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Difference between Synchronous and Induction Motor

Difference between Synchronous and Induction Motor. While studying Electrical Machines especially AC Machines, you might ha e come across the ! types of motor that is synchronous and asynchronous motor. "f course the asynchronous motor is also called as induction motor. In this post we shall be comparing the two #inds of motor that is synchronous and induction motor. $irst of all tal#ing about the synchronous motor. Synchronous Motor% &. Speed% Starting from its name 'synchronous(, this motor runs at synchronous speed whate er the amount of load it may be. )he speed of this #ind of motor is not dependent on the load. !. Starting Torque% )his motor does not ha e any self starting tor*ue, so some other au+iliary means ha e to be pro ided for starting the synchronous machine. ,. Excitation% Synchronous motor is a doubly e+cited machine. )he field winding that is rotor is e+cited using DC source and its stator that is armature winding is e+cited using AC source. In addition to that it can be made to operate at leading power factor from lagging power factor -ust by changing its e+citation.

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Efficiency% )his is comparati ely more efficient than induction motor. Cost% )his #ind of motor is much costlier that a similar rating induction motor.

Induction Motor%

Induction Motor

&. Speed% )he speed of induction motor is always less than the synchronous speed and it is dependent on the load since the speed decreases with the increase in load. !. Starting Torque% )his #ind of motor has its own self starting tor*ue. ,. Excitation% It is a singly e+cited machine where its stator windings are e+cited using an AC source. Contrary to the case of synchronous motor, induction motor wor#sonly under lagging power factor. .. Efficiency% It is comparati ely less efficient. /. Cost% )he cost of induction machine is less when compared with a synchronous motor of same rating.

Why Induction Motor name has come? Answer: In Induction motor there is no electrical contact to the rotor. Electrical currents are induced in to the rotor circuit. Hence the name Induction motor has come. What happen when Induction motor run at synchronous speed? Answer: When the induction motor runs at synchronous speed, there will be no induced emf in to the rotor circuits. herefore no rotor currents and no tor!ue is de"eloped. Hence Induction motor will come to halt. What are different types of Induction Motors available? Answer: Induction motors are of two types based on their construction #!uirrel ca$e Induction motor %As the rotor windin$ will be li&e ca$e' #lip (in$ Induction motor or wound rotor induction motor What is the advantage of Slip Ring Induction Motor? Answer: )y pro"idin$ e*ternal resistance to the rotor circuits durin$ startin$ of the motor startin$ tor!ue can be impro"ed and startin$ currents can be reduced What is the advantage of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor? Answer: +ow cost, ru$$ed construction and less maintenance are the ad"anta$es of s!uirrel ca$e induction motors What is the speed variation of the induction motor from no load to full load? Answer: he decrement in the speed of the small ratin$ Induction Motor from no load to full load will be around 4 to 5 percent and , to ,.5 percent in the case of lar$e si-e induction motors