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Five ways to work out a new set of KRAs Just when many have let out a collective sigh of relief at appraisals being over, a new set of key result areas (KRAs) needs to be cleared. Firms have made their variable component higher and the criteria more rigorous, so nothing short of achieving them completely would ensure a good take home at the end of the stipulated period. However, there are ways to make the goals look simpler and attainable for a smoother year ahead. Do a fish bone analysis Once targets have been given, an executive should develop the flowchart of programmes to develop, training to receive or give, and parameters that will help him or her reach the desired goal. Called the fish bone analysis, the employee will then have to talk to different departments which will support him. "Business metrics have to be defined and converted into quantifiable metrics and linked to the final goal. It should be in cause-and-effect terms," says Rajesh AR, head of employment services division of Manipal Education. Draw up an action plan The boss should be consulted on stages that need to be reached to achieve the KRAs. "Chalk out a detailed performance action sheet," says SM Gupta, HR head of Bangalore-based ITeS firm Aegis. With each KRA there should be a 'smart principle' where goals are broken down. The manager must ensure the status is checked regularly, while the executive has to list daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly tasks. Prioritize targets A list will help the executive chart out areas that require immediate attention, training, or assistance from other teams. There will also be the long-stretched goals, which the employee should deal with separately. Start with clear goals To make goals more achievable, the supervisor has to give a set of tangible goals. So if he wants sales to increase, then he has to hire employees, add distribution centres etc, and not follow a feel-good syndrome during performance review, says K A Sudarshan, co-founder of EMA Partners in India.

Bring HR to the table KRAs can be made more tangible if there is a discussion between the HR and business heads on the goals of the financial year and how they are important in improving organizational performance, says Srinivas Nanduri, partner board & leadership hiring, Maxima Global Executive Search. Once these goals are clear, the individual can make KRAs fit into the overall milestones. Article Courtesy - Economic Times

The KRA was Based on the Following Components KRA. Financial Prospective Customer Perspective Will be assessed on Depends upon the branch business, day to day closing of the accounts For Keeping Customer updated with new schemes by arranging the meetings for their development or by displaying circulars on notice board by creating awareness about their business and recruitment on the field. Maintaining Good relationship To Develop their skill by learning (by attending the camp on soft skills which is organised time to time by Management to develop the skill. The data and the performance will be adhering at the time of review. As one of the responsibility of the Branch in charge to develop the staff working under him by conducting weekly meeting or by any other means. Checking & Preparing the reports required by EDP day to Day or Monthly as per the schedule, cross tallying the Software. To look after proper sending of the Accounts reports with minimum queries to HO, check Branch accountant work. Maintain essential stationary record. Leadership. Analytical Skill, Problem Solving, Customer Focus.

Learning & Growth Staff Development EDP reports/ Accounts Report/ Stores Functional Competency