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{Al-Imarah} Emirate Afghanistan: Position of Islamic Emirate concerning...


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{Al-Imarah} Emirate Afghanistan: Position of Islamic Emirate concerning
unilateral decision of Security Council on expansion of presence of ISAF 13/10/09
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{Al-Imarah} Emirate Afghanistan: Position of Islamic Emirate concerning...

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{Al-Imarah} Emirate Afghanistan: Position of Islamic Emirate concerning unilateral decision of Security Council on expansion of presence of

ISAF 13/10/09


Reaction of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the Biased Resolution of
the Security Council, UNO.
The Security Council of the United Nations once against extended the period of stay of the so-called international
secularity forces for one more year until October next. The Security Council, UNO, by doing this, has categorically
violated its Charter and the Geneva Conventions rules because the United Nations Charter grants to every nation, the
right to have independence and a government according to their aspirations, whereas the foreign military and political
forces in Afghanistan have deprived the Afghans of these natural and legitimate rights.
The Western countries have been shedding the blood of the miserable people of Afghanistan under superficial and
fatuous rationale for the past eight years, trampling down on their humane and natural rights. The United Nations and
the Security Council at its head, never transcended to pass a resolution regarding the mass murder of innocent people in
Uruzgan, Hirat, Nangarhar, Paktya, Fara, Helmand, Kunduz and … so that they would have summoned the murderers
of the innocent Afghans to the Hague Tribunal to face the consequence of their war crimes. Contrarily, they allow
them for one more year to shed the blood of the Afghans despite their recurrent involvement in war crimes.
These invaders have imprisoned hundreds of Afghans in Guangtanamo, Bagram and Kandahar jails and have been
torturing them for the past eight years in contravention of the Geneva Conventions. Similarly, the detainees are not
granted the right of self-defense, which is a recognized right of an individual in the law of any country of the world.
Unfortunately, all these anti-human activities are being carried out by the countries that brag of being protectors of
human rights and democracy. This is why the oppressed people of the world do not trust the United Nations any more
because of its partial and unlawful resolutions. They consider this World Body as an extended instrument of America
and Europe for the execution of their colonialist policies. Now many impartial personalities of the world say that the
World Body has assumed the shape of the secretariat office of the USA from where they get passed resolution
palatable to them.
This World Body will never regain its lost trust and status unless and until it does not change its policy and show its
neutrality. Similarly, because of UNOSC negative and pro-colonialist policy, peace and stability will not be established
in the world.
Feeling it as a religious and national obligation, the Muslim people of Afghanistan have already embarked on the road
of obtaining the real independence in order to reach their legitimate rights. Expectedly, they are not going to make any
change in their chosen path because of the biased and unjust resolution, nor such a resolution have any impact on the

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{Al-Imarah} Emirate Afghanistan: Position of Islamic Emirate concerning...

tempo of the current Jihadic movement in Afghanistan.
However, it would have been more becoming for the Security Council to have parted its way with the strategy of
American colonialism and acted in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. They should have called on the
rulers of the White House and the NATO member countries to immediately withdraw their forces from Afghanistan
and like other nations, let the oppressed people of Afghanistan to lead a prosperous life in a free country under the
shade of an Islamic government as per their aspirations.
As far as the Western colonialists are concerned, we do not have any complaint because they have already unveiled
their wicked face to the world through their anti-human violations and activities that they have committed in
Guantanamo and Abu Ghrib jails. However, we are flabbergasted at the attitude of those member countries of the
Security Council who think their path is different from that of colonialism but still they do not stop the approval of such
resolutions by using their right of veto.
All understand, that the Islamic Movement of Talibsan is not a terrorist movement but a freedom-loving, progressive
movement, which has been waging struggle against the neo-colonialism of the 21st century for the obtainment of their
legitimate rights.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan urges all progressive, nationalist, Islamist and anti-colonialist forces to part their
ways with the global colonialism and extend their moral support to the sacrificing Mujahideen in Afghanistan because
in this current juncture of time of the unipolar world, the current resistance movement in Afghanistan is the only force
that constantly add oil to the candle of freedom by shedding their blood and have kept the torch of hope of the
oppressed people blazing.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

‫ ارة ا   ل اار ادي ا  ا‬
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›w‫‡ ه‬£L ‫ذ‬V{]‫^ن ا‬kYb x‫ و‬rUitX‫ر ا‬VYkZx‫ ا‬Tn TƒP–|L Whc|u‫ون أ‬iZkb TbwX‫ ا‬TLS‫ ا‬QPOL rq ‫ء‬V®nS‫ ا‬ ¢X‫ أو‬TL ˆOkZu ‡U ،.... ‫ام‬iOU‫ و‬،ˆbiœ
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}ƒ`‘pS‫ة ا‬MuVcYXVU ‫^م‬m] ‫ وأن‬rYXVkX‫ر ا‬VYkZx‫ ا‬TL V‫ه‬iƒcL iƒt] ‫©ن‬U }b‫ر‬VYkZ‫ ا‬MŒ‫ƒ} و‬L‘‫ وإ‬،}ƒ¦‫…^رة وو‬ZL ‫ƒ} `^ى‬L‘˜‫ن ا‬VZcuVtq‫رة أ‬VL‫‡ إ‬L©]
، ‫ر‬VYkZ‘X ‫ء‬VYP± }PƒX rq Vh”VLMU }bi[X‫^س ا‬uVq ‫ي‬wt] rZX‫ة ا‬Mƒ‰^X‫^ة ا‬mX‫ ا‬r‫ن ه‬VZcuVtq‫ أ‬rq }ƒXV[X‫} ا‬L‫و‬VmYX‫ن ا‬S  X‫ن وذ‬VZcuVtq‫ أ‬rq ‫ل‬V…US‫ ا‬TbM‫ه‬VOYPX
.ˆuVOX‫دي ا‬V‰‫ أ‬i‹ckL ‫ ذا‬WXVkPX }ƒXV[X‫} ا‬P‰iYX‫ ا‬rq V¢ƒ®L‫ا و‬iƒL }^b©YX‫} وا‬L^PYX‫^ب ا‬k€X‫اج ا‬i fPn †qV‰‫و‬

}ƒL‘˜‫ن ا‬VZcuVtq‫رة أ‬VL‫إ‬

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{Al-Imarah} Emirate Afghanistan: Position of Islamic Emirate concerning...

Official website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban).
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