Proposed Solution

20 February 2014

Industry landscape and market challenges Industry landscape:
In June, Cisco released a report that claimed that corporations had generated over $600 billion in IOT profits in 2013. In January 2014, Cisco CEO John Chambers predicted that the revenue will reach $19 trillion by 2020. What does the internet of Things mean for our business? They are changing the way we operate at a rapid pace. Networks that connect devices and the applications that run on them are available at a lower cost, scalable processing, and storage.

Market challenges:
    Data will increase exponentially and the processing and storage of big data will be a challenge. Security will be a critical issue at both device endpoints and in the data center. The future of proprietary connected platforms will be disrupted. Develop a cross-industry technology reference architecture that will allow interoperability and ease of deployment.

Business impact
The IoT is connecting diverse places from manufacturing plants, energy grids, healthcare centers, and logistics systems–to the Internet. When an object is represented digitally, it can be remotely controlled. This means more data, gathered from more places, with more ways to increase efficiency and improve safety and security. What impact will this have on our business?  Advanced networks that connect devices and the applications that run on these devices coupled with their growth in lower cost, scalable processing and storage will facilitate the third industrial revolution. Major partnership opportunities exist with networking wearables and other consumer and lifestyle technology in the IoT as well as in areas such as health and wellness etc… Requirement for vertically solutions from a supply-chain oriented industry that has been horizontally driven. Developing an effective cross-industry technology reference architecture that will allow for true interoperability and ease of deployment.

  

To resolve the security issues enforce Cryptographic primitives for resource constrained devices. tools and methodologies – that enable seamless connection and cooperation of many types of network-connected entities. Privacy preserving technologies. Scalability: The project will develop a platform-neutral reference architecture with enabling technologies for creating a common platform for heterogeneous networks that will support distributed and heterogeneous environments and address a spectrum of networkbased configurations. ranging from client-server style used in clouds with powerful resources to command-and-control style of resource-constrained sensor-actuator . have storied 700 terabytes of scanned book data into a single gram of DNA. Adaptability across domains:    Multitenant communication platforms for Internet of Things (low consumption) capable of addressing the challenges of scalability. from Johns Hopkins. Researchers George Church and Sriram Kosuri from Harvard’s Wyss Institute and Yuan Gao. devices or humans equipped with handheld devices. secure collective decision making and adaptation. adaptability and security. machines. whether systems. monitoring and maintenance of secure software architectures and middleware in dynamically adaptive systems. collective monitoring. made of strands of DNA. firewalls and intrusion detection for networks of smart objects Support for machine-to-machine cooperation. are information storehouses. Create a unifying architecture and "ecosystem" – comprising platforms. They treated the DNA as a digital storage device they manipulated the composition of the DNA molecules since our genes. Private clouds will share the storage on a rent basis.Whitepaper Proposed Solution 20 February 2014 Proposed Solution Innovation:        Private cloud sharing solutions to solve the big data challenges. key exchange mechanisms Access control. Modeling. Platform-neutral reference architectures. authentication.

e. This architecture will also allow for heterogeneous networks (and infrastructure) to be exposed in order to make it tangible (i. . perceptible and possible to manipulate) for a device owner so that he/she could consciously select (or build) a relevant network infrastructure according to his/her needs.Whitepaper Proposed Solution 20 February 2014 networks.

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