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The Louis Riel Institute

A member of the Association of Manitoba Museums A Registered Canadian Charitable Organization A Registered Adult Learning Institution

Background: In December of 1985, the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. appointed a working group to stud! the feasibi"it! of estab"ishing an institute which wou"d ser#e as a #ehic"e to dea" with the educationa" concerns and aspirations of the Metis peop"e of Manitoba. $he institute wou"d be known as the %ouis &ie" Institute.' $he pro#ince of Manitoba was in#ited, and agreed to participate in a (oint working group. )ro#incia" members were appointed b! the Minister of *ducation and the task was begun. $he feasibi"it! of the %ouis &ie" Institute was researched b! the (oint working group during 198+, supported b! a contribution of ,-,5..... from the Minister of *ducation. /greement as to the feasibi"it! of estab"ishing the institute was reached in 0anuar! of 1981. $he purpose of the institute, the goa"s, and the ob(ecti#es were defined and agreed to b! the (oint working group with recommendations for further de#e"opmenta" work inc"uding2 research, de#e"opment of infrastructure, a "ibrar!3resource centre, pub"ishing and e#entua" program de#e"opment. 4ubse5uent to the agreement and recommendations of the (oint working group, the Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. proposed in 1981 to enter into a bi6"atera" agreement with the )ro#ince of Manitoba to continue the de#e"opment of the '%ouis &ie" Institute.' $his initia" proposa" wou"d ha#e set the parameters and financia" resources necessar! to bring the institute from a concept to rea"it!. $he Memorandum of /greement was submitted to the )ro#ince of Manitoba in 0anuar! of 1981, with no substanti#e response and no agreement conc"uded.

$he Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. continued working during 1981 a"though resources were dep"eted. $he %ouis &ie" Institute was incorporated in Februar! of 1988 and wou"d operate under pro#incia" "egis"ation. In Ma! of 1988, a new submission was prepared to ensure that staffing and de#e"opment of infrastructure wou"d take p"ace and that the institute wou"d become operationa". $he %ouis &ie" Institute Inc. was granted ta76e7empt status as a registered charitab"e organi8ation b! &e#enue 9anada as of /pri" 1, 1988. $he ta76e7empt status is based on the ob(ecti#es and acti#ities set out in the submission to the Minister of *ducation for 1988689, re"ating to the abi"it! of the %&I Inc. to conduct research, pro#ide ad#ocac! and de#e"op programs. $he %ouis &ie" Institute was created b! an /ct of the Manitoba %egis"ature, which recei#ed &o!a" assent on :o#ember ;, 1995. /s a charitab"e non6profit organi8ation, the institute promotes the educationa" and cu"tura" ad#ancement of Metis )eop"e. $he %ouis &ie" Institute is a"so responsib"e for promoting awareness of the #a"ues, cu"ture, heritage and histor! of the Metis peop"e in Manitoba. $he ob(ecti#es of %&I as out"ined in )ro#incia" 4tatute are2
Objects In furthering its purpose, the Institute may (a) promote, undertake and support research into Manitoba history and into the culture, education and languages of the Metis people; (b) establish, conduct and support educational and training programs; (c) act as an advocate for the Metis people and others in the area of education and training; (d) establish and administer scholarship programs for Metis students; (e) provide advice and reports to the Government of Manitoba about education and cultural matters relating to the Metis people, either on its own initiative or at the request of the Government; (f) act as a resource centre and archives for written and other materials concerning Metis education, history, heritage, culture and languages and provide and publish written and other materials relating to education curriculum development; (g) further the educational and socio economic development of the Metis people in Manitoba!

9u"ture defines who we are, and it encompasses our entire wa! of "ife, our ethics, our institutions, our manners and our routines. $he most high"! de#e"oped and imaginati#e aspects of our cu"ture are the arts, which he"p to shape our identit! as a communit! and contribute to enhancing our wa! of "ife. $his was recogni8ed b! Manitoba<s founding Father, %ouis &ie", and e7pressed in his prediction2 M !eo!le "ill slee! for one hundred ears# "hen the a"ake it "ill be the artists "ho gi$e them their s!irit back%& Mission 'tatement: $he %ouis &ie" Institute is the mandated authorit! responsib"e for Metis education and cu"ture in Manitoba.

Mandate: $he LRI ad$ances the education of Metis !eo!le% The LRI is res!onsible for !romoting the $alues# culture# heritage and histor of Metis in Manitoba% Cultural su!!ort: The Illustrated Metis History Series 2 $his series was created for use in e"ementar! schoo" c"assrooms. $he series consists current"! of fi#e books ranging in grade "e#e"s from two though si7. Most tit"es se"" for ,5.95. *ach book comes with a g"ossar!, suggested pro(ects and a "ist of research materia"s. The titles are: Louis Riel Louis Riel and the Resistance of ())* The Birth of the Metis +ation The Battle of 'e$en Oaks The Buffalo ,unters

LRI regularl holds cultural "orksho!s in the follo"ing to!ic areas: Introductor and Intermediate Bead"orking 9apote making Introduction to Michif %anguage Finger =ea#ing the Metis 4ash 4ash =ea#ing on Ink"e %ooms )"a!ing the 4poons )"a!ing the Mouth >arp ?>armonica@ %earning to 0ig %ecture series on Introduction to Michif Identit! and >eritage 'u!!ort and -onations: )eop"e ho"ding historica" Metis artifacts, photographs or documents are encouraged to donate items to the %ouis &ie" >eritage 9o""ection and recei#e a ?9anadian@ 9haritab"e Donation $a7 &eceipt. Librar ,oldings: %&I has the "argest ho"ding of Michif "anguage research in :orth /merican. %&I has the "argest ho"ding of Metis specific research and "riting in +orth America% Our current bibliogra!h has o$er *#... entries% LRI has the largest holding of !hotogra!hic e/am!les of Metis bead"ork in +orth America%

LRI does not o!erate a lending librar but does tr make co!ies of its heritage materials a$ailable to researchers around the "orld% %&I does (oint pro(ects and works co""aborati#e"! with our 4askatchewan counterpart the Aabrie" Dumont Institute. For further information contact2 %awrence Barkwe"" 9oordinator of Metis >eritage and >istor! &esearch %ouis &ie" Institute *6Mai"2 "barkwe" )hone 2 ?-.D@ 58+68D1D %ouis &ie" Institute 1.;615. >enr! /#enue =innipeg, MB &;B .01 )hone2 ?-.D@ 98D69D8. Fa72 ?-.D@ 98D69D8D *6Mai"2 " =ebsite2 www."ouisrie"

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