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FULL METAL JACKET a Screenplay vy Stanley Kubrick and Michael Herr Based on the novel TEE SHORT-TIMERS by Gustav Hasford 1967 - PARRIS ISLAND “IS THAT YOU JOBN WAYNE? 1s TRIS ME?" -1- Marines are locking for a few good men Barbershop. A row of barbers with electric clippers work ankle deep in hair as they give the young Marine recruits a 30-second, skin- ead, haircut. We see Joker, Cowboy and Leonard. A arill instructor shouts at the line of waiting recruit: "You are about to receive your first Marine Corps recruit haireut. You will be shaved completely bald. “1g you have a mole, bump, scar or anything else protruding from your head, and by protruding T mean anything sticking up out of your head, the minute you sit down in that chair place your finger on whatever it is on your head, and let the parber know whatever is there, verbally, by saying, ‘Sir, the private tas a mole on his head'." “2. Dawn. Green Marines. Two junior drill instructors screaming, “GET IN LINE] GET IN LINE! YOU WILL NOT MOVE! YOU WILL NOT SPEAKI" Red brick pbuilding moss. The shaved recruits standing tall on yellow Willow trees hung thick with Spanish footprints painted in a pattern on the concrete deck. Parris Island, South Carolina, the United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot, an eight-veek college for the phoney-tough and the crazy-brave. “2 am Gunnery Sergeant Gerheim, your senior @rilt instructor. And the: are your junior drill instructors, Corporal Durrane and Corporal Seaton. From now on, you will speak only when spoken to, and the first word out of your mouth will be, sir! Do you maggots understand that?" the recruits mmble “Yes, sir," but not in wnison. "1 can't hear youl Sotind off like you got a pairi* owes, simi" Gunnery Sergeant Gerheim spits. “Listen up, herd. You maggots had better start looking like United States Marine Corps recruits. Do not think for one second that you are Marines, You just tof drese blues. Am I dropped by to pick up & right, ladies?" “YES, SIRI"