ABC, Bank

BANKS' STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION ASSETS Funds in U.S. Treasury Investments held-to-maturity Loans receivable Accrued interest receivable Advances to others Total Assets LIABILITIES AND NET POSITION Liabilities: Borrowings: Principal amount Plus unamortized premium Total borrowings Accrued Interest payable Other liabilities Total liabilities Loan commitments Net position Total liabilities BANKS' STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS AND CHANGES Revenue and Financing Sources: Interest on Loans Less legislatively-mandated interest credit Net interest on Loans Interest on Investments Revenue from servicing forms Total Revenue Expenses: Interest on Barrowings Administrative expenses Total Expenses Net Income Net Position:

Begenning of Year Net Income (Loss)gain on borrowing capital transactions End of Year BANKS' STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOW Cash flows from operations: Net Income Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operations: Amortization of premium on loans Capitalisation of interest receivable Capitalisation of interest payable Decrease(increase)in accrued interest receivable Decrease(increase)in advances to others Decrease(increase)in accrued interest payable Increase in other liabilities Net cash provided by operations Cash flows from investing activities: Investment purchases Loan disbursements Loan collections Net cash used in investing activities Cash flows from financing activities: Borrowings Repayments of borrowings Net cash provided by financing activities Net increase(decrease)in cash Funds with U.S Treasury-beginning of the period Funds with U.S Treasury-end of the period Supplemental disclosures of cash flow information: Interest paid (net of amount capitalized) Supplemental schedule of noncash investing and financing activities: (Loss)gain on early extinguishment of borrowings treated as capital transactions

C, Bank
0 -1

744,393 29,535 38,476,868 182,884 92 39,433,772

228,114 0 33,992,122 451,930 658 34,672,824

36,036,419 287,953 36,324,372 205,534 180 36,530,086 2,903,686 39,433,772 0

31,620,998 348,111 31,969,109 338,529 149 32,307,787 2,365,037 34,672,824 -1

1,941,407 -97,998 1,843,409 43 3,328 1,846,780

1,977,872 -97,830 1,880,042 0 3,299 1,883,341

1,237,371 5,713 1,243,084 603,696

1,277,987 4,718 1,282,705 600,636

2,365,037 603,696 -65,047 2,903,686 0

1,753,829 600,636 10,572 2,365,037 -1

603,696 by operations: -60,158 -111 83,022 269,046 566 -132,995 31 763,097

600,636 -57,591 -1,150 94,322 -6,231 -375 16,199 20 645,830

-29,535 -95,961,408 91,476,773 -4,514,170

0 -15,397,941 13,250,542 -2,147,399

95,990,943 -91,723,591 4,267,352 516,279 228,114 744,393 1,344,743 -65,047

15,397,941 -14,569,738 828,203 -673,366 901,480 228,114 1,239,045 10,572

ivities: as capital transactions

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