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It’s time for soccer registration

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Bourkevale is holding its Annual General Meeting on April 10 at 7 p.m. Find out why you should attend / P.2
• Hall rentals

Check out our great rates. /P.2
• A brighter future for Bourkevale

It may not seem like it with the cold weather outside, but it’s time to register for soccer again. Registration for outdoor recreational soccer for kids aged 5 to 18 will be held at Bourkevale on March 15 and 16. Bourkevale hosts mini soccer teams for children aged 5/6 and 7/8. Children aged 9 and up play under the St. Charles Soccer Association. All recreational players must register through their home community clubs. For more information about soccer, please visit our website at Or email our soccer convenor Natasha at Soccer registration will be held: Saturday March 15, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday March 16, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. **Remember: we need coaches! Please sign up**

The club has made major changes to its lighting system, indoor and outdoor. Our VP Scotty Nystrom tells us all about it. / P.3
• What’s going on at the club?

A rundown of some of the programs and events happening at Bourkevale/ P.3
• President’s Report

Report from our president/ P.4

Registration will be held at the club, 100 Ferry Rd. in the skate room

Bourkevale Bulletin

Volume 1, Issue 3

March 2014

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Attend your first AGM
If you’re like most of us, attending an Annual General Meeting at your local community club isn’t the first choice when deciding how to juggle a hectic weekday schedule. Don’t worry, we get it. We can think of dozens of other things to do on a weekday evening, too. You’ve probably never attended an AGM at Bourkevale. We know, because beyond the attendance of current board members and a few hard-core club supporters, nobody ever shows up to these annual affairs. And maybe that’s because we don’t do a good enough job of explaining to people why these meetings are so important. We would like to tell you what these meetings are not about. They’re not attempts to rope in unsuspecting area residents into taking board positions, coaching jobs or ice maintenance responsibilities. Don’t get us wrong, we need folks to take on those volunteer positions. But AGMs aren’t typically the venues where that kind of arm-twisting takes place. We rely on sneakier and more subtle tactics to do that! No, AGMs are held for a few specific reasons. Under City of Winnipeg policy, we have to hold AGMs every year in order to present our audited financial statements to the community and to elect a board for the year. In case you didn’t know, Bourkevale is run entirely by volunteer board members. We don’t have paid staff — not even for all that great ice maintenance and snow clearing. Board members also give their reports to the community at AGMs; kind of a year-in-review with a sprinkle of what’s to come. You might be surprised at all the cool things going on at your club. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, we even open the floor for questions to give folks the chance to talk about anything they want regarding the future of the club. We really want to hear from the people who own this community centre. Did we mention free coffee and refreshments? Hey, we’re not begging or anything. We just need a reminder once in a while that area residents still value the club. And there’s no better opportunity to do that than to come down to your first AGM. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Have you rented the club lately?
If you haven’t rented Bourkevale’s main hall recently for functions like birthday parties, showers, family events, anniversaries or even business meetings, we highly recommend you do. Not only is it attractively priced, if you live in our catchment area, you get a discount. If you’re wondering whether you live in the catchment area, go to and click on “Bourkevale Boundaries.” Over the past three years we have replaced the flooring in the club, painted the hall, installed new ceiling tiles, purchased brand new tables and just finished changing all of the lighting in the centre. Last but not least, we have renovated our kitchen and it looks fabulous. We have fridges, a freezer, two stoves and industrial-sized sinks. And we’re licensed to prepare and cook full meals. Check out our website for a full listing of prices and for pictures of the hall. We have to warn you, though. Our hall rentals have become very popular and you typically have to reserve several months in advance to get a spot — especially during holidays. Call our hall rental director Joan Templeton at 888-8548 and book today.

Annual General Meeting Thursday April 10, 7 p.m. Bourkevale CC, 100 Ferry Road

— Tom Brodbeck, Vice President BCC

Bourkevale Bulletin

Volume 1, Issue 3

March, 2014

Page 3

We’ve brightened up Bourkevale inside and out
By Scotty Nystrom

Some may have noticed that Bourkevale Community Centre seems a little brighter these days. If you happened to notice that something has changed, be assured that it is not just your eyes playing tricks. It seems that everything that was once considered high-tech is now seen as old, obsolete and inefficient and perhaps this is more true in the world of lighting than anywhere else. The 30 year-old lighting at the Community Centre was at the end of its life and in need of upgrading. Several of the fixtures were not working properly and several were damaged. Thanks to the City of Winnipeg’s Community Centre Renovation Fund grant of $31,900, all of the interior and exterior lighting in and on the main building of BCC has been replaced. The interior fluorescent fixtures have been replaced with new energyefficient electronic T-8 fixtures. These new fixtures consume approximately 40% less energy than the old fixtures yet produce more light and require less frequent lamp replacement. BCC users can finally

see how great the kitchen looks thanks to this excellent new lighting. The eight pot lights in the main hall have been upgraded with LED retrofit kits and are now dimmable.! All of the EXIT signs were also upgraded to the new “running-man” style and are illuminated with LED bulbs, a big improvement for Ron (our resident, volunteer handyman) who no longer has to replace burned-out bulbs in the old EXIT signs every month. At night people will notice the exterior of the building is now better and more evenly lit thanks to the installation of nine new LED fixtures. This improved lighting will go a long way to improve security around BCC at night. The lighting upgrade project is truly a win-win for BCC. The place looks even more fantastic and the hydro bill will be lower in the future. Keep watching for additional projects on the way!
— Scotty Nystrom is Bourkevale’s Second Vice-President

Bourkevale Bulletin

Volume 1, Issue 3

March, 2014

Page 4

President’s Report
Hello and WOW what a winter. If it wasn’t freezing cold we had high winds and lots of snow. Our club, thanks to the hard work of our ice volunteers, was able to get our rinks operational very quickly after each snow storm and the rinks were always ready for those die-hard skaters who braved the elements each night and weekend. A special thanks goes to Jeff, Ron and Scott for their efforts in cleaning the rinks, removing the snow from around the rinks and keeping the quality of the ice as good as it has ever been over this trying winter. The North Rink had to shut down early this year due to the heaving of the asphalt that raised the center of the rink so high that we could not flood the bare spots anymore to keep it open. The water would just run off the side. Bourkevale will work with Councilor Scott Fielding to see what can be done over the summer to correct this problem. What has been most impressive this year has been the support of the young adults from our community. We have a 20-year-old who signed up to be our canteen coordinator and at both the Hoedown and Pancake Breakfast you could see the strong support of our students helping serve pancakes, clean-up and man the kids games. While the club is healthy financially, and we have a strong board, there are still areas that need your support. Since I have been president we have not had a full-time special events coordinator thus most of the events have been run by the board on top of their portfolios. Last year there was no silent auction at the Hoedown because of the lack of a special events coordinator. Our soccer convener needs an assistant to help with running the program and going to some of the St. Charles meetings. There are over 50 kids that register to play soccer, which means 50 plus parents. I am thinking there must be at least one parent of the 50+ parents that can offer a couple hours a week to help. You don’t need to know soccer to help, so please somebody step up! Bourkevale also needs help at treasurer so if you have some accounting experience please give me a call! I am looking forward to a great spring and summer and I know I can count on your support to fill the above position vacancies. Gary Kristiansen (227-1980) President BVCC!

Notes from the club..... • Bourkevale’s canteen will be open again in the spring Monday to Thursday from 6-8 p.m. We open in the spring largely to service our soccer players and to provide them with washroom facilities. Come by for a cold drink and a game of air hockey! • Our yoga program with a qualified instructor runs every Tuesday from 7-8 p.m. Drop off fee is $5 and please bring your own mat. • Moms and Me (and dads too) runs every Wednesday from 9-11 a.m. This is a free drop-in program for parents and their pre-school kids. • Bourkevale is holding its annual indoor garage sale May 24 in the main hall. Tables are $10 each. Call Joan at 888-8548 to reserve your table. Visit our website throughout the year at www.mybourkevale for updates, information, photos, etc

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