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Who is Alberto Gonzales? Why would his confirmation as U.S. attorney general make history? In what way is President Bush’s selection of Gonzales a political move? Why did Attorney General John Ashcroft decide to resign? How did you react to the news? According to the editorial on page 20A, “Ashcroft repeatedly inserted his personal beliefs into the administration of justice.” What examples does the editorial board give to support this assertion? In your opinion, is it possible to hold public office without allowing your beliefs to guide your actions? Explain.

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News to Use
• Americans honor nation’s veterans; • U.S. troops advance through Fallujah; • Today’s Debate: Drug supplement safety Activity: Arafat’s death can breathe life into peace process (History: The 20th century since 1945) page 2

D e v e l o p i n g

Bush counsel tapped for AG, News, 1/20A

By Tim Dillon, USA TODAY

• Fed raises shortterm interest rates; • Personal technology: Satellite radio; • Snapshot: States with the highest sales tax A c t i v i t y : Unions begin to struggle in Europe (Economics: Role of economic institutions) page 2 • Baseball’s free agent season begins; • Showalter, Cox named baseball managers of the year; • Snapshot: NBA trophy winner Activity: Cincinnati’s Huggins digs in for season (Language arts: Participating in society) page 3 • Nancy Reagan honored for promoting stem-cell research; • Kinsey, as timely as ever; • ‘ER’ ratings bleed is nothing too traumatic A c t i v i t y : Navigating college admissions (Language arts: Evaluation strategies) page 3

Out: Attorney General John Ashcroft, one of the most controversial figures within the first Bush administration, has resigned. White House counsel Alberto Gonzales is the president’s choice for the post, but the Senate must confirm him first.

What controversial positions have made Gonzales unpopular with some civil libertarians? In your opinion, are there ever situations in which anti-torture and prisoner-protection laws should be waived? If you were a member of the Senate, what question would you ask Gonzales during the confirmation process?

C a r e e r pC o r n e r
No one listens to me
A number of companies have recordings on their 800 number that say “your call may be monitored for quality assurance.” The percentage of consumers that believe that their calls are being recorded: All of the time

Today is Veterans Day, a day “designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations …”* How can governments promote peace at home and abroad? What can you do to honor the men and women who have served and are serving in our nations armed forces?
*Source: www1.va.gov/vetsday/

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Most of the time

Some of the time Never


Source: International Communications Research (ICR)/Witness Systems survey of 1,013 consumers conducted in October. Margin of error ±3 percentage points. By Darryl Haralson and Keith Simmons, USA TODAY

What is “quality assurance”? If you were a supervisor in a service industry, would you monitor your employees’ communications with customers? Why or why not?

E x p e r i e n c e U S A T O DAY

T h u r s d a y , N o v e m b e r 11, 2 0 0 4 q P a g e 2

ntury since 1945: Promises and para DISCUSSION: W doxes ho is Yasser Araf at? What does he ize? Why will his symboldeath create a pr ofound sense of lo Palestinians? Ac ss among cording to Denn is Ross, what w chaos likely crea ill fears of te? What mecha nisms are needed Palestinians' futu to shape re and determine their leadership? tors would facilita What facte a smooth tran sition of authority steps should the ? What U.S. take to help fu rther stability an the region? d peace in

Arafat’s death c an breathe life into p e ace p r o ce ss, STANDARD: Histo 21A ry: 20
th ce


Define the following words as used in the article:


AC TIVI TY: Ross contends that Ar afat’s death will cr tional upheaval eate emofor Palestinians w hile paving the new era. Identify way for a the maj or causes of the perennial conflict. What ro Mideast le are religion, po litics, land and sp ests playing in pe ecial interrpetuating the di spute? Under wha stances, if any, w t circumill Israelis and Pa lestinians achiev peace? Discuss yo e a lasting ur answers in clas s.

Unions begin to struggle in Europe, Money, 1B
1. plummet 2. discrediting 3. entwined 4. hovering 5. entrenched 6. flagging

Unions begin to struggle in Europe, 1B
economic institutions STA NDA RD: Economics: Role of


tify the impact that U.S. ACT IVI TY: Through research, iden hours, benefits, hiring/firlabor unions have had on wages, r, create a “Then/Now” ing and working conditions. Afte es overall conditions for graphic organizer that describ 1900s and now. blue-collar workers in the early

5. firmly established; solid 4. fluttering; wavering; lingering 3. twisted together 2. injuring the reputation of; defaming 1. fall; dive; drop

goal of labor unions? What DISCUSSION: What is the main the upper hand? Why do economic conditions give unions uce the number of employGerman businesses want to red advisor y boards? When ee representatives on corporate ortant force in the U.S.? did unions first become an imp y? Why have employees How did they star t in German longer hours for less pay? across Europe agreed to work opean labor unions? Why is the outlook bleak for Eur

6. dwindling; weak; drooping

E x p e r i e n c e U S A T O DAY

T h u r s d a y , N o v e m b e r 11, 2 0 0 4 q P a g e 3

gg ins Cincinnati’s Hu on, 1-2C digs in for seas
g in society arts: Participatin DA RD: Language ggins, coach of STAN u describe Bob Hu

This Day In History

w would yo ? Why was he DISCUSSION: Ho sketball program of Cincinnati’s ba rced to conUniversity t was Huggins fo m his job? Wha nt change suspended fro w did the incide his absence? Ho template during r his career? Huggins made fo hat sacrifices has him? W ford says, “I player Anthony Bu rmer Cincinnati cks, and AC TIVI TY: Fo bunch of dumb jo le think we’re all a es think a lot of peop y’s paper of athlet examples in toda es each a true …” Find two it’s not type. What mak umb jock” stereo ue individwho defy the “d essperson or uniq ader, astute busin business remarkable le type that exists in y another stereo hat ual? Then, identif who disprove it. W e two individuals scrib s you identified or politics, and de each of the person teristic, if any, do one charac ? have in common

November 11 q In 1620, 41 Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, anchored off Massachusetts, signed a compact calling for a "body politick." q In 1831, former slave Nat Turner, who’d led a violent insurrection, was executed in Jerusalem, Va. q In 1918, fighting in World War I came to an end with the signing of an armistice between the Allies and Germany. q In 1921, President Harding dedicated the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. q In 1942, during World War II, Germany completed its occupation of France.

Navigating coll ege admissions, 1D
Evaluation strateg DIS CUSSION: ies According to J.B . Schramm, foun College Summit, der of what is the value of the college ap process? What ar plication e the benefits an d drawbacks of sim ing the FAFSA plifyform? Why don’ t many eligible apply for federa students l aid? Do you th ink you could na financial aid proc vigate the ess without pare ntal assistance? AC TI V IT Y: Visit http://www.fafs a.ed.gov/workshe and print out th et.htm, e “Pre-Applicatio n Worksheet.” (T helps students ga his form ther the inform ation they need plete the finan to comcial aid proces s.) As you read through the sh or work eet, mark any parts that are understand. Then difficult to , share your nota tions with three other peers. As or four a group, identify and explain five that you would changes make to improv e the application. STANDA RD: La nguage arts:

q In 1966, Gemini 12 blasted off from Cape Kennedy, Fla., with astronauts James A. Lovell and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr. aboard. q In 1983, President Reagan became the first U.S. chief executive to address the Diet, Japan’s national legislature. q In 1993, a bronze statue honoring the more than 11,000 American women who’d served in the Vietnam War was dedicated in Washington, D.C. Read today’s Forum piece on page 21A entitled, “Misty eyes for one old soldier.” After, explain how Veterans (Armistice) Day has evolved in the last several decades. What social and political conditions do you think caused the change? Finally, predict how veterans of the current Iraq war will be regarded and remembered when this conflict ends.

E x p e r i e n c e U S A T O DAY

T h u r s d a y , N o v e m b e r 11, 2 0 0 4 q P a g e 4

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Student Challenge on ...

Misty eyes for one old soldier, News, 21A
How did many Americans used to celebrate Veterans Day? Why did such occasions fill communities with a sense of pride? How have views of veterans and war changed in the last several decades? When and why did this sea change occur? Many of the everyday liberties that Americans take for granted were fought for and preserved by members of our armed forces. Some of these men and women paid with their lives; others survived and make up our nation’s veteran population. Whatever your views are on the Iraq war — or war in general — remember to be respectful of the sacrifices being made by our soldiers. If you are able, make the effort to personally thank a veteran for his or her service to our country.

Character Education USA TODAY Snapshots
Students pilfer movies online
Although the Recording Industry Association of America is suing illegal music downloaders, many college students download movies without paying. Percentage who pay:

Every time

Most times




Quick Quiz
1. What was Veterans Day originally called? (News, 21A) a.) Armistice Day b.) Armed Forces Day c.) Memorial Day d.) Soldiers Day e.) Veterans of Foreign Wars Day 2. Who is Palestine’s leader? (News, 21A) a.) Hamid Karzai b.) Yasser Arafat d.) Pervez Musharaf e.) Ariel Sharon


Seldom 12%
Source: Ipsos-Reid survey for the Business Software Alliance By Charlotte E. Tucker and Robert W. Ahrens, USA TODAY

APPLICATIONS: business, ethics, cause & effect

c.) Ayad Allawi

3. Bob Huggins is coach of the University of ______________’s men’s basketball program. (Sports, 1C) a.) Alabama b.) Chicago c.) Cincinnati c.) Illinois e.) Ohio 4. Since 1980, union membership in the U.S. has . . . (Money, 2B) a.) risen 9%. b.) risen 21%. c.) dropped 9%. d.) dropped 21%. e.) remained about the same. 5. __________ has become the first state to reduce the number of adult smokers to 12%. (Life, 9D) a.) Virginia b.) Washington c.) California d.) Nevada e.) Utah

In your opinion, is it ethical to download movies and music from the Internet without paying for them? How do you think downloaders rationalize their actions? Have the RIAA lawsuits had an impact on your habits? On Nov. 4, Motion Picture Association of America head Dan Glickman announced that his trade group will begin suing online movie swappers in the next few weeks. Unlike the RIAA, the MPAA will target both uploaders and downloaders, not just the former. In an interview with USA TODAY,* Glickman expressed concern that illegal downloads will ultimately “sink” an industry that “produces hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country.” While many people think that the recording and movie industries are comprised solely of wealthy artists, producers and directors, this is not the case. Identify at least 10 middle and lower-class workers who are affiliated with either industry. Do you think illegal downloading affects these Americans? Explain why or why not. *11/05/04, 4B 4 Get an Acrobat PDF version of Experience USA Today at our Web site: http://education. usatoday.com — click on “Daily Lesson Plan.” 4 Experience USA TODAY, developed by USA TODAY Education, is written and edited by Mary Barnes and Maria Dubuc. To send your feedback, e-mail education@usatoday.com or call 1-800-USA-3415, ext. 5949.

Answers: 1.) a 2.) b 3.) c 4.) c 5.) e