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The 910 Group Newsletter 11 March 2007: Volume 1, No. 9 Protect Liberty, Counter Sharia, Defeat Jihad: Powered by the 910 Group

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In this Issue

ACTION ALERT #1: Attend the March 17 Gathering of Eagles Rally - IMPORTANT UPDATES:

ACTION ALERT #2: Endorse The Secular Islam Summit “St. Petersburg Declaration” ACTION ALERT #3: Support Jeff Katz, WBT radio, Charlotte NC

ACTION ALERT #4: Attend March 31 Rally Against Islamofascism Day

ACTION ALERT #5: Write to Kent State University to protest Kent State Assistant Professor Julio Pino

ACTION ALERT #6: Write to Attorney General Gonzalez to keep convicted terrorist Al-Arian in jail ACTION ALERT #7: Stop Murtha from De-funding our Troops Petition

ACTION ALERT #8: European members Attend September 11, 2007 Rally to “Stop the Islamification of Europe”

ACTION ALERT #9: Write Dr. Cochran of Enloe High School on behalf of suspended teacher Robert Escamilla

UPDATE: Maryland Chapter organizes local meeting to prepare for March 17 Gathering of Eagles Rally

TALK BACK #1: March 13: Attend the CAIR presentation at U.S. Capitol, Washington DC

TALK BACK #2: April 20, 2007: Islamic Society of Greater Manchester, NH Fundraiser featuring speaker Siraj Wahhaj, unindicted co-conspirator, 1993 bombing


ACTION ALERT #1: March 17 IMPORTANT UPDATES: Gathering of Eagles Rally :

· March 17, 2007 - 7:00 am to 4:00 pm - New Logistics and Security Changes! If you are attending the Gathering of Eagles rally at the Vietnam War Memorial and Lincoln Memorial on March 17, please note the changes in logistics and in security (especially #3 and #4): . The Anti-War protestors will start to gather at 8:00 am, so arrive as early as you can (7:00 am on….)

· State Info: To meet up with others from your state, see State Info at . We urge the many 910 Group members who are attending the rally to join with your state, military or other community groups. Some bloggers are also meeting at specific metro stops to go to the rally together; for meetup information, contact

· Maps of the rally: .

· Chartered Bus info: Many of the chartered buses coming in from across the country have available seats: .

Keep up-to-date on the anti-war groups’ plans at ANSWER:


ACTION ALERT #2: Endorse The Secular Islam Summit “St. Petersburg Declaration”

This Declaration from the Secular Islam Summit ( ) marks a historical

milestone in the struggle against Islamist totalitarianism -

· Add your endorsement to the Declaration by emailing

· Sign up for the newsletter from the Secular Islam Summit:


ACTION ALERT #3: Support Jeff Katz, WBT radio

Jeff Katz is a local Charlotte, NC conservative talk radio host ( ) who has dared to criticize Islam. Now he’s the target of yet another censorship campaign by CAIR and The Islamic Political Party of America ( , also based in Charlotte) to boycott the advertisers. WBT general manager Rick Jackson stands by Katz. Please email Bill White, WBT Program Director, 704.374-3576,, and urge him that we support Jeff Katz and the first amendment. Broadcasters like Jeff Katz will come under attack from the Democratic Congress in the next months, from legislation such as the censorship bill HR288 and attempts to re-impose the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” that would censor conservative talk radio.

Please support these local Charlotte, NC businesses if you live in the area, and let them know you’re a supporter of Jeff Katz and free speech:

Affordable Siding & Windows, 1101 Tyvola Rd., Suite 305, Charlotte, NC 704-679-9502 Diamonds Direct, 4521 Sharon Road, Suite 101, Charlotte, NC 28211, 704-532-9041 Gutter Helmet, 704-494-4066 Honda of Lake Norman, 12815 Statesville Road, Huntersville, NC, 704-875-3100 Tinder Box, 4400 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28209, 704-366-5164


ACTION ALERT #4: March 31: Rally Against Islamofascism Day -


ACTION ALERT #5: Write to Kent State University to protest Kent State Assistant Professor Julio Pino’s pro-terrorism online publications inciting acts of violence.

Details here:


Kent State University Board of Trustees:

Andrew J. Banks, Bratenahl James M. Biggar, Secretary, Pepper Pike R. Douglas Cowan, Stow Emilio D. Ferrara, DDS, Kent Sandra W. Harbrecht, Chair, New Albany Aimee L. Huter, Student Trustee, Berlin Center Erin E. Kleman, Student Trustee, Canton Patrick S. Mullin, Vice Chair, Cleveland Jane Murphy Timken, Canton Brian D. Tucker, Medina Jacqueline F. Woods, Solon

Kent State University

Office of the Board of Trustees Executive Offices 2nd Floor Library


Kent, OH 44242



Write to Attorney General Gonzalez to keep convicted terrorist Al-Arian in jail

The Islamist lobbying machine (CAIR, ISNA, MAS, ADC, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) et al) are working overtime to generate letters to free terrorist supporter and Florida professor Sami Al-Arian ( , ), serving time for aiding the organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Al-Arian, due for deportation in April, refuses to testify in an investigation of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) ( for alleged financing of terror. Al-Arian is using a hunger strike to gain deportation without having to testify. Please fax your letter to demand that our Justice Department stand firm for the protection of U.S. citizens, pursue all leads including Al-Arian’s in the IIIT investigation, and not give in to the Islamist totalitarian lobby.

1. CONTACT the following officials to request that Dr. Sami Al-Arian be kept in detention until he testifies. Make sure to

include your name, address and ZIP Code in the letter.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales U.S. Department of Justice

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20530-0001 Fax: 202-307-6777 | Tel: 202-353-1555 | E-Mail:

The Honorable Judge Gerald Lee

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

401 Courthouse Square

Alexandria, VA 22314

President George W. Bush The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20500 Comments: 202-456-1111



Fax: 202-456-2461

2. CONTACT your own elected representatives through:

3. SEND COPIES of all correspondence to 910 Group:



Stop Murtha from De-funding our Troops Petition


ACTION ALERT #8: European members: September 11, 2007 Rally to “Stop the Islamification of Europe”

The Danish group SIAD ( ) has expanded its efforts against creeping sharia in Europe by forming SIOE, “Stop the Islamification of Europe”. In concert with the British group “No Sharia Here”, SIAD is organizing a demonstration in front of the European Parliament on September 11th, 2007. SIOE asserts that Islam is a political ideology that uses the cover of religious freedom to subvert the rule of law and traditional cultures of various European countries. The theme of their protest is that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

SIOE is also in contact with the German group Akte-islam ( ) concerning this demonstration. According to commenters at Gates of Vienna, news of the event is spreading quickly in the German blogosphere. Even though a UK group is involved in the demonstration, word had not spread widely among the UK blogs until the

announcement was posted at Gates of Vienna. Now some of the British blogs are following up on it.

For further information see:

SIAD (Denmark) phone: +45 96771784 No Sharia Here (England) Gates of Vienna post German announcement:


ACTION ALERT #9: Write Dr. Cochran of Enloe High School on behalf of suspended teacher Robert Escamilla

Sample Letter Provided (please change to your wording and add your ideas). Please send your own letter to keep our schools free of Islamist censorship. CAIR continues to try to intimidate any teachers who allow criticism of Islam in their classes, such as teacher Robert Escamilla in Wake County, NC.,2933,253824,00.html . He invited a Kamil International Ministries Organization representative to present a program on Islam and Christianity to students. The presentation involved literature with side-by-side comparisons of the Koran and Bible, and statements critical of Islam.

CAIR is demanding an apology. They have organized local college professors and the media to pressure the school superintendent:

The Wake County School system and administration of Enloe High School must be reminded that students must make their own determinations and should be able to hear information about Islam that isn’t only “CAIR-approved”. Contact the Principal and Superintendent and express your support for teachers to offer diverse views:

Dr. Beth Cochran, Principal Enloe High School 128 Clarendon Crescent Raleigh, NC 27610 919-856-7917 :

Dr. Adelphos Burns

Wake County Public School System

3600 Wake Forest Road Raleigh, NC 27611-8041 Phone: (919) 850-1600



P.O. Box 28041

Fax: (919) 850-1618

One of our members sent us a copy of the letter she sent, which was so good we wanted to provide it as an example

Dear Dr. Cochran,

I understand that your school is under fire for examining the faith of Islam as it compares to Christianity. Please know that you, your school district, Enloe High School, and your teacher Robert Escamilla, have my full and complete support in the face of the intimidation dished out to you by the Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR).

We all know that in a free society people make up their minds based on the facts. How are children supposed to make up their minds about controversial issues if they are not given a chance to hear all sides and examine all available evidence? No one complains when the Buddist perspective is explained, or the Hindu perspective. Why should an examination of Islam be off the table? Could it be because the Muslims fear that thinking individuals might come to a realization of the truth about Islam?

CAIR is pretending to be a civil rights organization for Muslims, but they are truly a font for the advancement of shari'a law in our land. Their founder has stated that Islam did not enter America to be equal to other religions, but to rule over them and our land. The Islamists are using our open society to lawfully advance their political agenda. To learn more about this please visit the

intimidating the media, threatening international boycotts, making predatory use of the legal system, advancing novel legislation, influencing the contents of school textbooks, and in other ways exploiting the freedoms of an open society. They advance their agenda in incremental steps, each of which in itself is minor but in the aggregate point to fundamental changes in society. "

"Lawful Islamists advance their cause through lobbying politicians,

Here is a sampling of such steps taken by non-Muslims to accommodate Islamists (from Sell land at discount prices for building mosques or other Islamic institutions. Ban Hindus and Jews from a jury hearing a criminal case against an Islamist in Great Britain. Allow a prisoner the unheard-of right to avoid strip-searches in New York State. Let students in public (i.e., taxpayer-funded) schools use empty classrooms for prayers in New Jersey. Permit public schools and public airwaves to be used to convert non-Muslims. Recognize polygamous marriages for tax purposes in the United Kingdom. Set aside women-only bathing at a municipal swimming pool in France or use taxpayer funds for Muslim women-only swimming times in Washington State. Arrange for women-only classes at a taxpayer-supported university. Blame women for being the victims of rape by Muslim men in Norway. Develop a special hijab for female Muslim employees of a leading home furnishing company, sporting the corporate logo. Ban the use of piggybanks—the symbol of frugality—in their advertising by two major British banks. Establish panels, councils, or advisory boards uniquely for Muslims. Authorize Muslim-only neighborhoods or events. Apply the "Rushdie rules" – accepting Islamist intimidation and silencing critics of Islam. Punish anti-Islamic views through the application of criminal charges, as has occurred to critics of Islam in Australia and Canada. Prohibit families from sending pork or pork by-products or "Any matter containing religious materials contrary to Islamic faith" to U.S. military personnel serving in the Middle East. Require that female American soldiers in Saudi Arabia wear U.S. government-issued abayas.

Please stand firm and strong. Americans all over our country must grow a spine and stand up to these people.


UPDATE: Maryland Chapter organizes local meeting to prepare for March 17 Gathering of Eagles Rally

The Maryland Chapter of 910 Group/Center for Vigilant Freedom is busy organizing new members, holding meetings and developing educational materials. They’re a great prototype for other chapters that are also starting – see their current website at .


TALKBACK #1: March 13, 2007: Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) holds a discussion on "Global Attitudes on Islam-West Relations.” Noon-1:30 p.m. H-137, U.S. Capitol. RSVP: . We encourage you to attend and ask polite but firm questions. TALKBACK #2: April 20, 2007: Islamic Society of Greater Manchester will host Imam Siraj Wahhaj as keynote speaker at a fundraiser to help finance their continuing efforts to build the first mosque, on Karatzas Avenue, in New Hampshire. The fundraiser will be at the Radisson Hotel. Wahhaj is imam at Masjid at-Taqwa in Brooklyn, N.Y. ( ) . Wahhaj was named as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and advocates the replacement of the U.S. government with an Islamic Caliphate, and he’s a favorite on the mosque-fundraiser circuit. We encourage you to attend and if possible audiotape or videotape his presentation. Please contact if you can help. <<<<<<------------------------------------->>>>>>

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