested in Toto 2) Demanded for Brochure 15 Debashish Pal J. 112 college street.

Jaguar. kol-71 22821557 Toto. 2440 4131 Parryware Hindware ---------- ~ 68 ~    . roy and company 142 B. Ashok Park Sanitary Emporioum 23/20/3 Gariahat road. Hindware. Sarani. Shakespeare 32432454. kol-34 24574998 Parryware. diamond harbour road. --------- 27. 9830788230 2466 8277 2466 1644 Parryware Parryware Hindware Cera Jaguar 25. Lauret 23 Snehashish Guha Dolphin tiles 337/3a. kol-26 9903324766 Kohler TOTO 1) Dealer of Toto 2) Interested in Toto 1) not interested in keeping imported prodoucts.Roy and company Sanitation pvt. Pradeep Chatterjee 26. Ltd 188A Rashbehari avenue. 599. Jaguar. A.21 Mahindra Karnika. College Street kol-12 2237 0888 6526 2859 Cera. kol-29 S.Dutt M/S. kol-34 24451397 Parryware.N. Hindware Ess Ess MARC Escco 1) Had previously dealed in Toto 2) Not happy by the marketing effort of Toto 22 Subrata Paul S. 20. P. Parryware. S. Mukherjee Road.Pal & bros. Kajaria+ 24 Shibaji Roy Subhodeep Roy M. Nritto Lall Dutt 110. Hindware. diamond harbour road.L.

Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Rd.   ~ 69 ~    .. Kamal Bhuwalka Hindusthan Enterprises 47. kol-16 2229 6217 98300 87588 Parryware Toto Hidware 1) Suggested more marketing of Toto.kol-29 Nycer Jaguar 28.