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Rap 420: Know your rights

2009 Rainbow Guide
This rap sheet has been prepared to help you stay out of jail. In the past, rainbow gatherings have been the target of unjustified police influence and harassment, often
illegal. Many of the brothers and sisters that have been arrested in the past could have completely avoided wasted jail time and expensive court dates if they had just
known a few of their basic rights. This rap sheet is a tool. Read and understand it and next time YOU will have the upper hand in the situation.


When heading to a gathering, ALWAYS assume you will run into a roadblock on the way in. It is very important that you know your rights before reaching the
roadblock because this is where most of the coercive tactics and encroachments of rights will take place. Law enforcement officers are trained to intimidate people into
consenting to searches. You may be asked SEVERAL times during the detention if they can search your car or person. ALWAYS refuse and you'll be fine. The only
legal reason they have to search you without arrest is that they feel they are in danger of being attacked, which should not be an issue with rainbows.

If you do find yourself under arrest for any reason, always exercise your right to silence. Continue to refuse to allow any searches and politely inform them that you will
not say anything until your attorney is present.A. Your driver's license, registration and proof of insurance should be legal and accessible. You will sometimes need all
three as the requirement laws vary from state to state. Always assume that you need all three and you'll never have a problem.

B. Your car must be road-legal. No broken tail-lights, windshields, headlights, etc. You will be cited for these.

C. Never leave anything in "plain view". Anything inside the car that is visible to the officer is considered to be in "plain view" Although this does not give them the right
to search your car, they can confiscate the item and place you under arrest. They will still need to obtain a warrant to search the rest of your car which will not be very
hard if they found something in plain view.

D. Never consent to a search of your body or your vehicle. This is your fourth amendment. The only reason they would ask is that they do not have enough evidence
to obtain a search warrant (or they may just be too lazy to get one). JUST SAY NO!!

At rainbow gatherings in the past, officers have been known to plant drugs in cars after consent to search is given. You can avoid this problem by refusing to consent.

E. If you are harassed or mistreated, write down all the information you can about the incident. The officer's county, name, rank, badge number, etc. Date, time of day,
location, etc. Contact one of the organizations listed at the end of this document to pursue the matter or just file a complaint with that officer's superior.


It is important to remember a few things about police officers. One is that they are aware of your rights and they have been known to intentionally violate them. If you
find yourself in a situation with an officer who is out of control, it is best to be submissive in order to avoid injury or even death. Remember that THEY are ARMED
AND DANGEROUS! If you are stopped by an officer outside of a vehicle, your contact with him/her will fall into three categories. Consensual contact, detention or
arrest. We are mainly concerned with consensual contact and detention as this document is intended to help you in NOT GETTING ARRESTED.


Consensual contact means the officer comes up to you and says, "Can I speak with you?" If you say "yes", you have consented to have contact with the police. This is
not good. When you consent to contact, you waive some of your rights especially if you think you may be guilty of something. NEVER consent to speak with an
officer. If the officer asks, "Can I talk to you?", reply with something like "I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry and don't have time to talk to you right now." If he/she insists, ask,
"Are you detaining me? Am I free to leave?" You should ask this several times to make sure the officer will remember you asking if the encounter results in an arrest
and court case. If it is really a consensual contact, the officer is required to let you go on your way if you ask to. If you don't verbally ask to leave, the court will
presume you consented to whatever follows.


The police are only allowed to detain citizens when there are "Specific and Articulate able Facts supporting suspicion" (SAF) that you are involved in criminal activity.
This means they can't detain you on a "hunch." They must have observed something about your behavior or character that links you with specific criminal activity. If
you are detained without SAF, you are detained illegally. If this matter ever lands in court, you may be able to get off because the original detention on their part was
illegal. When you use terms like "detention" and "specific and articulable facts", the officer will usually back down a bit. The majority of a police officer's power in the
united states comes from intimidation and prey on the public's ignorance of its own rights. It is crucial that you let the officer know that you are not consenting to talk
with him and that the only way you will talk to him is if he detains you which he can not do without SAF.


If you find yourself under arrest, there's not much left you can do. You are going to be searched. It is important to continue refusing consent to search your vehicle (if
there is one involved) as they will still need a search warrant to search your vehicle. This, however, will not be difficult to obtain now that you are under arrest.

By refusing to consent to a search of your vehicle, though, you are maintaining your position. They may get impatient and search the vehicle without a warrant which
is completely illegal. If this happens, anything they find in the vehicle will not be accepted by the court because it was evidence obtained illegally.

Those are the basics rights you have when involved with the police. By exercising these rights and using a little common sense, you should be able to have a safe and
happy gathering. Below are some legal contacts you may find yourself in need of if placed under arrest. Love your brothers & sisters with guns even when
they are misguided.
Rainbow’s Song by Hung-Tsu Chen

Cover Art: Hung-Tsu Chen Rainbow Gathering 2009: Journal and Sketches
Title: Rainbow's Song
Artist’s Web Page:
Contact the artist at to purchase an original print or a custom painting.

The people in this book are open to contact with any respectful person who may have freely submitted their names for publication. These
listing provide a coast to coast collection of spirit mates for you to trade energy and knowledge with.
Please remember, as you travel, to give in the measure you receive, and to follow the Golden Rule when you are in another’s space. As
a courtesy to your hosts, please call or write before showing up.

Welcome Home to the 2009 Rainbow Gathering! I hope everyone arrived in Cuba, New Mexico safely and without incident. Last year
we raised $565 in the Magic Hat and $85 in donations were sent in. The total cost of printing has yet to be finalized; it is sufficient to say,
it is more than was raised. I printed as many copies as I could; I will reprint more copies when it is possible. All of you who have written
letters or sent donations to the guide; thank you. I will answer them and send a copy of the new guide after this year’s gathering. Thanks
to everyone who forged that way before me with pervious guides. I truly appreciate all of your efforts. If the spirit is willing, I will see you in
New Mexico. If I missed anyone’s submission, or messed up your information…my apologizes.
Peace and Love brothers and sisters!!!
~ The Editor
Submissions for the 2010 Guide can be sent to:
Rainbow Guide
PO Box 772
Black Mountain, NC 28711

According to Wikipedia…..
Cuba is a village in Sandoval County, New Mexico, in the United States. As of the 2000 census, the village population was 590. It
is part of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. A fast growing town located off the busy 550 highway, Cuba has a large
amount of new construction, and several hotels, restaurants and bars.

Cuba is located at 36°1′6″N 106°57′35″W (36.018325, -106.959642)

According to the United States Census Bureau, the village has a total area of 1.3 square miles (3.3 km²), all of it land.

As of the census of 2000, there were 590 people, 222 households, and 152 families residing in the village. The population
density was 465.3 people per square mile (179.4/km²). There were 290 housing units at an average density of 228.7/sq mi
(88.2/km²). The racial makeup of the village was 44.07% White, 0.17% African American, 26.78% Native American, 0.68% Asian,
23.90% from other races, and 4.41% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 60.34% of the population.

There were 222 households out of which 38.3% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 43.7% were married couples
living together, 18.9% had a female householder with no husband present, and 31.1% were non-families. 29.3% of all households
were made up of individuals and 8.1% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size
was 2.66 and the average family size was 3.24. In the village the population was spread out with 33.2% under the age of 18,
7.8% from 18 to 24, 23.9% from 25 to 44, 21.9% from 45 to 64, and 13.2% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age
was 32 years. For every 100 females there were 99.3 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 95.0 males.

The median income for a household in the village was $21,538, and the median income for a family was $26,250. Males had a
median income of $26,667 versus $17,000 for females. The per capita income for the village was $11,192. About 36.5% of
families and 41.3% of the population were below the poverty line, including 54.1% of those under age 18 and 40.0% of those age
65 or over. The National Holiday Tree for 2005 was harvested from the Santa Fe National Forest near Cuba.

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More information on Family Light lines can be found Table of Contents

Arizona Lightline (928) 636-6742 North Central AZ

Casa Grande Lightline (520) 723-5345 Coolidge, AZ

Jesus Camp (877) 566-7264 Page Section
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3,4 Find your way home
Mid-Atlantic Rainbow Lightline (202) 797-3625 Washington, DC
5 While Gathering
Florida Lightline (352) 463-0450 Florida 11 Health & Happiness
Tampa Bay Area Lightline (813) 234-0856 Tampa, FL 12 Counsels
HO! Lightline (770) 662-6112 Atlanta, GA
14 Year Round
15-20 Raps
Great Lakes Rainbow (734) 761-4243 Ann Arbor, MI
21 Region I (MA, RI, NH, ME, VT, CT), Region II (NJ, NY, PA)
Great Lakes Rainbow - Michigan 248-228-3513 Montague, MI
22 Region III (DE, DC, MD, WV)
MIssouri Lightline (417) 831-5570 SW Missouri after 6PM CST
22, 23 Region IV (NC, SC, GA, FL)
Upper Applegate Ministries (417) 938-4606 So Missouri 24 Region V (OH, IN, MI, WI, IL)
Ripple Ranch (406) 826-0260 Plains, Montana 25, 26 Region VI (AL, TN, MS, KY)
NERF (NorthEast Rainbow Family) (845) 774-4100 New York
26 Region VII (IO, MN, SD, ND, NE), Region VIII (MO, AR, OK)
27, 28 Region IX (LA, TX,)
New York Rainbow (212) 560-7111 New York City
29 Region X (MT, WY, ID), Region XI (CO, UT, AZ, NM)
Black Swamp Tribe (419) 435-4444 NW Ohio
30 Region XI (CO, UT, AZ, NM)
Cincinatti / Cleveland Hotline (888) 511-4783 Miami, Ohio
31 Region XII (OR, WA, AK)
G.A.E.A Fest (419) 232-4679 NW Ohio 32, 33, 34 Region XIII (NV, CA, HI)
OM Valley Rainbow (513) 956-1675 Miami, Ohio 35 Region XIV (Canada), Region XV (International)
North West Tribes Hotline (503) 727-2498 Portland, OR
36 Region XVII (Cyberspace)
37 Region XVIII (Behind the Walls), Region XIX (Moved On)
Philadephia Rainbow Family (215) 701-7233 Philadelphia, PA

Rhode Island Rainbow (401) 785-3175 Rhode Island

Texas Drums Community 214) 823-DRUM Dallas, TX

BC Coastal Lightline (250) 537-6733 British Columbia

Ontario Rainbow Family (519) 942-2618 Ontario

Dutch RB Info-line 020 468 3344 Holland

Helvetia Rainbow +41 31 331 01 Switzerland The Rainbow Guide is not authorize by or affiliated with any group of individual other than those who staff or contribute to The
Rainbow Guide itself. The Guide is an independent publication, not affiliated with the congregation of people observed to have
been called the Rainbow Family the Gathering of the Tribes, or the Rainbow Gathering for Peace and Healing, or any other
name. The Guide is not, and could not, be authorized by Vision Council. The cost of printing and distribution is covered solely by
contributions, and the Guide is to be given away for free, and not sold for money. Any further reproduction of the personal entries
37 in these pages, in any medium, is not to be done without the permission for the stewards of the Rainbow Guide. The contents of
the Raps and the Mini-Manual are available to be reproduced and distributed freely.

Oz calm-unity
Mini-Manual: Find Your Way Home Once again there is a Hopi brother
behind bars and would like very much to Inner Child- by Leslie Benton
write to a sister. I took the wheel from a
drunk who couldnt drive but ended up
Our Name Focalizing Area: we are focalizing getting caught in his place. If you would
disaster relief. like to write please feel free I also do very Through time and space we
Any Gathering that bears the name "Rainbow" is a completely free, non-commercial event. All supplies are donated or paid for detailed drawings mainly about life on
with money donated to the "Magic Hat". There is no admission fee. No money is exchanged within the Gathering. This frees us Many of the good and valuable things do more for ourselves
Hopi that are very reasonably priced.
you do will go unnoticed by everyone Many of you would know me through my
from legal entanglements and guarantees our Constitutional right to gather on public lands. Our Gatherings are open to all else. Do them anyway, because you will
peaceful people. There is no membership, no administration. There are no leaders. No one is turned away. Any non-violent know. Many of the contributions you
other art media. I will see you all at the to focus our thoughts on
trading circle in 2010.
person with a belly button is welcome. You are a Rainbow by simply deciding that you are one, and your voice is equal to that make will not be fully appreciated by peace than to simply forget or
others. Make them anyway, because
of any other Rainbow, be it your 1st gathering or your 20th. ignore
they're the right things to do. It's great
when you receive recognition for the work Region XIX (Moved On)
Scouting you do and the high standards you
maintain. Yet even when there is no
the violence we have
Scouts provide a great service and
commitment to the Family by finding
possibility of recognition, there is still Marilyn endured. Hatred fuels hatred
plenty of reason to give your very best. Marilyn passed away 11/25/07 after a 4
the best location for our Gatherings Even when no one else is watching, you tenfold
year struggle with cancer. She lived a
that meet all essential criteria. are watching. Even when no one else good life. We have a photo memorial at
Experienced scouts research potential appreciates the value of what you're and ignorance is the stricken
doing, you understand that value. Your mpeace/ To contact her family
sites using topographical maps, aerial honest, authentic view of yourself will reach her
match. Let us not be engulfed
photos and leads from local folks. They influences all that you do. And that view husband. Thanks for your love.
then coordinate with regional focalizers is formed largely during the times when
no one is watching. Be ever true to
by the flames of our pained
and attend Spring Scouting yourself and to the values you hold dear.
Region IV:XX youth. Let us instead, learn
Rendezvous. Your life is a living expression of who you
truly know you are!!! LOVE IS THE the lesson.
Green Spirit (2009 Guide Editor)
PO Box 772
Our inner child is speaking.
Black Mountain NC 28711
"Howdy Folks" Worldwide Rainbow info. Family Save our future.
When the Gathering site has been chosen, a "Howdy Folks" notice is sent to local worldwide, lovin' you. Ever in NYC?
Send me an email!
focalizers and posted on computer networks. This notice contains instructions for Lovin you family! I hope you enjoy this Power to the peaceful.
getting to the site and other specifics including maps and contact phone Rainbow Hawk year's guide; it was produced by a staff of
one. This year's guide was produced by a
numbers. Focalizers make copies and otherwise pass the info on to Rainbow and staff of one! I am looking for reliable Franti said it all. Gandhi heard
New Age events, food-coops, community centers, etc. volunteers for next year's guide; please
Rainbow Hawk
email me if you are interested. Take to
the call.
La Paz, Baja California Sur - Mexico heart the "Whose job is it?" rap…words
Rainbow since its' inception and Global without action are just noise. Have a Buddha did his part, one love
Focalizer frank and prosperous gathering! ~ Green
Spirit one heart.
Global Rainbow Gatherings of the Tribes Learn the lesson.

Site Criteria Region XVIII (Behind the Walls) Your inner child is speaking.
It's rare for a site to have everything good in abundance, but it is essential that every site have: Watson Namoki
Safe Drinking Water. This is numero uno. Deep springs or well protected surface water. There should be an ample flow rate to
ADC# 154086
meet the drinking, cooking and washing needs for all who might gather. Figure a minimum of one gallon of water per day per
Arizona State Prison
person. Springs should be a distance upstream from camping areas, marked & guarded to prevent contamination.
Open Meadows for Counsels, workshops, pageants, etc. Meadows should be kept clear of tents/camps. PO Box 18640
Firewood: A good supply of dead wood lying on the ground for fires is needed. Phoenix AZ 85005-8640
Parking: A large enough area for expected cars, vans and live-in vehicles to park safely is necessary. Parking areas should be
close yet clearly separate from the Gathering proper. You don't want easy access for car stereos, beer coolers and a rowdy
party scene. Alternative parking should be arranged for the physically challenged. Only emergency and supply vehicles should
be allowed direct access to the actual Gathering site.
Access Roads: There should be one main road for access to the Gathering which is not a dead end that empties near the Main
Gate. It is important to have a "back door" available for emergencies and heavy supplies.

Seed Camp
At least a week before the Gathering is scheduled to start, a group of people arrive to find and develop water systems, set up
the first kitchen & a health care system, and dig the first latrines. Seed camp folks design the layout of the actual Gathering by
developing trails, selecting a Main Circle site, marking parking areas and setting up Welcome Home. Coop and Banking


Sherry Milford welcome those who can raise the level of Call me Jarvis (Richard Hendricksen)
the dream and contribute vision, those
113 Chapman's Landing Rd 630 Amherst Ave
who can care and love others, who can
Nipissing Village ON P0H 1W0 CN cook and clean, those who can build and Oshkosh WE
repair and sand down and re-paint and those who can prune, and plant and
weed. Or maybe just come for a visit and Focalizing Area: I have never helped
Greetings! For the Rainbow Guide, can I
re-connect. Contact to see. before so I can't wait to start with
put in a call for out Farm help? We offer
whatever I can.
accommodation and meals for travelers
who will work in our organic fields a few When I was 16 my cousin took me to a
hours a day? We have specially built Region XVI (On the Road) gathering. I understood right away but
"hobo houses" for the farm help and soon forgot. I spent my early adult years
would love to extend this to our Rainbow angry about my unfair life. About 5 years
family friends.] Piebird Bed & Breakfast Arielle Morin ago I remembered. Love is not about the
words or methods you use to express it Counsels are set up to address the needs of Seed Camp. Please do not show up for seed camp unless you are willing to chip in
On the road or how long the people you love are here on the work.
Region XV (International) but rather the feeling you get when you
know it is there. Once you have it you The Forest Service
General whatnots…have a van; willing to start trying to live it to make it last. If we
take people along for the ride. We cooperate with the rangers of the USDA Forest Service in doing the job they were hired for: protecting the land. The local
Andreeas Kosmowicz can feel it just a little everyday then we
can live it everyday, what a difference forest rangers are notified of a Gathering from Seed Camp. We honor their ecological concerns for a site, and we treat them
Hobein Strasse #5 that would make. I am so glad to have it with respect. They became rangers because they love the land as we do. At times, rangers have given the family valuable tips,
On the road in my life, and can't wait to share it all and wild seed for replanting. DO remember though that forest rangers are law enforcement officials that have the power to with you. I am strong and can do a lot of
any kind of work to help out. arrest you. We choose not to sign permits or to make agreements with the Government. Since we are a Gathering of equal
Need contact to German Rainbow Family
in Leipzig and other cities. I'll be helping psychedelictourist.blogspot.comI'd rather Individuals, no one person has the right to represent anyone else and thus no one has the authority to sign a permit as a
smoke schwag bud with kind people than Donald Creese
you! Love & Light! representative of the Rainbow Family. In choosing not to sign, we are exercising our Constitutional right to assemble
kind bud with schwag people. At
Honi Hawk & Glowing Feather (Rozi & Rainbow '08, I smoked kind bud with kind peaceably.
Maji) people. I own 20 acres in montana on a
mountain top and im inviting all and any First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America
Sate Fe PZ Elif Akyol rainbows to come for a visit any time they "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the wish....thank you. freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a
Peace Full Sail Euro Rock Focalizing Area: sun, colors, clouds, Fern & Willow redress of grievances."
+41.43.366.0428 trees, life, love, links, cooking, reading, On the road. painting, customising… Alexis Zorba written bu Kazantzakis
Flow from your heart. Unity-Harmony-
People interested in helping our mission Don Quichotte by Cervantes Diversity.
for World Peace are always needed. We plant seeds, we don´t eat money paper Foxfire
produce events for human rights and
world peace. Our ongoing Peace Full Sail Feed the heart with Rainbow Love. Be;
is setting up its third sail mission having Vegan, work with ecology, love mother,
sailed already from Spain to Florida. Next love Alaska.
is Guatemala bringing school supplies Mike Ruppert for President in 2012
and clothing for children there. We plan Hawk
to sail thru the Panama Canal to western Region XVII (Cyberspace)
USA and then???? where the wind blows
us for peace and love! hey there, and much peace and love from
Ros Floyd-Sanchez Art hawk who is sailing peacefully through
the great lakes, down the st. lawrence
24,Royal Crescent
river, and then....somewhere over the rainbow. to kind phamily along the way,
Love. don't be old boat likes company
Hello, I'm a small voice in a warm
Beautiful Alabama Rainbow Family Javier Romero
wilderness opening up the little cottage
gate for like-minded souls to come and (BARF)
share. Living in a cottage with a large,
wild garden and beautiful views. Waiting Peace, Love, Happiness.
for the right people to appear to make the
Mary & Barnabus Gillmon D'Avanzo
dream of a spiritual centre come true. wfamily
Opening the door to the sincere dreamer;
We have an awesome drum circle on the
and contributor who wishes to be a part
first Sunday of every month at Rhodes
of the future awakening alongside others, park in Birmingham, AL (you can google
creating the future together. To make this a map) And we do two small gatherings
dream work we now need co-owners to per year. On each of the Equinox's.
buy in to the property to keep it all afloat
and allow us to expand and build wooden We also focalize the "Sweet 'Om" kitchen
huts and dream shelters. Property at nationals and some regionals.
Financial Shares available at all sizes Lovin you family!
from small to large (living in or not). Also
-=] RiverMan [=-


Mark Caporale will never see true happiness and love, or Thomas Fitch
be able to share it with others.
792 Rainey St. Dublin CA 94568
Naomi and Rasta
La Mesa CA 91942 916.622.3864
619.463.0059 c
ericopsEmail if you are interested in
San Jacinto CA helping with Jerusalem Camp. Come to
951.487.1092 h 619.677.0882 LL c Berkeley for Shabbat.
Looking for Southern Cal Rainbow family
interested in weekend outing in Borrego Region XIV (Canada)
or Joshua tree. Email anytime.
Focalizing Area: heya , I am a sister that
MaryAnn VanHoomissen helps the family focalizers focalize
around sothern cali. We love you. Charles Nelson
P. O. Box 57116
Welcome home. Our roots are the family PO Box 75141 Westhills RPO
Los Angeles CA 90057 that planted long ago, We are the
branches that reach and grow, Let our Calgary Alberta T3H-3MI CN children be the leaves To flower and
Work for Love seed, A forest of family Rainbow warriors
will lead. I need my rainbow family to visit and
Mike & Tiana D. crash on the couch.
Night Owl
15-2874 Puna Rd #9372 CoffeeLuke
PO Box 4254
Pahoa HI 96778 Vancouver BC CN
Yankee Hill CA 95965
808.965.8422 604.720.6930 530.370.6246 c Lovin Granola Funk/Kids Village. Lovin edal-scooterno-plastic-
you Rainbow Family. I have 5 acres in N. body.htmlFocalizing Area: Island tribe
Weekly gathering, drum circles at Puna's California needing rainbow love.
black sand beach. Work/trade for E-bikes,coffee, vending etc
camping/cabins. Rainbow State. Love Rainbow Light
Jah see ya on vancouver island
2206 Curtis St.
Miles David
Berkeley CA 44702
Salt Lake NV P.O. Box 229
508.367.0655 c Roberts Creek BC V0N 2W0 CN
We Love you!!! Lil' Bear
Reverend Lisa (Lisa M. LaFont)
Peace & Love; Lovin you Family! 9433 152 Street
1321 North C Street
Mush M (Michelle Bean) Lower Suite
Sacramento CA 95811
10831 Portofino Place Surry BC V3R 5Y5 CN
916 446 4961 c
Mini-Manual: While Gathering Los Angeles CA 90077 778.395.0565 h 778.990.5414; RevLisa@live.comI will be starting a small self-contained farm in summer Ace threw me in with Wrecking Crew
The Silent Circle for Prayer and Healing Munchkin/1092834582?sid=0&ref=searc 2009 on aprox. 40 acres. I would like back in '92; a while later I ended up on
July 4th Morning h contact from family to work together Grizz's Magic Bus... Nick driving, Shane
getting started. my goal is for an 6-8 trippin', me singin', some sister ALWAYS
We gather to focus on LOVE, nature, our better nature, healing division, and to honor and respect all positive contributions to Offerings: anything and everything. love, family community where we can begin to cooking! ...and Brother Ed always close
the evolution of earth and all life. On July 4th, from daybreak till high noon, the camp is hushed, hopefully no talking at all. It kindness, food, lodging, transportation, host gatherings in the northern California by. Mountain Mike - Canadian born,
is a wonderful exercise to communicate without words. People gather in Main Circle to meditate for World Peace and the music, books, art, compassion wants: to area, as we are limited at this time and American Trade, I miss you and Wood. In
be surrounded by loving, giving, and this location is perfect. please contact me
Healing of the Earth. This is a time of profound energy. Explore your deepest feelings so that your healing might will be my heart forever! Sending me off with Dirt
caring people, free of judgment, lacking for more info Message: I has vast to get to my first Rainbow Gathering -
complete. The silence is broken with a resonant OM after the Children's Parade enters the Circle, after high noon. ANY mean bone in their bodies. To share knowledge of services and directions in New Mexico Nationals 1995 Carson
experiences and joy with these people. this area for travelers. I do all hand-crafts,
PLEASE respect the morning silence. There is plenty of time in life for noise. National Forest. Do you know that you
Experience, learn, live and love a new am family oriented, and would like to changed my life? I think of you often my
way of life, sense of community and share my farm project adventure (that will
Main Meadow friend. Floor Space & hot showers for 1
loving bonds. Needs: to become an independent film) with other or 2 coming through... Showers
Main Meadow is the epicenter of the Gathering, located in an open field large enough to accommodate many people. It is see/experience/live a life different than knowledgeable members please sent mandatory upon arrival ;) if you find
where we coordinate Main Counsel, Dinner circle, various prayers, celebrations, & events, including our Silent Meditation for the one I currently do. I feel sheltered and inquires and we will discuss our yourself North of the border and just East
trapped in my currently lifestyle, experiences.
World Peace on the morning of July 4th. There should be no tents or fires here. This meadow is for all. Its energy should be of the Pacific, stop by! **** Would Love
surrounded by others who only care for
kept clear and pure. Trade circle should NOT be in sight. Sergio Maredal to find Rick Thomas Fox,-yer boy is
their own instant gratification. I am
almost 6 ft tall ;-) we need pictures of
burdened daily, helping and giving to 19418 Scroll St your side of the family! fbook? and
those who are ungrateful, shallow, and
Reseda CA 91335 Brother Ed- thanks for hanging at Davis
unwelcoming, while maintaining no care
County Jail with me!- both in Utah, last I
for me, regardless of the "things" I do for
heard, love & light
them. I need to flea this life that I have
allowed myself to fall into, or else I know I



J'ai Focalizing Area: there is no task at home, Leaf Star
that I haven't done in the past 34?
P O Box 60282 415 4th Street
National gatherings (at hear plunker,tell
San Diego CA 92166 it!) Sanford CA 81151
hipstories,smoker,agitater,inititater,sumti mes pontificater,tater-peeler,tater- 719.274.5940 h 719.298.9611
eater,(your turn) my memories of last
PLEASE no promotions or great deals
nor ideas please. If you need info I may century gatherings, reminds me that Focalizing Area: getting people pointed The Magic Hat
be of help. At nationals find me at Main Once upon a time, there was no toward the gathering I want to start living This is the fund raising instrument for any Rainbow event. A
INFO. Also connected to Deaf Tribe. "welcome-home"Kitchen,but some a healthy life style no more dissipation.
Looking for very hard core clean up and dedicated folks, with the first step in care-ing for others is Gathering is free for everyone. But the supplies needed to
rehab crews to stay real late yearly. We arps,maps,hugs,smiles,not far from care-ing for yourself basically eating keep everyone well fed and healthy cost money. This includes
need take clean up more seriously. Water parking, where folks who need to escape more alkaline and staying close to the food, medical supplies, gas for shuttle buses and supply
bar steep trails as well as hiding ALL from babble-on, can reconnect with luvin earth hopefully. also still into carving
folks, and momma-e.not the current vehicles, etc. By giving generously to the Magic Hat, each of
traces of being on the land. All traces of walking sticks making candles and
burnt fire pit rocks or logs, ashes, etc out CLUSTER-PLUCK at the start of the trail someday mounting crystals. us helps to provide for all. The Magic Hat appears at group
of site or as we used to say ( FAROUT / home.(yey bro!got any.....we'll take your meals and is sometimes carried by wandering minstrels. Giving
supplies for kidville,hay man!enybody got Lee Horstman
OUTASIGHT ). We will have
donations for our hat?got eny for us? ad early in the Gathering is more helpful than gradual
cleanup/rehab info workshops near the PO Box 263
INFO booth we need YOU even if you nauseum)well...there used ta be a contributions. Be wary of Magic Hats that are not inside the
think you've known this stuff for years. kitchen nearby,off the trail,to hang at. Davenport CA 95017
actual gathering site & personal hats being called "the Magic
We need your input, and hey maybe we thus the G. G.K.wuz hatched.[Geriatric Lia Dunbar Hat". The surest safest place to contribute is at dinner circle in
all can teach some old dogs new tricks. Gypsy's Kafe] a place to help
Peace Love and Blessings. P.S. Farewell elders,share experiences with Vacaville CA 954687 the main meadow. Contributions are cared for by a Banking
journeys to the very many who have youngers,and grow together,after all,the Counsel of at least 5 respected Family members. They count
passed onto other planes this year. paths we follow can be long and
all collected money daily, keep written records of the amounts,
Thank you Rainbow Guide crew. P.S. rewarding,when ya find a groovy place to Hello!
More people need to donate to the all stop fer a spell!! Light,Love,Laughter and make decisions as to how the money is allocated. Receipts
Lindalou aka ManyHugs (Lindsey Tara
important Guide if we are to continue to are kept, and Banking Counsel records are open to all who
Joji Latham)
have one it is costly and important and wish to see them.
necessary. Keep in mind not every 310.621.6288 b 4775 Topaz Street # 166
Rainbow has a computer. Las Vegas NV 89121 Supply
Jaris Dreaming Donations of food and materials are pooled and distributed here. Supplies from individuals can be brought here as well.
Pahoa HI LOS ANGELES RAINBOW FAMILY Banking funds allow money-saving bulk purchases and help cut down waste. This is a major operation, requiring daily Counsels
I am a 3 year Practicing Reiki Master
EXTENDS OUR GREETING AND LOVE Energy Healer. I heal on the levels of and the energy of many. Kitchen representatives meet here to discuss their needs.
mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. BELOVED CITY WITH A NICE WARM Kitchens
I must be approached and asked for a
Lovin' you! Reiki session and there must be a fair Food is obtained from Supply & prepared by the helping hands of hundreds of volunteer choppers, slicers, peelers, stirrers, fire
trade between myself and the being in
Jeff HAVE PLENTY OF LOVE TO SHARE. I tenders, and chefs. Some kitchens serve all day, some have specified meals, some send food to Main Circle, and others offer
want/need of healing (to keep everything
AM THE NETWORK GUY THAT CAN specialized fare like popcorn or coffee. Food sent to Main Circle is vegetarian. balanced and effective). I will be around
Trade Circle and will also be doing Ideally, Every Rainbow should have their own cup, bowl, & spoon that they wash thoroughly after each use. Kitchens must be
sessions at my camp by appointment. I kept CLEAN. Enclose kitchens with railings, and set up hand washing stations. There is no faster way to spread disease than to
Jeffree look forward to contributing a pure
STAY, BUT MAYBE I KNOW OF serve contaminated food. Volunteers in kitchens must wash their hands before working with food, and must not have cuts or
universal light healing energy source to
all beings attending the annual gathering communicable diseases. Work surfaces & implements are washed with bleach water before and after use.
(this also includes animals, plants, food, Food is served by servers with designated tools. People do NOT serve themselves with their own utensils. Personal bowls
land, vehicles. Ect.... Everything is made
SOMEONE GOING YOUR WAY. I should be served at the side of a pot, not over it.
Kuaaina peaceful arts...a place to create of body is merely a channel
LOVE TO HELP YOU FOCALIZE Supplies are not stored on the ground, or in the open. Pets are kept out of kitchens. Every kitchen has a dishwashing station,
and be useful...aerial silks...various for this consciousness of it's own called
lodgings jungelos, yoga Reiki to move through, and live in to heal usually comprised of 5-gallon buckets. One for scraping debris into, one with hot soapy water for washing, one with clear water
those in need, who approach me. I look
Jhond Golder LOCAL BASIS HERE IN LA THAT IS for rinsing, and one with water containing a capful of bleach or vinegar for disinfecting. Wash water is changed regularly. Dirty
forward to having a beautiful gathering
FINE TOO. WE HAVE BEEN DOING cookware should not sit around for hours. Compost pits are dug nearby for food waste. When the contents come up to within a
5749 Hwy 9 Unit A with you all.
GATHERING WITH FRESH GREEN foot of ground level, they are filled in with dirt. A mound of dirt is left on top to level as the waste underneath decomposes &
SALAD. WE WANT TO MAKE SURE settles. If flies start their own gathering at your compost pit, then it's time to cover some of it up. Waste water goes into grey
831.704.7108 c THAT THE FAMILY HAS PLENTY OF Lindalou aka ManyHugs
water pits. Kitchens constantly need firewood and water. Make a habit of bringing a piece of wood when visiting a kitchen. GREENS SO THEY GET THEIR Many Hats (Roadrunner) Each kitchen should also have a first aid kit.
Possible lodging or camping & bus TELL ME WHAT SALAD DRESSING PO Box 1197
space. Call first. Solar energy designer, Front Gate
construction, straw bale & alternatives. TO TALK TO YOU SOON, AND KEEP When you volunteer for Front Gate, you get to see it all come in. The parking lot crew greets the world with hugs and info.
Outdoor skills, constitutional & minor YOUR HEAD UP LOVE AND LIGHT - 831.386.6094 c They maintain an organized and secure parking area, and make an around the clock commitment that involves: greeting new
criminal law legal resource. LOS ANGLES RAINBOW FAMILY Interested in Geriatric Gypsy's. 36 yrs arrivals, giving out information, traffic control, security, minor auto repair, maintaining a kitchen and fire circle, & an active
John Roadrunner now, many smokes, many seeds planted; Shanti Sena. Alcohol energy can be an issue here. Front Gate and Welcome Home are sometimes understaffed. Volunteering
few reaped. Pick a year, many pics and
Boulder Creek CA here is especially helpful.



Belovelife (Kenneth Julio Moilanen) we sing as a feather
Bus Village ank H. Lucido MD now equal today
Bus Village is for those who come in campers or live-in busses or Family Practice since 1979 a boy and a girl
vans. Bus village is a community of its own with kitchens, Medical Cannabis Consultation
Counsels, work crews, and Shanti Sena. Bus Village is usually Focalizing Area: hackeysac some of them dance
Berkeley Ca 94704
well situated to help with Front Gate and Welcome Home. to unite all nations and some of them swirl
alive in a task Brother Love and Sister Peace
link on a level 689 East 18th St
alive with the mass Chico CA 95928
Dunun Liberation Front
different perspectives
Berkeley/ Oakland CA 94703
their dream on a door Hello happy family
people uniting Much love to the fellow children of the
rainbow nation who you are in your Resource for Djembe- Dunun players
to think on a core
natural state is actually something who study the rhythms. If passing
now all the children inconceivable Please remember to come through the area email in advance and
Shuttles are rugged busses or trucks that can provide almost continuous service that is safe & reliable between the parking from your highest motivation even when lets play some Dununbas.
link in a way dealing with the Babylonians Please Feel
area and the Welcome Home center. Drivers need relief regularly. Riders should help with gas and repair expenses. The Dwight "Whytefeather"
energetic vibrations free to swing by camp mindfully for our
parking crew seeks vehicles for possible use as shuttles.
morning meditation circles and evening PO Box 672Arcata CA 95518-0672
video game to play heart song circles And if you're in
Welcome Home 707.822.9869 B h 707.496.6324
linking to levels Northern California and need a place to
Welcome Home is set up past the front gate, just before the main camping areas to meet & greet people as they enter the site. stay We always have a space for family;
It provides a place for people to rest from their journey, to be informed about site specifics conditions, and to receive copies of that network a way on the road just call first to make sure
"Rap 107" and "Rap 701". A site map is posted. New arrivals may be offered coffee, tea, water, and/or a hug. now more can read that we're not away Brother Love and
Sister Peace Butterfly and Rainbow
Kid Village and what do they say Focalizing Area: My main area of interest
Bodhi and Shimmer is the Light Family Tribe. All efforts need
Kid Village is a place for children to find other children, parents to meet other parents, & all to share and grow in parenting. It if we listen cooperation and not just one person.
Cheryl Lien
facilitates the needs of kids, parents, and pregnant & nursing moms. It has a kitchen, shade, playthings, and people who are as they play a new way
1555 East Rochelle #216 Mainly interested in networking with other
good with children. Kid Village should be located a distance from main meadow to minimize noise at night. Kitchen help, spiritual folks, including setting up the
a post as a beam
musicians, storytellers, and game leaders are always welcome. Child awareness is always of paramount concern. Keep track of Las Vegas NV 89119 Unity/New Thought Camp/Kitchen; would
to lighten their way like to "Pass the Torch" on Redwood
your children. Kid Village is NOT simply a drop off zone. Know where your children are, when they should meet you or be back 702.540.5884 c
maybe more move Rainbow to new folks.
to your camp. If you entrust their care to someone else, be sure you know that person to the point of having spent some time
with them. If you leave your children at Kid Village, clearly inform others of your going, expected return, and if possible, leave worldwide in a day Esther
I just learned about this gathering from
word where you can be found. For small children, pin a tag with their name, your name, and where you are camped on their like elders the 60"s PO Box 77
Freeman. I would like to find more
shirt. If your child gets lost, don't wait too long to act. Inform Child Search at Info or Kid Village. people from Vegas planning to attend Berkeley CA 94701
united today
Chris Kelly 501.420.0544 c
maybe a mixture
of ideas today 115 Ann Ave
Shanti Sena Port Huenene CA 93041
for in which direction Faith and family
Shanti Sena is Sanskrit for peace keeper. If a problem develops, calling
does earth choose to play 805.452.9501 c PO Box 106
"Shanti Sena" loudly will bring assistance. In truth, everyone is a peace
when we are young Inyokern CA 93527
keeper. We all watch out for each other. Often a group can prevail in a
conflict where a single person can not. Some of the Family is 12 Stepper, music fan, motorcycling 760.377.5179 h
we sit and we play
enthusiast, live in Colorado in the
professionally trained in conflict resolution. Talking with Respect &
when we are old summer.
Compassion is tried first. If physical intervention can not be avoided, it We are a small family and have space for
we watch and we say Dan Farkas
is done gently without inflicting injury. We respond nonviolently & with travelers and family passing thru.We
Love. In a general sense, We are all Shanti Sena. Help by minding your nor older today 3131 Homestew Rd, #18A have been blessed with a lovely
I sit and I look house.Pets are welcome.LOVE ALL
valuables & keeping an eye on a neighbors camp when their away. Santa Clara CA 95051
an elder some say 408.241.8971 c
Greg Sherrill
now electrical nook
Smartville Colt CA 95977
dreams of the mountains I am a coach, teacher, speaker, healer,
focalizer. I love fun, adventure, music,
memories of hills
massage, and laughter. Pass the feather.
a dessert a flower
Dr. Frank Lucido MD
and arctic the seals
Graceland Tea Mansion
Info I see all as we
Berkeley CA 94704
Info is the Gathering's communications center. All Counsels, events, and focalizers report here daily with announcements and
and dance together
needs. Anyone with anything noteworthy to share should come here to pass the word. Lost and Found and Rumor Control are
like birds in a flock
here. Printed handouts on a variety of subjects can be distributed here. Maps, rider boards, and bulletin boards are nearby.
There is a "Volunteer Here" board for people wanting to plug in & help. Projects needing assistance make their needs known
here. It is also a good place to report an emergency or large concern.


Region XII (OR, WA, AK) Lester Padriga Deep, Big Smile - Camping available on
our land in the summertime. Much love
10842 SE 187th Lane
beautiful family!
Aubi. (Amanda) Renton WA 98055
Sarah Thornton
Seattle WA 425.772.5516 c
8805 N. Cedar Rd Marken Trade Circle
Spokane WA 99208 PO Box 545 Barter and the mutual exchange of crafts and the like are encouraged. One thing exchanged directly for another thing, or for a
Siskyou Tipi Village
abyx Eugene OR 97440 service performed. Money changing in the temple is unacceptable. No money should ever change hands here. Using money
Ashland OR
PLEASE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO HIT jeopardizes our right to use public land. Trading un-used commercially produced goods is in bad taste. The gathering is for
541.915.1295 c
ME UP ANYTIME OF YEAR FAMILY, IM sharing hearts, not making profit & the funky energy that goes with it. As a result, consensus was reached in 1995 that Trade
Focalizing Area: gatherings and skill Circle should not be on the main trail, or in sight of the Main Meadow.
GATHERINGS! shares in the siskyou/cascades. we are
Nava Sundari Devi Dasi
Daniel David open to sharing these amazing mtns with
Eugene OR folks interested in living simply, we want
PO Box 112 to wild craft more, go on tracking/scouting Mini-Manual: Respecting the Land
Elk WA 99009 missions and get gatherings going here..
May your heart lotus fully blossom with more Divine love!
Tony Water
Time is short. My best ins't good Northwest Tribes
enough. Faith is the key. It’s a gift. Ask. AK Water sources are our lifeblood, and they must
PO Box 545
Erik Kito Ras 479.227.1274 be protected from the very first day. The safest
Eugene OR 97440 drinking water comes from springs. Once a
New York OR
503.727.2498 LL h Waldron Arkansas ~South of Ft Smith spring is designated for use, it is marked off
845.586.4973 h 503.734.6117 about 55 miles on 71 hwy~ Have
Call for recorded message- with strings or ribbons. No campsite or latrine crashspot for a few for a few days if
Calendar of events, ie: potluck picnics, needed. I am a Peaceable Warrior of The should be located above or within 300 feet of
A journey in acceptance, I dance to the
beat of heavy hymns and harmony, a Rainbow as well as being an ordained these springs. Never pour liquid wastes into or
overnight drum circles, weekend
love for free and for to be, the eye within campouts,regionals, and annual minister in The THC Ministries Allways near a water source or on the ground nearby.
the mountain, the pulse within the sea. gathering information. looking to meet new kind family SHINE~
Instead, dig a grey water pit at least 300 feet
ONELOVE Loving You Family and your
Featherlight (James Blair) WE LOVE YOU . dedication in making this publication You away. Never use soap in a water source, not
1900 Fort Vancouver Way #320 Osee Love Israel ROCK tyedyedkid2001~~~tdk even bio-degradable soap. Instead, use a water
Tyler Blais and Amy Lewis bucket at least 300 feet away. Never dip a
Vancouver WA NomadicPacific NW WA
260 Alder st. canteen or cup into a water source. Use a
541.531.3800 c
common hose or dipper. Drink only water that Junction City OR 97448
Wants family to take back front gate. you know has been scientifically tested, boiled
I am a writer and poet, centered on Love Ripple Ranch 541.206.4629 h 541.255.8420 c
or adequately filtered. Even the purist looking
and Truth, which I believe we water can contain micro-organisms that can
demonstrate through kindness and #10 Tyler M Road
compassion. I love Jesus, and I miss We always want to help family, We cause severe intestinal illness. To be absolutely
Plains MT 59859
Jerry. would love to help out family on the move safe, water should reach a rolling boil for a few
406.826.0015 h with a warm meal and possibly a bed for
Green Buddha Sprout the night. minutes. Keep your leashed dog away from faucets.
4528 NE 18th Ave
Ripple Ranch IS a light line too!
Portland OR 97211 Region XIII (NV, CA, HI) Wildlife
Ripple Ranch is 10 acres at the base of
503.727.2498 c the road going to Corona Lake in We gather in the Cathedral of Nature & disturb the environment as little as possible. Riverbanks and wetland are vulnerable
Sprout Farm, Friday Funday 5:30, Yoga, Northwest Montana. It is home to ecosystems. Do not go near them. Older phyla like mosses & ferns are especially fragile. Leave beaver ponds alone. Stay far
Emerald Otter aka Kyla , Josh , and our Amy Kriozere
Circus Arts Music Jam. We Love you! from baby animals. Grown animals defend their young in a beastly way. Use things where they lie. The more you move, the
son Django. All are welcome to our 2270 N Beachwood Drive #16
Kimberly Averett Summer Solstice Celebrations held more you have to move back. Hang tarps from trees; use existing branches for structure rather than cutting and setting posts.
yearly. Also, call about potlucks, Los Angeles CA
Roseburg OR 97470 Cut no living tree. Do not break live branches. Use only dead wood. Make few trails & stay on them. DO NOT LITTER. If you
drumming, and music jams. Travelers 818.857.2480 smoke, pocket your butts. If you pack it in, you must pack it out. If you don't, someone else will have to do it for you. Hence,
541.530.0284 c Welcome! Y'all come! Peace Out!
Argent (Isara Chellis) pick up trash left by others who have not yet learned the Rainbow Way. Educate them with kindness. It’s good for the soul.
Kimothy_the_Sage@Yahoo.comhttp://ww Riverstone Waldorf & Joann McKown
1463 Church St. The earth is our mother, we must take care of her. firmly believe
85642 Svarverud Road
that the Rainbow Family has changed my Ventura CA805 340.4296
life for the good. I can only hope that by Eugene OR 97405
spreading love and peace we can make
the world a better place before it's too 541.232.9838 c I recommend
late. Deep lymphatic massage
Focalizing Area: Bringing people
together, holding sacred space Breathe


Central Arizona Tribes. In addition //For Kiva Phoenix Jones
those Folks who might need a place to
Crestone CO 81131 968 Quayle Ave
park busses or tent camp we have a
small piece of land near Seligman Salt Lake City UT 84104
Az//fairly remote/ you have to be self
sufficiant haul your own water,, no Love will take you higher, higher and 801.608.2924 c
electricty.. Love to all my Relations higher
Dreamer, Hobbit , and Rainbow Bob and hari om namah sivaya, hari om, hari om
all the folks here at the Arizona Lightline I honor the place in you in which the
Avoid having an open trench. Build a solid fly-tight cover with
truth, simplicity and love Peace and entire universe dwells.
Fishbowl Rainbow greetings to all kind family where ever
lids. These covers should be washed daily. Preacher Mike
6260 E. 2nd St. you may be in this vast creation. it looks
Keep lime and/or ashes from a wood fire in a can nearby. like there will be a shamanic gathering to VA
Tuscon AZ 85711 acknowledge the galactic alignment
Sprinkle the lime or ashes over your "donation" and then 757.287.9993 c
around 18/19.feb.2013; somewhere in
some dirt to completely cover the waste.
the Andes mountains of south America: in close to where Peru, Bolivia and Chile
Large coffee cans with plastic lids keep toilet paper dry and Tucson. Rainbow in Second Life. meet. check out drunvalo melchizedek's I am in a period of transition, currently
clean. book; serpent of light. rumming/chanting, sending out resumes
Hasting, Cal, Corky
bodywork/massage,movement/dance,veg Scott
Maintain a container of water with 1% bleach nearby for Moenkopi VillageTuba City AZ an/raw-food matters (love our four-legged
hand-washing. friends), meditate,....... go within, turn off Santa Fe NM your mind and float downstream, follow
Latrines should be checked daily. When it is full to within 18" Greetings from Hopi land and Moenkopi the breathe, cease to identify with form,
inches of the top, fill the remaining 18" with the saved sod, Village. We will be at the Nationals this silence is eternity, forever...........I just Rainbow info maniac: you can e-mail for
year so come to the camp and have read that material scientists are now info or a contact in Santa Fe. I will NOT
and dig another latrine. Inform the nearest kitchens where beginning to realize that there are trillions come to fix your car or send you money.
some food. During the day we will be at
Shitters the new shitter is. Digging a shitter is a most holy task. You the trading circle. If you cant come to the of galaxies not just billions. welcome Peace!
haven't been to a gathering till you've dug a shitter. gathering than come to the village we are home! we are one and we are the Sheila Shortell
If you got to go, go to a latrine. If you don't know where one same..... we are the spirit of an eagle,
home most of the time. Just ask anyone
is, ask at the nearest kitchen. Don't wait until the last minute Choose a site for the shitter well off the trail and at least 100 where we live there are no street signs as we are the highest mountain breeze. 116 Montano Lane Apt 2
to find a shitter since there might be some walking involved. yards from any body of open water or kitchen. If on a hill the Moenkopi is a very traditional village. Lil Jen Taos NM 87571
NEVER leave waste unburied. Flies will find it, then they will trench should be at right angles to the slope, with the dirt Jared PO Box 69 575.770.9217 c
find kitchen food, then people eat that food & get sick. from the excavation piled uphill from the hole to prevent a 1055 Center St Logan UT 84323
Irresponsible disposal of human waste can easily create a washout if it rains. Narrow trenches are easier to use and the
Orem UT 84058 434.881.8886 c Holistic medicine. Currently UNM - Taos
very sick camp. Dig communal latrines! deeper they are the longer they are usable. A covered coffee student. 12 Step Program, Aiming for RN
can will keep TP dry, and a jug of hand wash should hang Degree. Drumming. Peace, Love,
How to dig, use, and maintain a shitter:
nearby. Do your business, cover your mess, and WASH YOUR Peace In Word Down and Give Up. Happiness.
Latrines must be over 300 feet from open water or springs, HANDS. If the hand wash is low it's your turn to fill it. Joy Love you all no matter what! Shylo Elaan & Shelle
never uphill from a spring, and clearly marked by signs & Morning and evening cold ashes should be sprinkled to keep Grand Junction CO 81507 Liz -"Toothbrush'n Stuff" Station Ninot CO
ribbon from the trail to the latrine. the flies out. 970.433.6740 c NM
Cut out sod and preserve it for replacement over the filled in Have a safe and healthy Gathering. 505.850.0902 c Teresa Robinson
hole when the latrine is full. 1310 E. Grove Cir.
Dig a deep, narrow pit. A long foot wide trench at least 4 feet I'm good for a shower, meal or a hike. If Focalizing Area: oral and over-all Mesa AZ 85204
deep is best. Keep the soil in a neat pile for fill-in later. you're passing through town my couch hygiene---distributing toothbrushes and
might be available for a night. lovin' you 602.821.7712
setting up a station for washing up and
local brothers and sisters!
brushing in a sanitary and easy
Julia, Paul, and Marley Field method...goals: would like to see the Tiger Mike
Clean Up hand washing stations in front of every
Denver CO Phoenix AZ 85029
kitchen! a toothbrush for everyone and
Clean up begins before you leave your home. Think carefully about what you pack. Do you need it? Will you want to deal with thorough hand washing station (with soap
909.382.1277 h 626.378.0603 c
packing it out? Clean Up continues when you arrive - if you don't disturb the environment to begin with, you don't have much and nail brushes) for every kitchen...possibly taking it to others in Love the Lord Jesus. I make Bible sticks.
to clean up later. If you pick up trash as you go, there's little mess at the end. BRING A STURDY BAG FOR YOUR TRASH & I am a handyman & Landscape dirt artist. America in need outside of gatherings
RECYCLING. Take your trash & recycling far from the gathering and surrounding towns and dispose of it properly. Trash & Call me for direction in AZ.
during the rest of the year....’
recycling stations should be used as a LAST RESORT. Have a heart and take a bag of trash from a trash station upon leaving Small family of four. Looking for Family in Willow Chandler
the area because we just moved from CA Mike Ross & Joan Eli
the gathering (it really helps). We attempt to leave NO traces of the gathering so that in a year, you'd never know we were
to Denver, CO in search of a new 855 Orman Drive P.O. Box 586
there. EVERY cigarette butt, bottle cap & string is picked up to the best of our ability. After the last day of the Gathering, the
beginning. Interested in any communes, Lyons CO 80540-0586
camp is drawn inward from the perimeters to one central camp, thence to the front gate, parking area, and down the road. ecovillages, so if you are part of one Boulder CO 80303
See Rap 701 for details. please give us a call. We also make lots 303.421.0802 c
of art, paintings, drawings, jewelry, hemp, E-mail me if you're coming to town and
clothing, bags, etc...Willing to trade and
want a new friend.
just basically looking for people to
connect with.
Much love, Namaste.



Universe City hear music, singing, and laughter. Oh the Bob gardens and teaches: computer
Vibe of the Om Circle! I feel the positive skills, alternative Math, Geology and
Universe City
energy flowing because of the Light of English, plus GED test preparation. Hire
Norman OK 73069 the Love of the Truth. Blessed are the him, he's free, too.
Peacemakers for they are the children of BSOLR Bob is a 24/7 total camper, out- RECYCLING: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Jah and because of it THEY shall inherit
of-doors on 8 acres. Available: Wi-fi
Community of artists, students, the Earth. People should take their trash & recycling
Internet for Macs or PC's, home of
philosophers, and other centered - telephone available home with them thereby keeping a balance of
individuals. guest rooms available. - Artesian pure drinking water - some refuse distribution and not over-taxing the
lending library. Region XI (CO, UT, AZ, NM) electric - Bob's Camp is not always open cleanup crew. After all environmental
- Please!!, first. consciousness is something we all always
practice at home & as part of our daily lives
Region X (MT, WY, ID) Atira Namaste, right? Remember to bring a bag or such to
HippyGeezer-in-charge, Music Director neatly store your waste. Pack it in. pack it
28 E. Grant Rd #19
and Camp Host out. Otherwise if you simply must leave it
Aspensong Tucson AZ behind: Don't mix recyclables and trash
520.326.5883 h 617.549.7370 c together. Separate cans, glass & plastic from
Deanna Estes that which is trash and bring it to a recycling
I would love to connect with other station. We burn paper. Trash is placed in
likeminded folks in Washington, PO Box 683
I am looking for a Rainbow community plastic bags and taken to a dumpster or
northwest and northeast. Namaste! Wellington CO 80549 landfill at least 50 miles from the Gathering.
here in Tucson, AZ
Fred May 970.568.7404 c Organic waste is buried in compost pits. Lost
Blake Harding & found items are left for owners to reclaim
1084 N. 18th St Doc Thomas until the end of the Gathering. Afterwards
Tempe AZ
Laramie WY 82072 PO Box 129 items are placed into a free bin and ultimately
602.235.0388 c donated to local charities.
I had the best time of my life. Wickenburg AZ 85358
Humble Under God Neighborhoods
Blue White Lotus Inside aHollow
2520 N. Atlas Rd Bamboo Brothers and Sisters, love and peace to Neighborhoods are the reality of the Gathering. Community
Rathdrum ID 83858 3228 N. Nevada ALL. makes the Rainbow Vision come to life. Camp needs like
From, Doc at CALM feeding each other, maintaining latrines, child care and
208.704.4325 c Colorado Springs CO 80907
DREAMER HOBBIT AND RAINBOW security are focalized around kitchens and neighborhood fires.
Commune home in the works. Help us 719.330.3699 c
BOB When you first arrive, look for a group of tents to coordinate
build a home. Family music, 10 acres. your camp with that suits your vibe. Camps usually form
Welcome home! Eternal, infinite. North Central AZ
Solar contractor, spiritual teach, earth around a kitchen. Sometimes people from a same
Jimbo (Jim Anderson) Rainbow Family
changes, government repression, state/region camp together. Neighborhoods provide security
120 N. C St journying through the matrix. AZ
& enhance community spirit.
Livingston MT 59047 Brian Terrill 928.636.6742 LL
406.222.5662 c PO Box 9014

3 days stay. No tolerance for alcohol Denver CO 80209 Greetings .This is Dreamer, Hobbit and
Rainbow Bob we operate the Arizona
Piper and Sunshine ~ RumorZ Café lightline for Rainbow Family Unnoficial
911 truth, shun the new world order! (928 - 636-6742) .we have been trying to
Portland OR
help manifest gatherings in North Central
503.980.5025 h 503.984.6841 BSOLR BobBob's Camp Az ..we live near Prescot AZ... We are Rain haveing drum circles ,pot lucks and such Expect it. And hey! It takes rain to make a rainbow. Consider how rain, wind, runoff and puddles will affect your campsite and
in Granite Creek Park and at the mural
Give a call if you're in Portland. fire. Do not place your tent in a low spot or gully. Dry riverbeds may flash flood. Ravines can become muddy quagmires. Keep
520.212.4453 h down town in Prescott , We are
420 Fairy and Family compileing contact info for folks in az ,so trails on the rises. Cover tents with tarps and tie them close to the ground so wind won't catch them like a sail. Cover bulletin when we gather we can invite Family boards with plastic. Rain is liquid sunshine.
UT from all over Az ,,,,,and when you gather
801.702.2943 c we can help Brothers and Sisters find Fire
Focalizing Area: Sustainability-Music- your gathering.....lets get to gathering No private fires. Share a hearth with neighbors. When you build a fire, always have a shovel and at least a 5 gallon bucket of Kind Connections ...lets find each other...its your Lightline
water at the ready. Use only dead and dry wood. Never throw plastic or synthetic materials into a fire. Select a safe location. A BSOLR Bob says: Support Your Elders: use it...send me your contact info ,phone
Take Them to Sustainability/Music number, email ect and let us know of clearing is best. Avoid any over hangings. Keep your fire low. Sparks fly far & even live trees can catch fire. If you must have a
I wrote this Poem: Camp/Festivals gatherings in your area xxWe try to keep large fire, build it at least 20 feet from the tree lines. Beware of root fires (tree roots can burn underground). Line the inside &
My "Religion" up on Rainbow Family Gatherings where
From Bob's Camp to the beautiful, but bottom of your firepit with rocks. Scrape the ground free of loose duff, leaves and grass for at least 1 ft around your pit. Don't
ever they happen and relay that info to
LOVE is what brings us all together. battered Earth Travelers: folks who call. In the operation of the throw matches or cigarette butts on the ground. NO FIREWORKS! The only fireworks you need are in your heart. Fire watch
BSOLR Bob is interviewing all Kind Lightline we help family on the road with crews walk the camp to make sure that all fires are properly tended. We are all on fire watch.
Sanctuary of the Trees is Where we
Travelers staying free at his eight-acre crash space,showers,leads to
Gather. Everyone brings their drums and
Oasis. He will hire, on a barter work,telephone and computer
we become drummers. Our feet carry us
arrangement, an individual or family to useage...(check your email and call
here and so we drum the ground with our
care-take the place for an agreed upon home)A family freindly place to rest (up to
dance. We come from all over; Babylon,
fixed length of time and other personal three days) My email address is
far away, and from the shelter. They
arrangements. . We truly
bring their dogs, babies, and talents. You
love you all... Dreamer and Family /North


James Two Eagles Nature Eagle spirit messenger seeks occasional
Mini-Manual: Health & Happiness 17 Benton St Amarillo TX
joyous landings with kindred spirits to
share "uplifting" stories and songs of
Eureka Springs AR 72632 806.382.2607 personal journeys of breath-taking heights. Always one to share in a deeply
479.981.2431 c joy-full and peaceful manner, this eagle
I normally don't seem to end up in feels deeply honored and humbly, but
Amarillo till the winter, but if I'm there I'll powerfully compelled to continue to try to help out with anything I've got. Just spread his sky-bound wings and share
trying my best to spread the love. far and wide the depths and heights of
Great spirits land Arkansas community PEACE AND LOVE, LOVIN YALL!
tribe. the views with which the Great Spirit has
Redwoman, Dancing Bear, Chips, & graciously blessed him.Very original,
the mother group. Billy (CAMP KITTEN) playfully lyrical, yet often deeply profound, poetic "spoken word" and
Oklahoma City OK 73114 gently passionate acoustic "soulful folk"
405.842.3109 h 405.606.9103 c music performances are often blended,
ic listing and are among his favorite means of sharing. Also, playful "work"shops that
land We are a rest stop so please get let us point others to the greatness of the sky
know when you are passing through. We that is both above them and within are
Family & Community
our other sites are a SOBER house so no drugs, bugs, often offered.A truly visionary pioneer of
Just like in any good family, brothers & sisters take turns washing dishes, taking out the trash, cooking, getting firewood & his very own, subtle, but deeply or thugs. :) We are always looking
water, all the chores. Orders need not be given. Love acts without having to be asked. Giving love feeds you love. Attempting forward to meeting up with Familey. impacting "brand" of "sound healing", he
to amass credit, dominate, indulge ego, or run personal agendas will leave one empty & flat, missing the point & the big loves to share unique blends of tones,
thewoods Roses sounds and harmonic chants that gently
picture. Blissing out is great, but if you want to take something home with you from the gathering that will last and really point others to states of incredible well- PO Box 7260
mean something, volunteer, help out a kitchen, plug in. Unlike Babylon, here you can see, hear & feel the reasons for being of body and soul. He has even
community service: Your brothers & sisters healthy & getting fed. If we all put in 2 hours a day, we'd be one happy camp. Cedar Park TX 78630 been known to offer intuitive one-on-one
sasrainbow and group guidance from the "big"
512.924.9450 c
Workshops picture... speaking extensively of the 7 rainbowcaravan - yahoo group year cycles of life and shifts of soul
Workshops can be given by anyone on any subject. Large meadows can be designated for workshops. A Workshop Board is at atspiritsland consciousness therein, has often offered
Info for posting times and places. Typical workshops include Plant Walks, Yoga, Music, Sister/Brother circles, Massage, Science! unique insight for others to find just
Johnny Blaze & Lestat
Nutrition & other healing techniques. 523 Oldbridge Drive where they are "at" in the scheme of
New Orleans LA things...and in the journey of their
Sweat Lodges Allen TX 75002 temporarily earthbound soul journey.
Kick a squat in a decent neighborhood for
Sweat Lodges are sacred spaces for mature ceremonies which purify the mind and cleanse the body of toxins. They are built traveling kids. Good dumpster info Nov - 972.390.0253 c Whatever he is about, he is surely about
with care and respect in a traditional manner and those who lead the sweats are commonly schooled in the old ways. The April only. Fat kids rock. Fuck yea, fuck "pointing others back to the joy" of the
yea. sky, and reminding them of the much
space should be respected as a temple and not disturbed by vibrations or behavior that is less than sacred. Please don't come
Focalizing Area: We have a small mobile bigger pictures that their own souls
if you have an infectious disease. Come with an open heart & some firewood. Kelly Robinson
kitchen 'Coffee in the Rain Cafe' If you're verify...the more they their own
Meadows TX 77477 traveling across the country and want to deepest "voice" well as to that of an
Music stop, rest, and get refreshed, give us a occasional passing Eagle spirit
We make our own music here, and everyone is welcome to join. Acoustic instruments only. Share your songs with us, even if ring or email. Or just call to say Hi! messenger. Feel free to contact him for
you're not a "performer". In a group of musicians, listen & blend instead of dominating, especially in a drum circle. Harmony is Peace and Blessings! an occasional, much-needed boost in the
the point. Be considerate in the wee hours of sleeping folks. JOY department for you, your loved
Focalizing Area: Connections Scott McClure ones, and your extended community. His
Technology I am an artist, writer and healer. All three 807 Buckingham Pl growing number of sky friends will tell
are connected, just as we all are.'ll be so glad you did!
We welcome non-polluting. low energy technology such as solar, wind-power, etc. Excepting flashlights, lanterns & stoves,
Austin TX 78245
fuel-powered & electrically generated devices are not welcome! NO BOOM BOXES! Forcing one persons taste on many is not Kevin Trevathan Tommy Two-tone (Thomas J.
512.740.4151 c Wasserberg)
cool. Artificial sound carries a long way in the woods. 30815 MckinneyTomball TX 77375
Shanti Ocean Sky Twin Rainbow Ranch
Pets 281.357.0686 2211 N. Gainrett Ave. 5401 Cadillac Drive
A Gathering is not a good place for a pet. Dogs speak an internal language that humans can not predict. They fight other dogs,
kill wildlife, get into food, and shit everywhere. Sudden changes in the environment spook & stress them to a point where they Laymon Tunstall dogs and kids Dallas TX 75206 Austin TX 78724
snap & bite. We know, of course "not your dog". Soooooo, if you must bring your pet, you must be responsible. Keep them 1600 Walnut Grove Rd 214.824.3276 c 512.276.1127 c
under constant watch 24 hours a day, on a leash, out of kitchens, meal circles, Counsels, and wildlife. Clean up & burry their Sulphur Rock AR 72579 shantioceansky@yahoo.comInternational;
droppings. Sound like a real drag? Be realistic, be kind. It IS reasonable to leash a stray dog someplace with shade & water. peace tour, Solar Barques, Woodstock;
870.799.8358 h 870.384.4094 c Europa 2009, Pavaria, World Peace
ARF camp is sometimes set up to address pet issues.
Welcome all in peace. camp to left of Project. 15th World Unity. See you in
New Mexico! We have a safe landing zone for
Photography drive. we love you. I play music. Peace travellers and immigrants to central
love and hope to you all.Laymon The Eagle (Steven D. Lightspring) Texas.
Always ask permission before taking a picture of any other person. This includes groups as well as individuals. Most people say
yes, but no means NO. Excessive picture taking can kill a natural or peaceful moment of bliss & make people tense. Nala and Shay Silk TX
Austin TX 78745 866.470.9505 h 214.864.1278 c
Town 336.315.2287 b
PLEASE respect the community we are closest to. Avoid unnecessary trips to town. Please respect local businesses, and people
with different sensibilities. Absolutely DO NOT panhandle, loiter, apply for any social services, or otherwise act inappropriately. Can't wait to get there....
Do not tax the resources of the local area. BE KIND, even to folks with bad attitudes. Some folks respond badly to change and
what they don't understand. We are in their back yard. When you are in town you ARE an ambassador for the entire Rainbow


Little Farm Fair Trade Always Peace & Forever Love, or on
Nudity through the RainbowOK
2886 Saddle Soap Hill Trail Your Sister, Clothing is optional. We accept people and their bodies without judgment or shame. Many people like the feeling of freedom or
group! The answer is never the answer.
Stanberry MO 64489 September Sunday What's really interesting is the mystery. If like to be cool on a hot day. Be cautious of sunburn & poison ivy. It's a good idea to at least wear sandals. Nudity is natural. It
you seek the mystery instead of the is NOT an invitation for sex or a "feel".
660.448.2678 c Silver Lilly (Lillian LaGrone) answer, you'll always be seeking. I've; 205 S. Linden StreetCabot AR never seen anybody really find the Love & Loneliness answer - they think they have, so they Many in our Family have found deep & satisfying relationships with other Family members. Few of these sprang into being at
stop thinking. But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden their first Gatherings. The freely given affection, easy conversation, and sudden promise of openness here cause many to start
I've just moved to this area and trying to
Herb Petty and others on a 42 acre farm link up with family. I have heard there is in which strange plants grow and searching for their one and only, build up big expectations, and then be disappointed. Meet people by volunteering and
in northwest Missouri. Drop by. There are family in Conway Arkansas. Could you mysteries bloom. The need for mystery is
working with them, by making music and theater with them, by joining them in workshops and spiritual events. See them in all
sheep and llamas on the farm; so, please send me like up info so I could connect greater than the need for an answer.
their moods, and really get to know them. Be patient and give time for friendships to unfold and grow by themselves with-out
leash your dogs. The Little Farm Fair with them? Much love.... Silver Lilly Bruce Patterson
Trade Coffee kitchen serves fair trade expectations. The Spirit will show you your soul mates, if you let it. Many people will be put off by sudden propositioning, and
Summer Chris 10401 Little Pebble #A
organic coffee at the national gathering not everyone is in the same state of wanting that you are. Remember, if the other person says no, but you do anyway, that is
and other events. 203 E. 12th St. Austin TX 78758 rape.
Mtn Sky Rolla MO 65401 512.590.5750 c We are all worthy of equal respect.
MO 314 956 6686 We are opening up to the luminous love light of the One.
573.230.8720 Focalizing Area: I am a builder of many Intoxicants
Give me a call if you're passing through things. I wish to help build the "granola
573.230.8720 c What you use is your business. What you abuse is often everyone’s business. It has long been a tradition in our family to
on I-44 and need a stop over and a meal funk stage" and I will be bringing suitable
NeebruM for a night or two, plus some discourage the use of alcohol at gatherings. Alcohol energy can easily threaten. We respect a person’s right to drink. We do not
tools. Who can I contact to plan this?
entertainment. Imagine, there's no respect difficult drunks. The primary reason we gather is for peace. Conversely don’t be nuisances to drinkers (or Shanti
PO Box 589Cuba MO 65453 i love you rainbow family!
countries… Sena), if you are panhandled or insulted, turn to your friends or sober people for help. Some intoxicants can have mind-
573.732.5393 h David Schanzle
SunShine (Dawn Austin) expanding and otherwise sacred uses. However, we actively discourage giving powerful psychedelics like LSD to people who 4800 Yager Lane don't know what they're taking, or don't have the experience and mental stability to handle it.
6609w. 76th St. Apt. 19
rumWe have much to play for you....
Overland Park KS 66204 Manor TX 78653
Be at peace.
913.687.5163 c 512.272.9062 c
NeebruM Mini-Manual: Counsels
RainbowOK: the Oklahoma Rainbow
Tribe Always available, always loving. anything
i can do, just tell me... :) Flower of Life Healing Ministries Counsels
Norman OK 73071
Tut We gather in Counsel circles to voice and to creatively resolve the issues and concerns of our ever-evolving Gathering.
MO Counsels are an excellent opportunity to help create the Gathering. Participation in a Counsel requires a focused mind, Destiny Thompson
patience, respect, a listening ear and an open heart as we make decisions on how to best serve the Gathering. The power of 2906 Birch Creek Dr
“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a respectful listening is sacred to the process. There are Counsels on all workings of the Gathering. This includes Main Counsel,
tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, I so miss being home and I miss all of Kingwood TX 77339 Vision Counsel, COOPerations, Shanti Sena, Legal Liaison, Info, Rainbow Guide, All Ways Free, Focalizers, Kitchens, Banking,
whoever you are, you need one.” - Jane you dearly, Boston, B, Train hopper, Dr.
Howard Gonzo, Blind man, Yellow rope, Circles, 281.348.5508 c Fire watch, CALM, Bus Village, Clean-up, Cyberspace, etc.
Wolf, And everyone else that helped me
Oklahoma Rainbow Tribe is Lovin' You! Main Counsel
feel the love of the family. Please keep
SageGoddess the flame alive. I love you guys :D This will be my first time to a Rainbow Main Counsel is held daily at Rainbow noon or early evening in the Main Meadow, and is announced by the blowing of a conch
Gathering and I'm extremely excited shell. Main Counsel deals with issues of the Gathering in an open forum where ALL ARE WELCOME to participate. It is only in
Saint Louis MO 63139 Peace love and a hippie jacuzzi.
about it. I know it will be an incredible
Main Counsel that decisions affecting the entire Gathering can be made. Anything can be discussed/expressed at main experience for me. If there are any
friends leaving from Eureka Springs Counsel, from the practical, to heart songs & dreams. Health & safety issues should be resolved first, as Counsel decisions may Region IX (LA, TX,) please let me know. I'm looking to catch not be made after sunset.
Looking forward to the Gathering in New a ride.
Mexico 2009. Peace, Love and Vision Counsel
Ashara & Shaarya Dog and Emily
Rainbows-Communicate Spirituality-Walk Vision Counsel shares the future dreams and visions of the Rainbow Family. Much of the focus is on determining the location
softly-Carry Wood-Water-Supplies- Jerusalem TX Israel972.2.624.5302 c 255 Madison 5315
for the next year's national Gathering. Counsel starts at noon on July 7th, and continues until a consensus is reached. This
Kitchens need you-Honor the 4th of July TX, Witter AR 72776
with quite meditation-Celebrate joyfully may take days. Be prepared to be patient, very patient.
with the children-they are our future!!!! Come visit the holy land, family! Israel 479.677.2214 h
Counsel Process
Peace, Love and Rainbows gathering in November. Crash space at Rainbow Counsels are an open process where everyone is invited to listen and speak. We sit in a circle and pass a feather (or
our house! Pray for peace in Israel!
September Sunday other sacred object) around. Each person holding the feather speaks in turn without being interrupted. The holder has the right
Becky & Zakk Flash
SeptemberSunday@Hotmail.Com We would love to connect with any to honor or reject input from others. Talking, listening, and sharing our deepest feelings, we find new perspectives on each
Norman OK 73071 family, especially families with children. other, and new ways of solving problems. Cross talking conversation does not serve the whole. Sometimes Counsel process is
myspace/septembersunday Please call and visit if traveling thru the more open, with the feather placed in the center, trusting that everyone can recognize their perfect moment to speak. At other
Loving You All Family! We Are One… beautiful Ozark Mountains! times it is helpful and necessary to have a facilitator to keep an impartial focus, minimize digression, and remind speakers of
Please feel Free 2 write, feel Free 2 their responsibility to the circle and others waiting to speak. There are variations of circle design such as inner & outer circles,
share, Focalizing Area: Uniting local Family for
potlucks, swap meets, etc Oklahoma spirals, etc.
feel Free 2 hug, feel Free 2 Love! Rainbow Family unite through


Jamie Lee Region VII (IO, MN, SD, ND, NE) 580.323 0016
Counsel consensus is how we have chosen to govern ourselves. Consensus is our attempt to discover the will of the Spirit 2339 Ware Lake Rd
If you need to rest fpr a bit while traveling
through the hearts of the people. While discussing issues, if a resolve seems clear, a speaker may "Call for consensus by Vancleave MS 39470 Judith Schwartzbacker through OK. give us a call.
silence". If NO ONE objects to the proposal, then consensus has been reached, indicating a solution acceptable to everyone, Minneapolis MN We answer the phone Coronado
not just a majority. Those who have objections may call to "block" consensus, which causes Counsel dialog to resume. A block Apartments.
Lots of love and positive vibes. We love zopilote49@yahoo.comHave 34A in WI
should only be made from a place of clarity & good conscience. One truth can change the collective mind. It is possible that you in Mississippi!
R A Jolsvay Chuckie
Spirit has given the blocking voice a message that is presently beyond the perception of the Counsel whole. However, an Komet Being (Mike Kammerer)
individual placing their will above that of the people is a most hurtful & disrespectful offense. Since everyone is affected by a P O Box 5415 4527 S. Robberson Ave
3873 Ben Walter's Lane
consensus, it is important to listen, respect, trust, and exercise good conscience. Egos should be checked at the door. Counsel Hopkins MN 55343 Springfield MO 65810
can be rewarding & exhausting. Homer AL 99603 417.350.5555 c
Conch Shell Horn Newbie
Conch shell horns are the way we call the Gathering to center. Horn calls around noon signal Counsel. Horns near dusk or Scraps Metal Great job!
morning signal meals are being served. At other times, horns usually mean something important happened that demands Please call before coming over
PO Box 32 Greenlight Rose
quick attention. love, peace, gentle yoga, networking
Quinn SD 57775 MO573.821.6229 c
Rule Making do spring summer & fall full moon,
equinox & solstice bonfire & hoedowns
We understand. Really we do. No one likes to be told what they can or cant do, especially hippies and anarchists. Recognized Herbways, musicians, nature skills,
have few personal resources, but may be
Rainbow rules come from only one source, main Counsel at the annual national gatherings. EVERYONE is welcome and gardeners…reclaiming commercial
able to point you in a direction Focalizing Area: Solar
encouraged to attend these Counsels. The ONLY rules recognized are ones formally accepted by Counsel consensus. This agricultural lands.
rip Julie Cesarini Photovoltaic/Green Electricity
means that EVERYONE in the Counsel circle agreed that a suggested rule should be a rule (no-one objected). Rainbow rules Gretchyn Loveslife and Octavius
Paisley Rainbow Gardens Kids Education Building
are the culmination of family consensus across the years. For those who do not accept this, please bear in mind, that if this NW Missouri sometimes Southwest
Construction We have a corral that's
process were not happening, THEN THERE WOULD BE NO RAINBOW GATHERING to argue the point in the first place. Respect Atlanta GA good for camping out, there's a fire pit Wisconsin
for the whole gets respect from the whole. The idea of "me" yielding to the idea of "we". Trust in your family to be wise. 619.251.0975 c and grill, and plenty of water and MO
Conversely, rules in Rainbow are not final, should be humbly imparted with love (at least at first), and most importantly, firewood usually, room for groups sometimes, hammock tree. water barrels.
conflicts should always be addressed with love, and an attempt to preserve rather than defeat. outdoor bath,, badlands. remote,, email
Look for me at Camp Zipolite. Skills:reiki,general art/craft
ahead for information please. seeking:wildcrafting Herbalism love’
Sean Richard Clifton
Sock Monkey Jessica Dunne327 Pecan Ct.
Oviedo FL 32765
417 E. 2nd St Andover KS 67002
Love is the answer!
Louisville NB 08037\salparadise675
Basic I Ching, first aid, bassid, cook, all Anthropology student interested in
The full acquisition of all my potential around monkey business, yes, yes. learning about the Rainbow Family and
when having to do with the spiritual ONLY peac and love will save us now! the gatherings. Will be doing a short
world. study or a thesis project.
Zigamus & Cricket Kat
Region VIII (MO, AR, OK)
6003 E. Turner Camp Rd., Apt E Fayetteville AR 72701
Inverness FL 34453 479.582.0883 h
Andrew Earl, Shadow, Drew
352.560.3570 c
6703 N Walnut Hello brothers and sisters! if you're
Gladstone MO 64118 passing through this area on your
816.529.8657 c journeys give me a call--I offer space for
Focalizing Area: Full-time resident of a night or 2--love and light! Kat
central Florida, Computer repair/expert,
Ordained Minister (Ohana), many Kellie Clover & Puppet
resources, LOTS of Love for all Peaceful St. Louis MO 62223
Travellers! Hoping to see a more active Guitarist, Event Promoter and Producer,
and visible Florida Rainbow Family. Mandolin, Djembe, Band Leader of The 618.541.6144 c
Willing to be the Focalizer and facilitater if Shadows and Flames Project,
Ozarks/Kansas City Family
needed. Have missed the last several
nationals and regionals, we need a big Angela Smith Feel free to contact us if you need any
dose of Rainbow Love! Life doesn't allow help at all! Also if you're in the area and
us to travel much right now, but we won't Eureka Springs AR 72632 would like to talk to a friend. May not be
ever stop being Rainbow! Love you all! in the area at that time but the phone
501.658.2636 c
should always work! peace and light to
Green Light (Andrew) you always~ one love
Always happy to visit with new friends!
612.991.5234 c
Charlie Rena & Tia Bodine
Sustainable farmer looking for successful
2201 W. Modelle Ave #39
Clinton OK 73601


Janardana Dasa Leanna & Chad Region VI (AL, TN, MS, KY)
958 Elmtree Park Way 511 Fairbanks St
Indianapolis IN 46229 Staunton IL 62088 Aimee Vally Harris
317.238.9087 c 630.568.9765 h KY502.963.2170 c Mini-Manual: Year Round;
Lisa Modrak
com/holesky Regional Gatherings
Iron River MI 49935 Amy "AB" Snider
I am attempting to live as a Brahmachari In addition to the annual National Gathering, there are many Regional Gatherings throughout the year. Find out about these
in an Ashram in Indianapolis. 906.284.2883 c 410 Albert Street from Info, All Ways Free, focalizers, Rainbow Guide Light Links, or the Internet at,, or
Juniper Beech Albertville AL 35950 alt.gathering.rainbow (AGR).
52 Steam Furnace Rd Focalizing Area: Western/Central area in Bunny and Cloud (Jessie Cloud, Focalizers
Michigan's Upper Peninsula Matthew Cloud)
Peebles OH 45660 A Focalizer is anyone willing to be a focal point or conduit of energies and information. They focus efforts to tasks that need to
I offer a safe, warm place to stay for Atlanta GA 30084
937.587.1670 h be addressed. Anyone can be a focalizer to whatever degree they choose. If you see an overlooked need, take the initiative
traveling brothers and sisters. I also would like to work on creating a circle in and do it! Volunteering for too much can burn you out, so get help, lovingly delegate. Sometimes there are people waiting to
my local area. Anyone interested please ny be useful, with hidden talents. A good focalizer respects consensus, avoids egoism, empowers & respects people, and allows
travelers passing through are always
feel free to contact me! Come any who seek shelter. them to learn, even at the price of inefficiency. They are not like leaders in Babylon. They are not placed OVER us. A focalizer
welcome to pitch tent and visit with loving
family. welcome home! Meluffila Seed Our hearts and home are open. lacking vision and wisdom will simply not be followed. Their election is ongoing.
Khira West, aka Medicine Dog, aka 1008 Pauline Blvd Charles H. Galloway Legal Liaison
Spiced Buddha, aka Jorah Morrison
Ann Arbor MI 48103 27 Bayou View Dr. Legal is a group of people with knowledge of State and Federal laws. They act as advocates for the Family in regard to legal
847.475.4000 h 847.328.9748 c
734.663.2585 h 734.904.5292 c Gulfport MS 39507 questions which are of concern to us, such as National Forest regulations, drug laws, search & seizure procedures, homelessness, hassles with officials, and arrested members of the Family. They serve as watch dogs on the workings of the 228.832.0786 h 228.596.5098! authorities, and organize campaigns. Help from experienced lawyers is always appreciated. NOTE: If you are stopped by the
Now, more than ever. Let us come
Help! I really really really need a place to law on the way to a gathering, do not consent to searches. Your car is protected the same way a house is if you live in it. If
together. Breathe it in. Be. Let the light of
live.Hi. This is Medicine Dog. I'm also
peace energy flow through us all you observe police harassment, stop & be a witness. If you are harassed, report it to Cooperation and/or Legal Liaison
Spicedbuddha. You can call me Spice. Include me
Also, in case anyone from College is Michael (Medicine Crow)Iott & Nancy
Compass and Whisky C.A.L.M. - Center for Alternative Living Medicine
listening, I'm Jorah Morrison. I wanted to (Nahnah) Belanger-Iott
set up an E-Camp or Electronic Village, CALM are the people entrusted with setting up public health and sanitation systems, and with providing health care for Family
784 Michigan Street Louisville KY 40204
but I realize I'm not emotionally up to members during the Gathering. The CALM staff is made up of volunteers representing a broad range of healing modalities from
focalizing. I'm horribly sensitive to what Eaton Rapids MI 48827 502.224.8954 c
licensed professionals, to herbalist, body workers, homeopaths and shamans. It is a workshop on how various healing
people think, and I realize a lot of people
517.663.7354 c techniques can work in concert together to heal the body, mind and spirit with an emphasis on natural healing. Practitioners
prefer a camp with little technology.I am
in the uncomfortable position of living in a If you are in the area and need anything, often teach each other about various healing approaches. A Rainbow Gathering is a healing place; we heal ourselves, the
nursing home; they label me bipolar. So I I will do my best to help. planet, and each other. Health information & preventative aids like condoms are available. CALM may be centrally located or at
am making an appeal to you at Rainbow When we all shine together, we make a
rainbow! Daniel Laughing Cloud various healing centers throughout the site. CALM members often visit camps & kitchens, to provide "Hippy House Calls" and
who would be able to take me in. I'm
very sensitive to sound and I need my StarSunflower, SistarBliss, Astaralight c/o Antares to check on sanitary conditions. Many CALM members are equipped with radios and are on-call 24/7. CALM always appreciates
own space. Evanston IL, Chicago, or the donation of supplies, from first aid equipment to herbs, tinctures and remedies. Volunteers are also needed to help keep
North Carolina. would be great 9758 60th Ave 418 Center Street
the unit functioning. See the CALM web site for a list of supplies and jobs that are needed to create a functional healing arts
online and later in person, perhaps. know Mecosta MI 49332 Berea KY 40403
a lot about nutrients and pills and good center:
clean living, and I'm competent with 231.301.0543 c 313.399.7599 c
Massage, Shiatsu, and Reiki. I'd like to Rainbow Guide polypagan@yahoo.comPolyamorous
find a place where I could take the pagan nudist aging hippie boyscout. I The Rainbow Guide is a non-commercial directory of our Family, compiled and published annually by volunteers with your
supplements of my choice. I'd need a live in a tipi in the hills of eastern contributions. The Guide helps the Family to connect with each other throughout the year. Copies of the Guide can usually be
health worker to come in and check on Kentucky.
me every once in a while. Maybe you are "Love is all there is" obtained at Info. Cards are available to be filled out by those who want to be listed in the Guide. Otherwise entries can be
one?I used to say I'm one of the sanest Wayne Outhere Gavin Wilson (Mountainfire) mailed to the guide address, submitted via e-mail or entered at the Guide web site. Focalizers can help by collecting entries in
people I know. I like to talk about God. I 426 Bentley Rd their area. Since the Guide is free & non-commercial, contributions to cover printing and mailing expenses are always deeply
like to talk about Science. I love people. 8529-48th Avenue
London KY 40744 appreciated. The guide is printed in May or June. Please don't wait till April to mail in your entries, and please be clear which
I like being alone with someone popping Kenosha WI 53142-4827
in to see how I'm doing. I like the idea of years guide you ask for. 606.330.1657 h
a community or a loft where many people
can gather.Thank you all for just being ... All Ways Free
Spirulina,Wheatgrass,Yoga, Hot Sweats
I hope I'll be able to see you this year! Our free non-commercial Family newspaper. All Ways Free is an open forum for the expressions and visions of the Rainbow
Zanny Way www.mountainfireforge.comMy skill is as
Love, Khira. Family. It is contributed to, and produced, entirely by volunteers. Everyone is invited to contribute their heartsongs to AWF. It
a metalsmith and woodsman. I offer a
"When the solution is simple, God is Madison WI 53704 kind place to camp in London KY is available at the Gathering each year, and can also be obtained by writing to the AWF Counsel. Donations are appreciated.
answering." 608.445.2051 (primitive, but getting better), and
guidance on local issues in southeast Ky. Cooperation
My website is a guide to my art. Most day to day business is focalized through Cooperation. Tools and building supplies, general assistance and Lost & Found
Travel, Yoga, Building Rock structures
are located here. Every area of service checks in with Cooperation daily. Work crews can use this as a base for organization.
Plans for new camps and construction should be communicated here so that conflicts over land use & campsites can be
avoided. A written log of event is kept. Banking, Supply and Info also coordinate here.


Nicholas Gower Zeno Frances Cummings aka Cheshire
320 Wilminton Rd 421 SW 13th St
1119 W 2nd st
Greenville SC 29615 Ft. Lauderdale FL 33315
Rap 107: Gathering Consciousness Lorain OH
864.420.4210 c 954.494.0018 c
440.506.3409 c
Please protect this Beautiful Land
Building trails in the Golden Gate We love you!
National Parks. Love love, music, Love to hear from all and any family!!!
Walk softly. Harm no living thing. Harmonize - Blend in. Use only down, dead wood. Do not cut learning, and life
Peace, Love, and Happiness to ALL
living trees. Preserve the Meadows . . . camp in the Woods. And remember, We are caretakers of this land. Sketch and Squirt Region V (OH, IN, MI, WI, IL) Mother Earths Children!!!
4316 Yorkshire Lane Blessed Be and safe travels!!!
Everyone sharing makes a strong Human Tribe! Orlando FL 32812 Aida / Emily Gergen Bar Gaia (Robyn Dahler) 1209 W. 34th St Madison WI
Please Protect the Water Sources by staying out of DELICATE spring areas. Avoid camping, Minneapolis MN 55408
peeing or washing above spring areas. Keep ALL soap out of streams, springs or the creek! Use a bucket to n=user.viewprofile&friendid=176774006 651.206.7683 c I would love to connect with other mamas
take your bath 300 feet away from the water source. To be certain drinking water is safe: boil it for ten minutes at
We are travelers who are tired of of young children who are striving to
a rolling boil! societies ideas, we want to be free and parent peacefully and instill earth love,
loved instead of being outcasts. We met Biggest love and brightest blessings to self love, and other love in the hearts of
in Ocala and now we are looking for the my Rainbow Family! the children who carry the future. I am a
Use the slit trenches or covered latrines - cover your paper & waste with ashes or lime, wash hands family again. We need the family. We are birth doula and would love to offer my
afterwards. Break the fly/illness connection: shit-fly-food-you! Dig no shitters near water areas or kitchens. Brother Blue
getting married at nationals, so we'll see energy and support during your birthing
you there. MN time or meet with others who share a
passion for birth. Peace and Love~ Gaia
Protect our Health! Spyderr 612.309.1002 c
106 Worden Ave
Use your own cup, bowl & spoon! Wash them after eating and rinse in bleach-water. Go to C.A.L.M. All I have is love to give. Minneapolis
contact. Keeping family alive and well. Ann Arbor MI 48103-4032
if you feel ill - especially if you have a contagious disease - or are injured. Always there to help family all ways
looking to travel with new people to new David Mourning Silence & Emily
places love and light.
Camp Together – Establish neighborhoods. Community Fires only! Keep a 5 gallon bucket of 4521 N Cramer St Still crazy lovin' after all these years!
Sunrise, Skyla Blue, and Wally
water and shovel nearby for Fire Protection. If you are the last to leave a fire PUT IT OUT! Please, NO fireworks! Whitefish Bay WI 53211 Good Energy
Keep you camp secure. “Tempt Not Lest Ye Be Lifted From.” On the roadNC Ft. Wayne IN 46805
919.698.9209 c
DJ Skroller (Bryan Spillum) 260.437.1468 c
Pets are discouraged, but if you must bring them, keep them fed, on a leash and out of the;
Minneapolis MN
kitchens, springs & fights. Clean up their poop. Love them.; If some fam need a place to crash for a
We love you all! Can help when needed,
skroller@bakpak- day or two give me a call or e-mail. I'm in
or just call for love! Many Blessings!
PACK IT IN - PACK IT OUT !!! Ft. Wayne, IN. Gotta put up with my two
Turtledove dogs. Lovin you all!
I'd love for MN family to find me and
Asheville NC create a local commUnity. "Greed is the problem...Without it the
Cleanup begins when you arrive. Please bring only what is necessary. There is no janitor here . . . Forrests would be green again, the Air
YOU are the cleanup crew. Separate Garbage for recycling. Please DON’T LITTER - Find a collection point. Don E. Wirtshafter
would be clean again, the Animals would
Compost in pits only. One Love, Family! Box 18 be alive again, and Humans would LOVE
Yakova Devarah Guysville OH
J.B (John Bonham)
You are the Gathering! Miami FL 740.662.5297 h 740.591.4557; TX
Participate and Volunteer! Participate in Shanti Sena (the peace keepers council), work crews, 214.205.2096 c
Spread the love. Be in touch. Love Please send me photos, videos, and
workshops, councils and all activities. Volunteer wherever and whenever needed: kitchens, welcome home, Friends - new and old. Doula, massage, stories of the LEO harassment. We must
firewatch, parking lot, shitter digging, supply, front gate, etc. R-E-S-P-E-C-T your Sisters’ & Brothers’ energies. nutrition, spiritual guidance. organize to protect our right to gather.
Yonder Dr Detroit Loving all of my family.. Thanks you so
Keep the Balance: Earth, Sky, Trees, Water & People! 6500 Yonder's Farm Rd 165 Baldwin Rd
much for making me apart of you. Please
contact me anytime and if anyone know
Jeffersonville GA 31044 Birmingham MI 48009 of where the dank drum circles are let me
Alcohol is Discouraged, Guns are Inappropriate, Violence is contrary to the Spirit. Please do not 478.972.2110 c know or you can find me there!!!!
248.723.0105 h
take pictures or videos of people without asking their permission first. Discourage Drug Abuse. Loving you Jana White
Traveling between California and
Buying and selling endangers our right to be here. The Magic Hat is our Bank, please donate Michigan seeking California regionals, 2306 Sommers Ave #2
We have a 100 acre rainbow village with
early to fund our needs. The Magic Hat goes around at Dinner Circle and with the Magic Hat Band. tree farm and family living. We are child local Rainbow's, similar events maybe
Madison WI 53704
friendly; No Drugs. Rainbow at Burning Man 09
Our power together is many times our power separated


Brandon O'Beid Glitter, Shelby Lori Katuah Mama
8094 Western Circle Dr. Westside 2061 North Road
Brooksville FL 3461 Jacksonville FL 32254 Snellville GA 30078
3352.592.3828 c 850.586.1984 c 770.866.2837 c
Hello to Diane and Maya!
Brave Wolf (Oscar Diaz) Greetings Family,
Miami FL 33142 I am different from you and you are The girls and I miss you all so much.
different from me, maybe one day we'll LOVE,Lori,Samantha, and Maggie
all realize that peace is the key.
Connect with other spiritual N.A. brothers BULDING THE RAINBOW BRIDGE by
Glowing Feather
and sisters. Unknown * We are opening up in sweet
271 Zephyr Rd surrender to the luminous love light of the
Chelle Larsen
one. We are opening (sung 2x)* We are
Venice FL 34293
Ocala FL circleing up like Venus in the spiral,
941.497.6144 remember your light join in and sing child.
352.687.4289 h 352.653.0174 c We are circleing (2x sisters)* We are the sons that warm your face, look up and
Home for the Terminally Radical, remember your position and place. Look
Love to invite you here, but I live too far Jacquie. up. (2x brothers)* We are rising up like
into Babylon. Call or contact if I can help the Pheonix from the fire brothers and
PO Box 437Waldo FL 32694
you with directions or contacts. Always sisters spread you wings and fly higher.
lovin to hear a kind voice and always 352.468.2101 h We are rising up. (2x)* We are opening
willing to give a kind hug. Always Hug up like a lotus flower let the love light
Your Mama! shine in your hearts tonight. Let it shine.
David C. Galloway Peace and environmental activists are (2x)* We're a bright water circle that is
always welcome! I have a small farm love,together forever as below and so
Apt. 129 PO Box 2745 growing vegetables organically as well as above. We are Love Yes, We are love.
growing native wildflower (Coreopsis (2x)JUST A FEW NEW VERSUS FOR
Cullowhee NC 28723-2745
leavenworthi) for sale. Active with MY FAMILY THAT I LOVE. LOVE LORI,
828.293.5442 ext. 129 h CodePINK, Women for Peace, and the
Peace Ribbon Project. Please, whatever In preparation for leaving . . . Pack up all your trash & recyclables and take it away. Take it far away. Do not you pack in to the Gathering, pack out. KATUAH MAMA impact the small towns near the gathering. Drop recyclables in appropriate collection areas.
Focalizing Area: Genealogy Leave no Trash for others to carry.
Mid-South Lightline (David J.)
I am an expert in family research and in Joshua "Vell" Moore and Jon Temple
writing genealogical research reports as GA Dismantle and disappear your encampment. Pick up your litter. Vanish ALL traces. Douse your fire, ashes
Anarcho-Comunist Collective (ACC)
well as composing charts of 770.662.6112 h cold, scatter your fire rocks. Replace turf.
descendents. I have also worked Niceville FL 32578
extensively in the field of alternative Mid-South Lightline
energy. I helped found the Biodiesel The Mid-South Lightline is currently a Cover your local latrine and compost holes solidly with lime and soil. Latrine tops are burned. Remove string
Research Institute while at Middle “council of one” since Wing had to cut it and twine from tree limbs. Break up hardened ground with shovels or picks for future root growth and moisture catch. Intermix
Tennessee State University in We would hope to share our knowledge loose and no one else has stepped up. humus from forest ground if possible.
Murfreesboro, TN. Earlier I was a and love to any who want it, and even a This is David J. The main purpose of the
participant in the Oil Shale Project at few who don't. Will have a communal LL is to announce the councils &
what was then the Morgantown Energy library. gatherings for Katuah, Cumberland & NATURALIZE! When an area is clear and clean scatter logs, branches, leaves to look natural. Disappear trails,
Technology Center in Morgantown, WV. Ocala, and elsewhere in the east.
Linda Ferchaud renew forest habitat. Water systems are removed, cleaned and stored for next year.
I devised the first method for quantifying Specific directions go out only at the last
shale oil extracted from oil shale. I was 8142 Robinson Church minute. We announce gatherings when
selected for inclusion in Who's Who in they are called by local family, in council.
America in 2007 and am a member of the Harrisburg NC 28075 Help with disabled vehicles, fully dismantle ramps and bridges. Water bar steep places to prevent erosion. The
I am also happy to share my raps on the
American Chemical Society. 704 516 5664 c Family, help find missing kids, or just be final crew re-seeds with appropriate vegetation to complete the process.
Erika Rivertree (Inish) a friendly voice that is not so wrapped up
in the craziness. Thanks you for allowing
Louisville KY 40204 Dancer, mother of 3, massage therapist, me to serve. The LL is a 2 minute voice Transport as many riders as possible out of the area.
502.439.5527 c nurse who loves rainbow family mail service & costs $200/yr. Help out at
PO Box 5379, Atlanta, GA 31107. I live Lior Yancovitz
up in Rome, Ga. Leave me a message Treat local folks with great KINDNESS and LOVE.
1016 Daisy Lane on the LL if you are coming through this
way and are cool.
Live like a river flows! I love music, travel, Weston FL 33327 Drive safely and share this love wherever you go.
and all things Celtic. I play percussion,
wood flute, and sing. LOVE YOU!
I am new to this community as a whole The light line is 770/662-6112 – 24/7
Carry the spirit of the rainbow everywhere you go!
Flicker Feather and am usually a giver but for once in my
PO Box 2995 life I will be a taker and take in any advice davidj
and experiences I am offered. I am WE LOVE YOU !!!
Tampa FL 33601-2995 creative and speak three languages
(French, Hebrew, and English). I am a
free spirit that will give my whole being for the well being of others.


Landon and Jess Love and Light to All !! I feel so blessed Saint Bob the Exuberant
as I look out over my 53 acre Adirondack
1304 3rd Ave Fredericksburg VA 22405
property. I am starting an Interfaith
Altoona PA 16602 retreat center here. For those who just
need to get away awhile, come on up
412.631.8272 h here. I am just minutes from I-90 and the Looking for friends, old and new Adirondack state park. Free camping in The Furman Family (Brian, Betzy,
the summer for those willing and able to
Rap 516 help manifest the dream. Skills of all
Nathaniel, Brandi, Brian Jr. and Baby
Skills: carpentry, herbal medicine, kinds such as carpentry, gardening,
marketing, web design, are especially Rear 227 1/2 Main St
When staying with family . . . gardening, cooking, some medical and
dental training. wants: to live peacefully appreciated. Please no A-Camp folks, or Conemaugh PA 15909
with what mother nature has to offer, to hard drugs. Possible part time Caretaker
opportunity for the right person. 814.535.5399 h 814.242.2140 c
As you walk lightly on the land, walk lightly meet up with people also living in
Pennsylvania to create music needs: to Shawn Mac
in other peoples’ homes. be in a society where corporate and
monetary possessions mean nothing and New York NY 10026 Always quick to lend a hand... can't wait
Disturb their environment as little as Rap 108 / 801 go back to the way it was before the to be Home
possible. "machine" took control. Much light and Zmo (Alicia Haag)
love your way. Hope to see gatherings in Avail. for guidance navigating city,
Be aware of their daily rhythms. Before and After the Gathering: showing you around, possibly hosting for Charlottesville VA 22901
PA soon.
Don’t keep them up late if they have work in the a night or two on weekends, or at least a 434.242.4777 c
Leah Farinola home cooked meal!
morning. • While you are waiting for news about the
1201 Laurel Drive alihaag@GMAIL.COM
gathering site, and later on when you travel Vanella Man
Don’t be in the bathroom when they prepare Photoshop-lovin' web geek. Mother of
to the next event, hold in your heart the Clarks Summit PA 18411 NJ
for work. spirit of the Gathering and live what you
two, homeschooler of one. Wife of loving 609.721.1634 c uber-geek who carefully maintains his
Make no loud noises when others are have learned there. office-cube tan and wants nothing to do
Connect with me!
sleeping. • If you are camping, walk lightly on the Chills in LA; Atlantic City, NJ; or West with building an Earthship in the
Michael Twotrails Crater Virginia. backyard. Striving towards urban self-
Honor their requests to be alone. land. Remember, she is your mother and sufficiency. Specialties include knitting
PO Box 81 Vasconi
Respect the values of roommates, neighbors & landlords, even if she deserves your care and respect. Harm (esp. socks), embroidery, handmade
they are strange to you. no living thing. Lincroft NJ 07738 4555 Murphy Road clothing and a little bit of hand-spinning &
Recycle whenever possible, and clean up quilting. Level I Reiki. Looking to
Introduce yourself to dogs and cats. • 208.305.3361 c Binghamton NY 13903
share/trade self-sufficiency/healing skills.
when you leave. Leave no trace behind
Play with children. you. 607.723.6650 h 607.743.0268 c Large 2nd lot for traveling campers who
wish to share skills/zen. Zmo was either
Tell interesting stories. Connect with me! "Trouble no more about their religion;
• If you camp with others, work together to born 15 years too early or 15 years too
Clean up after yourself. manifest the community that nourishes and Pablo, Anita and Irie respect others in their view, and demand late.
that they respect yours." Chief Tecumseh
Put things away. supports us. 1835 Nashville rd
Share your resources, learn from your Vic Fedorov
If you are quickly offered a shower, maybe its • Rochester Mills PA 15771 Region IV (NC, SC, GA, FL)
a hint. brothers and sisters, expand your 68 Laurel Rd
301.462.6290 c
Ask before using anything. creativity, and develop a self-sufficient life- Princeton NJ 08540
style. Heya brothah,first of thanks for all the Alan, Solarman
Never use a telephone without asking • Get to know your neighbors and take
WORK you do for the family!!!!! Brother 201.232.1154
Miami FL
we cant thank you enough!!!!! My names
permission. responsibility for maintaining peace and pablo,I have a wife name Anita and a 9
Manage organic farm in North Jersey.
305.796.5688 c
Looking for helpers. Believe in
Offer to replace anything you damage. harmony among them. Shanti Sena is a month old named Irie…JUST PLEASE agrarianism. Believe free assemblies are
way of life. ADD IN THAT NO ALCOHOL IS meant to decide local issues through
Though shalt not steal. ALLOWED HERE! We try and hold consensus. Trying to organize free Not able to open home to anyone but if
Don’t enter rooms you haven’t been shown into. • Remember that the presence of large Sacred Space...AND MON HONESTLY I you hit So. Fl. I'll try to help U any way I
assemblies, and agrarianism.
numbers of folks traveling through a small JUST CANT HANDLE THE FIRE can...Peace & hugs Solarman
Don’t browse through drawers or town can heavily impact the residents WATER! THANKS AGAIN! love n light to
you and all your relations Pablo Alex Cateria
cabinets. there. Please treat them with respect. Region III (DE, DC, MD, WV)
Your attitude and actions will leave them Rev. Stick 4200 54th Ave S
Knock on doors before entering.
Offer to help with cooking, cleaning & with a life-long impression of Rainbow. Lewiston NY St Petersburg FL 33711
JP Mayer
Make it a positive one. 203.695.1355 c
1400 S Joyce St
Don’t clean up a mess without asking first – one Bringing healing to all. Reiki Master.
Be well! Trance Medium, Minister. Love!!! Arlington VA 22202
Love and Light, Family.
person’s mess is another’s filing system.
Rev. Terri 571.225.8203 c
Offer some money to replace things you’ve Alissa Eller
Sweet Hill Sanctuary
used. Modern Progressive Taoist, Animist,
Asheville NC
Dolgeville NY 13329
Leave while they’re still glad you came. Reiki Master, Survival
315.429.3719 h nstructor,Paramedic,Extreme I love my family. Sometimes may have
Always remember two words: terrilinnea336@yahoo.comsweethill.word Backcountry and Lightweight room for travelers for a couple of nights.
Camper/Hiker. Religious Cycler, and Bio-
“Thank You!”
Intensive Gardener.
Much love.



Region I (MA, RI, NH, ME, VT, CT) Matti Exodus
Atlantian Angel
PO Box 676 Phoenix Love, Life, Light Rap 121 Rap 151
Johnson VT 05656 PO Box 136 FoxFire (Jessica Cailin Eyler)
802.578.2586 c Irasburg VT 05845 169 East Street Brothers: • It is a tradition in our family to 802.525.9989 cI am a farmers son, Sharon CT Respect our sisters and help create a safe place for discourage alcohol use at
Christian love, pen paling. Love just everyone.
Focalizing Area: Scout & Seed Camp being positive. All good people
860.248.5523 h 860.318.6777
Nudity is natural; not a sexual invitation.
the Gathering.
Kitchen Organizer & Woodland Chef welcomed to contact. Bob Greyfeather Ask before hugging or touching women & remember: “No • We, especially our children, need a safe
Inman is a different person than me;
Healing Modalities,Prayer & Ceremonial
same phone number. means No!” and sane
Drumming & Chanting,Workshops & Reiki Master offers attunement to those
Circles,Perma-culture Love & Light Sean Leonard that desire it, Healing (distance or in
Brother Circles offer support & encourage ecosystem to celebrate in.
Educate~Empower~Enlighten With person) to those who need it, will take
understanding. • We respect the alcoholics right to drink
Unconditional Love & Empathy, I Will C/O Anthony Leonard Love happens – Carry condoms.
barter of almost any kind or if you have but the alcoholic
Nurture & Guide Others To Their Own 349 East St Apt 5 nothing but need healing trade me a
Spirituality & Align Their Harmonic
Wrentham MA
poem, story or picture....... desperately
must respect our right to gather in an
Resonance For Growth To Become Open seeking kindred spirits to make music,
& Healed With Life Force Energy Love & heal the world, howl at the moon Respect yourselves & trust your instincts. alcohol-free
Light, ~Atlantian Angel Licensed with....With Much LOVE and endless If you don’t feel comfortable being intimate or alone with a environment.
Spiritual Life Coach. Be Grateful for the Heart that beats the BLESSINGS OO Foxfire
rhythm to this beautiful song that we live man it’s OK to say “No.” • The gathering is a Prayer and Peace
Ben Post Hamid Francis Rainbowheart Sister Circles share strength & support between women.
in Sanctuary, not a
89 Salem St. Love happens – Carry condoms.
Amber, Elijah, Forest c/o Community Alive P.O.Box 101 booze party.
Portland ME 04102
North Central PA Pulteney NY 14874
• Your brothers and sisters can help you
570.723.0320 h 570.787.3532 607.868.LOVE
This is a society based on love & respect. through it.
Would luv 2 help in anyway possible.
Lovin You! We’re here for a spiritual purpose; Respect each other and • Be whole, be healthy, be your true self
Depending on circumstance~ can offer
Heidi Spring ride, good vegan food, floorspace, etc.
do no harm. at Rainbow.
Focalizing Area: Simplicity, Circle Dance, Brother-Sister Circles create trust & understanding.
Wormtown MA Vipasanna, Conscious Relationship, Region II (NJ, NY, PA)
Deep Listening, Men's Work & Circles Rap 115
and Haiku I'm of Euro-American Rainbow gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to meet other
feel the warmth from within and love one ancestry with over 18 years experience people and while there is casual nudity, friendly touching,
another and always willing to help the both as a Vision Quest student and
sharing and passionate hugs please be aware that these • If you are hyper-sensitive to drinkers,
rainbow shine Brian & Michelle Hinton Guide. Over 20 years experimenting in
12 Step, Sufi, Quaker, Shamanism, expressions are not an invitation to have sexual intercourse. If don’t become a
Jamin, Whitney, & Phaedrin Rome NY 13440
Community Building & C.S.A. Growing you are feeling uncomfortable being intimate with others on any nuisance to them or to Shanti-Sena.
444 Willow St #22 315.337.3231 h 315.571.5842 c tobacco this year for the first time, last level understand that NO means NO and should be respected, if
year I added two variety's of gourds, Bird • If a drinker is bothering you, bring others unsure always ask before touching another person.
Woonsocket RI 02895 House and Rattle gourds, the years along with you.
Skilled Vw air-cooled mechanic , before I added potatoes. I'm in search for
Often times there are gender specific circles for support, strength Do not grow angry or reactionary.
401.497.8556 c
especially type 2 buses. Can help with the perfect cup of coffee and have over green energy. the home phone is my the years set up numerous joke toll and guidence. These circles can help build trust and • Love them, many helpful brothers and
sisters. she always knows how to get booths and built numerous medicine
We are a kind, vegan, drug-free family
hold of me. wheels. The learning never ends! WE
understanding so that we may grow and become in a more sisters were once
living in northern RI. Looking for other spiritual manner thereby uplifting the gatherings and ourselves. If where the drinker is. Love them and they
family in the area. Open to visitors and Brody (Dane Clements)
you feel an immediate threat seek the safety of the circle, a close
people traveling through (1 night).
Jamie Scepkowski
friend or go to an active kitchen and ask for help. Respect
will come to
Please call first. Lovin' you. Peace.
845.803.6369 h 845.688.3020 c
1610 Birchwood Court yourself and each other, do no harm. Love does happen, always the center.
Jane Lightwaryr
North Brunswick NJ 08902 carry condoms if you plan on being sexually active. Protect • If you are panhandled or otherwise
Jamaica Plain MA 02130
I had some great family stay with me
732.236.8429 c yourself, your partner and the family by being conscience of the insulted by a drunken resounding effects of our actions. We Love You and want
after Mt Shasta in '03! We even have individual, say no or leave. If someone
Focalizing Area: CALM work with issues room for 1-2 king folks that may need a everyone to have a safe and positive experience.
of health and safety. my specific CALM ride out west. Live happy family!!
If you're ever in need in new jersey... i'm has a legitimate
skill? in chaos and anarchy I try to get the here problem help them if you want. If you
trains to run on time. Dave Nolan
Kim Selznick don’t, tell them
Kat Riley New York NY
2 Blackberry Hill Rd
Manchester NH
Katonah NY 10536 We are all Shanti Sena – “Peace Keepers” they can appeal to the council.
603.493.5620 c WBAI Radio producer. Always
interested in hearing/trading audio
Family fell free to call if you are passing recording from gatherings, drum circles,
thru. Love bug hip stories, poetry & general
ambience…Peace & Love



Who’s Job is It?
Once upon a time, there were four people.

Their names were Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it.

Everybody was sure Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

The Rainbow Path to Responsible Parenting When Nobody did it, Somebody got mad because it was Everybody’s job.

(or The Rainbow Path to Child Safety) Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.

Welcome to the Gathering! This is a wonderful space to be in. It feels very free and Ended up Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have in the first place.
safe. We want to maintain that feeling, yet at the same time it is necessary to be sensible in
order to keep our children safe and healthy. The moral of this story is that when you find yourself Saying…
As times change, society in general has developed more problems and illnesses. Some of
these, unfortunately, can carry over into our safe haven here. To ignore these problems is not
sensible. They do exist, therefore we as a family must take measures to prevent them. “Somebody should pick up the trash on the trail / make a
Here are some helpful ideas that work, and we strongly suggest you take them to heart for
the sake of all our precious children:
1) Please keep track of your children. Know where they are and when they should be back sign to mark a kitchen / organize the parking lot / dig a
to your camp sites or meet you.
2) If someone else is caring for your children please make sure you !really know! who
that person is and that you have spent time with that person. Sometimes, unfortunately,
new shitter . . .”
those persons who would harm our children have a facade that “feels OK” and a very
trusting pleasant personality. This is not to say don’t trust your feelings or other people, Remember: YOU are Somebody ! ! !
please, just take some time and extra care -- our children deserve it.
3) Don’t just drop your kids off at Kid Village and leave. Become part of the scene. Get to
know the other parents. If someone agrees to watch your children while you go off and Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted to be?
enjoy some personal time, let them know where you are likely to be found, and when you
will return. Make contingency plans in case you are delayed and/or they must leave Kid
Village, so you know where your child will be and who they will be left with.
4) Older children need to know how to find their “home camp” and parents. They also should
be shown safe areas (Kid Village, Info Centers, kitchens,) to go to if they are in trouble,
lost, or hurt. They should know how to describe you and your camp area verbally. For
younger children who cannot talk well and might wander off, use tags -- pin a piece of
paper to their backs (so they can‚t pull it off) with their name, your name, and directions
to your camp. Use safety pins or tape.
5) If your child gets separated from you or lost, please don’t wait long to act. If after a
search for your child in the immediate area they are still lost, immediately find a person
with a radio and tell them your child is missing and you need help. This needs to happen
quickly so we can do the best job, especially if it is close to nightfall. Better safe than
We are all responsible for our children. If you notice anything that looks or feels “not quite
right” or a child that looks distressed or frightened, please don’t look the other way. It’s better to
check it out than to let a tragedy occur.
As parents, please keep in mind that if someone cares enough to interfere and asks questions
about your child or your parenting that it is coming from the heart and is meant in the interest of
all our children’s best welfare.

Please try to be understanding.

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