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Enron Born. Kenneth Lay, CEO

Ye ar 1986:

George W. Bush's oil company, Spectrum 7, partners with Enron on a Texas oil & Gas project

Year: 1988

George H. Bush elected President of the US. Ken Lay backed the elder Bush.

(Lay was appointed a trustee of the Bush Presidential Library to which Lay

has donated $50,000)

Presidential son, George W. Bush, phones Argentine government

fficials pressuring them to approve Enron's bid for a $300 million oil and

gas pipeline project.

Year: 1990

Bush's ambassador to Argentina, Terence Todman, pressures Argentine fficials to approve Enron's bid.

Year: 1993

G. H. Bush appoints Wendy Gramm (wife of Texas senator Phil Gramm)

o chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Mrs. Gramm

ushed through measure that allowed Enron to trade risky energy derivatives.

ix months later she left FERC and became an Enron board member.

G.H. Bush's former national Security Advisor, Brent Scowcroft, ecomes a director of an Enron subsidiary in Argentina that purchased a /3-interest in the oil & gas pipeline project.

Former G.H. Bush administration Secretary of Commerce, Robert Mosbacher, hired as an Enron consultant.

Year: 1994

G.W. Bush, now governor of Texas, appoints Patrick Wood III to head

he Texas Public Utilities Commission. Wood proved a steadfast supporter

of regulatory forbearance for Enron in Texas.

Year: 1997

Former G.H. Bush Secretary of State, James A. Baker, is retained by Enron

as an advisor on overseas mergers and acquisitions.

Year: 1999

Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, appoints James Garner III to his Everglades ommission. Garner headed an Enron subsidiary in the state that was seeking water rights for its operations.

Gov. Jeb Bush appoints Walter Revell to his Florida Energy 2020 Commission Revell and Ken Lay had been friends for 25 years. Enron had contributed over $325,000 to Florida state candidates

had contributed over $325,000 to Florida state candidates - Republican activist Ralph Reed throws his suppor
had contributed over $325,000 to Florida state candidates - Republican activist Ralph Reed throws his suppor

- Republican activist Ralph Reed throws his suppor

Bush after Bush top advisor

Karl Rove, secures Reed a $20,000 a month job with Enron

to G.W

Year: 200

Enronites on the Bush Transition Team

- Kenneth Lay- CEO Enron - Bush Energy Tea - Ed Gillespie - Enron lobbyis - Cynthia Sanderr - Enron lobbyist - Bush Commerce Tea - Tom Marinis - Vinson & Elkins attorney - Bush Justice Tea - Joe Berardino - Arthur Andersen CEO - Bush Treasury Tea

Bush Administration Appointee

- John Aschroft - Attorney General Received nearly $61,000 from Enron for his unsuccessful Senate race - Lawrence Thompson Deputy Attorney General - Enron lawyer with King & Spaulding - Thomas White - Secretary of the Army Headed Enro Energy Services. Held between $25 and $50 million in Enron stock - Robert Zoellick US Trade Representative - Former Enron Consultan - Nora Brownell Bush appointee to FERC - Former pro-Enron Texas PUC membe - Harvey Pitt Chairman SEC - Former attorney for Enron auditors Arthur Andersen - Clay Johnson - White House Personne Dir. - Large energy holdings, Ke Lay delivered to Johnson a list of appointees acceptable to Enron - Robert Blackwell - Ambassador to India first of order of business was to lobb Indian governmen to complete a controversial Enron power project in Dabhol, India - Ted Kassinger - Commerce Dept. Counsel - Former Vinson & Elkins attorney - Lewis "Scooter" Libby - Cheney's Chief of Staff - Large Enron shareholder - Karl Rove - Advisor to the President Large Enron shareholder. Arranged job at Enron for Ralph Reed - Alberto Gonzales White House Counsel - Lawyer with Enron attorneys Vinson & Elkin - Spencer Abraham Sec. of Energy - Got $10,000 from Enron for his failed Senate race - Charlotte Beers - Under Sec. of State - Large Enron shareholde - Elizabeth Moler - No. 2 at Dept. of Energy - Large Enron shareholde - Nicholas Cario - White House Dir. Legislative Affairs - Large Enron shareholder - Margaret Tutwiler - US Ambassador to Morocco - Large Enron shareholder - D. Stephen Goddard G.W. Bush "Pioneer" contributor - Arthur Anderson regional manage - Cynthia DeLay - Enron lobbyist - Wife of Republican Whip, Tom DeLay