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-"no soy el mas guapo... PERO ESTOY DE MODA" [Simplemente Genial] -"No soy virgen, pero igual hago milagros"

muy buen material. anoche probe con: Oye deja de mirarme que mis amigo empiezan a asustarse. Se rio, pude hablar un rato con ella, hasta que aparecio el tipico amigo celoso o su novio, no se. Pero lo del chulo gracioso les mola.

jejej solo kiero decirte almicar k jeje ser fisiculturista me a dado mucha fama xD y pues jeje cuando dicen no se noto y me van a tocar el hombro o el pecho les digo hey cuidado obra de arte no tocar y pues ahi ya las tengo xD

Pregunta: estudias, trabajas? b) Soy Stripper Es genial.. Siempre esa es mi respuesta o "mira no digas nada, pero soy prostituo". Siempre saca una risa o un "que te haces? AJAJ" pero siempre con una sonrisa.. Y de ah pods salir bien parado siempre, la vas llevando en tu juego y podes salir con algo como "Si, si no decis nada puedo hacer una exepcin y te muestro gratis :$" o algo similar, siempre funciona. El 100% de las veces que lo us las hago reir, y el 90% de las veces que quiero cerrar algo, termina bien tambin.

Vinny calls up his girl and says, Hey, its Vinny. What are you doing tonight? She says, Tonight I have no plans. He says, I dunno if you met my friend Pauly with the spiky hair but we might go to this little restaurant and then maybe out afterwards. He might call um some girl. I need a sympathy date. You know what I mean? I dont want to be left out. She gives him a sympathy, Aw! He asks, Do you want to do me that favor?

She cedes him a hesitant, Alright. He feels confident that she is coming. Unfortunately, to his chagrin, she flakes. Pauly takes a different approach. He calls up his girl and says, I want to take out the girl Im in love with. She says, Aw! He follows up with, But then I figured you could come too. She starts laughing like a hyena seconds before feasting on its prey and says, Not funny. Thats so not funny. As you could probably guess, she shows up. Why did Paulys girl show up and Vinnys flake? Vinnys Casanova skills were as smooth as a grandmothers butt strewn with grey stubble, dimpled with cellulite, and pocked with assne. His phone conversation was fraught with problems: from stuttering to beating around the bush and beseeching her for a sympathy date. But the real culprit was that he didnt spark sexual tension. He failed to flirt with her. Pauly did the opposite. His flirtatious approach sparked sexual tension by leading her to believe that sexual intimacy with him was possible yet not certain. If your interactions with women lack sexual tension, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of my book Real World Seduction 2.0. Essential Feature # 2: Temptation Without Satisfaction The word tantalize is a close cousin to flirting and means temptation without satisfaction. Tantalize comes from the Greek god Tantalus whom Zeus condemned for eternity to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree. Whenever he reached for fruit, the branches rose, preventing him from satisfying his appetite. Whenever he bent down to drink, the water receded, thwarting him from quenching his thirst. Each failed attempt at attaining fruit or water increased his desire. The story of Tantalus resonated with the ancient Greeks because it revealed something endemic to human beings: temptation without satisfaction rouses desire in all of us. To demonstrate this, I want you to try a little experiment: Lightly brush your fingers against your arm for a split second. Im willing to bet you felt a slight urge to itch your arm. Heres an example of how you can use temptation without satisfaction to stir up sexual arousal in women When its time kiss a girl, instead of going for the gold and thrusting your tongue down her throat, graze your lips against hers for a few seconds. Then pull back and give her a knowing smile.

Shell return your smile with the same pouty face children make when their parents refuse to buy them the toy theyve been drooling over for months. Do this to her a few more times and she will grab you tightly and kiss you hard. Is it cruel and unusual punishment to torture a poor damsel in distress like this? No no. Far from it. This is flirting at its finest and the kind of torture women love. Thats because temptation without satisfaction puts their sexual desire on steroids. Moreover, it demonstrates to women that you know what youre doing in the bedroom. Masterful lovers use temptation without satisfaction from the moment they meet a woman til sex (and during) to stoke the sexual fire in her loins and precipitate orgasm. If you want to master the ins-and-outs of creating temptation without satisfaction, giving you the power to whet a womans sexual appetite at the snap of your finger, pick up a copy of my book Real World Seduction 2.0. Essential Feature # 3: Creating Obstacles I find myself in the torturous contradictory situation that I need an obstacle between my will and my goal. The more effective the obstacle is, the more overwhelming my desire becomes provided the goal is in sight.
-- Maria Marcus A Taste For Pain

When you put up a barrier between a woman and something she wants, her desire for it increases a hundredfold. When done in a flirtatious context it sexualizes her desire. To give you an example, a while back I chatted up this 22-year-old brunette. She was obviously into me: each joke I made even the ones that should make only retarded children laugh hurled her into a paroxysm of giggles and compelled her to fondle me like a crystal ball. So I told her, The Aquarium of the Pacific has a new sea otter exhibit and Im going next week. (Later I learned that BP funded the exhibit. But thats a story for another time.) She exclaimed, I love sea otters, and then begged, I wanna go. I wanna go. Take me. Take me. Please!! I teased, I was gonna take you but you had to act all needy about going. So thats just not happening anymore. She socked me on the arm and whined, Thats no fair. Youre such a meany. I wanna go so bad. Lets break down what I did She obviously wanted to go to the aquarium and hang out with me. So I created a false barrier. The result: her desire to go to the aquarium and hang out with me burgeoned like a malignant tumor on a mission to take over a hapless persons body.

But theres a more subtle and powerful aspect to creating false barriers I discovered it at age six while driving to Palm Springs with my grandparents. From the backseat vantage point I witnessed my gluttonous grandma reach her hand into a box of Sees Candy, grab ahold of a piece of chocolate, stuff it into her mouth, and move her jaw around and around like a cow chewing on its cud. After repeating the process ad nauseum, she asked me if Id like a piece and I said, No thank you. (Chocolate has never been my thing.) She responded with, Good because I wasnt gonna give you any. All of the sudden I wanted a piece of chocolate. Her taking that option of having a piece away from me made the chocolate desirable. The moral of the story: you can start with something a person has no interest in, create a barrier from her getting it, and viola shell desire it. The most powerful application of this principle is when you use a barrier to turn yourself into the object of a womans desire. More times than I can count, Ive used this to transform myself in a matter of seconds from the bane of a womans nightclub experience into her knight and shining armor. Heres why Women like to think of themselves as attractive and desirable. For most women to maintain this self-image they need validation from men. In other words, even if they arent attracted to you, they want you to want them. Thats why droves of happily married women go out on the town with their girlfriends and revel in men hitting on them it validates that theyre still desirable. I remember the first time I used this. A friend and I were at a small pub on Saint Patricks Day. As we were chatting with a girl, I noticed two ice-princesses roll their eyes at us. Then the blonde one said to the other, Why is Suzy talking to those ugly losers? (No ifs, ands, or buts about it, she was referring to us.) Next, the blonde marched over to us and gave her friend the directive, Let's go. We need to leave. I looked her directly in the eyes and delivered a cool and collected, Youre very pretty. She hissed, Youre a real charmer, and tried to frown. But her frown was struggling against the pull of her rising cheeks and narrowing eyes. Her forced Im-a-bitch faade was giving way to a genuine smile that said loud and clear, Im so happy you think Im desirable. Then I continued with, But too bad youre a bottle blonde. Bottle blondes arent my type. I like my girls natural. Her genuine smile gave way to a genuine frown. Then she started grinding against me and said, You know Im hot. You know I turn you on. I leaned back against the bar and said, You are hot. You just dont sexually do anything for me. She quarreled, No guy in his right mind would turn me down. You must be gay.

So I gave her a sarcastic, If that would make you feel better about yourself, you can think Im gay. She protested, No youre not and you want me, and then planted her lippers on mine. To spare you the needless details, we played tonsil hockey for the rest of the night. Although she found me less appealing than the whiff of ass and foot combined, I became the object of her sexual desire by creating a barrier. The bedrock for applying the three essential features of flirting is using a powerful seduction technology called Push-Pull. Push-Pull is the art of emotionally Pushing a woman away from you and then emotionally Pulling her back in. Each Push creates an emotional space for each Pull. To get a sense of where I'm going with all this, think, for example, of your favorite junk food. Imagine going on a strict diet for several weeks that prohibits you from eating your favorite food. What would it feel like to finally give in to your urge and indulge after weeks of dieting? I'm willing to bet it would taste a thousand times yummier after dieting than before. Push-Pull is the fastest way to spark sexual tension. Each time you push her away, it sparks tension... ... and each time you pull her in, it releases that tension. The process of sparking and then releasing tension in a woman creates attraction. Inside my book Real World Seduction 2.0 youll master the ins-and-outs of push-pull giving you the power to flirt with and generate attraction in the women of your dreams at will. But thats just part of what youll learn inside my book. Youll get an A-Z black belt education on succeeding with women taking you from the approach to the bedroom and beyond. Just like many others have been doing, you too can catapult your current lifestyle with women by getting your hands on a copy of my course right now. You deserve it.

Pickup Lines That Work

No.10 Be Goofy
You walk up to a girl, grab her by the arm, kind of grip firmly, and say, "You're going to kiss me or I'm going to punch you in the nose!" - Jonathan

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No.9 Stare Straight At Her

My personal favorite that has never failed to this day: Approach the woman while staring straight at her (so that she can see you coming). Even if she stares at you, smile and do not look elsewhere. Once you reach her, tell her this: "You look like someone that I would like to meet." Or, depending on the situation: "You look like someone [pause for two seconds with a smile] that I would like to meet." Here are couple of responses I had while shooting this pickup line: "That's a nice thing to say." [A smile] "What's your name?" "OK [with a smile]" Usually, woman don't know what to answer to this, so generally they are always thankful. -Wassim

No.8 Call Her Sexy

This one is a bit on the not-so-classy side, but it worked. I'm the type of guy who usually pulls sixes and sevens. For a few months, I went on a spree of using this pickup line: "Hey girl, why you being all sexy 'n shit?" I'm not the best-looking guy; I'd give myself a six. So I would definitely try and "swag" up the presentation of the line with a nice smile with a slightly cocky but confident flair. With this line I was able to pull some 10's -- and one 10 I actually ended up dating for a while. Girls were somehow intrigued by it, baffled and flattered at the same time. When I told friends about it, none of them believed me, so I demonstrated. Every time we went out and I used the line, they were dumbfounded. It didn't necessarily mean I would get to take them home or sleep with them all the time, but it would surely break

the ice and lead me into a conversation with them. My friends still remember that line. It's definitely on the most memorable side of our "how we picked up girls" stories.

No.7 Make Her Laugh

Pickup line that paid off in two ways: Well, it started at my house in Columbia, TN, when the boys and I were finishing an 18pack of Coors. Starting as a joke, we thought of the pickup line, "Nice shoes. Want to make your parents proud?" We tried to find a funnier line, but the timing of it made it No. 1. We bet $256 worth of free hamburger from Steak and Shake (you only won if you landed her or at least got her to come back to your house to party more). It was about 2 a.m. when I knocked over my shot onto this redhead's shoes standing at bar. So I did what every drunk cowboy does: made her laugh and acted like I never made a mistake. Well, the only joke I had off the top of my head was that stupid line. It seemed to take her forever to process what I said. All she said was, "You can start with a round of Gentleman's Jack for me and my mom." Luckily, me, little Josh and phat Pat were right there because I would have never gotten my winnings from the bet. I ended up dating her for two months. I never had any chick that could make me laugh so hard. So if I am single again, I will use my "Nice shoes. Want to make your parent proud?" line again.

No.6 Make Eye Contact

I use this at the bar after making eye contact with a woman. I go up to her after a few minutes of catching her eye and say, "I saw you checking me out. Does that mean you wanna buy me a drink?" Now, I know that sounds like an epic fail, but 100% of the ladies who were actually checking me out laugh, a conversation starts and it ends with someone buying drinks.

No.5 Be Sarcastic (For a girl very colorfull in dressing or hair)

The pickup line I'm going to share is rather situational, and is more of a parody on pickup lines. But it communicates so much! It works on girls who have a prevalent color on their clothing, like pink, black, heaven-blue, whatever.

It's fun to make eye contact, check her out from head to foot, showing some surprise at her "feather coloring," and ask simply, "Hey! What's your favorite color?" The key is that it has to be obvious. Most women catch the ball and a very good conversation follows. The usual answer is "Can't you tell?" or the color opposite to what she's wearing.

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No.3 Find Something You Have In Common

I use this one a lot, and it works quite often. When I see a girl I want to talk to, I pick the most stylish thing she's wearing (the girlier the better). Then I approach her and tell her with enthusiasm that I have it, too. For example, "I have those exact same shoes!" The ice is broken with a smile and a laugh. I want to think it works because it simultaneously tells the girl that I notice something specific about her attire and conveys it to her with a well-balanced delivery of cockiness and playful insult.

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No.2 Be A Gentleman
We had tons of respondents say that no pickup line is the best pickup line. Here are some of them: Total truth: Introduce yourself as a perfect gentleman (I call it the simple approach), buy her a drink (her choice) and make small talk to see if there is a spark of interest. But don't be a killjoy by being an overbearing jerk. Be cool, listen to her and watch for the signs that she gives you. Before you know it, you might make a great friend or more just by being a real nice guy (we do come out on top). -David Rhodes

"Hi my name is..." Why it works: It's not a corny, cheesy pickup line used on X other girls. It's bold and not sleazy, with slight venerability. After that, it's all you, cowboy. -Mario

Looking back on my life, I think the best "pickup" line I ever had was Hi" or "Hello -Michael Read more: