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A03_Ch.19: The First World War 1914 - 1918!

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Purpose: Along with class lessons and activities, this assignment will examine the causes and consequences of World War I. Among the issues we'll attempt to address are:! -How did World War I affect the United States and Europe?! Science & Technology! America in World Affairs! Immigration & Migration!

Given: ! Use the The Americans textbook to complete the assignment below.! Refer to the course calendar to acquire due dates and other instructions.! Write complete sentences when a sentence is called for in the tasks below.! Task:! A. World War I Begins! Read pages 578 - 586! Terms & Names! nationalism Central Powers Lusitania Zimmermann note! trench warfare!

militarism! Archduke Franz Ferdinand

TAKING NOTES! In a chart like the one shown (in your textbook), list the causes for the outbreak of World War I. Which was the most significant cause? Explain your answer.! ANALYZING ISSUES! Why do you think Germany escalated its U-boat attacks in 1917? ! Think About:! Germanys military buildup the effects of the British blockade! reason for using submarine warfare! B. American Power Tips the Balance! Read pages 587 - 593 ! Terms & Names:! convoy system General John J. Pershing Service Act American Expeditionary Force


conscientious objector armistice!


TAKING NOTES! Fill in a web like the one below (in your textbook) to show how Americans responded to the war. Why was the entire population affected by Americas entry into World War I?! DRAWING CONCLUSIONS! In what ways did WWI represent a frightening new kind of warfare? Think About:! the casualty figures! new military technology shell shock! ANALYZING VISUAL SOURCES! This World War I poster (in your textbook) shows the role of non- combatants overseas. What is the message in this propaganda poster?!

C. The War at Home.! Read pages 594 - 601 !

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Terms & Names:! War Industries Board Bernard M. Baruch Acts Great Migration!


Espionage and Sedition

TAKING NOTES! In a chart like the one shown (in your textbook), list some of the changes that the war brought about for each group. Explain how each group benefited from or was disadvantaged by these changes.! DRAWING CONCLUSIONS! How did the war affect government power? Think About:! how private business worked with government! how much control the president gained over the economy! the Espionage and Sedition Acts! MAKING INFERENCES! Why do you think the flu spread so quickly among the troops?! D. Wilson Fights for Peace! Read pages 604 - 609 ! Terms & Names:! Fourteen Points League of Nations Treaty of Versailles Georges Clemenceau David Lloyd George war-guilt clause!

Henry Cabot Lodge

TAKING NOTES! Re-create the spider diagram shown (in your textbook). Fill in the web with information about the provisions and weaknesses of the Treaty of Versailles and opposition to it. Do you think Congress should have rejected the treaty?! DEVELOPING HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE! Why didnt the Treaty of Versailles lay the foundations for a lasting peace?! SUMMARIZING! Why did so many Americans oppose the Treaty of Versailles?!