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The project report title


OF MAAZA in Sagar City prepared by NEHA SHUKLA, under the

guidance and supervision of MR. ANKUR BHATT (FACULTY OF

NOBLE COLLEGE, SAGAR) Affiliated by Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University Sagar (M.P.), for the partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration, is satisfactory in respect of:

1. Contents and presentation of subject matter. 2. Language 3. Embodies the original work of the candidate 4. Submission within due date

Signature of Supervisor:

Signature of H.O.D.:

Signature of Examiner:

Declaration by the Candidate









PROFILE SURVEY OF MAAZA is my own work conducted

under the Supervision of MR. ANKUR BHATT (FACULTY OF
NOBLE COLLEGE, SAGAR) Affiliated by Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University Sagar (M.P.), To the best of my knowledge the report does

contain my work, & which has not been submitted for the award of any degree, anywhere.

Date: ----------Place: -----------

Signature of Candidate

The student of B.B.A. 3rd Sem. has to undergo project report as a part of their academic Course. The PRODUCT PROFILE

SURVEY OF MAAZA is a part of this Report. Student has to do survey in the market and gather information regarding their respective survey. The main purpose of undergoing such a survey is to know the customer preference, retai er opinion ! ana y"ing this information to find out the Customer Satisfaction of Coca Co a. This report is preferred as the PRODUCT PROFILE SURVEY OF MAAZA The survey was conduct is Sagar city and much of the information is taken through we#sites of Coca Cola. This report presents the introduction of Coca Cola a ong with data ana ysis, interpretation, imitation, suggestion and conc usion. The fie d survey was conduct with he p of $uestionnaire, persona interview in Sagar city and through %nternet.

The main purpose of the survey is to determine the popu arity of the &aa"a and the customers ! Retai ers preference a#out &aa"a in Sagar City.

Success begins with a fellows will Its all in the state of mind Soon or late a the man who wins Is the man who thinks he can

I would like to pay my sincere thanks to



for providing me the

opportunity of doing the project report. I would to express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Ankur Bhatt for his valuable guidance, advises, Cooperation & Constant encouragement during the project preparation. He is very supporting and without his help I would not have completed my project report successfully.

I am very thankful to retailer and customer whom I had approached for collection of necessary data and who give their valuable time and comments, which were the inputs for my survey. Date: Place: NEHA SHUKLA BBA 3 RD SEM.

The Coca-Cola Company was originally established as the J. S. Pemberton Medicine Company, a co-partnership between Dr. John Stith Pemberton and Ed Holland. Dr. John Stith Pemberton or the irst time prod!ced the syr!p or Coca-Cola on May ", #""$

The Worlds Most Powerful Brand The company was ormed to sell three main prod!cts. #. Pemberton%s &rench 'ine o Cola +. Pemberton%s ,ndian -!een Hair Dye, .. Pemberton%s /lobe &lower Co!gh Syr!p. (later )nown as Coca-Cola*.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world%s largest be0erage company, largest man! act!rer, distrib!tor and mar)eter o nonalcoholic be0erage concentrates and syr!ps in the world. The Coca-Cola orm!la and brand was bo!ght in #""1 by 2sa Candler who incorporated The Coca-Cola Company in #"1+. 3esides its namesa)e Coca-Cola be0erage, Coca-Cola c!rrently o ers nearly 455 brands in o0er +55 co!ntries or territories and ser0es #.6 billion ser0ings each day.

Coca-Cola was the leading so t drin) brand in ,ndia !ntil #177 when it le t rather than re0eal its orm!la to the go0ernment and red!ce its e8!ity sta)e as re8!ired !nder the &oreign E9change :eg!lation 2ct (&E:2* which go0erned the operations o companies in ,ndia. Coca-Cola re-entered ,ndia in #11.. The 0ision o the company is to lead be0erage re0ol!tion in the world and pro0ide it;s cons!mer 8!ality be0erages at a ordable price. 2s on J!ne +556, Company has 7" man! act!ring locations across +4 states o the co!ntry. BOARD OF DIRECTORS oreign

#. Mr Da0id M /ons)i, 2C (Chairman, <on E9ec. Director* +. Mr Terry J Da0is (E9ec!ti0e Director, Managing Director* .. Ms Jillian : 3roadbent, 2= (<on E9ec. Director* 4. Mr 'allace Macarth!r >ing, 2= (<on E9ec. Director* 6. Mr /eo >elly (<on E9ec. Director* $. Mr ,rial &inan (<on E9ec. Director* 7. Mr Da0id Edward Mei)le?ohn (<on E9ec. Director* ". Ms Catherine 3renner (<on E9ec. Director* 1. Ms <essa =%S!lli0an (C&=* #5. Mr >en Mc>en@ie (C&=* Company SecretaryA - Mr. /eorge Thomas &orster

Coca-Cola India President Profile Atul Singh

President & CEO , Coca-Cola India 2t!l Singh too) o0er as the President B CE=, #st September +556. 2t!l, holds a M32 degree rom Te9as Christian Cni0ersity. Prior to this assignment, 2t!l Singh was the President o East, Central B So!th (ECS* China Di0ision in Jan!ary +556. Prior to ?oining Coca-Cola, 2t!l wor)ed or the Colgate Palmoli0e Company or #5 years and held se0eral roles incl!ding Co!ntry /eneral Manager, <igeria (#116-#11"*, C&= then /eneral Manager, :omania Coca-Cola ,ndia rom

(#11+-#116* and &inance Manager, CS2 3ody Care (#115-#11+*, Prior to Colgate, 2t!l wor)ed as an 2!ditor with Price 'aterho!se in <ew Dor).


Coca-Cola Th!ms-!p &anta Eimca Sprite Maa@a >inley /eorgia Min!te Maid

Product Decausticiser - Process Dia ra!

Coca-Cola Product "anufacturin Plant La#out


Quality Is Our Highest Business Objective The Coca-Cola Company e9ists to bene it and re resh e0eryone it to!ches. &or !s, -!ality is more than ?!st something we taste or see or meas!re. ,t shows in o!r e0ery action.

Maaza : Real Mango in the Bottle

Brand : Maaza Company: Coca Cola

Maaza is the

ar!et leader i" the #s $%% cr&re '"dia" (r)it dri"!s


The *ra"d +hich is "&+ 3% ,ears &ld ha-e a" ic&"ic stat)s i" the se. e"t. The *ra"d ca e i"t& e/iste"ce i" 012$. The *rai" child &3 Parle4s 5ha)ha"6 the *ra"d ca e i"t& 5&!e4s 3&ld i" 0113. Li!e Th) s U7 a"d Li ca6 Maaza als& had its &+" 7&+er t& li-e.

Alth&).h the '"dia" s&3t dri"!s

ar!et is h).e- -al)ed ar&)"d #s 8 &re health

*illi&"6 the "&" car*&"ated dri"!s c&"stit)tes &"l, 0%9 &3 the t&tal ar!et. :ith the '"dia" c&"s) ers e/7ected t& *ec& e c&"sci&)s i" the c& i". decade6 the "&" car*&"ated *, 3r)it *ased dri"!s. The 3r)it *ased dri"!s t,7icall, ha-e ar!et +ill +it"ess a

h).e .r&+th i" c& i". ,ears. The "&" car*&"ated dri"!s are d& i"ated ar!et is 3)rther classi3ied ar!et. (r)it ;)ices i"t& (r)it ;)ice a"d (r)it Dri"!s a"d (r)it Nectar

&re tha" <=9 3r)it >)ice c&"te"t +hile (r)it Dri"!s

c&"tai" less tha" 0=9 3r)it c&"te"t. The rest is i"cl)ded i" the 3r)it "ectar cate.&r,. :hile Maaza is the leader i" the 3r)it dri"!s cate.&r,6 Da*)r4s #eal is the leader i" the 3r)it >)ice cate.&r,. The "ectar cate.&r, is d& i"ated *, (r&&ti. Maaza *ra"d is s,"&", +ith the #eal Ma".&. The *ra"d i"itiall, +as 7&siti&"ed as ? Ma".& i" the B&ttle?. The rich crea , taste &3 Maaza rati3ied the 7&siti&"i". a"d .a-e the *ra"d a h).e 3a" 3&ll&+i".. Al&".

its 7r&d)ct li3e c,cle6 the *ra"d cha".ed its 7&siti&"i". i" t)"e +ith the ti es *)t !ee7i". its c&re -al)e i"tact. Alth&).h Pe7si tried t& *rea! i"t& this ar!et +ith its Slice *ra"d6 it +as "&t a*le t& a!e a ar!et &+i". t& the lac! &3 clear 7&siti&"i"..

Maaza had the 3a &)s"e? B&tal Mai" AAM6 Maaza hai Naa ? tra"slated l&&sel, t& ? Ma".& i" the B&ttled Na ed as Maaza?. The *ra"d later eta &r7h&sed t& i"cl)de the 3)" ele e"t. The"e +as cha".ed t& the 3a &)s >i".le ? Taaza Ma".& 6 Maaza Ma".&? l&&sel, tra"slated t&? E/cite e"t &3 Ma".& +ith Maaza?.

Maaza +as tar.eted at the +h&le 3a il,. The *ra"d4s 7ri ar, c&"s) ers are childre" a"d the c& 7a", at &"e 7&i"t tried t& ta e the &thers

@ i"3l)e"cersA *, the ca 7ai." relati". the *ra"d t& health. Maaza *&asts t& *e 3&rti3ied +ith calci) . Alth&).h !ids are a h).e 3a" &3 the *ra"d6Maaza +as cle-er e"&).h "&t t& restrict itsel3 t& *ei". a Kid4s dri"!. The "e+ ca 7ai." 3eat)ri". Satish Shah ta!es the *ra"d t& the "e/t le-el &3 (rie"dshi7 a"d ()". The *ra"d is ladderi". )7 t& hi.her state &3 (rie"dshi7 & e"ts a"d is tr,i". t& tell the c&"s) er ? H&+ a!e dri"!i". Maaza *ri".s Pe&7le t&.ether? : A tall &rder 3&r a 3r)it dri"!... ' still 3eel that the &ri.i"al 7&siti&"i". &3 #eal Ma".& i" B&ttle still se"se. The c&re *ra"d -al)e 3&r Maaza is ?:h&les& e ()"3illed #eal (r)it E/7erie"ce?. The *ra"d &-er these 3% l&". ,ears has seld& dil)ted the c&re -al)es. B"e ti e it cha".ed its trac! +as i" 8%%0 +here the *ra"d tried t& c& e &)t +ith Bra".e a"d Pi"ea77le -aria"ts. 5)st& ers re>ected it . 't is a s&rt &3 N&"-se"se t& e/te"d a *ra"d !"&+" as Ma".& i" the B&ttle t& &ther 3la-&)rs. Maaza als& e/7eri e"ted +ith 7ac!a.i". . The *ra"d has -e"t)red i"t& s art attracti-e 0.= litre Pet *&ttles a"d e-e" t& tetra7ac!. The *ra"d als& cha".ed the l&&! a"d cha".ed its l&.& t& *ec& e &re &"e, c&"te 7&rar,.5&!e s)r7risi".l, has s7e"t c&"sidera*le a &)"t &3 the lar.est selli". 3r)it dri"! *ra"d i" '"dia.

t& *)ild a"d s)stai" this *ra"d. The *ra"d ret)r"ed the 3a-&)r *, *ei".

These types o research design !sed pro?ect are e9ploratory. E9ploratory research is that in which new relationship are disco0ered.

Design of Conclusive esearch

Study of Secondary sources of information!Di erent boo) o mar)eting and research ser0ed as so!rces o in ormation. The in ormation rom ,nternet was 0ery !se !l as well.

Survey of individual with ideas on general su"#ect!,n ormation was also collected rom owner and distrib!tor o Coca Cola, which is base o this whole pro?ect.

Data Collection Method!The method !sed to collect data is rom primary so!rces. This method is appropriate as compared to secondary data a0ailable loo)ing at the ob?ecti0es o the report. The method !sed to collect data is a s!r0ey in which 8!estionnaire is prepared and is gi0en to the respondent to ill it.

Sampling method!The !ni0erse o this research report consists o # dealers and #5 c!stomers those ser0ed as so!rce o in ormation.

esearch designs! esearch Type ! ! ! ! E9ploratory Primary B Secondary Sagar S!r0ey Method ! ! ! -!estionnaire

Data Collection Method $enue esearch %pproach esearch &nstrument

Sample Si'e Sampling (nit

#5 C!stomers B # Dealers respondents o Sagar

Customer Service )verview

Product Service Support

Customer or Consumer Call Types CS



Customer Support

O%&ecti'es of Coca Cola India

To increase si@e o worldwide Coca Cola enterprise To gain $5F o the mar)ets or so t drin) ind!stry To achie0e a +5F ret!rn on capital employed To s!r0i0e c!rrent mar)et war with competitors To increase awareness o the prod!ct on mar)et

Price * Pac+aging
E:3 (Earge si@e ret!rnable bottle* <:D (<on-ret!rnableG Disposable bottle* PET (Plastic 3ottle 655 ml* PET (Plastic 3ottle #.6G + liter* C2<S (tin pac) ..5 ml* SS:3 (Standard si@e ret!rnable bottle*


E0ents e.g. =lympics, Cric)et Matches, &esti0e Season Tie H CpsA McDonalds

ural Mar+et! %ttractive target

74F o co!ntry%s pop!lation, 4#F o its middle class and 6"F o its disposable income Co)e e9perienced .7F growth Is +4F growth in !rban areas. Dri0en by the la!nch o the :s. 6 prod!ct, per capita cons!mption do!bled between +55#-+55.. This mar)et acco!nts or "5F o ,ndia;s new Co)e drin)ers

Competitor %nalysis
CompetitorsA PepsiCo, Parle 2gro Prod!cts Pepsi gi0es to!gh ight with almost similar in0estment, ad0ertisement, Strategies and Prod!cts. Parle res!rges with re reshing drin)s as 2ppy &i@@, &r!ity, EM< PepsiCo also has a snac) prod!ct line incl!ding Eays, Cheetos and -!a)er =2T;s PepsiCo pro0ide carbonated drin)s, &r!it Drin)s and Pac)aged Drin)ing 'ater

SW)T %,%-.S&S

D%T% %,%-.S&S * &,T/ P /T%T&),

Customer Preferred Soft Drin+ Brand in Mango 0la"our

&nterpretation =n the basis o the abo0e data analysis , o!nd that cons!mer pre er Maa@a than other Mango brands..

















&nterpretation =n the basis o the abo0e data analysis , o!nd that cons!mer pre er p!rchasing Coca Cola or taste.


35% 30%


20% 35% 15% 20% 35%





&nterpretation The media e ect on prod!ct sale analysis shows that both Tele0ision B <ewspaper play ma?or role in selling o the prod!ct i.e. .6F both.

&ndustry Share of CC&

&nterpretation ,n Carbonated drin) $5F mar)et share is o Coca Cola. ,n &r!it drin) .$F mar)et share is o Coca Cola. ,n pac)aged water ..F mar)et share is o Coca Cola.

Mar+et Share for Car"onated Drin+s

&nterpretation ,t can be interpreted that Coca Cola occ!py $5F o mar)et share or the Carbonated drin) in comparison to Pepsi B others.

Eimited Time a0ailable or inter0iewing the respondent. 2s a res!lt o this it was not possible to gather !ll in ormation abo!t the respondent. Some time the problem which , ace is lang!age problem or which , ha0e to ma)e them !nderstood. The time constraint ace in my pro?ect might ha0e a ected the comprehensi0e o its indings. Some time the retailers B c!stomer do not respond rightly to the 8!estionnaire. Sample si@e was 0ery small as compare to the pop!lation o Sagar city. People did not gi0e !ll response and they are bias in some personal 8!estions.

Step sho!ld be ta)en or short r!n speciali@ed ad campaign that spea) to o!r target a!dience. M!st oc!s more on the a0ailability and a ordability o its prod!cts. Sho!ld increase : B D to impro0e the 8!ality B taste :e?!0enate B strengthen the e9isting brand. The Distrib!tion channel sho!ld be properly established and red!ced its price to certain e9tend so that it can e9tend its reach to r!ral mar)et. Company sho!ld introd!ced sales promotion schemes li)e, ree gi ts, co!pons, cash disco!nt, contest etc. Step to be ta)en to red!ce the proportion o de ecti0e prod!ct in total 8!antity s!pplied1

The Coca-Cola Company is the world%s largest be0erage company, largest man! act!rer, distrib!tor and mar)eter o non-alcoholic be0erage concentrates and syr!ps in the world, and one o the largest corporations in the Cnited States. ,n the Dear +557,Companies earning per share growth is #1F, !nit case 0ol!me growth $F, net operating re0en!e growth +5F, =perating ,ncome growth #6F in compression to +55$.,n the year +551, Coca-Cola ,ndia la!nched new prod!ct J&anta-2ppleK in the ,ndian mar)et.

REFRENCES: 1. PHILIP KOTLER, Principle of Marke in!" #. $.$. S%ar&a, Marke in! Re'earc%" (. C.R. Ko %ari, Re'earc% Me %o)olo!*"

+E,SITES: 1. ---.-ikipe) #. (. ---.!oo! .. ---.'cri/).co&

Name : Address: Contact No. : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Q1). Do you Drink Maaza? a. es !. No

Q"). #n $%at !asis you purc%ase t%e product? a. Company &ma'e !. (rice c. Quality d. )aste

Q*). +o, o-ten do you -ind t%at product supplied to you is o- older dates? a. Mostly !. .ometimes c. /arely d. Ne0er

Q1). $%at 2acility you desire -rom t%e company? a. Ade3uate ser0ice c. 4--ecti0e Ad0ertisement Q5). Are you satis-ied ,it% t%e price o- t%e product? a. Ces *. N& !. #--ers



Noble College Sagar

NAME:- .. DATE . 1. Dealing with following company of Cold Drink? Company year . 2. Average sales/month? ........................ . 3. How many orders do you order in a month ? ------------------------------4. Who are the competitors of your product? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. Do you think that the company has a long standing image? Yes / No. may be ------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. Reason you account for you sale? a. Quality Name b. Price. C. Varieties Offered d. Brand

7. What promotional technique is being providing by company to you?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. Are you satisfied with these techniques ? Yes / NO --------------------------------------------------9. What extra facilities are provided by company to you? a. cash discount others. 10. Which form of media had lot of impact on the customers? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Date: Signature Thanks for you co-operation & valuable time b. Dealers discount c. transportation d.