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F r i d a y , J a n u a r y 7, 2 0 0 5

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News to Use D e v e l o p i n g E v e n t
• Andrea Yates’ con-
victions overturned; •
Gonzales questioned on prison policy, 2A
Powell: U.S. may increase Why is Alberto Gonzales a controversial nominee
tsunami aid pledge; • Today’s for U.S. attorney general? What is the difference
Debate: Palestinian elections between representing the White House and rep-
resenting the USA? Is it likely that Gonzales will
Activity: Tsunami reveals
be confirmed? What are his strengths? Do you
other world problems
(Language arts: Multicultural think intelligence, integrity or competence is the
understanding) page 2 most important trait for a government official to
By Tim Dillon, USA TODAY have? Explain.
• Viacom taps Grey to Confirmation hearing: White House
head Paramount; • counsel Alberto Gonzales, nominee for According to Gonzales, why don’t the Geneva
Tsunami contributions tax U.S. attorney general, testifies before the
Senate Judiciary Committee Conventions — the international agreements that
deductible; • American rolls Washington on Thursday. Family mem- protect human rights during wartime — apply to
out new fare schedule bers are seated behind him.
al-Qaeda? Do you agree with him? To what
Activity: What did the digital extent do you think Gonzales’ Jan. 25, 2002,
camera say to the DVD? memo is responsible for the abuse of prisoners in U.S. custody? How has the U.S.’s poli-
Nothing. (Business: Protecting cy on torture been updated recently? Are these revisions sufficient to halt the practice?
against risk) page 2

C a r e e r C o r n e r
• Green Bay Packers
USA TODAY Snapshots

aim to capture NFC Waking up far from home

title; • PGA Tour preview; • Business travelers need a way to wake up in time for Connections

Snapshot: NFC teams take meetings. Percentage who say they use:
postseason trip Pronouns are words that
are used in place of
A c t i v i t y : AFC rules NFC in Alarm clock 73% nouns — and they are
widest disparity since ‘79 Wake-up call 65%
everywhere in the news-
(Language arts: Evaluating Cellphone 24%
paper! Simple pronouns
data) page 3 Nothing 7%
Pager 5% include I, you, he, she, it,
Computer 1% we and they. For exam-
• The world is looking
wide open; • Post- ple: Jose says he likes to
tsunami tourism in Asia stirs read. Angela believes she
debate; • Directors guild goes 1 – Respondents could select multiple answers. will be president, etc.
Source: Harris Interactive for Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts
for biopics in a big way Look through USA
By Julia Neyman and Robert W. Ahrens, USA TODAY TODAY, and circle as
A c t i v i t y : You don’t know Jack
Why is it essential that business people be on many simple pronouns as
(Lang. arts: Communication
strategies ) page 3 time for meetings? In general, what message you can find. To what
does it send others when a person is habitual- noun does each refer?
ly late? How prompt are you?
E x p e r i e n c e U S A T O DAY F r i d a y , J a n u a r y 7, 2 0 0 5 q P a g e 2

Tsunami reveals
world problem
s, 12A

nguage arts:
DISCUSSION: Ho Multicultural un
I Define the following
words as used in
w does a disaster
Southeast Asia he
around the world
lp shed light on th
like the recent tsunami
e plights of other
in S the article:
? Why do you th people
munity has been
has killed thousa
quick to respond
ink the internatio
to the natural disa
nal com- E
nds and affected ster that
been slow to inte millions more, w
rvene in political hi le it has
disasters elsewhe
re? In other wor
and social human
itarian AFC rules NFC in
causes of and resp ds, what different
onses to each? D iates the widest disparity
oes this seem ju
st? since ’79, 1-2A
se the inside of
find a stor y abou today’s News se
t an internationa ction, and
related to the ts l crises or other ev 1. exclusively
unami) that you ent (not
coverage. (The ar think deserves fro
ticle’s length is no nt-page
would you replac t important.) Wha 2. disparity
e on today’s front t stor y
ar ticle you chose? page to make room
Explain your reas for the
oning in writing.
3. parity

4. anomaly

5. fundamental

6. feigns
What did the digital cam-
era say to the DVD?, 1B g against risk
STA NDA RD: Business: Protectin
bility among consumer elec-
DISCUSSION: How does compati
digital cameras differ from
tronics such as video games and
this variance exist? What is
computer adaptability? Why does
gives a false appearance of
? How does it benefit con-
6. fabricates; concocts;
the Digital Living Network Alliance
tronics industry incongru-
sumers? In which areas is the elec 5. basic; key; essential
ous? How could this be remedied? abnormality; exception
eat emptor,” or, “let the
4. deviation from the rule;
ACTIVI TY: An age old adage, “cav
that they take the risk for
buyer beware,” reminds consumers 3. equality; sameness
s they purchase, unless
the quality or condition of the item
resented. This is why people
protected by warranty or misrep
2. incongruity; unevenness
tronics — they are buying
often choose brand names in elec 1. solely; completely
ted label. In writing, explain
the assurance of a known and trus
to the current problem of
why this maxim does not apply
tronics industry. Then, coin
nonstandardization within the elec
ers of snafus they might
a new phrase that warns buy
some of the products men-
encounter when they purchase
ases in class.
tioned in the article. Share you phr
E x p e r i e n c e U S A T O DAY F r i d a y , J a n u a r y 7, 2 0 0 5 q P a g e 3

This Day In History

AFC r ules NFC in
9, 1A
disparity since ‘7
uating data
nguage arts: Eval m which con-
STANDA RD: La otball experts, fro
cording to fo s hail? What sta-
DISCUSSION: Ac r Bowl champion
January 7
xt Su pe
ference will th e ne n? What theo-
se as on su pp ort this predictio q In 1610, the astronomer Galileo Galilei
tistics from th is the NFC?
e di sp ar ity be tw een the AFC and sighted four of Jupiter’s moons.
th r-
ries may explain art? Why does fo
ay is dr af tin g th e right players an is no sc i-
In what w “The re
s ge ne ra l m an ag er Ron Wolf state, q In 1789, the first U.S. presidential elec-
mer Packer ree with him?
ce in this ga m e, none.” Do you ag tion was held, and George Washington was
mination elected the nation’s first president.
le po in ts ou t th at historically, do
AC TIVI TY: The ar NFC and the AFC.
l ha s sh ifted between the q In 1927, commercial transatlantic tele-
of the Supe r Bo w hletic, etc.) or
ou p (e .g ., po litical, musical, at phone service was inaugurated between
Identify anothe r gr or industry.
cu rr en tly dom inating its field New York and London.
business that is end the
t th e circu m stances that could
ou g.
Then, theorize ab st ideas in writin
m in an ce . Fl es h out your three be q In 1953, President Truman announced in
group’s do
ch as necessar y. his State of the Union address that the U.S.
Do outside resear
had developed a hydrogen bomb.

q In 1972, Lewis F. Powell Jr. and William H.

Rehnquist were sworn in as the 99th and
100th members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

q In 1999, for the second time in history, an

impeached American president went on
You don’t know trial before the Senate. President Clinton
J ack, 1E faced charges of perjury and obstruction
of justice; he was acquitted (cleared).
nguage arts: Communication At a 2002 commencement address at
DISCUSSION: Ho strategies
w is 24’s real-tim Marymount University, Chief Justice
a liability? Why e format both an
did the show’s pr asset and
most of the cast th oducers decide to William Rehnquist told the audience,
is season? What ar replace
actors in the dark e the benefits of “Those of you in your twenties have the
about how the pl keeping
24’s premiere (see ot unfolds? The re feeling that time is something of which
2E) ends with th view of
often more than e statement, “The you have an endless supply. Again, take it
the sum of its ho day is
urs.” What does from someone who has been on this
this mean?
AC TIVI TY: For on planet a good deal longer than most of
e day, keep a deta you have, that is not the case.”* Ask most
ever y hour, or if po iled diar y of wha
ssible, half hour. Ne t you do
and in a lengthy xt, review your jo adults and they’ll probably agree that
paragraph, discus urnal,
day. Then, read yo s your thoughts ab youth is fleeting; before you know it,
ur paragraph, and ou t your
it, summarize the without referring you’re in your thirties or forties. Many
day in one or two back to
one word to desc sentences. Finally changes will occur between now and
ribe your day. Afte , choose
decide which writ r completing the then, as you continue to mature, form
ten version (i.e., ex ercise,
or word) best capt diar y, paragraph, new opinions and political persuasions,
ures the spirit of se ntence
those 24 hours. and begin to view the world in a different
light. What recent news events have you
taken a particular interest in? Why? How
does the news affect your world view?
E x p e r i e n c e U S A T O DAY F r i d a y , J a n u a r y 7, 2 0 0 5 q P a g e 4

Community & Family EXTRA CREDIT ! Student Challenge on ...

Frigid storm knocks out power, strands Culture & Trends
travelers, News, 3A
What kind of havoc is a dead- nadoes. If you haven’t reviewed
USA TODAY Snapshots™
ly winter storm wreaking across your family’s emergency Magical books for children
the Great Lakes and New response plans or taken invento- Ever since J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series was published
England regions? What other ry of your household goods (for in the late 1990s, books for children with a sci-fi/fantasy
theme have been in demand. Number published:
catastrophes could warming dry and canned foods, bottled
1995 585
temperatures bring to the areas? water, batteries, etc.) now is a
All areas of the U.S. experi- good time to do both. Better to 1999 1,258
ence weather extremes — from have these items on hand and 2000 1,373
sweltering heat to subzero tem- not need them than to need 2001 1,315
peratures to hurricanes and tor- them and not have them.
2002 1,370
2003 1,501
Athletes’ Salaries OBJECTIVES
P r oj e c t - B a s e d Students groups will: 20041 1,268
ugather information about player salaries in one of
1 – to date Tomorrow: Top 50
Week 1 the four major professional sports. Source: Andrew Grabois, books list
ch uidentify and explain the factors that have con- R.R. Bowker Co. (
tributed to salary growth. By Julie Snider, USA TODAY

ustate and defend a position on the appropriateness of

professional athletes’ salaries. APPLICATIONS: self-reflection, analysis
L ear ning upresent their conclusions to peers. What impact has J.K. Rowling had on the
publishing and film industries? What new
I N S T R U C T I O N S : The average NBA salary in 2003 STANDARDS
terms has she added to the English lan-
was 4.9 million; the average baseball salary was $2.37 mil- This project meets the
lion; the average NFL salary was $1.25 million. Over the guage? How has she influenced millions of
following national stan-
past 40 years, professional sports has grown economically dards for middle and readers of all ages? What controversies have
and in popularity. There are more teams, more players and high school: her books caused? What other authors have
longer seasons. Television has contributed to the transfor-
Economics: Role of had such an enormous effect on so many
mation of professional sports and to its economic impact
on individuals, communities and the nation as a whole. Resources in facets of life?
The four major professional sports — baseball, football, Determining Income It’s amazing to consider that Rowling —
basketball, and hockey — have seen player salaries and (Students understand
armed only with a napkin, pen and her
team revenues increase dramatically over this period of that) income for most
people is determined by imagination (as the story goes) — began to
time. Some people argue that salaries have reached unac-
ceptable heights. Others believe that players’ earnings are the market value of the craft a work that would become an interna-
fair compensation for the demands of pro sports and the productive resources tional phenomenon. Her achievement, how-
talent and training required to play them. The purpose of they sell. What workers
ever, is testimony to the immeasurable
this project is to research the growth of athletes’ salaries in earn depends, primarily,
on the market value of power of words and the imagination.
one of the four major professional sports and defend a
position on whether these salaries are too high. what they produce and In a journal entry, identify five written
how productive they works (books, letters, lyrics, etc.) that have
During this week you should research and gather as are. (NCEE) profoundly affected you. Then, describe five
much information as you can about the salaries of play- imaginative feats (inventions, epiphanies,
ers in one of the four major professional sports. Peruse Language Arts:
USA TODAY’s salary databases (see addresses listed Evaluating Data etc.) that have altered your life. Finally,
below) and other sources for information on pro ath- Students conduct describe one way that you could use words
letes’ salaries now and in past decades. Then, research research on issues and and/or your imagination to improve an
the earnings of five other occupations, that in your interests by generating
ideas and questions, and
aspect of your life or the lives of others.
opinion, require skills or training comparable to an ath-
lete’s. (See the Department of Labor’s Occupational by posing problems.
They gather, evaluate,
4 Get an Acrobat PDF version of “Experience USA
Outlook Handbook at the link below.) Record your Today” at our Web site: http://education.usato-
data and reflections, and discuss them as a group. and synthesize data
Baseball: from a variety of sources — click on “Daily Lesson Plan.” (e.g., print and nonprint
Football: texts, artifacts, people) 4 Experience USA TODAY, developed by USA to communicate their
TODAY Education, is written and edited by Mary
discoveries in ways that Barnes and Maria Dubuc. To send your feed-
suit their purpose and
audience. (NCTE)
back, e-mail or call 1-
Occupational Outlook Handbook:
800-USA-3415, ext. 5949.