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Supreme Wealth Alliance Review

Hi there! Im John Bilangel. This is my own review about Supreme Wealth Alliance. Despite many rumors about being a SCA .I still !e"i!e! to #oin an! share my e$perien"e to you so you "an your %inal !e"ision to venture or not.

Visit my site for complete details: In this article, I will be sharing my ideas on the following topics: 1.Company Profile .Products !."ow you can ma#e money with $%& '."ow to (oin $%& ).%hat to do when you (oin $%& *.+y results after applying what i have learned ,.C-.C/0$$I-.

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Company Profile
$upreme %ealth &lliance Corporation is an International 1usiness Company registered in 1eli2e, Central &merica. It3s main program is $upreme %ealth &lliance 0ltimate Perfect Pay Plan $ystem. It is a 1445 online business program. 6nterprises developed the $upreme %ealth &lliance 7$%&8 program in the year 449. :elaunched in 41 , it is the brainchild of ;ranco :enato Chaves or ;rancis Chaves. "e is one of the best ;ilipino spea#ers and the most innovative networ# mar#eters possessing a proven trac# record. $upreme %ealth &lliance 0ltimate is now one of the fastest growing online businesses today. ;rancis Chaves, the C6- and founder of $upreme %ealth &lliance chose to register the company in 1eli2e. <he international business company passed the re=uirements for its registration. <he company operates online and complies with all relevant regulations of conducting online businesses. It does not need local registration in the countries where its members and affiliates come from.

$%& has a massive library of digital products #nown as the $upreme %ealth /ibrary. It includes eboo#s, audios, videos, graphics, scripts, templates, fonts and other media format. <here are thousands of resources for practical principles, techni=ues, secrets and strategies. <he library is a great source of #nowledge and power for all $%& members. +any of the products have resale rights which members can en(oy. & strategic training program helps the members of $%& to boost their sales for any product or

business that they promote. $upreme %ealth /ibrary covers social media, general mar#eting topics and other areas of interest. <he $%& products are all proven to be positive and life changing to all members and affiliates from around the world. . It does not matter where members and affiliates come from as these products are accessible online.

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How you can make money with SWA?

Since SWA is a 100% online program for business, it helps regular people from all over the world. The program is designed to help any interested individual achieve their financial freedom. t helps achieve such financial success through its powerful two!way approach.
First Approach: <his helps individuals to achieve their financial success using $%&?s products positively proven to change lives. @ou can literally ma#e money using and applying what you learn in the eboo#s li#e:"ow to become successful in life, "ow to become a leader, +a#ing money with blogging, $6-, >riving traffic,selling on ebay, ma"ing money as virtual

assistant etc. The ideas are endless. Second Approach: This part is #$T #%A&. This is the affiliate mar"eting part were ware are paid for every referral. t is meant for financial success through a perfect pay plan system, which is as a result of combining the ' best "nown pay plan systems over the internet. All the members of SWA need to ma"e money is to do their part time wor" from the comfort of their home computers wherever they are around the

world. SWA (ltimate is therefore one of the rare online business opportunities that promise to be 100% sustainable.

%atch the Video about the &ffiliate Program Compensation "ere

)#W T# *# % SWA+
1.,ou need a referral lin" to -oin SWA. ./ample0 111my referral lin" if you want to -oin my T.A2

'.3lic" 4.5 ST.4

6. $ayment #ptions will Appear

7.3hoose the payment method of your choice then 3lic" Submit All options e/cept A3T 8AT #% 3#9.S re:uires 7;!<' hours to process after you send your payment. $&.AS. 3#%TA3T ,#(4 S$#%S#4 =.>#4. and A>T.4 S.%9 %5 $A,2.%TS. S#2. T.A2 )AS A 9.S 5%AT.9 &.A9.4 W)# )A%9&.S $A,2.%TS ,ou can also buy A3T 8AT #% 3#9.S from them for fast activation of A33#(%TS. WARNING!!! n sending payments be sure that the person is &.5 T. There are persons who ma"e a faceboo" profile of other SWA members and will as" you to buy from them or as"ing you to -oin their group.#ne method to "now if the person is legit is to chec" their timeline. f their timeline is new are recently made the probability is high that he is a poser?scammer. As" their group name. As" other members of their group if that persons fb account is legit. #r you can as" me so can assist you to verify if that person is an #>> 3 A& 2.2=.4 #> SWA or not. @. A>T.4 S.%9 %5 ,#(4 $A,2.%T of P2, !! "N#$.3ontact your sponsor and give them the scanned copy or any photo showing your payment for verification purposes. A3T 8AT #% of accounts ta"es only seconds if you use activation codes. > you choose other method li"e western,smart padala etc it will ta"e about '7!<' hours..Again contact your sponsor for fast activation. A.#nce your payment is confirmed your sponsor will assist you to register in his?her affiliate lin" This time you will fill up your personal info.

BBBBBBBB%#T.0 Save your personal details in notepad or 3ellphone <.#%3. ,#(4 A33#(%T S A3T 8AT.9 you can log in to your account in this lin" format www. C,#(4 ( =ecareful in choosing your username because it will appear on your affiliate lin".

;.$(T ,#(4 (S.4%A2. A%9 $ASSW#49 T).% 3& 3E S 5% %

BB3& 3E ).4. >#4 T). S($4.2. W.A&T) A&& A%3. 4.8 .W 2embers Area Wal"through

W)AT T# 9# #%3. ,#( A4. A 2.2=.4 #> SWA+

#nce you become official member of SWA the first thing that you should d is familiariFe with the following area0 1.W.=S T. '.3ompany $rofile 6.>amiliariFe and use the products 7.2a"e your own blog. t is very important to have your own blog. t is where you can post valuable infos and share it on faceboo".,ou can advertise SWA on your blog (If you join our team we will teach you how to/what to blog) @.$romore SWA and refer new membersCThis re:uires trainingsD ..very SWA T.A2 has a different strategy. IF you join our team we will give you the following FREE TRAINIG !

!ST.$ by ST.$ how to start with with SWA !)ow to set your money ma"ing site with landing page ./ample site0 (Exclusive for our TEAM ONLY) !2ar"eting strategy !Ads template to promote online !Trainings how to get G(A& > .9 $4#S$.3TS !)ow to )A%9&. #=*.3T #%S li"e H"umita "a na ba -an+I Hscam yanI etc. !how to find content in your blog !how to ran" your blog on 5##5&.Js first $age J !you will have a free autoresponder that sends follow up msgs to your prospects '7!< :: . f you are a internet mar"eter it is a must have. .ach prospects that signed up on your wite will be collected. ,ou can send them other offers in the future J

+@ :6$0/<$:
&t first I was hesitant to (oin $%& because of scam rumors about it. 1ut I still invested in it because some of my friends in ;1 are showing proof of earnings. $- what I did I bought ! accounts to see if the referral system wor#s. &fter activation of my ! accounts I received a message via email informing me that I earned a commission. $o after that I decided to promote it online. "ere is one of my accounts? proof of earnings: 7you can also loo# at it on my video above8

SA2$&. $A, #(T T4A%SA3T #% 9#%. (S %5 2, S2A4T 2#%., A33#(%T

%AN $"& 'A() '"N)$ WI*H"&* R)+)RRA#S or R)%R&I*')N*? ,.S.)ere is my 4.S(&T 0D

,,,,,+R)) -"N&S I+ $"& ."IN '$ *)A': )-A$ / on / *RAINING111111 !

%"N%#&SI"N What I Like !&ow nvestment C$',@00D !$riceless $roducts C use it to choose my %icheCmar"etD, use it for my blog content hahaD !&ess ./penses compare to Traditional business !100% online. you can use >aceboo" to promote or other social media sites. or >ree other free websites !) 5) earnings $#T.%T A& ! nternational 2ar"etability !%o more shipping problems? ssues !5reat Admin Support !#ne Time $ayment #%&, Csome companies re:uires you for a monthly feesD !$.4>.3T $A,&A% #%& %. C one of the payplan C$ass up SystemD is also used by the number 1 online 2&2 today!.2$#W.4 %.TW#4ED !,ou can earn K<0!KL0 without referring thru spilloverCdepending on your slot positionD

!%o hard selling

What I don't Like !Activation of accounts sometimes ta"es timeCespecially if you send payments thru remittances li"e &=3,western unionD !Some members do not "now how to promote !$ayout ta"es about 10!1@ wor"ing daysCyou can purchase activation codes and sell it to new membersD !=e very hard to understand if you are not computer literate.

3an you ma"e money with SWA +

,.SMM > ,#( TAE. A3T #%.C )A8. T). 4.S(&TSDSome might say that they -oined SWA and they did not earn a single penny. Well my :uestion is what did they do to earn money+ 9# %#T *# % SWA if you are the type of person who -ust sit all day and wait for the 2#%., to come to youM To be successful in any business depends on ' things. 1.A=#(T ,#(Cleadership, $roper mindset, etc.D '.)#W ,#( 2A4E.T ,#(4 =(S %.SSCSE &&S,ta"ing ActionD f you -oin our team we will teach you this how to mar"et online and how to be a successful leader that everyone wants to be.,ou will also get >4.. T(T#4 A&S on how to ma"e money on ebay selling someoneNs products. Add me on >A3.=##E and send me a message 3$ %(2=.4 0L7A!A0;<0'7

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