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Additional material for Script for Holder in Due Course

Pursuant to A.R.S. Title 47 [UCC 3-3 !" Section 33 ! Para#rap$ d% e% and #% t$e onl& parties t$at can foreclose are t$e Holder in Due Course. And Pursuant to t$e 'n re (eis)and Decision% *arc$ !+t$% ! , % Honora)le -ud#e Hallo.ell/s decision pro0es conclusi0el& t$at t$e 1an2s are not t$e Holder in Due Course and t$e&% alon# .it$ t$eir attorne&s are committin# fraud )& commencin# a non-3udicial foreclosure. -ud#e Hallo.ell $as defined 0er& succinctl& .$at [T$e *ort#a#er" 4*AC .as doin# to t$e $omeo.ner .as fraud% .$ic$ is e5actl& .$at t$ese Plaintiffs are doin# to me6 Plaintiffs and7or Plaintiffs/ attorne&8s9 $a0e incontro0erti)l& 0iolated% inter alia% A.R.S. : 47-3302(d),(e) and (g)% and% inter alia% A.R.S. Sup. Ct. Rules 42 E.R. 3.3 and 8.4 )& intelli#entl&% and .illfull& con0enin# a non-3udicial foreclosure proceedin# for a part& t$at is NOT t$e HOLDER IN DUE COURSE.

Impor !" #!$e$ !"d %!&$ o ge ! gr!$p o'(

See; 'n re (eis)and% *arc$ !+% , , % -ud#e Hallo.ell )UDUCI*L NOTICE( Plaintiff $ere)& notices t$is Court of U.S.D.C.% District of Ari<ona% t$e Honora)le -ud#e =illeen Hallo.ell/s *emorandum Decision for; See; 'n re (eis)and% *arc$ !+% , , % .$erein -ud#e Hallo.ell descri)ed succinctl& t$e fraud t$at t$e 1an2s are committin# a#ainst t$e )od& politic and $omeo.ners in t$e Countr& )& unla.full& foreclosin# on Real Propert& .$en t$e 1an2s are >?T t$e H?@D=R '> DU= C?URS=.

Accordin#l&% and pursuant to A.R.S. : 47-33 ! [UCC 3-3 !" 8d9% 8e9 and8#9% t$e Defendants in t$is instant matter% .it$ t$e assistance of Defendants/ attorne&s% $a0e unla.full& commenced a non-3udicial foreclosure proceedin# .it$out )ein# t$e H?@D=R '> DU= C?URS=. To )rin# a fraudulent action% intelli#entl&% and .illfull&% into court is a contempt of court. Defendant/s o.n acts of fraud upon t$is court% Plaintiff% and t$e pu)lic in #eneral are t$e sin#le cause of t$is parado5 and a)sent Defendant Astatin# t$e claimB t$e& are t$e CREDITOR and HOLDER IN DUE COURSE in t$is matter, t$is court cannot $ear from Defendant. Defendants and7or Defendants/ attorne&8s9 $a0e incontro0erti)l& 0iolated% inter alia% A.R.S. : 47-3302 [UCC 3-3 !" (d),(e) and (g)% and% inter alia% A.R.S. Sup. Ct. Rules 42 E.R. 3.3 and 8.4 )& intelli#entl&% and .illfull& con0enin# a non-3udicial foreclosure proceedin# for a part& t$at is NOT t$e HOLDER IN DUE COURSE. *.R.S. + 47-3302. [UCC 3-3 !" Ho%der ," d-e #o-r$e. D. 'f% under section 47-33 3 [UCC 3-3 3"% su)section A% para#rap$ ,% t$e promise of performance t$at is t$e consideration for an instrument $as )een partiall& performed% /e /o%der m!0 !$$er r,g/ $ !$ ! /o%der ," d-e #o-r$e o' /e ,"$ r-me" o"%0 o /e 'r!# ,o" o' /e !mo-" p!0!1%e -"der /e ,"$ r-me" e2-!% o /e 3!%-e o' /e p!r ,!% per'orm!"#e di0ided )& t$e 0alue of t$e promised performance. E. 'f t$e person entitled to enforce an instrument $as onl& a securit& interest in t$e instrument and t$e person o)li#ed to pa& t$e instrument $as a defense% claim in recoupment or claim to t$e instrument t$at ma& )e asserted a#ainst t$e person .$o #ranted t$e securit& interest% t$e person entitled to enforce t$e instrument m!0 !$$er r,g/ $ !$ ! /o%der ," d-e #o-r$e o"%0 o !" !mo-" p!0!1%e -"der /e ,"$ r-me" &/,#/, at t$e

time of enforcement of t$e instrument% does not e5ceed t$e amount of t$e unpaid o)li#ation secured. 4. T$is section is su)3ect to an& la. limitin# status as a $older in due course in particular classes of transactions. 57* *.R.S. S-p.C .R-%e$, R-%e 42, R-%e$ o' 6ro'.Co"d-# , *r,7o"! Re3,$ed S ! - e$ *""o ! ed R-%e$ o' /e S-preme Co-r o' *r,7o"! 8',"d 9o-r r-%e$ /! #orre%! e: ;. Reg-%! ,o" o' /e 6r!# ,#e o' L!& D. L!&0er O1%,g! ,o"$ R-%e 42. *r,7o"! R-%e$ o' 6ro'e$$,o"!% Co"d-# <!," !,","g /e I" egr, 0 o' /e 6ro'e$$,o" ER 3.3. C!"dor To&!rd /e Tr,1-"!% 8a9 A la.&er s$all not; (5) m!=e ! '!%$e $ ! eme" o' '!# or %!& o ! r,1-"!% or '!,% o #orre# ! '!%$e $ ! eme" o' m! er,!% '!# or %!& pre3,o-$%0 m!de o /e r,1-"!% 10 /e %!&0er. (3) o''er e3,de"#e /! /e %!&0er ="o&$ o 1e '!%$e. I' ! %!&0er, /e %!&0er>$ #%,e" or ! &, "e$$ #!%%ed 10 /e %!&0er /!$ o''ered m! er,!% e3,de"#e !"d /e %!&0er #ome$ o ="o& o' , $ '!%$, 0, /e %!&0er $/!%% !=e re!$o"!1%e remed,!% me!$-re$, ,"#%-d,"g, ,' "e#e$$!r0, d,$#%o$-re o /e r,1-"!%. * %!&0er m!0 re'-$e o o''er e3,de"#e, o /er /!" /e e$ ,mo"0 o' ! de'e"d!" ," ! #r,m,"!% m! er, /! /e %!&0er re!$o"!1%0 1e%,e3e$ ,$ '!%$e. 8)9 A la.&er .$o represents a client in an ad3udicati0e proceedin# and .$o 2no.s t$at a person intends to en#a#e% is en#a#in# or $as en#a#ed in criminal or fraudulent conduct related to t$e proceedin# s$all ta2e reasona)le remedial measures% includin#% if necessar&% disclosure to t$e tri)unal.

ER 8.4. <,$#o"d-# 't is professional misconduct for a la.&er to; 8a9 0iolate or attempt to 0iolate t$e Rules of Professional Conduct% assist or induce anot$er to do so% or do so t$rou#$ t$e acts of anot$erC 8)9 commit a criminal act t$at reflects ad0ersel& on t$e la.&erDs $onest&% trust.ort$iness or fitness as a la.&er in ot$er respectsC (#) e"g!ge ," #o"d-# ,"3o%3,"g d,$/o"e$ 0, 'r!-d, de#e, or m,$repre$e" ! ,o". 8d9 en#a#e in conduct t$at is pre3udicial to t$e administration of 3usticeC De'e"d!" $? ! or"e0$ !re !$$,$ ,"g De'e"d!" $ ," #omm, ,"g 'r!-d( -po" /e Co-r , /e S ! e o' @@@@@@, !"d /e 1od0 po%, ,# o' /e $ ! e. Defendant/s appearance on t$e deed of trust renders t$e mort#a#e deed or deed of trust E?'D. See; *?RT4A4= =@=CTR?>'C R=4'STRAT'?> SFST=*S% '>C.% Appellant% 0. @'SA *AR'= CH?>4% @=>ARD =. SCH(ARTG=R% 1A>HRUPTCF TRUST==. Defendants $a0e claimed APerfected TitleB t$rou#$ t$e action of non3udicial foreclosure% &et% cannot% under an& circumstances% )e t$e la.ful CR=D'T?R and7or H?@D=R '> DU= C?URS= of t$e alle#ed de)t as e0idenced )& t$e >ote t$e& claim to )e Trustee for t$e Holders. see: Carpenter v. Longan, 83 U.S. 271, 274 21 L.Ed. 313 (1872). The note and ortgage are !nsepara"#e, the $or er as essent!a#, the #atter as an !n%!dent&' add!ng that an ass!gn ent o$ the note %arr!es the ortgage (!th !t, (h!#e an ass!gn ent o$ the #atter a#one !s a n)##!t*.& Pursuant to; +n ,e Le!s)re T! e Sports, +n%. 1-4 ..,. 8/-, 801 (-th C!r%)!t 1--0) stat!ng that 1a2 se%)r!t* !nterest %annot e3!st, )%h #ess "e trans$erred, !ndependent $ro the o"#!gat!on (h!%h !t se%)res and that, !$ the de"t !s not trans$erred, ne!ther !s the se%)r!t* !nterest.& Defendants $a0e not% and cannot e0er% e0idence to t$is Court t$at it $as

acted in #ood fait$ and $as AClean HandsB in t$is Court. T$e securit& interest cannot 0est in Defendants due to fatal process as .ell as lac2 of standin# to act as CR=D'T?R and7or H?@D=R '> DU= C?URS= .$en% in fact% it is not. See: 4e##* v. Upsha(, 3- Ca#. 2d 17-, 1-2, 240 5 2d 23 (1-/2) ass!gn!ng on#* the 6eed (!tho)t a trans$er o$ the 7ote !s %o p#ete#* !ne$$e%t!ve' see a#so: ,estate ent (3d) o$ 5ropert* (8ortgages) 9 /.4 stat!ng: : ortgage a* "e en$or%ed on#* "*, or !n "eha#$ o$, a person (ho !s ent!t#ed to en$or%e the ;.L+<:T+;7 that the ortgage se%)res&. As Hell& esta)lis$es% t$is is true under California la.s and t$erefore applies $ere. See: S:=;7 8;,T<:<E SE,>+CES, +7C., ET. :L., 5L:+7T+??S >. ,UT@+E .. @+LLE,, 6E?E76:7TS. 7o. CAB8A43/7 E8C, (6o%Cet 7o. 7), Un!ted States 6!str!%t Co)rt $or the 7orthern 6!st. ;$ Ca#!$orn!a, 2BB8 US 6!st. Le3!s 1BBB/0. Defendants cannot )e t$e CR=D'T?R and7or t$e H?@D=R '> DU= C?URS= as one or more of t$e Defendants .as and7or is t$e D=1T?R pursuant to A.R.S. : 47-+, ! [UCC +-, !"; A.R.S. : 47-+, !. Definitions and inde5 of definitions A. 'n t$is c$apter% unless t$e conte5t ot$er.ise reIuires; !J. KDe)torK means; (1) * $e%%er o' !##o-" $, #/! e% p!per, p!0me" ," !"g,1%e$ or prom,$$or0 "o e$. or (#) * #o"$,g"ee.