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The FOP, for the first time, entered into endorsements of State House and Senate candidates where no local lodge offered endorsements. There are some kinks that need to be worked out, but the FOP only endorsed three losing candidates for 99 house seats and all the odd numbered Senate seats. We were very successful in our process of making these endorsements!

Taylor, Cordray, Cupp, O’Donnell also win.
Congressman Ted Strickland won the race to become Ohio’s next Governor with about 60% of the vote. The FOP endorsed Congressman Strickland and helped him become the first Democrat to win the Governor’s seat since Richard Celeste. The FOP has already reached out to Governor-elect Strickland and Lieutenant Governor-elect Fisher and their staffs about the transition. The FOP also endorsed Mary Taylor for Auditor, Richard Cordray for Treasurer and Robert Cupp and Terrence O’Donnell for the Ohio Supreme Court and they were all victorious. Mike DeWine, Betty Montgomery and Greg Hartman did not come out on top in a tough year for Republicans in Ohio, but they were grateful for our support. The FOP has also been in contact with the Attorney General-elect Mark Dann and will be speaking with Ohio’s top law enforcement official very shortly. All in all, the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police did very well with its state-wide endorsements. The candidates were all appreciative of the process and those that earned the endorsement were grateful to have it. It is a very important aspect of our legislative process with the FOP.

FOP/OLC adds Licking Co. Animal Control Officers
On November 11, 2006 the Licking County Animal Control Officers participated in an election conducted by the State Employment Relations Board. They voted to have the Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council represent them in matters of collective bargaining with their employer. We want to thank them for choosing the FOP/ OLC and look forward to representing them.



Paul Cox’s Brush with Celebrity
At the recent Ohio Attorney General Conference, a group of FOP people were having lunch when Roy Hazelwood came and joined us. Mr. Hazelwood is a former FBI Profiler and a well known speaker. In fact, he was the featured speaker to open the conference. With him was a guy who looked like a university professor and he actually was, Dr. Robert Leonard was a professor at Hofstra University. Dr. Leonard would give the opening speech the next day. Dr. Leonard is a forensic linguist and studies language. He does work in criminal cases like proving someone wrote this threatening letter by comparing it to known samples of writings and finding similar patterns of speech and such. Anyway, during lunch, Dr. Leonard was a pleasant enough guy and we had a good conversation about his chosen field of study. Well, during his speech the next day, Dr. Leonard explained he got into linguistics through rock and roll. He said he had a record contract that said he was supposed to make a lot of money but he wasn’t, so he started studying the language in his contract to find out how he was being cheated. He then pressed a remote control button and up on the screen were movies about Dr. Leonard, the perfect picture of an east coast college professor, singing at Woodstock as the lead singer in the 1960’s group Sha Na Na. He began to speak about his friendship with Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and such. He began to speak about the excesses of the 1960’s rock and roll lifestyle. It was all very interesting. And to think...it was not even 24 hours earlier that Paul Cox was sitting next to his adolescent hero and he did not even know it. You see, Paul has had a secret fantasy of being a doo wop singer and he was sitting right next to one of the best. When Paul found out, he began to practice his best falsetto and his dance moves in hopes that Dr. Leonard will want to re-form Sha Na Na.

The founder of Sha Na Na is now a forensic linguist

Mike Taylor Decides Against Running for Re-Election
Mike Taylor has been an elected Officer with the Fraternal Order of Police for more than a dozen years. He has served on the State Board as State Secretary and on the National Board as Second Vice President, and now he has decided it is time to dedicate more of his time to his family. Mike has announced that he will not seek re-election to his National Board position. If no Ohio FOP member is elected to the National Executive Board in Louisville, it will be the first time we have not had a member on that Board since the time period before Dewey Stokes as the National Vice President in 1985 Mike has been a good friend of the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police and he will be missed. Mike will not be an elected member of the FOP any longer, however, he will not be out of touch with our membership. Mike has started a lobbying business with Ted Brown and the Ohio FOP has a contract with this company to assist us with our legislative affairs. Good Luck Mike!!!

National 2nd Vice President Mike Taylor is not running again.






Reminder: FOP/OLC Dues Increase-January 1, 2007
Pursuant to the Code of Regulations and Constitution of the FOP, Ohio Labor Council, Inc., the dues for the organization will increase January 1, 2007. The SERB reported that the average annual wage increase for law enforcement in 2005 was 2.9%. Using the formula set in the Constitution, the OLC dues increase for 2007 will be $0.60. This will make the monthly total $30.10. Fair Share Fees will also increase. They will be $28.36 per month. The Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council has notified your employer and deduction of dues will continue as it does currently. If you have any questions regarding the dues increase or the Constitution and Bylaws of the FOP/OLC, please contact your Staff Representative.

U.S. to Study Need for More Police Funding
Justice Department investigators will visit police departments nationwide to determine whether more federal dollars are needed to stem the nation's rising rate of violent crime, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Monday. The Justice Department is under pressure to increase federal money for local police programs. In September, the FBI reported that violent crime rose 2.3 percent in 2005, the largest increase since 1991 and a trend that some police officials have blamed on cuts in federal crime-fighting grants. "We need to find out why this is happening, what we can do to reverse that trend," Gonzales said in Boston during the annual meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. While Gonzales said the review is important to determine the causes of what he described as a "small uptick" in violent crime, he said the overall crime rate is the lowest in more than 30 years. Some police organizations expressed disappointment that the initiative doesn't include immediate financial help for police departments struggling to make up for years of reductions in federal funding. The Bush administration has cut grants for state and local crime-fighting programs on the grounds that they've outlived their usefulness or have underperformed. COPS, a program aimed at hiring 100,000 police officers nationwide, has been among those hit the hardest. Legislation pending before Congress would largely restore the administration cuts proposed this year. Thomas Frazier, executive director of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, which represents the police departments in the 56 largest cities, said the departments already know the reason for rising violent-crime rates: gangs, drug use and poverty. The Justice Department can help police departments with rising crime by pushing for an increase in federal funding, Frazier said. Article appeared in McClatchy Newspapers



Polar Bear Plunge is Fast Approaching
The annual Polar Bear Plunge is set for February 23 and 24 at Geneva State Park. This This is an absolute is the biggest fundraiser for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics and one of the biggest parties of the year. There is a Texas Hold-Em tournament, a Harley great time, for a Davidson Raffle and the plunge into Lake Erie in the middle of February. Sometimes great cause, so they have to use cranes and dynamite to get the ice off and sometimes the weather is beautiful but whatever Mother Nature does, the good times are still there. make your plans Check out www.polarbearplunge.org for more now!!! information

Board Meeting set for January 19-20
The FOP of Ohio’s Winter Board Meeting has been set for January 19-20 in Columbus, Ohio. The main item on the agenda is the annual budget. Usually, members that are running for office usually announce their candidacy at this meeting as well. The hotel will be the Hilton Garden Inn at Polaris (Columbus), to make a reservation for January 19, please call 614-846-8884 before December 15. The rooms should be $99 per night. The largest mall in Ohio is just across the street. Night in Columbus” event with the Columbus Blue Jackets versus the Detroit Red Wings on the 19th by getting discounted tickets for $37 each and a free Blue Jackets hat for each person. Contact jmcdonald@fopohio.org to RSVP for hockey tickets or more information on the hockey event. You can attend the hockey event even if you do not attend the meeting, but we hope you plan to make all events.

The State Lodge has arranged a “Hockey






Enforcement Expo 2007 Scheduled
The Enforcement Expo 2007 has been scheduled for July 11 and 12 at the I-X Center in Cleveland. Last year, the Enforcement Expo expanded its offerings to include hands-on opportunities to the attendees, which will continue this coming July. Live fire events, test drives of the new police package cruisers, skid cars, tactical course challenges and more will be available to those of you who attend. IT WILL ALL The educational portion of the event is currently being planned but what I can tell you already is that the FOP has negotiated even lower prices for our members than last year. We are also trying to organize some seminars that will be free. Enforcement Expo 2007 is scheduled for a couple of days before the annual state conference, so make your plans to come to Enforcement Expo, stay a day extra and then go to the annual conference. This event is great for you and it is great for the Ohio FOP.


FOP/OLC Arbitration Update
MEMBER DID NOT ABUSE SICK LEAVE-SUSPENSION REVERSED An hour and a half before his shift started, the grievant called his supervisor and asked to be given sick leave for a migraine headache. Six hours later the grievant was awakened by a phone call from a fellow officer who was concerned about a mutual friend who was behaving strangely and asked the grievant if he could join him and their friend for dinner at a local bar and restaurant. At the restaurant were a group of other officers and their spouses seated in another area. They all joined together for dinner. The next morning, the grievant and the officer who had called him played softball together. The friend who was behaving strangely showed up at the department and rambled incoherently to a sergeant, who discovered in the interview that the strange friend had been to dinner the night before with the grievant. The sergeant, who knew the grievant had called in sick, notified the chief about the grievant and his sick leave request. When interviewed, the grievant explained all the events as they happened. The employer suspended the grievant for 13 days for abuse of sick leave and for being dishonest. At the arbitration hearing, the FOP/OLC attorney argued that the employer could not prove the grievant was not sick when he called in sick, that there was nothing that prevented an employee who was not capable of performing his duties from having dinner, that the grievant’s employment record showed no other discipline nor any history of sick leave use, and that the employer charged him with dishonesty simply because they didn’t believe he was sick. A thirteen day suspension for a first time allegation of sick leave abuse was excessive, calling for a one day suspension at most. The arbitrator agreed with the FOP/OLC. The employer failed to prove its case and had disciplined the grievant based on conjecture, theorizing that the grievant had arranged to meet the group for dinner and used the guise of being sick to be available for the dinner occasion. The arbitrator also noted that the contract and department policy failed to limit the activities of employees who called in sick, though he did note that certain activities might call the legitimate use of sick leave into question. The arbitrator ordered that the grievant be paid for the 13 days the employer had suspended him. (Issued September 22, 2006. Employer-City of Cuyahoga Falls)



Our next state conference in Independence, Ohio will feature all the business and fraternalism to which you are accustomed. There will also be something happening that you have never seen...

Marco and the Michigan President, John Kirkpatrick, where the winner would host the loser at their state conference and outfit the loser in the winning team’s colors. As everyone in the world should have known ahead of time, the great Ohio State Buckeyes came out ahead of their fierce rivals. Because of the outcome, President Kirkpatrick will be asked to come to our conference. Perhaps we will be able to get him to sing Carmen Ohio.

You think he will enjoy wearing his Troy Smith jersey in the state up north????

Lets start from the beginning, your FOP leaders were in Boston at an Eastern States meeting when the topic of the Ohio State versus Michigan game came up. National Trustee, Chet DeLong suggested a bet between your President, Nick Di-

Fresno, CA. has Different Approach to DUI Enforcement
In Fresno, California, the cops work DUI’s very differently than we do here. The USA Today reported on this enforcement style on November 6, 2006. The Fresno cops start the Friday night sting by placing undercover officers to stake out parking lots of bars and radio in intoxicated people who leave the tavern. Uniform officers then swoop in and make the arrest for DUI. They also covertly place GPS signals on the cars of convicted drunk drivers to see if they are going to bars. These tough tactics are in response to the statistics that say that only one in fifty drunk drivers are caught and 1/3 of those caught are repeat offenders. MADD says that 50-75% of those with a suspended license for a drunk driving conviction still drive anyway. More than 30 states, including Ohio, have increased penalties for DUI with high BAC levels and all 50 states have a .08 level for DUI. No jurisdiction has gone to the level of Fresno however. Fresno generates about 5 million dollars a year through this enforcement and they have hired 92 officers with that money. Before this crackdown, there were more fatal accident victims than murder victims in Fresno. There has not been an alcohol related traffic death since May. MADD and the IACP have given awards to Fresno but that has not stopped the controversy. What do you think about this kind of high level enforcement?

Ohio FOP E-Mail Database
The Ohio FOP has made a great effort to provide more information from the State Lodge to all 25,000 members of the greatest law enforcement organization in the world. We have focused on the internet to be the provider of this information, through our re-designed web site and email updates. This electronic newsletter is also used to be a source of information that is sent out in a consistent and timely basis. I feel that we are doing a good job of getting information out there to the membership but I also feel that we can do an even better job. OHIO FOP E-FOCUS We only have about 13% of our members e-mail addresses. Please help us capture more email addresses so that we can communicate more effectively. You can help by gathering and forwarding email addresses to acrawford@fopohio.org. Include your name lodge number as well as your email address. We have never sold the email addresses and we only will use it for FOP business. Don’t forget to inform us if you change your email address too!



“More calls, less officers”
It is a familiar story across Ohio. Crime is going up and the number of officers is going down. In Middletown, Ohio, they are down 16 officers from their prior staffing levels and they have more serious calls to handle. In Marion, Ohio, they are down 6 officers from their authorized strength. Those numbers may not sound that bad, but they are about ten percent of the those departments. Specialized units, such as Community Oriented Policing units and DARE are being disbanded because of a lack of funds and because the needs of the street patrols always take priority. Some departments are even disbanding detective bureaus to handle the street. Shrinking departments are not only bad for public safety and officer safety, they are bad for your pensions also. With a reducing number of contributors, you have a reduction in income for the Pension Systems. A reduction in income for the system may ultimately amount to a reduction in benefit to the members of the system.

US Supreme Court to Hear Important Case
The US Supreme Court has decided to hear a case that revolves around whether or not a police officer who intentionally rams a fleeing vehicle can be held civilly liable. The case stems from a 1998 incident in Georgia where a fleeing suspect was traveling at 100 mph and a PIT maneuver was used to try to stop him. He was sent over an embankment. The suspect lived but was rendered a quadriplegic. Most state laws say that the police are not liable for injuries caused fleeing the police but this case is being argued as a improper seizure under the 4th amendment. A lower court agreed with this argument and it was appealed directly to the Supreme Court. Please keep an eye on this as it may affect police pursuit policies across the country.

Cop Killer’s Law License Suspended
Derek Farmer, who was convicted for his role in the murder of a police officer but was granted the ability to become a lawyer by the Ohio Supreme Court, had his law license suspended for a year and will get a year of probation as well. Farmer sparked outrage a few months ago by appearing at a City of Dayton sponsored event, as a positive role model, to mark Black History Month . He now has lost his license for overcharging clients and mishandling cases. Farmer spent 18 years in prison for his crimes. It is apparent that he still has not learned how to stay out of trouble.


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