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The progress test administered to the XI th graders had as main purpose to highlight the progress of the language course and to show whether the students understand the new material. The test is aimed at several of the students linguistic skills (reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing). The test is practical as it contains objectively scored items directed precisely at certain newly learnt material. It also has content validity as it follows the te tbook and the syllabus closely both in terms of content and methodology. The test includes the same types of tasks as those encountered in the te t book. The test had the following format! ". #$%&I'() it contains objective integrative items of the type *ultiple choice and it was meant to assess the students understanding of a reading te t +. ,-.%/01%#2) it also contains objective items $ ercise %) this e ercise is of the type blank and cue and its aim is to assess students ability to form new words $ ercise /) it is a le ical open cloze3 its aim is to assess students knowledge of different phrasal verbs encountered in the te t book. $ ercise .) it is an open cloze e ercise3 its aim is to assess students knowledge of prepositions. $ ercise &) it is a multiple choice e ercise3 its aim is to check students understanding of words with similar meaning 4. (#%**%#) it contains objective discrete point items. $ ercise $) it is a blank completion e ercise5 aimed at assessing the use of passive voice. $ ercise 6)it is a transformation/conversion e ercise aimed at assessing the use of causative forms. 7. 8#ITI'() this e ercise was aimed at assessing the students writing skills as far as articles or stories are concerned.

8hen correcting the test paper the following marking scheme was applied!

Part 1 Reading 9 : sentences Part 2 Vocab !ar" $ ercise %) ; words $ ercise /) ; words $ ercise .) < words $ ercise &) < words

+ points each

TOTAL 10 points TOTAL 2# points

" point each) # points " point each) # points " point each) $ points " point each) $ points TOTAL %2 points

Part % &ra''ar $ ercise $) < sentences 4.4= points each) 20 points $ ercise 6) < forms + points each) 12 points Part ( )riting *artic!es or stories+ Task achievement > original input ,p #elevance of ideas to topic %p Organi-ation ,p ) organi?ation @ layout +p ) cohesion and coherence +p ) length constraint "p Lang age acc rac" and .ariet" ,p ) correct use of grammar structures 7p ) accurate spelling and punctuation "p Register and .ocab !ar" 2p ) appropriate register and vocabulary "p )range of vocabulary "p 10 POINTS &RANTE/

TOTAL 20 points



Nr3 E!e.i4 20 Nota Nr3 note 7 1 ) ) 2 ) ) % ) ) ( " : , + "= $ " : 5 : +: # A 4: 6 7 += 10 ) )

8edia 53%, c!asei

%fter the test was administered5 the following things have been noticed! *ost of the students managed to do the reading part fairly well5 only a small percent having difficulties in completing the task3 In point of vocabulary5 the most difficult part was the e ercise containing phrasal verbs5 where a large number of students have made mistakes3 about half of them also had problems identifying the correct prepositions. In what the e ercise with words with similar meaning is concerned5 it could be noticed that most of the students managed to choose the correct variant.

In point of grammar5 students had difficulty in doing the transformations correctly5 most of them making mistakes. %s far as the writing part is concerned5 it could be noticed that some of the students still have problems with using the structure of articles correctly or with using a wider range of vocabulary. 2ON2L1SION Taking all the findings into consideration5 one can notice that the students have made progress compared to the results of the initial test (A5";). *ore e ercises should be done with phrasal verbs and reviewing of their meaning can prove useful. %lso5 students should be e posed to more verbs@ adjectives@nouns and their prepositions. %s far as the causative forms are concerned5 students will have to use the structures taught more5 in order to be integrated in their use of the language. In point of writing5 the teacher should focus more on paragraph construction5 in order to give them a better understanding of how linking words and cohesion devices function. %lso5 students should pay more attention to e ercises aimed at improving their vocabulary.