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How to Install The Perfect Steam Shower

What Should Be In Place Before We Start: WATER FEEDS: Firstly the hot and cold water connections all steam ca!ins will wor" of a #$mm%#%& inch connection' Somewhere !ehind the unit you will need a water su((ly for !oth your hot and cold ready to !e ad)usted to connect onto your steam unit' The connection on the !ac" of the steam ca!ins *al*e will always !e a #$mm or a ++ male connection' The !est way to ma"e the connection !etween the unit and the su((ly is *ia +!raided fle,i!le hoses+' Because of the way a steam shower is !uilt away from its final restin- (osition to allow the !uild of it the !raided hoses allow the fle,i!ility re.uired to mo*e the unit !ac" and forth' /onnection *ia the hoses should !e made to the #$mm threaded connection on the *al*e and some isolatin- *al*es fitted on the (i(in- feedin- the water su((ly to ena!le you to shut of the water to the shower if needed in future 0-ood (ractice1 and this also ena!les you to turn the water !ac" on the house whist you carry on with the installation' The !est units will come with these fle,i!le hoses su((lied' WASTE PIPE: To fully ena!le your unit to fit fully a-ainst the wall or corner desired without the need to +cut+ or otherwise modify the unit the waste(i(e to the unit will need to !e su((lied under the floor' A # ++ waste(i(e with ade.uate +downwards+ fall should !e located somewhere !eneath the steam shower' A-ain !ecause of the need the mo*e the unit around whilst the !uild is ta"in- (lace the connection to the showers tra( must !e made !y a +fle,i!le waste connector+' The !est units will come su((lied with these if not they are a*aila!le to !uy from any -ood hardware store'

E2E/TRI/S: 3ost common steam shower ca!ins electric feed will !e made !y a #4 am( standard &56* connection 0two if it has a whirl(ool !ath function1' This is the sin-le most im(ortant !it and with all electric wor"s es(ecially when water is in*ol*ed 37ST !e carried out !y a .ualified trades (erson' The Steam units re.uire a #4 am( isolated fused s(ur to !e fitted to ensure full water (roofed connection' The soc"ets must !e on a R/D to ensure safety and to isolate the unit if re.uired' 8our electrician will ad*ise you on this as I said a .ualified tradesman must do the electrical fittin-' The (ower within the unit is con*erted to o(erate the li-htin- and radio is con*erted to a safe #& *olts'

Buildin- The 7nit: R72ES 897 37ST :E;ER F9R<ET= #' PTFE which stands for Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene or as a (lum!er calls it Plum!ers Ta(e For E*erythin-' Should !e used on e*ery #$mm% ++ connection' &' Don+t screw u( and screws ti-ht until the end' This allow the (anels and -lass to mo*e and twist into (osition as you -o' 4' /hec" e*ery com(onent !efore you start 5' Do you need a PE;> Pressure E.ualisin- ;al*e> This only (rotects the life and functionality of any shower *al*e !ut also hel(s ensure constant tem(eratures' $' If it+s (ossi!le to fill the tu! or tray with water !efore you start to chec" of crac"s of lea"s do so' ?' After the installation is com(lete lea*e the unit &5 hours to let the any silicone to fully set !efore use BASE%T7B: 9nes e*erythin- is in (lace and you+re ready to -o s(anner in hand the first o!stacle you+ll face is the tray or tu! !ase to the shower itself' First (ort of call is to fully connect and ensure the waterti-ht connection of the trays tra( and waster (i(e' Ensure all ru!!er -as"ets and fittin-s are ti-ht and well fitted it mi-ht !e an idea to our some water into the tra( or fill the tu! to ensure there+s no dri(s at this sta-e as it+s easier to access' Second is to fully le*el the tray or tu! *ia the ad)usta!le le-s' /hec" chec" and chec" a-ain ha*in- the tu! fully le*el is essential to the rest of the !uild to not only ensure its stands strai-ht and u(ri-ht !ut also to ensures all connections are made whilst the indi*idual com(onents are without any -a(s and are +sittin-+ as they should !e' WA22 A:D /9:TR922 PA:E2: This is when you+ll need two (eo(le' First loo" o*er e*ery (anel and the !ac" of the control (anel and ti-hten u( and connections to the *al*e water )ets and anythin- that you can see as many are only hand ti-ht for trans(ort (ur(oses and will not initially !e water ti-ht' First thin- you will need to do is (lace the +!ac" (anels+ onto the tu! and all !ut ti-hten u( there connections to the !ase don+t ti-hten these fully yet lea*e them with the fi,in-s to hold them in (lace !ut slac" enou-h to allow them ha*e some manoeu*ra!ility' Then (lace in the control (anel the !est steam shower units will ha*e either a ru!!er or (lastic stri( runnin- alon- the len-ths of where the (anels meet to ensure a water(roof fittin- 9therwise it would !e more than wise to run a small !ead of silicon down the len-ths it+s !etter to use too much silicon than too little as any e,cess can sim(ly !e wi(ed off' D99R FRA3E A:D <2ASS: With your shower now loo"in- somethin- li"e a shower' The ne,t thin- to tac"le is the framewor" for the -lass doors' The !est way of doin- this is to !uild this u( se(arate from the shower itself and lift it into (osition on its com(letion' The connection screws for the framewor" is notoriously tric"y to (ut to-ether so first ensure you ha*e enou-h s(ace around you to fully mani(ulate and mo*e the framewor" around' Startin- at the !ottom u( first attach the two sides to the !ase (iece and then the to( framewor"' Then install any +fi,ed -lasses+ and su((ort%holdin- (ieces into the framewor"' 9nce this is done lift the framewor" onto the shower tray or tu! a-ain usin- silicone if necessary ti-hten u( the connection !etween the framewor" and (anels' RE3E3EBER nothin- should yet !e screwed u( ti-ht to allow all (ieces to fully fall into (lace throu-hout fittin-' R99F: The Roof is usual the home to all the main functions and features that come with a steam shower' /arefully liftin- the roof onto the shower ensure all holes +marry u(+ as they should' 0it not as

im(ortant to silicone !etween the roof and (anels that it sites on as this should !e at a le*el where *olumes of water shouldn+t !e -ettin- to

/9::E/TI9:S: :ow it+s (ro!a!ly the !est time to fi, any shel*es riser rails and any other com(onents that come with the shower to the unit itself and to fully ti-hten u( all the screws and fi,in-s on the shower that ha*e !een left chec" !efore doin- this that e*ery (anel and (iece fully stand and fit as they should' Also it+s a -ood time now to connect the electrics to the su((ly and connect all the connections to the fan s(ea"ers or any other connections that need to !e in (lace' It+s also (ossi!le now to connect the hot and cold water *ia the !raided hoses' All connection should !e strai-ht forward and la!eled to match each other' The steam -enerator will most communally ha*e three connections to it #st the water su((ly which is most communally located in the middle and feeds from the shower *al*e or directly from the cold water feed' &nd the steam outlet which is (ositioned the hi-hest of the three and feeds to the steam outlet on the unit and finally the 4rd which is the water draina-e this will in most cases fit to the waste *ia a (i(e that+s attached to it on a s(i-ot' D99RS: Ho(efully if I ha*en+t missed anythin- out the last thin- you should !e left with is the doors to the unit' Before you fit theses it+s a -ood idea as with any shower enclosure to run a small !ead of silicone alon- the len-ths of the (anels and tray%tu! to ensure a water(roof fittin-' This is not always necessary !ut does -reatly add the water inte-rity of the unit Then de(endin- on the .uality of the unit s(end a cou(le of minutes loo"in- for any -a(s of wea" (oints on the frame wor" where any water may (enetrate' Finally the doors usin- the door cams (ro*ided sim(ly fit these to the framewor"s +runners+ ad)ustin- them to fit and slid strai-ht *ia the ad)usta!le cams' THE FI:A2 /HE/@: First run thou-h all the functions !oth electric and water chec"in- on to( !ehind and !elow for any lea"s dri(s or any si-n of anythin- out of (lace BE TH97R9<H== After this is all 9@ which it will !e if you ha*e followed this -uide it+s time for the final chec" (ut the *al*e onto the shower head and s(ray away= 3ethodically s(ray the corners then u( and down the connected len-ths mo*e to the ne,t alon- the !ottoms and in turn s(ray e*erywhere with one (erson s(rayin- and

another !ehind the unit to chec" for com(lete water inte-rity !efore slidin- the shower ha((ily !ac" into its final restin- (lace' That+s it you+re done' Rela,' Ho(efully alon- with this -uide and a little thin"in- from yourself your shower is now (erfectly installed and ready to use' A steam shower is a fantastic lu,ury item that is a!solutely fantastic (lace to rela, and unwind and when installed correctly is a lifelon- endura!le feature for your !athroom' For more articles li"e this one (lease *isit us www'steamshowerstore'co'u"