Shelly Cashman Series® Course Presenter by Presenteq Software Corp.

for Discovering Computers 2003 Concepts for a Digital orl! eb an! "P #nhance! Shelly Cashman $ermaat
This document describes the Course Presenter (ISBN 0-7895-6535-8) th t is ! i" b"e #or Discovering Computers 2003: Concepts for a Digital World: Web and XP Enhanced nd its "tern ti!e editions$ %&'(S )# *) '%# D*SC+$#,*)- C+.P/'#,S 2003 C+/,S# P,#S#)'#,0 %hen com& red to the 'isco!erin( Com&uters )00) Course Presenter* the #o""o+in( re s h !e been si(ni#ic nt", enh nced.$ The ch &ter &resent tions h !e been stre m"ined to 60 or #e+er s"ides &er ch &ter$ )$ /"" s"ides re timed$ Th t is* ,ou c"ic0 once &er s"ide nd Po+erPoint utom tic "", bui"ds the s"ide #or ,ou$ / second c"ic0 +i"" sho+ the entire s"ide i# ,ou &re#er to !ie+ the entire s"ide immedi te",$ 3$ The te1t on the s"ides h s been &&reci b", condensed$ 2$ S&eci " e##ects h !e been dded to the bui"ds to m int in student interest$ 5$ /nim ted s"ides h !e been d3usted so th t "" the ste&s rem in on the s"ide on +hich the nim tion t 0es &" ce$

)otice1 Course 'echnology grants permission to use any part of Course Presenter on this CD2,+. only to instructors who a!opt Discovering Computers 2003: Concepts for a Digital World, Web and XP Enhanced or one of its alternative e!itions as the ma3or te4tboo5 that stu!ents purchase in the course in which it is use!.

ou +i"" #ind "in0s (=i(ure . stor (e* sound c rd* nd 208 C'-456 dri!e$ 9 Some %indo+s NT users m . the ne1t s"ide$ @ou shou"d c"ic0 on".6 &resent tion #i"es #or the entire boo0* one #or e ch ch &ter$ ? ch &resent tion #i"e cont ins Po+erPoint-t.) recent". .&es o# "in0s to enh nce . not be b"e to !ie+ the #i(ures #rom the m in Course Presenter screen$ **.unning the Presentations &!vancing an! 7ac5ing /p in the PowerPoint Presentation Showing $i!eos8 &nimations8 an! eb sites from the Presentation Customi9ing Course Presenter to . minuteA nd (3) "in0s to %eb sites th t re" te to the m teri " on the s"ide$ =in "". %ow this &ncillary Can %elp 6ou1 >se this &resent tion s.'&)'1 The "o+er-"e#t corner o# e ch s"ide dis&" .ou + nt to sho+ "" timed e"ements immedi te".)$ @ou c n optionally clic5 three t.* )e4t icon dis&" .&e out"ine o# the ch &ter content +ith ccom& n. &roduced CNN !ideos c"i&s th t !er (e 3 minutes in "en(thA ()) nim tions th t rein#orce the ch &ter m teri " th t !er (e .s to indic te the bui"d o# the s"ide is com&"ete nd th t the ne1t c"ic0 +i"" dis&" .ou m .s the & (e number in the te1tboo0 +here the s"ide content is discussed$ =o""o+in( the & (e number* .stem re:uirements re Pentium III 5006. ***. *$. once &er s"ide* un"ess .P+.) 'able of Contents *.our &resent tion.eet 6our Specific )ee!s *.equirements %ow this &ncillary Can %elp 6ou . $. see re#erence to #i(ure$ The number o# the #i(ure corres&onds to its number in the te1tboo0$ /"so* in the "o+er-"e#t corner o# many s"ides* .ou m .(. e1&erience une1&ected resu"ts runnin( the Course Presenter$ =or e1 m&"e* . **.* c"ic0 once more$ .equirements1 This Te chin( Too"s C'-456 runs under on".inimum System . . %indo+s 957987NT7)00078P9$ The minimum s.< &rocessor* 96 6B 4/6* 5 6B o# #ree u1i"i r.ou + nt "" the times e"ements to sho+ immedi te".$ I# . $*.in( #i(ures #rom the ch &ter$ *.stem to &resent +e""or( ni<ed "ectures th t re both interestin( nd 0no+"ed(e-b sed$ There re .inimum System .

3 hen the )e4t icon !isplays8 it tells you the system is finishe! buil!ing the sli!e8 an! the ne4t clic5 !isplays the ne4t sli!e vi!eo8 animation8 an! eb lin5s foun! here page number reference foun! here vi!eo8 animation8 an! eb lin5s foun! here page number an! figure reference foun! here :igure . )e4t icon8 page an! figure references8 an! vi!eo8 animation8 an! eb lin5s on sli!es .

&!vancing an! 7ac5ing /p in the PowerPoint Presentation1 The s"ides in the .s* doub"e-c"ic0 the desired ch &ter &resent tion (Ch &0.icrosoft PowerPoint1 %ith %indo+s ?1&"orer cti!e* dis&" . identi#.$ @ou b c0 u& b.* c"ic0 the "e#t mouse button (or &ress the P/D? '5%N 0e.ou +ish to continue$ *$.ou donCt #inish ch &ter &resent tion durin( "ecture* . Showing $i!eos8 &nimations8 an! eb sites from the Presentation1 5n some s"ides . *f you clic5 a secon! time to spee! up the creation of a sli!e with PP$*# 328 it only !isplays the ne4t time! element on that sli!e. Present tion* Ch &0) Present tion* etc$)$ )+'#1 &lthough these presentations will run using PP$*# 328 it is strongly recommen!e! that you use .ou c"ic0 the icon .ou c n c"ic0 to see !ideo or nim tion* or to dis&" . c"ic0in( the ri(ht mouse button nd se"ectin( Pre!ious S"ide or &ressin( the >P /445% 0e.icrosoft PowerPoint.$ *f you have .$ @ou 0no+ the bui"d o# s"ide is com&"ete +hen the Ne1t icon dis&" .icrosoft PowerPoint1 St rt Po+erPoint nd o&en the desired ch &ter &resent tion (Ch &0. :urthermore8 PP$*# 32 ran!omly fails to !isplay the elements on the .our C'-456 dri!e* .unning the Presentations1 The &resent tions re st nd rd Po+erPoint #i"es$ %ith the Course Presenter C'-456 in . %eb site th t re" tes to the s"ide$ ? ch icon re&resentin( !ideo* nim tion or %eb "in0 is ccom& nied b. PP$*# 32 !oes not always recogni9e the timing an! special effects assigne! to the elements that ma5e up a sli!e. o# the C'-456* nd then c"ic0 the S"ide Sho+ button to st rt the s"ide sho+$ )$ *f you !o not have . Present tion* Ch &0) Present tion* etc$) #rom the m in director. "" items on the s"ide immedi te". . the m in director.) ( in be#ore the Ne1t icon dis&" .6 Ch &ter &resent tions re &<< timed$ Th t is* c"ic0 the "e#t mouse button once (or &ress the P/D? '5%N 0e.$ $.ou c n st rt t s"ide other th n the one t the be(innin( b. :inally8 the elements that ma5e up a sli!e have a cleaner loo5 to them when run un!er .2 ***.ou +i"" see icons in the "o+er-"e#t corner o# the s"ide th t .icrosoft PowerPoint8 the secon! clic5 !isplays all the elements on a sli!e.aster Sli!e once or twice per presentation.-s"ide b.s$ @ou d! nce throu(h the &resent tion s"ide-b.ou c n st rt ch &ter &resent tion in one o# the #o""o+in( + .ou + nt to dis&" . c"ic0in( the "e#t mouse button or &ressin( the '5%N /445% te1t* s +e"" s ScreenTi&$ /n Internet connection is necess r.ou to the Po+erPoint &resent tion$ =or e1 m&"e* the nim tions t 0e #e+ seconds to st rt$ I# .) nd Po+erPoint +i"" bui"d the current s"ide utom tic "". o&enin( the &resent tion in 6icroso#t Po+erPoint nd s0i&&in( to the s"ide +here .icrosoft PowerPoint. ith . o# the C'-456 nd doub"e c"ic0 the Po+erPoint Bie+er (PPBI?%3))$ %hen the 6icroso#t Po+erPoint Bie+er di "o( bo1 dis&" . to re ch the %eb "in0s$ 'o not c"ic0 n icon t+ice* bec use c"ic0in( "so returns . I# .s in the "o+er-"e#t corner$ I# .

ou + nt to customi<e* co&.our C' dri!e to the & th dis&" . Customi9ing Course Presenter to .stem$ /"" !ideos re $/BI #i"es$ To &rem ture".&er"in0 on the Insert menu$ /dd the &&ro&ri te dri!e desi(n tor #or .ed in the T.&er"in0s #or e ch !ideo nd nim tion icon$ >sin( the Po+erPoint Norm " !ie+* "oc te s"ide +ith !ideo icon$ C"ic0 the icon to se"ect it nd then c"ic0 .our C' dri!e is c ""ed '-* t. co&. the &&ro&ri te nim tion #i"e to the s me #o"der s the &resent tion #i"e$ =or e1 m&"e* the nim tion #i"e stub2-.ou + nt to run the !ideos nd nim tions #rom .our h rd dri!e. the corres&ondin( !ideo nd nim tion #o"ders #rom the Presenter C' to .in( the the Po+erPoint &resent tion #i"e (e1tension $&&t) #rom the Presenter C' to . h "t n nim tion nd return to the Po+erPoint &resent tion* &ress the ?SC 0e.ou must b c0 u& to the &re!ious s"ide* nd then d! nce to the s"ide +ith the icon in :uestion$ Bideos re run usin( the de# u"t medi &" .5 on the s"ide t+ice* the o&er tin( s.s s '-ECh &11E#i"en me$ !i$ ..our h rd dri!e nd then usin( Po+erPoint to modi#.stem s !es the second c"ic0 nd uses it to return immedi te".eet 6our Specific )ee!s1 @ou c n customi<e the Presenter b.ou + nt to sho+ !ideo* #i(ure* or nim tion second time* .&e the #i"e or %eb & (e n me bo1$ =or e1 m&"e* i# .&e '-E t the be(innin( o# the & th sho+n so th t it dis&" . the #i"e$ I# . to the Po+erPoint &resent tion$ I# .1 4un the !ideos nd nim tions #rom .* co&.7 to 52 6B e ch* so this o&tion re:uires " r(e mount o# h rd dri!e s& ce$ +ption 21 4un the !ideos nd nim tions #rom the Presenter C' set u& on .our s.$e1e corres&onds to the &resent tion #i"e Ch &02 Present tion$&&t$ =in "".@ou c n run the !ideos #rom the ori(in " Presenter C'-456 b.our h rd dri!e$ The #o"der cont inin( the !ideo nd nim tion #i"es #or ch &ter must be in the s me #o"der s the corres&ondin( Po+erPoint &resent tion #i"e$ =or e1 m&"e* the #o"der Ch &02 is the !ideo nd nim tion #o"der th t corres&onds to the &resent tion #i"e Ch &02 Present tion$&&t$ Ne1t* co&.ou h !e t+o o&tions$ +ption . modi#. the 8tr s #o"der to the s me #o"der s the &resent tion #i"e$ The !ideo #i"es r n(e in si<e #rom .our customi<ed !ersion* .$ $*.=or e ch ch &ter th t .

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