Chrome Future

Cyberpunk to Shadowrun conversion for the cybergen kids for those that enjoy the mutated kids of cyberpunk 2027. Here are some estimated abilities and guidelines for their mutations and skills. All receive the following effects: full spectrum immunization, genetic reconstructive healing, increased healing (symbiotes 3 with percentages of body weight as increase in food intake). The Tinman (Chrome Boys): Cyberware: Titanium bone lacing, dermal plating (3), hydraulic jack (both in arms and legs). Bioware: Orthoskin (bioarmor)(3), damage compensator (7), muscle augmentation (4), enhanced articulation. Abilities: hexite shaping from the midpoints of the thigh and upper arm are a fully malleable and can form virtually any object, ranging from club to edged even to a gun. The limbs can even form tendrils and varying from paper thin on up. Chrome Boys can extrude a bioarmor that affords them some protection (2/2 B/I added to armor rating straight: for GM’s using the armor stacking this is separate from the armor in that it doesn’t get halved or count as the base armor). The Chrome Boys limbs from midpoint out are a blackened metallic color in appearance. The limbs should be covered to avoid being noticed. The shaping abilities are limited to simpler objects up to a gun but not an engine. The Chrome Boys can shape their limbs into any cyberlimb weapon such as spurs, hand razors etc. They don’t feel pain past the point of irritation, can move joints in any direction, they can extrude their bioarmor over small objects such as small guns or tight clothing. Mods: +5 body, +4 quickness, +4 strength, +1 reaction, / +2/+3 B/I The Alchemists (Chem. Kids): Cyberware: chemical analyzer (in hands rating equal to int.), gas spectrometer (in hands rating equal to int.), assemblers /disassemblers reshape ability located in hands. Bioware: cerebral booster (2). Abilities: cellular manipulation Chem. Kids can alter the composition of any inanimate object they can taste the chemicals through their hands. They can reshape matter and given the proper raw materials and knowledge they can make any known substance. Even rewrite data chips (i.e., credsticks etc.). Mods: +2 intelligence

The Scanners (Minder):

Cyberware: wired reflexes (2), encephalon (4) (for interpretation of emotion), implanted Taser causes (mod) stun to self and (ser.) stun by touch only. Power equal to BOD+quick/2. Bioware: none. Abilities: A Minder can with practice truly read minds, the target number should reflect how specific the information is. They cannot probe thoughts the person must be thinking about the topic. The categories are raw emotion (simple base 4), surface intent (moderate base 8), subvocal (tough base 13), images (very tough base 19), other Minder’s (near impossible base 25). Given time a minder gets better at reading those they know getting target modifiers: never met (+5), unknown (+2), friend (none), good friend (-2), intimate (-5). The Minder can also let loose a static charge doing 1/2bod stun in damage to BOD stun damage (where the Minder takes 1/2bod damage) the Minder can very the damage of the discharge. Mods: +4 reaction, +2 intelligence, +2d6 initiative., 3 task pool The Bolters (Electrics): Cyberware: wired reflexes (1), adjustable Taser damage, Taser can be directed around corners the charge can be sent down any conductive material. They can power small D.C. devices. Bioware: none. Abilities: Throw “bolts” the Electrics throw taser like cable guided darts from the palms of their hands. These darts can even go around corners (up to their BOD stat in 90 degree turns or equal total degrees). The charge that an Electric can store varies on the evolved’s BOD stat. The “contact” charge can be sent down any conductive surface up to 50m. The charge sent out can be very lethal causing up to the evolved’s BOD stat in physical damage or as little as a light stun (the physical damage is stun overflow). Mods: +2 reaction, +1d6 initiative. The Wizards (Neon Kids): Cyberware: wired reflexes (3), SPU Data Man. (4), SPU I/O (4), MPCP (computer programming skill), persona module (int.), hardening (max. for MPCP), response (max for MPCP), SPU math, encephalon (4), internal phone/radio transmitter, (int x 300 mp) internal memory. Bioware: none. Abilities: These kids are very much like the Otaku save that they don’t need a jack in spot they just need to be near a mobile phone pickup. Neon Kid’s brains are rewired to allow multitasking creating things similar to AI’s or highly intelligent smart frames. These AI’s are a Neon Kid’s familiars doing tasks for them, like smart frames the AI can work independently of the character. The Neon Kid can also can talk to electronics asking them to do their task, providing they can get near to the controller (via matrix or physical). Mods: +2 int., +6 react., +3d6 initiative., +100% compression, +2 load rating, 8 I/O rating, 3 task pool.

The Scouts (Probes):

Cyberware: aluminum bone lacing, synaptic accelerator, gas spectrometer, olfactory booster, eyes (cyber replacement with low-light / vision magnification, electronic 1), ears (cyber replacement with hearing amplification). Bioware: adrenal pump (2). Abilities: the probes that these evolved extrude allow them up to three senses (sight, sound, and touch only) the more senses being used the harder it is to control the probes. The size of these probes can vary depending on how many slots are put into the probe (min of 1) the number of slots available depend on the BOD stat gaining 2 slots per point split up evenly between both arms and legs. Using a probe requires much concentration doubling target numbers if they are trying to do another physical task. Bludgeoning attacks do no damage to the probe while AP attacks increase in damage code by 4. Mods: +1 body, +1 impact, +2d6 initiative., +2 quick., +2 str., +2 will, +4 react. The Jammer (Vox): Cyberware: encephalon (1), ears (cyber replacement with hearing amplification / damper / high and low frequency / select sound filter / recorder, radio (50' transmission range), eyes (cyber replacement with vision magnification electronic (3)/ low-light), sonic sight, internal voice mask (int.), extended volume (3). Bioware: none. Abilities: the Vox are sonic savants they have amazing control over things in the audio spectrum, such as the ability to use echolocation as a bat does, directional hearing, discern stress levels in a voice, including a limited broadcasting range (50 meters), even a sonically based stun attack (doing damage as per taser of 10S stun). The vox can imitate people’s voices, perform sonic scans (i.e., to check for false walls, if a gun is loaded, discern if cyberware is present and possibly its purpose). Mods: +1 int., +135 seconds of air -2 mod. The Infiltrators (Shades): Cyberware: orthoskin (1) (bioarmor with ruthenium polymers), strobe (linked with bioarmor located in wrists), thermographic dampener in bioarmor. Bioware: none. Abilities: the Shades have a very scary ability in that they can cloak them selves including small items such as a small pistol, clothing, etc. When not using this cloaking ability they can produce a strobe effect that even nullifies flare compensation, these blinding flashes emit from their palms. Even more frightening is that this cloak protects them from IR sighting as well. Mods: +1 impact. The Traveler (A.T.’s): Cyberware: eyes (cyber replacement with vision magnification electric 3 / lowlight,/display link), rebreather (located in lung O2 filter), orientation system. Bioware: none. Abilities: The All Terrains (A.T.’s) have amazing traveling capabilities from an extrusion that forms between arm and leg of each side much akin to the flying squirrel, to the ability to filter out the oxygen from water and can extrude flippers on both hands and feet. This type of evolved has no body hair on them. Mods: none.

The Morphs: Cyberware: tit. bone lacing. Bioware: orthoskin (3), enhanced articulation, muscle augmentation (2), synaptic. Accelerator.(2). Abilities: this variant similar to the shades in that they have imaging systems throughout their skin. The terrifying aspect of this variant is the ability to “morph” their shape and size to almost an unbelievable extent the only apparent restriction seems to be mass it is constant. (To the GM ever see T2? Yep!) Mods: +2 quick, +2 str, +1 react, +2d6 initiative, / +1/+2 B/I The Ranger: Cyberware: Tit. Bone Lacing. Bioware: orthoskin (3), synthocardium (2), adrenal pump (2), enhanced articulation, super thyroid, thermal dampener. Abilities: this hybrid of the tinman & infultrator is fast, silent, & deadly. The Ranger can literally disappear from the visable spectrum (including IR) and has the tinman’s ability to shape limbs (restricted to the hands & feet only). Mods: +6 react, +3 body, +3 quick, +3 str, +2 will, / +2/+3 B/I The Skills: Chrome: this skill allows the evolved to use their new bodies to the max. This is a generic skill in that it is a catch all for all evolved children. These kids must spend their first earned karma point to gain this skill to symbolize the learning of their abilities. This skill allows the Chrome Boys to extrude their bio-armor and shape their limbs, the Chem. Kids to manipulate matter, etc. It further gains them as any skill better control over themselves, this a general skill and is increased as such, there are no concentrations such as: Chrome (neon). . . . This allows them to control themselves and their new abilities. Chrome Theory: this allows the kids to figure out new uses for their skills. This skill does allow concentrations for non-evolved characters in that the NPC’s can use it to guess what the kids are up to and try to figure out a way to counter act these new skills. To make a Chrome Kid the priorities A in race D in magic and E in resources, these are suggested to limit the power of the kids till the GM and the players are used to the evolved and their abilities. The restriction on magic is there for the GM in the fear that without a Chrome Boy resistant to physical damage is they are won’t be hurling fireballs, in game terms it is explained by stating that the gene that is responsible for the magus factor is recessive to the gene that the “virus” latches on to. The restriction on race is there to counter balance the bonuses that the kids receive from the Chrome Plague. The restriction on resources is to signify that the poorer areas appear the first areas hit by the plague. The Chrome Kids are further restricted in that they may never get any actual cyberware. The nanites in their systems would render the intrusive cyberware useless and break it down before the bandages were off. In the case of cyber replacement such as an arm or eyes that was lost in game it is an easy way to regenerate a lost limb. The Kids will regenerate lost limbs over time anyway yet this would give the Kids a surge of the proper materials in the immediate area of the wound.

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