How the internet of things is changing our business



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However. Businesses need to capitalize on DNA as the next data storage technology. The researchers used binary code to preserve the text. and this makes it better suited for archival storage of massive amounts of data. Cloud technology is a solution but clouds are prone to outages and the security of the cloud is also weak. They have found a solution that might pave the way for the future. When objects can sense and communicate. Enter George Church and Sriram Kosuri. two researchers from Harvard University’s Wyss Institute and Yuan Gao. it changes how and where decisions are made. Storage of vast amounts of data is going to be a challenge in a very short time. images. 3 . There are many applications that run on the devices that are connected through these networks and the prices for these apps have dropped considerably. energy-efficient and works over a time span of 3. from Johns Hopkins. stable. the data that will be generated will also rise exponentially. DNA is dense. As the number of applications. They have stored 700 terabytes of scanned data into a one gram of DNA. Companies need to look out for alternative storage in the days to come.The Internet of Things: How can it change your business? The Internet of Things is reshaping the landscape of our business operations at a rapid pace.5 billion years. rather than for quick retrieval or data processing. 4 grams of DNA can store data created by mankind in a year. and who makes them. the devices that host them. They treated the DNA as a digital storage device and they manipulated the DNA molecules so that it can store data. DNA is also stable at room temperature. They are also scalable The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects that can be accessed through the internet. these objects have embedded technologies that interact with internal states or the external environment. and other formats of data. reading and writing in DNA is slower than in other media. and the networks that connect those devices increases.

4 . access control. They don't replace phones. Similarly. expect the wearable technology revolution to be like BYOD x 100. key exchange mechanisms. Security issues Security will be another major challenge for the IoT Information stored on the clouds can be compromised and businesses have to come up with new standards to protect their data. Then there are security considerations. firewalls and intrusion detection for networks of smart objects. glasses and gloves become as commonplace as an iPhone or HTC are today. tablets and computers. and Flash drives have all had very short lifespans and the DNA storage technology will be a very valuable alternative. handbags and many other accessories will multiply the number of devices accessing the network. shoes. Networking Wearables Major partnership opportunities exist with networking wearables and other consumer and lifestyle technology in the IoT as well as in areas such as health and wellness etc… Wearable technology can process data and communicate wirelessly with other external devices. VHS. Smart wigs. They can leverage CaaS in two modes: •Virtual Security Module (VSM): emulates a virtual hardware security device attached to the client’s VM. Cryptographic primitives are low-level cryptographic algorithms that are used to build computer security systems. Smartwatches have cameras and recording facilities. DVDs. These devices need to pair with an "original" device. •Secure Virtual Device forms a layer between the client VM and peripheral devices and encrypts all I/O data streams. they have to enforce cryptographic primitives for resource constrained devices. watches. Although this seems very utopian. previous cryptographic primitives for the purpose of storage correctness protection cannot be adopted Cryptography-as-a-service empowers the client to be in control of their cryptographic operations and keys. For those who found BYOD a challenge. As owners no longer physically possess their clouds. If smart wigs. the reality is that discreetly transferring sensitive competitive information to a device outside the network could become as easy as a flick of the wrist or the scratch of an ear. they are in addition. the impact on corporate IT must not be underestimated. the question being asked by IT professionals in 2014 is how workplace networks will cope with consumer-driven wearable gadgets.Most data storage formats have reached obsolescence quickly. Google Glass enables the wearer to record everything that he/she sees. authentication. To resolve the security issues.

Many IT corporations are trying to come up with a unified platform. Interoperability is a hurdle as many of the devices are not platform independent. 5 .Reference Architecture Developing an effective cross-industry technology reference architecture that will allow for true interoperability and ease of deployment. Apps that run on Windows will not work on an iOs and similarly apps developed from Linux will not seamlessly integrate on Windows platforms. This might prove to be the toughest challenge of all as the firm has to come up with a massive and complex revamp of its existing architecture to accommodate the inflow of wearable and DNA storage technology. So far. very few programming languages are able to provide the feature of portability.

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