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Name: Vijayakumar.S E-Mail: Phone no: +91-9688989008 Address: Vijayakumar.S 7/33,Perumal Kovil Street, Narasingapuram(p.o),Attur. Salem - 636108. Date of Birth : 17/04/1990 Father Name : Sekar.S Marital status : Unmarried Nationality Languages : Indian : English, Tamil,

To be an integral part of competitive work environment this helps me to grow both on intellectual and personal front while contributing work with aptitude and attitude. EDUCATION:  Completed Diploma in MECHNICAL ENGG in The Maruthi Polytechnic College,Attur. Salem.  HIGHER SECONDARY in Govt Boys. Hr. Sec. School, Attur,Salem.  SSLC in Govt Boys. Hr. Sec. School, Attur,Salem. ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATION:
 AUTO CAD 2010.

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS:  Got 95% in Diploma in MECHNICAL ENGG in The Maruthi Polytechnic College,Attur. Salem.

 Got Kaizen Award and most no. of Kaizen Awards.  Have Good Knowledge in 5’s, Kaizen, Ford India.  Have Good Knowledge in FTPM Activities and PDCA.  Can manage the Quality concerns & Investigations in Quick Problem Solving.


: Listening music, Reading books. Playing cricket

 Have 1 year Experience in Ford India Private Limited as Government Company Apprentice in Body Shop and Body Quality Test.  Have 1.5 year experience in Ford India Private Limited as Training Apprentice (TA) in Body Shop and Body Quality Test.

Arc . Can find the Quality issues easily. 1 2 BODY SHOP WORK WORK DETAILS To integrate car body and welding process. Can drive both LMV & RHD Vehicles. Body Sides 3 Welding 4 Spot Failure Concerns 5 6 7 8 G8D GFPS .PERSONAL SKILLS:     Quick Learner and Can adapt to Work environment easily. EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:  Participated in RBC during college days. To report any about quality concern using this tools To instruct follow the production system rules. To prepare document about this QPS.No. Have good Drawing Skills. spot failure concerns . To working skill on the welding process such as Spot. Mig . To work on the car body LH and RH welding and repairing process.  Well Experienced with Handling Gauges and Equipments. To make sure of Quality after the completion of PDI. Working in QLS for the Data updation and other Quality related issues.FPS QPS Rework 9 QLS 10 SAP . To check and repair the spot hole. Run and Projection welding To work on document weld concern reporting tools. WORK EXPERTISE: S.  Have licensed in LMV.

Tamil (To Speak. Listening to Music and Surfing in Net.VIJAYAKUMAR .TOOLS PERSONAL DETAILS: Father Name Date of Birth Gender Nationality Religion Address : Sekar.S 7/33.o). S. : Drawing.636108.ABOUT KNOWN:  Safety and Security  GFPS & FPS  QPS  QLS  5”s  QC. Salem .S : 17/04/1990 : MALE : INDIAN : HINDU : Vijayakumar. Narasingapuram(p. DECLARATION: I here confirm that the information given above is true to my knowledge and belief.Perumal Kovil Street. Contact no Language Hobbies : 9688989008 : English.Attur. Place: Chennai Date: 07/03/2014 Yours Sincerely. Read & Write.