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Count of Half-Breeds and Chippewa Indians at Old Crossing Treaty

Journal of the proceedings connected with the negotiation of a treaty with the Red Lake and Pe !ina !ands of Chippewas" concluded at the Old Crossing of Red Lake Ri#er" on the $econd of Octo!er" %&'(" !y )le*ander Ra sey and )+C+ ,orrill
"[They were counted in their lodges, when they were assembled by their chiefs for the purpose, with the following result:]
By whom numbered Mr" Thompson )o Mr" ,ttman )o Capt" -oc2wood Capt" )a3y )o )o )o Name of Chief !ittle Chief do -ed Bear do Moose )ung !ittle -oc2 May(dwa(gon( on(ind do Bro2en 4rm ## Men #$$ * %. 1% 0& %& omen Children !odges ##% #$ %# 0& 01 &#' #$ #/0 #$$ ./ """ """ '$ """ &* Total ''& half(breeds &* +ndians /&1 +ndians &&# half(breeds &#$ +ndians %& +ndians #%/ +ndians &' half(breeds .' half(breeds %"'%&

5embina +ndians """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""/1& 5embina half(breeds"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""00/ -ed !a2e +ndians"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""1*% -ed !a2e half(breeds"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" &' The +ndians were now appri6ed of the result of this enumeration, which was to form the basis of future issues of rations"""" )ownloaded from: http:77www"ma8uah"net79istorical7#.0/7#.0/(#.0':treaty( +N);<"html

Compiled by !awrence Bar2well Coordinator of Metis 9eritage and 9istory -esearch !ouis -iel +nstitute