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Collection of Recommendation Letters from Clients and Peers in Reference to Mark Foy

Mark Foy 2150 Ashby Ave; Berkeley, California 94705-1836 !A "!an #ran$is$o Bay Area% &ele'hone( )1-510-666-8200 "*a$ifi$ &i+e ,one% --+ail($o+ 1or +foy55.16+ail0$o+2 1 3a/es/ res4+e available a/ +y 53( h//'(667770vi/ali/a0$o+6+foy0h/+l 2 88888

GE ACCESS 9ay 3, 2000 Bo4l:er, C; !A &o <ho+ =/ 9ay Con$ern( =n +y role as =nfor+a/ion &e$hnolo>y *ro?e$/ 9ana>er a/ @- A$$ess, = 7as /aske: 7i/h $onver/in> le>a$y !ervi$e B4siness in/o /he ;ra$le #inan$ials !ys/e+0 &he 'ro?e$/ b4:>e/ 7as a''roAi+a/ely B2 +illion an: $onsis/e: of over 15 :evelo'ers 7i/h a :4ra/ion of /7elve +on/hs0 9ark C4i$kly e+er>e: as a lea:er a+on> is 'eer >ro4'0 De 7as hi>hly s4$$essf4l in his role as Eevelo'+en/ &ea+ 3ea:er0 -A$ellen/ $o++4ni$a/ion an: lea:ershi' skills $rea/e: a hi>hly f4n$/ional /ea+ 7ho a$$o+'lishe: a /re+en:o4s a+o4n/ of C4ali/y 7ork in very shor/ /i+elines0 As /his 7as +y firs/ +a?or 'ro?e$/, 9ark a$/e: as a +en/or /o +e0 Dis eA'erien$e an: eA'er/ise >4i:e: +e /o /he s4$$essf4l $o+'le/ion of a very :iffi$4l/ /ask0 = :e'en:e: on hi+ for $oa$hin> 7i/h re>ar: /o $o++4ni$a/ion skills as 7ell as s/ra/e>y an: vision $rea/ion0 &he 'ro?e$/ ha: a lar>e i+'a$/ /o /he b4siness0 &herefore, /here 7as 'ress4re /o i+'le+en/ C4i$kly0 &he 're-$hosen sof/7are :i: no/ a$$o++o:a/e f4n$/ionali/y reC4ire+en/s0 9ark 'resen/e: several o'/ions 7i/h bo/h 'ro an: $ons0 &his enable: eAe$4/ive +ana>e+en/ /o +ake infor+e: :e$isions 7i/h re>ar: /o $4s/o+iFa/ions0 9ark al7ays eA'lores every o'/ion 7i/ho4/ ?4:>+en/0 9ark has /he abili/y /o /ransi/ion fro+ a /e$hni$al role /o a +ana>e+en/ role 7here a''ro'ria/e0 &he skill /o Gbri:>e /he >a'G be/7een /he /e$hni$al an: /he f4n$/ional +ake hi+ an eA$ellen/ fa$ili/a/or be/7een =& an: /he b4siness0 5arely :oes a 'erson 'ossess /his eA$e'/ional /alen/0 ;verall, 9ark 7as a /re+en:o4s $on/rib4/or /o /he s4$$ess of /he !ervi$e i+'le+en/a/ion0 De s4$$essf4lly $o+'le/es 7ork ei/her /hro4>h in:ivi:4al effor/ or /hro4>h /he lea:ershi' of o/hers0 De 7orks 7i/h /he hi>hes/ level of hones/y an: in/e>ri/y0 &he C4ali/y of his 7ork $onsis/en/ly eA$ee:s eA'e$/a/ions0 = hi>hly re$o++en: hi+ an: any reso4r$e /ha/ he en:orses0 Eenise @orely "no7 Eenise *e/ers% =& *ro?e$/ 9ana>er @- A$$ess Bo4l:er, C; 88888

GE IT DISTRIBUTION GROUP &o <ho+ =/ 9ay Con$ern( = 7o4l: like /o /ake /he o''or/4ni/y /o :es$ribe /he 7ork /ha/ Hi/ali/a Cons4l/in>, an:, s'e$ifi$ally, 9ark #oy, 'erfor+e: for +e as 9ana>er of A''li$a/ions Eevelo'+en/ a/ A$$ess @ra'hi$s0 9ark has a fir+ >ras' of /e$hni$al :e/ails an: /akes /he /i+e /o :o$4+en/ /he+0 9ark is also hi>hly skille: a/ re$o>niFin> iss4es /ha/ reC4ire es$ala/ion /o +ana>e+en/ for :e$ision-+akin>0 &y'i$ally, 9ark /a$kles /his by 'resen/in> a n4+ber of 7ell /ho4>h/-o4/ o'/ions 7i/h 'ros an: $ons /o ai: /he :e$ision +aker in +akin> $hoi$es an: in 4n:ers/an:in> an: $o++4ni$a/in> /he i+'li$a/ions of /ha/ $hoi$e0 9ark is an eA$ellen/ or>aniFer an: :eals effe$/ively bo/h 7i/h /e$hni$al 'eo'le an: 7i/h /hose /o 7ho+ he re'or/s0 !4'erior 4n:er s/ress, 9ark a$/4ally a''ears /o be$o+e +ore $al+ an: +ore 'a/ien/ as s/ress es$ala/es or $onfli$/s e+er>e, +akin> hi+ an eA/re+ely val4able lea: /ea+ +e+ber 7ho $an ins'ire eA$ellen/ 'erfor+an$e, ens4re a$$o4n/abili/y, an: b4il: bri:>es even 4n:er :4ress0

=n shor/, = 7o4l: $onsi:er any $o+'any very l4$ky /o have 9ark ?oin /he /ea+, as he is vir/4ally a shoo-in for $rea/in> /he a/+os'here an: s/r4$/4re ne$essary /o brin> in a s4$$essf4l 'ro?e$/0 <i/ness /he s4$$ess of /he h4>e, +4l/i-+illion :ollar 4'>ra:e of /he hi>hly $4s/o+iFe: ;ra$le #inan$ials a''li$a/ions for I2J, 7hi$h 7as :elivere: on s$he:4le, 4n:er b4:>e/, an: 7i/h hi>h C4ali/y0 9arkKs C4ali/ies an: 7ork e/hi$ 4n:er'inne: /ha/ s4$$ess0 = 7o4l: hi>hly re$o++en: 9ark in any 'ro?e$/ /ha/ involves $o+'leAi/y, /o4>h /i+e $ons/rain/s, or hi>h C4ali/y reC4ire+en/s0 !in$erely, Cheryl Eo'' 9ana>er of A''li$a/ions Eevelo'+en/ 88888

SHOPNBC (NBC/GE/VALUEVISION MEDIA) 9ay 20, 2003 &o 7ho+ i/ +ay $on$ern, 9ark #oy 7as bro4>h/ in/o /he !ho'LBC a$$o4n/ on behalf of 9o/ion =n/erna/ional /o assis/ in /he s/abiliFa/ion of an 11i $o+'le/e s4i/e i+'le+en/a/ion an: $onversion fro+ a non-;ra$le sys/e+ :4rin> 2002 an: 20030 Dis 4niC4e $o+bina/ion of f4n$/ional, b4siness an: /e$hni$al skills allo7e: hi+ /o $on/rib4/e in 7ays /ha/ o/hers $o4l: no/0 De allo7e: 4s /o :ele>a/e $o+'le/e i:en/ifi$a/ion, roo/ $a4se analysis, an: $orre$/ive a$/ions 17i/h $lean-4' s$ri'/s2 /o be '4/ in 'la$e 7i/ho4/ 7orryin> abo4/ /he ball bein> :ro''e:0 9ark $onsis/en/ly 'rovi:e: soli: :o$4+en/a/ion of his fin:in>s an: soli: $o4nsel an: a:vi$e /o /he $lien/ abo4/ /he o'/ions available /o solve 'roble+s0 =n +any $ases his eA'er/ise of ;ra$leKs 11i s4i/e 'rovi:e: for C4i$k :ia>nosis an: :e$isions /o be /eeK: 4' for +ana>e+en/ /o +ake0 = 7ill likely $all on 9ark a>ain 7hen 7e >e/ in/o a 'in$h 7i/h 11i0 De is a >rea/ /ea+ 'layer an: in/e>ra/e: 7ell 7i/hin o4r /ea+ here in 9inneso/a0 Ea+on 9e//s Eire$/or of Eevelo'+en/ =nfor+a/ion &e$hnolo>y !ho'LBC 1Hal4eHision 9e:ia2 -:en *rairie, 9L 88888

ACCESS GRAPHICS Ee$e+ber 21, 1998 Bo4l:er, C; !A &o 7ho+ i/ +ay $on$ern( =n +y role as ;ra$le A''li$a/ions Eire$/or a/ A$$ess @ra'hi$s, = have ha: /he res'onsibili/y of fillin> /e$hni$al an: +ana>e+en/ 'osi/ions in =nfor+a/ion &e$hnolo>y0 -arlier /his year, = +ove: o4/ of /his role /o a ne7 'osi/ion in /he $o+'any0 E4rin> +y /en4re as A''li$a/ions Eire$/or, = e+'loye: +any $ons4l/an/s fro+ +any :ifferen/ $ons4l/in> a>en$ies /o f4lfill /he :evelo'+en/ an: +ana>e+en/ nee:s for o4r ;ra$le A''li$a/ions sys/e+0 9any $ons4l/in> a>en$ies have 'rovi:e: very $o+'e/en/ reso4r$es, b4/ /he $ons4l/an/s 'rovi:e: by Hi/ali/a have eA$elle: 7i/hin o4r or>aniFa/ion0 &hey have be$o+e key reso4r$es on so+e of o4r +os/ i+'or/an/ 'ro?e$/s0 !'e$ifi$ally, 9ark #oy has been an on>oin> $ons4l/in> reso4r$e 7i/hin o4r or>aniFa/ion sin$e ;$/ober 19970 <e ori>inally bro4>h/ 9ark in base: on his s/ron> /e$hni$al skills0 De s/ar/e: 7orkin> on :evelo'+en/ 7i/hin /he re'or/in> >ro4' an: /he -E= >ro4'0 De easily a:a'/e: /o o4r b4siness environ+en/, an: be$a+e an i+'or/an/ $on/rib4/or /o /he >ro7/h in /hese areas0 <e 7ere i+'resse: 7i/h his kno7le:>e, +e/ho:s, an: /horo4>hness0 Base: on /his, 7e in$l4:e: hi+ in o4r ;ra$le A''li$a/ions 1007 4'>ra:e 'ro?e$/0 =n /his 'ro?e$/, he s/ar/e: o4/ eval4a/in> o4r eA/ensive se/ of $4s/o+ an: s/an:ar: A''li$a/ions $o:e0 -A$ellin> in /his role, 7e +ove: hi+ in/o /he 'osi/ion of Eevelo'+en/ &ea+ &e$hni$al 3ea: 7here he +ana>e: an: $oor:ina/e: /he effor/s of seven :evelo'ers for 5 +on/hs0 Dis abili/y /o $oo'era/e an: $o++4ni$a/e 7i/h everyone on o4r s/aff, hel'e: 4s a$hieve a very s4$$essf4l 4'>ra:e0 A::i/ionally, 7e bro4>h/ on ano/her +e+ber of Hi/ali/a, &herron Dofse/F, in !e'/e+ber of 1998 /o be *ro?e$/ 9ana>er for /he ;ra$le A''li$a/ions 1007 4'>ra:e0 &herron 'laye: a key role in $oor:ina/in> /he effor/s of all /he >ro4's involve: in /he 'ro?e$/ 1infras/r4$/4re, :evelo'+en/, $onfi>4ra/ion +ana>e+en/, 4sers, +ana>e+en/, e/$020 &herron 'ersonali/y +akes hi+ very easy /o 7ork 7i/h, an: his eA/ensive f4n$/ional ba$k>ro4n: ens4re: /ha/ all as'e$/s of /he 'ro?e$/ 7ere bein> a::resse:0 De ke'/ /he >ro4' 7orkin> as a /ea+ /o7ar:s a $o++on >oal of brin> /he 'ro?e$/ in on /i+e an: 7i/hin b4:>e/0

=n >eneral, /he $ons4l/an/s fro+ Hi/ali/a have very s/ron> /e$hni$al an: b4siness ba$k>ro4n:s /ha/ have enable: /he+ /o +ake si>nifi$an/ $on/rib4/ions /o o4r or>aniFa/ion0 &hey have :e+ons/ra/e: an abili/y /o C4i$kly 4n:ers/an: $o+'leA iss4es an: 'rovi:e innova/ive an: so4n: sol4/ions0 ;verall, o4r or>aniFa/ion has been eA/re+ely 'lease: 7i/h /he reso4r$es 'rovi:e: by Hi/ali/a, an: = 7o4l: hi>hly re$o++en: /he+ /o o/her or>aniFa/ions0 MoAnn 9iller ;ra$le A''li$a/ions Eire$/or =nfor+a/ion &e$hnolo>y A$$ess @ra'hi$s 88888

BLUELIGHT.COM (KMART) M4ne 5, 2001 &o <ho+ =/ 9ay Con$ern( As &e$hni$al A''li$a/ions 9ana>er a/ Bl4eli>h/0$o+, = have +ana>e: +any :ifferen/ ;ra$le A''li$a/ions /e$hni$al an: f4n$/ion 'eo'le0 E4rin> /he firs/ 4 +on/hs of 2001, = hire: 9ark #oy as a $ons4l/an/ in +y >ro4', an: /his le//er is /o $o++en/ on +y eA'erien$e 7orkin> 7i/h 9ark0 9ark 7as i++e:ia/ely /hro7n in/o a ra'i:ly $han>in> >ro4', 7here learnin> o4r $4s/o+iFe: sys/e+ an: 'ro:4$in> enhan$e+en/s 7as $ri/i$al0 Bl4eli>h/ 7as in /he 'ro$ess of rollin> off /he ;ra$le *rofessional !ervi$es $ons4l/an/s 7e ha: hire: for /he las/ year /o $4s/o+iFe an: i+'le+en/ o4r ;ra$le A''li$a/ions sys/e+0 &herefore, 9ark ha: /o C4i$kly assi+ila/e kno7le:>e of /he sys/e+ /e$hni$al :esi>n an: $4s/o+iFa/ions fro+ /he :e'ar/in> $ons4l/an/s0 9ark 7as /aske: 7i/h learnin> all $4s/o+iFa/ions an: f4n$/ionali/ies of /he or:er en/ry sys/e+, /he 7areho4se in/erfa$e, an: so+e 'ar/s of /he inven/ory in/erfa$e0 <e 7ere very ha''y /ha/ 9ark 7as able /o C4i$kly $o+e 4' /o s'ee: in /hese areas, an: /hen i++e:ia/ely be>in /o 'erfor+ b4siness-$ri/i$al a::i/ions an: $han>es0 =n 'ar/i$4lar, = 7as very i+'resse: 7i/h /he 7ay 9ark $arrie: o4/ his 7ork, fro+ analysis /o i+'le+en/a/ion an: 'os/'ro:4$/ion s4''or/0 Dis analysis 7as al7ays very $o+'le/e, an: easily 4n:ers/oo: by 4sers an: +ana>e+en/ so :ifferen/ sys/e+ eA/ension o'/ions $o4l: be eval4a/e: 7i/h all relevan/ infor+a/ion0 De has /he rare abili/y /o be able /o effe$/ively $o++4ni$a/e 7ill all :ifferen/ /y'es of 'eo'le 1/e$hni$al 'eers, s4'ervisors, en: 4sers, e/$02, an: /his 7as :efini/ely an asse/ 7i/hin o4r or>aniFa/ion0 ;/her :evelo'ers an: NA 'ersonnel 7ere able /o learn a lo/ fro+ 9ark be$a4se he $an $learly $o++4ni$a/e $o+'leA i:eas in a +e/ho:i$al s/yle0 9ark 7as able /o C4i$kly s$o'e reC4es/e: enhan$e+en/s, an: >ive soli: es/i+a/es of ho7 lon> i/ 7o4l: /ake /o 'ro:4$e hi>h C4ali/y, 7ell-/es/e: sol4/ions0 Dis or>aniFa/ional skills 7ere val4e: be$a4se he $o4l: effe$/ively s$he:4le an: +ana>e his 7ork, 7i/ho4/ +e havin> /o >ive >4i:an$e every s/e' of /he 7ay0 9ark is a very skille: sof/7are en>ineer 7i/h >oo: :o$4+en/a/ion skills0 <e :i: +any 'ro:4$/ion '4shes of $o:e 9ark ha: :evelo'e: an: /es/e:, an: = $an only re$all one o$$asion 7here 7e ha: a 'roble+ 7i/h /he $o:e '4sh0 ;verall, his $o:e see+e: vir/4ally b4>-free, an: o/her :evelo'ers a''re$ia/e: ho7 he :o$4+en/s his $o:e so /ha/ i/ $an be easily 4n:ers/oo: in /he f4/4re0 =n s4++ary, = 7o4l: :efini/ely hire 9ark a>ain, an: 7o4l: re$o++en: hi+ /o o/her $o+'anies 7i/ho4/ hesi/a/ion0 De brin>s a lon> an: varie: ba$k>ro4n: in infor+a/ion /e$hnolo>y /ha/ $an be har: /o fin: /o:ay, an: Bl4eli>h/ :efini/ely benefi/e: by e+'loyin> his $ons4l/in> servi$es0 !in$erely, 5o>er !hiraka7a &e$hni$al A''li$a/ions 9ana>er =nfor+a/ion &e$hnolo>y Bl4eli>h/0$o+ !an #ran$is$o, CA 88888

U S WEST COMMUNICATIONS M4ly 22, 1998 3afaye//e, C;

9e+o /o( C4rren/ an: *ros'e$/ive -+'loyers of =nfor+a/ion !ys/e+s *ersonnel =n +y 25-year $areer 7i/h ! <-!& Co++4ni$a/ions, = have +os/ re$en/ly hel: /he 'osi/ions of -n>ineerin> !ys/e+s 9e$haniFa/ion *ro?e$/ 9ana>er an: &e$hni$al *ro?e$/ 9ana>er0 9y 'ri+ary res'onsibili/ies in$l4:e: 'ro?e$/ oversi>h/, $lien/ reC4ire+en/s >a/herin> an: :ire$/ in/erfa$e 7i/h /he :evelo'+en/ s/affs0 9y $har>e 7as /o 4n:ers/an: $lien/ nee:s, ens4re /he :evelo'ers 4n:ers/oo: /hose nee:s an: :evelo'e: 'ro>ra+s /ha/ 7o4l: sa/isfy /heir reC4ire+en/s0 = have 7orke: 7i/h s$ores of :evelo'ers, +any of /he+ /e$hni$ally $o+'e/en/, +any 7ho $o4l: s'eak /o +ana>e+en/ an: en: 4sers on 7ha/ever level ne$essary an: even a fe7 7ho 7ere $rea/ive an: 7ere able /o 'resen/ fresh i:eas0 B4/, in +y eA'erien$e, /here has been only one in:ivi:4al 7ho+ = 7o4l: re$o++en: 4n$on:i/ionally /o o/hers, 9ark #oy0 9ark 7orke: as a /e$hni$al $ons4l/an/ on a 'ro?e$/ of 7hi$h = 7as /he &e$hni$al *ro?e$/ 9ana>er fro+ #ebr4ary 1996 4n/il ;$/ober 19970 #ro+ /he very s/ar/ he 'rove: hi+self /o be hi>hly $o+'e/en/ /e$hni$ally0 =n a::i/ion, he 7as reC4ire: /o 'erfor+ 4n:er very :iffi$4l/, s/ressf4l $ir$4+s/an$es, of/en 7i/h nearly i+'ossible :ea:lines an: $onfli$/in> :ire$/ions0 Clien/ reC4ire+en/s $han>e: 7eekly, so+e/i+es as of/en as ho4rly0 De 7as eA'e$/e: /o 'ro:4$e a hi>h C4ali/y 'ro:4$/ on a s$he:4le /ha/ 7o4l: have $a4se: +os/ :evelo'ers /o ?4s/ C4i/0 Lo/ 9ark0 Lo/ only :i: he re+ain $o+'le/ely 4nr4ffle: 4n:er 'ress4re, he 'ro:4$e: a 'ro:4$/ of eA/raor:inarily hi>h C4ali/y an: +a:e +any $rea/ive, 4sef4l s4>>es/ions /o i+'rove /he res4l/s0 De 7as $alle: 4' /o 7ork 7i/h a very :iverse >ro4' of 'eo'le, so+e C4i/e :iffi$4l/0 9ark 7orke: 7ell 7i/h everyone an: ke'/ fo$4se: in a hi>hly $hao/i$ environ+en/0 Dis /e$hni$al eA$ellen$e +akes i/ a 'leas4re /o 7ork 7i/h hi+ b4/ 7here = believe his s/ar shines +os/ bri>h/ly is his abili/y /o s'eak /o anyone, a/ any level, 7i/ho4/ bein> $on:es$en:in> or 4nne$essarily /e$hni$al0 &ha/ is a C4ali/y very fe7 :evelo'ers 'ossess0 = s/ron>ly re$o++en: 9ark #oy for any 'osi/ion 7here yo4 nee: /e$hni$al eA'er/ise, $rea/ivi/y, an: /he abili/y /o 7ork 4n:er eA/re+e 'ress4re0 Io4 7ill re$eive /he 7on:erf4l bon4s of bein> able /o ?4s/ /alk /o hi+ an: kno7 /ha/ he $an an: 7ill hel' yo4 a$hieve yo4r >oals0 = realiFe /his +ay so4n: /oo >oo: /o be /r4e0 = ass4re yo4 i/ is a$$4ra/e an: 7ill be ha''y /o :is$4ss +y eA'erien$es 7i/h hi+ if yo4 reC4ire any a::i/ional infor+a/ion0 <ha/ = :o kno7 is if = ha: serio4s I2J iss4es, reC4ire: sys/e+ :evelo'+en/ or +ain/enan$e, nee:e: /o >e/ o4/ of /ro4ble in an eAis/in> sys/e+ or 7an/e: /o :evelo' a 7eb si/e /o eA'an: +y b4siness /o /he in/erne/, = 7o4l: $all 9ark #oy0 A0 B0 1Bea2 <a+'ole 5&& &e$hni$al *ro?e$/ 9ana>er =nfor+a/ion &e$hnolo>y !ys/e+s ! <-!& Co++4ni$a/ions 5e/ire: 9ay 15, 1998 88888

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES #ro+( Li$ole 90 3e7is 9e+ber of &e$hni$al !/aff 34$en/ &e$hnolo>ies Eenver, C; &o <ho+ =/ 9ay Con$ern( = have 7orke: 7i/h 9ark #oy a''roAi+a/ely 2 years a/ ! <-!& on several 'ro?e$/s0 = a+ a !ys/e+s -n>ineer res'onsible for 7ri/in> :e/aile: reC4ire+en/s an: have 'ar/nere: 7i/h 9r0 #oy on several o$$asions0 9ark has eAe+'lifie: /he follo7in>( ) Das $o+'le/e 4n:ers/an:in> of Gbi> 'i$/4reG s$enarios ) A:a'/e: /o /he ! <-!& b4siness environ+en/ easily ) Co+'le/es OC4ali/yK 7ork C4i$kly ) =s eA/re+ely kno7le:>eable ) =n$or'ora/es ne7 /e$hnolo>y in/o $lien/s reC4es/s ) #leAibili/y in a$$o++o:a/in> $lien/s $han>e reC4es/s =n $losin>, 9ark has been one of /he fe7 $ons4l/an/s /ha/ has been fleAible, kno7le:>eable, an: $onsi:era/e of 4ser6$lien/ nee:s in +y 15 years 7ork eA'erien$e0 Li$ole 90 3e7is 88888 Ee$e+ber 30, 1998

GE IT DISTRIBUTION GROUP A'ril 2, 1999 &o <ho+ =/ 9ay Con$ern( As -E= Coor:ina/or a/ A$$ess @ra'hi$s6@- =& Eis/rib4/ion, = have kno7n Hi/ali/a $ons4l/an/s sin$e Ee$e+ber of 19970 =n /ha/ /i+e, = have been very i+'resse: 7i/h /he servi$e /hese $ons4l/an/s have 'rovi:e: /o o4r $o+'any0 &he $onsis/en$y of /he servi$e /hey 'rovi:e is very >oo: an: /he C4ali/y of /heir 7ork is very hi>h0 = have 7orke: 7i/h /7o $ons4l/an/s fro+ Hi/ali/a :4rin> /he las/ one an: a half years( 9ark #oy an: &herron Dofse/F0 9ark #oy 7orke: as a sof/7are en>ineer for /he -E= >ro4' :ire$/ly for abo4/ 3 +on/hs before = ?oine: /he -E= >ro4', an: /hen for 5 +on/hs 7hile = lea: /he -E= >ro4'0 As his role be$a+e +ore fo$4se: /o7ar: his 'osi/ion as Eevelo'+en/ &ea+ 3ea: for A$$ess @ra'hi$sK 1007 ;ra$le A''li$a/ions 4'>ra:e, his involve+en/ in /he -E= >ro4' 7as re:4$e:0 E4rin> /he 8 +on/hs he 7as :evelo'in> on -E= 'ro>ra+s an: sys/e+, he 7orke: very har: /o hel' 4s a$hieve so+e of o4r a>>ressive b4siness ob?e$/ives in ele$/roni$ $o++er$e0 9ark 7as able /o i+'le+en/ +any ne7 -E= /ransa$/ions 7i/h o4r b4siness 'ar/ners 4n:er si>nifi$an/ /i+e 'ress4res0 = believe 7e 7ere very l4$ky /o have his sof/7are en>ineerin> ba$k>ro4n: 7i/hin o4r >ro4' so 7e $o4l: 'ro:4$e hi>h-C4ali/y, effe$/ive, eA'an:able 'ro>ra+s /ha/ 7ere b4> free an: $o4l: be i+'le+en/e: in a 'ro:4$/ion environ+en/ very C4i$kly0 9ark also assis/e: >rea/ly in 4'>ra:in> o4r -E= 'ro>ra+s an: sys/e+s for ;ra$le A''li$a/ions 1007 an: I2J $o+'lian$e, ens4rin> a s4$$essf4l 4'>ra:e of o4r ;ra$le #inan$ials, 9an4fa$/4rin>, an: Eis/rib4/ion +o:4les0 &herron Dofse/F be$a+e involve: in 7orl: of ele$/roni$ $o++er$e an: -E= :4rin> his /i+e as 'ro?e$/ +ana>er for /he 1007 ;ra$le A''li$a/ions 4'>ra:e0 n:er his :ire$/ion, o4r $o+'any 7as able /o a$hieve a s4$$essf4l i+'le+en/a/ion of /he ne7 version of /he ;ra$le A''li$a/ion +o:4les, in$l4:in> /he ;ra$le -E= >a/e7ay an: all of o4r $4s/o+ 'ro>ra+s an: sys/e+s /ha/ in/erfa$e /o /he ;ra$le :a/abase0 Dis a//en/ion /o :e/ail, 'ersonable +ana>e+en/ s/yle, an: abili/y /o +o/iva/e /ea+ +e+bers +a:e /his 4'>ra:e a s4$$ess s/ory for no/ only /he -E= >ro4', b4/ for all of A$$ess @ra'hi$s an: @- =& Eis/rib4/ion0 ;verall, = 7an/ /o $o+'le+en/ /he Hi/ali/a $ons4l/an/s for /heir $onsis/en$y, C4ali/y of 7ork, an: $on/rib4/ion /o o4r or>aniFa/ion, an: say /ha/ = 7o4l: re$o++en: /heir $ons4l/in> servi$es /o o/her or>aniFa/ions0 <en:y 9el$her -E= Coor:ina/or A$$ess @ra'hi$s6@- =& Eis/rib4/ion 88888

GE ACCESS !4b?e$/( 5eferen$e for 9ark #oy Ea/e( 9on, 2 ;$/ 2000 17(39(08 -0600 &his :o$4+en/ is +ean/ as a referen$e for 9ark #oy0 = 7as involve: in 2 :ifferen/ 'ro?e$/s 7i/h 9ark0 #irs/, a lar>e lon> /er+ 1;ra$le A''li$a/ions 2 'ro?e$/ 1h4>e :evelo'+en/ /ea+2 /ha/ 7as very :iffi$4l/ /o i+'le+en/ an: se$on: a shor/ /er+ +ake i/ 7ork fas/ an: no7 /y'e 'ro?e$/ /ha/ ha: h4>e :ire$/ i+'a$/ on +y or>aniFa/ion0 Bo/h 7ere $o+'le/e: sa/isfa$/orily an: on-/i+e0 !'e$ifi$ally, /he se$on: one 7as 7il:ly s4$$essf4l an: ins/r4+en/al /o +y or>aniFa/ion0 = have fo4n: 9ark /o be( 10 5eliable 20 Jno7le:>eable 30 Con$erne: abo4/ C4ali/y 40 <illin> /o >o /he eA/ra +ile 50 A >oo: $o++4ni$a/or 60 -a>er /o hel'0 70 !o+eone 7i/h s/ron> :evelo'+en/ skills 80 !o+eone 7i/h >oo: 'ro?e$/ +ana>e+en/ skills 90 !o+eone = 7o4l: >o /o /o 4n:ers/an: /he real iss4es = nee:e: /o be a7are of $on$ernin> f4n$/ional i+'a$/ /o +y or>aniFa/ion or 4n:ers/an:in> ho7 /o >o abo4/ in/e>ra/in> a sol4/ion /o eAis/in> environ+en/s0 = ho'e +y $o+'any $on/in4es /o 4se hi+ as 7e >o for7ar: in/o /he f4/4re, as = 'er$eive he is /he kin: of C4ali/y in:ivi:4al i/ /akes on a /ea+ /o be s4$$essf4l0 &hank Io4 9ark for yo4r eA$ellen/ s4''or/, :ire$/ion an: effor/s in o4r /i+e 7orkin> /o>e/her0 @- A$$ess PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

@re> <ebb 9ana>er, !/ra/e>i$ Clien/ !4''or/ &e$hni$al !4''or/ @ro4' PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP 8888

U S WEST COMMUNICATIONS Eenver, Colora:o &o <ho+ =/ 9ay Con$ern, &his '4r'ose of /his le//er is /o eA'ress +y $o+'le/e sa/isfa$/ion 7i/h /he $ons4l/in> servi$es 'rovi:e: by 9ark #oy0 9ark an: = 7orke: /o>e/her on a lar>e s$ale D* L=Q $lien/6server a''li$a/ion 4sin> ;5AC3- 5EB9!0 9ark f4n$/ione: in /he :4al roles of :evelo'er an: /e$hni$al lea: for o4r +ain a''li$a/ion, as 7ell as several s4b-sys/e+s0 Dis eA'er/ise in /he areas of L=Q, ;5AC3-, ;5AC3- <eb !erver, C lan>4a>e, an: !N3 !/ore: *ro$e:4res 7as inval4able /o o4r 'ro?e$/Ks s4$$ess0 5e>ar:in> 7ork e/hi$, 9ark $o+'le/es his 7ork C4i$kly an: 7i/h /he hi>hes/ C4ali/y0 ;n +ore /han one o$$asion, 9ark 7as >iven /o/al res'onsibili/y for :evelo'in> $ri/i$al $o+'onen/s /o o4r sys/e+s an: ea$h /i+e he :elivere: /o/al C4ali/y sof/7are0 #ro+ ini/ial analysis /hro4>h final :elivery, 9ark 7orke: 7i/h vario4s /e$hni$al s/aff on 4ser reC4ire+en/s analysis, sof/7are :a/a +o:elin>, /ask :efini/ion an: es/i+a/ion, an: overall 'ro?e$/ +ana>e+en/0 <i/h re>ar: /o $lien/ an: 'eer in/era$/ion, 9ark al7ays re$eive: /he hi>hes/ 'raise0 E4rin> his shor/ /i+e a/ ! <es/, he b4il/ a re'4/a/ion as a /e$hni$al eA'er/, so4>h/ o4/ by bo/h =& +ana>e+en/ an: =& 'rofessionals0 ;verall, 9ark is very easy /o 7ork 7i/h0 De a:a'/s /o ne7 sys/e+s an: /e$hnolo>y 7hile 'erfor+in> $o+'le/e 'roble+ :efini/ion resear$h0 9ark is able /o $o++4ni$a/e his /e$hni$al i:eas 7i/h bo/h /e$hni$al an: non-/e$hni$al 'eers alike0 De 7orks 7ell 7i/h :iffi$4l/ 'eo'le an: 'erfor+s 7ell 4n:er s/ress0 =n $losin>, = 7o4l: 7el$o+e /he o''or/4ni/y /o 7ork 7i/h 9ark a>ain0 5es'e$/f4lly, Mohn *0 -s$a+illa !of/7are -n>ineer69e+ber ;f &e$hni$al !/aff ! <es/ Co++4ni$a/ions 88888

U S WEST COMMUNICATIONS Eenver, Colora:o Man4ary 8, 1999 5-( 5e$o++en:a/ion for 9ark #oy &o <ho+ =/ 9ay Con$ern( = ha: /he o''or/4ni/y an: 'rivile>e /o 7ork 7i/h 9ark #oy fro+ a''roAi+a/ely M4ne, 1996 /hro4>h A4>4s/, 19970 E4rin> /his /i+e = in/erfa$e: 7i/h 9r0 #oy in /he $a'a$i/y of !ys/e+ A:+inis/ra/or, *ro?e$/ 9ana>er, an: la/er !ys/e+ -n>ineer, 7hile 9arkKs role re+aine: $ons/an/ as a Cons4l/an/ an: *ro>ra++er0 &he follo7in> is a s4++ary of +y assess+en/ of his ?ob 'erfor+an$e( 9arkKs :e+eanor is /ho4>h/f4l, a//en/ive, $al+ an: frien:ly, even 4n:er /he +os/ s/ressf4l of $ir$4+s/an$es an: 7orkin> 7i/h /he +os/ :iffi$4l/ of 'eo'le0 De /akes /i+e /o >a/her fa$/s, ins4rin> he is rea$/in> /o all fa$/s an: no/ 'ar/ial :a/a, an: /h4s 'ro:4$es $onsis/en/, hi>h-C4ali/y res4l/s0 = have 7orke: 7i/h 9ark on +assive 'ro?e$/s 1en/ailin> :a/a $onversion fro+ an an/iC4a/e: +ainfra+e a''li$a/ion /o a $lien/-server ar$hi/e$/4re2 /o ro4/ine sof/7are releases0 9ark 7as al7ays very /i+ely 7i/h $o+'le/ion of his 7ork, if no/ ahea: of s$he:4le, an: 7as :ee+e: as a so4r$e of kno7le:>e an: $o+'e/en$y by fello7 :evelo'ers as 7ell as $lien/s0 = hi>hly re$o++en: 9ark #oyKs /alen/ an: eA'er/ise, as an in:ivi:4al an: as a 'rofessional0 5es'e$/f4lly, Barbara M0 Mohns/on 9ana>er R ! <-!& 3on> Eis/an$e


U S WEST COMMUNICATIONS !4b?e$/( 5-#-5-LC= 7orke: 7i/h 9ark #oy a/ ! <es/ for a''roAi+a/ely 2 years0 A/ /ha/ /i+e, 7e bo/h 7orke: in a hi>hly fas/ 'a$e: :evelo'+en/ environ+en/0 As a EBA = s4''or/e: an eA/re+ely $o+'leA sys/e+ $onsis/in> of 2 ;ra$le :a/abases0 9ark s4''or/e: :evelo'+en/ of +4l/i'le 'ro>ra+s /o s4''or/ /he follo7in> /y'es of 4ser reC4ire+en/s for /his sys/e+( Ea/a $onversions fro+ a lar>e H9 sys/e+ /o /he ;ra$le 'ri+ary A''li$a/ion an: Ea/a7areho4se :a/abases0 -n: of 9on/h an: re'or/ 'ro$esses fro+ /he Ea/a7areho4se :a/abase0 =n/erfa$e 'ro>ra+s fro+ bo/h :a/abases /o 9ainfra+e6EB2 :a/abases 4sin> ;ra$le @a/e7ay /o EB2 an: !o$ke/ /e$hnolo>y0 All as'e$/s of 9arkSs ?ob $onsis/e: of learnin> ne7 /e$hnolo>y0 9ark al7ays +a:e /he eA/ra effor/ /o $o+'le/ely 4n:ers/an: ho7 /o 4se /he ne7 /e$hnolo>ies0 De 7as very /horo4>h an: res'onsive /o /he :evelo'+en/ reC4es/s he re$eive:0 9ark also s4''or/e: /he 'ro:4$/ion environ+en/ :4rin> :a/a $onversions0 9ark 7orke: 7ell 7i/h all 'ersonnel he ha: /o in/erfa$e 7i/h0 Dis a//en/ion /o :e/ail an: :rive /o $o+'le/ely 4n:ers/an: /he iss4es as 7ell as /he $o+'leAi/ies involve: 7as ins/r4+en/al in /he s4$$ess of o4r effor/s0 All of 9arkSs 7ork 7as of hi>h C4ali/y an: he 'erfor+e: above o4r eA'e$/a/ions in every/hin> he 7as assi>ne:0 -&ina @re>ory ;ra$le EBA 9ineral *re-*ro:4$/ion @ro4' 88888

U S WEST COMMUNICATIONS =n 1997 9ark #oy 7orke: as a $ons4l/an/ on a 'ro?e$/ a/ ! <-!& for 7hi$h = 7as /he /e$hni$al lea:0 = a+ ha''y /o /ake /his o''or/4ni/y /o /ell ho7 'lease: = a+ 7i/h his $on/rib4/ions0 &he a''li$a/ion 7as reC4ire: /o 'ro:4$e re'or/s, bo/h real-/i+e an: overni>h/, fro+ a lar>e ;ra$le :a/abase0 &he ar$hi/e$/4re 4se: a <eb fron/-en:, an early version of /he ;ra$le <eb !erver for lis/ener an: *36!N3 $ar/ri:>e, an: *36!N3 'a$ka>es for /he a''li$a/ion $o:e0 &he 'ro?e$/ 7as $hara$/eriFe: by hi>h visibili/y, ra'i:ly $han>in> reC4ire+en/s, a 'oli/i$al $lien/ >ro4' an: a nee: /o 'ro:4$e a lo/ C4i$kly0 <e +e/ a lon> series of :ea:lines s4$$essf4lly, +os/ly be$a4se of 9arkKs effor/s0 9ark +a:e several si>nifi$an/ $on/rib4/ions0 ) De a:o'/e: a ne7 /e$hnolo>y /o +ee/ o4r reC4ire+en/s0 &his 7ay of 'ro:4$in> a re'or/in> in/erfa$e ha: been :e+ons/ra/e: in a 'ilo/ 'ro?e$/0 9ark +a:e i/ 7ork in a +4$h lar>er se//in>, fa$in> :o7n +any /e$hni$al 'roble+s 7i/h /he ;ra$le infras/r4$/4re0 ) De 7orke: 7ell 7i/h a very :e+an:in> $lien/ $o++4ni/y0 &he reC4ire+en/s evolve: ra'i:ly, /he en: res4l/ ha: /o +ee/ s/rin>en/ le>al res/ri$/ions, an: /he 7ork ha: eAe$4/ive-level a//en/ion0 9ark 7as able /o lis/en 7ell /o $lien/ reC4es/s, +ee/ $hallen>in> reC4es/s 7hen 'ossible, an: kee' /he+ ha''y even 7hen :eliverin> ba: /e$hni$al ne7s /ha/ so+e /hin>s $o4l: no/ be :one /he 7ay /hey 7an/e:0 De sho7e: a lo/ of ini/ia/ive in /his area0 ) De rea:ily >ras'e: /he re>4la/ory $li+a/e /ha/ :e/er+ine: +any of o4r reC4ire+en/s0 As a res4l/, 9ark 7as able /o hel' /he $lien/ fine-/4ne so+e f4FFy reC4ire+en/s in/o 're$ise s'e$ifi$a/ions0 ) De $o++4ni$a/e: 7ell 7i/h a $han>in> $as/ of :evelo'ers an: EBAs0 Le7 'eo'le ha: /o be /a4>h/ /his 4nfa+iliar a''li$a/ion ar$hi/e$/4re, an: be $oa$he: /o 4se a 4nifor+ s/yle0 9ark 7as 'a/ien/ an: hel'f4l 7i/h all /he /e$hni$al s/aff0 ) De 'ro:4$e: 7ork of hi>h C4ali/y 7i/h a+aFin> s'ee:0 De 7as /he +os/ 'ro:4$/ive :evelo'er on /he 'ro?e$/0 =n s4++ary, 9ark has eC4ally s/ron> /e$hni$al an: in/er'ersonal abili/ies0 =n a /e$hni$al role he has a s/ron> abili/y /o C4i$kly >ras' $o+'leA /e$hnolo>y an: 7iel: i/ effe$/ively /o +ee/ reC4ire+en/s0 =n an in/er'ersonal role he 7orks very 7ell 7i/h $lien/s an: /e$hni$al 'eo'le0 = 7o4l: >la:ly 4se his $ons4l/in> servi$es a>ain, an: re$o++en: hi+ hi>hly0 Ean 9oore ! <-!& =nfor+a/ion &e$hnolo>ies #ebr4ary 4, 1999


U S WEST COMMUNICATIONS Man4ary 18, 1999 3e//er of 5e$o++en:a/ion 9ark #oy an: = 7ere bo/h $ons4l/an/s on /he sa+e assi>n+en/ a/ ! <es/0 As /he /es/ lea: for /he :evelo'+en/ 'ro?e$/, = 7orke: $losely 7i/h /he :evelo'+en/ s/aff0 9ark 'erfor+e: C4ali/y 7ork in a so+e/i+es s/ressf4l an: :ea:line-:riven environ+en/0 De 7as an eA$ellen/ /ea+ 'layer an: in/era$/e: very 7ell 7i/h all /he s/aff +e+bers0 9ark ha: eA$ellen/ kno7le:>e of /he /e$hnolo>y an: 7as 7illin> /o share his eA'er/ise 7i/h o/her +e+bers of /he /ea+0 9ark 7as very a$$o++o:a/in> /o /he $lien/s in +ee/in> /heir reC4es/s for $han>es /o /he a''li$a/ion0 9ark of/en /ook /he ini/ia/ive /o ens4re /he $lien/ reC4es/s 7ere f4lfille: in a /i+ely +anner0 9ark 7as very re$e'/ive an: 'ro+'/ in :ealin> 7i/h /he /es/ /ea+ /o resolve all iss4es :4rin> /he sys/e+ /es/ $y$le0 = 7o4l: 7el$o+e /he o''or/4ni/y /o 7ork 7i/h 9ark #oy a>ain0 *a+ Lor7oo: &e$hni$al Cons4l/an/ *ro:4$/ive Ea/a Co++er$ial !ol4/ions, =n$0 88888

ACCESS GRAPHICS A4>4s/ 10, 1998 &o <ho+ =/ 9ay Con$ern( = have 7orke: as a 'eer 7i/h 9ark #oy for abo4/ a year an: have fo4n: hi+ /o be /e$hni$ally 'rofi$ien/ an: 'ersonally easy /o 7ork 7i/h0 = val4e his /e$hni$al o'inion an: /herefore of/en ask his a:vi$e 7hen = have a /e$hni$al 'roble+0 DeSs al7ays 7illin> /o lis/en /o +y C4es/ion an: offer i:eas0 De has follo7e: 4' by +ailin> +e $o:e eAa+'les /ha/ are 'er/inen/ /o +y C4es/ion0 9ark is a 'leasan/ 'erson /o 7ork 7i/h0 =S: be ha''y /o ans7er C4es/ions a/ +y ho+e n4+ber, 666-86840 Cor:ially, Mennie -llio//