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The Artesia (NM) Daily Press- April 1, 2007 -Page 5

(Continued from Page 1) and for mom and dad” and a
“I’m really excited about love for travel.
it,” Florez said. “I want to Gail Brown said she and her
thank everyone for all the help daughter have held raffles for
we have had. We’re doing a a set of golf clubs and a rifle,
lot right now and if we hadn’t and sold Valentine’s Day bas-
had the help we wouldn’t be kets to raise money for the
as close to meeting our goal.” trip. She said the fund-raising
She also thanked her moth- in itself has been a good learn-
er, Sonya Florez, who has ing experience for the girls.
baked “about a million” The girls are still short of
brownies, held raffles and reaching the $6,000 goal.
baked cookies and cinnamon They are offering to paint
rolls. address numbers on the front
and back of homes and busi-
“We have had so much sup- nesses to help raise the
port,” Sonya Florez said. “It remainder of the money.
doesn’t surprise me because Anyone who would like to
Artesia is that way.” have the girls paint numbers,
She said she hopes her or who would like to donate to
daughter comes home with “a their trip funds, may call 308-
greater appreciation for home 3741. Josie Brown Anissa Florez

Richardson plans for special ethics session

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — limit gifts to elected state said. treats the symptoms, it does-
Lawmakers could be called officials. The other will tight- Senate Republican Whip n’t treat the cause.”
back for a special session en the Governmental Conduct Leonard Lee Rawson of Las The bottom line, Rawson
later this year to deal with Act, including to require state “We are not going to sit on our hands because a Cruces said Saturday that he said, is that if voters elect eth-
ethics reform, Gov. Bill officers and state employees handful of state senators, including most doesn’t believe the idea of the ical people, “then you don’t
Richardson said Saturday. — but not legislators — to Republicans, refuse to reform our ethics laws,” special session will be well have to worry about ethics
Richardson said he will disclose any employment received by lawmakers. legislation.”
reconvene a bipartisan ethics they have outside of their Richardson said. “The people of New Mexico Ethics legislation would Richardson said he once
task force to recommend governmental jobs. expect more from their elected leaders.” only trap people who are try- again will ask Suellyn
ethics legislation and a time- Richardson called lawmak- ing to be honest, and the laws Scarnecchia, dean of the
line for a possible special ses- ers back for a special session can be abused, he said. University of New Mexico
sion. that ended Friday to consider “Just because you have an Law School, and former Gov.
“We are not going to sit on a proposal to create an ethics a package of ethics revisions Metropolitan Courthouse, ethics commission or ethics Garrey Carruthers, the dean
our hands because a handful commission to investigate recommended by the task add to the urgency in address- laws, doesn’t make someone of New Mexico State
of state senators, including complaints against state offi- force appointed by Rich- ing ethics reform, said ethical,” Rawson said. “Just University’s College of
most Republicans, refuse to cials, state employees, ardson in the wake of a kick- Richardson spokesman Gil- because you walk in the Business Administration and
reform our ethics laws,” judges, government contrac- back scandal involving two bert Gallegos. garage, doesn’t make you a Economics, to co-chair the
Richardson said. “The people tors and lobbyists and to rec- state treasurers. car. Ethics legislation only task force.
of New Mexico expect more ommend disciplinary action. “I want tough ethics pro-
from their elected leaders.” But that and another measure Thursday’s indictments of posals that will shed more
Two ethics measures won to limit campaign contribu- four people — including for- light on government spending
approval during the 60-day tions to candidates for mer Senate President Pro Tem with the goal of preventing
session that ended March 17 statewide and judicial offices Manny Aragon — involving illegal kickback schemes like
and are pending the gover- to federal levels failed. kickbacks in the construction the ones outlined in the court-
nor’s signature. One will The proposals were part of of the Bernalillo County house scandal,” Richardson

Gonzales urged
to resign as AG
WASHINGTON (AP) — A ney general needed to explain
Republican congressman on himself quickly or risk more
Saturday urged Attorney
General Alberto Gonzales to
damage to his department.
Gonzales is to testify on
Our Services Include:
resign, citing what he said Capitol Hill on April 17.
were Gonzales’ contradictory “My views were that this • Estates • Clean
statements about his role in the
firing of eight federal prosecu-
was Democrat posturing and a
witch hunt,” Terry said. “My
• Farm Consignments
tors. trust in him in that position has • Liqudations •No Clothing
“I trusted him before, but I taken a hit because of these
can’t now,” said five-term contradictory statements by • Charity Call us today!
Rep. Lee Terry, whose district him.”
includes metropolitan Omaha. Terry’s change of heart came
Gonzales’ credibility took a
on the first day of a two-week
break for House members and
Taking consignments through
blow this past week during tes-
timony by his former chief of
Republicans hoped to avoud
spending much of that time on April 1st for April 7th Auction.
staff, Kyle Sampson, before the defensive about Gonzales.
the Senate Judiciary
Committee. Sampson, who
resigned March 12, said the
attorney general was regularly
briefed about plans to fire the
prosecutors and was involved
with discussions about “this
process of asking certain U.S.
attorneys to resign.”
Lawmakers impatient to
hear Gonzales’ side of the
story said the embattled attor-