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LAuA AnLhologles are Lhemed collecLlons of performance
documenLaLlon and works for camera LhaL Lhe Agency has been lnvlLed
Lo curaLe for publlc programmes ln Lhe uk and lnLernaLlonally.
urawlng on maLerlals housed ln LAuA's SLudy 8oom and documenLaLlon
publlcly avallable onllne, Lhe maLerlals were orlglnally presenLed as
lllusLraLed Lalks, Lhen caLalogued as LAuA AnLhologles.

(./01 23 4.5673/78 435 9463

"#$%& '( )#*+,($,- )(* .)+(, was presenLed aL /"0123/0/"0423/, an
arLlsL plaLform evenL ln London curaLed by MarLln C'8rlen, whlch soughL
Lo examlne Lhe pollLlcs of paln ln performance Lhrough presenLaLlons,
dlscusslons, vldeo screenlngs and llve performance. /"0123/0/"0423/
explored Lhe lnLersecLlons and hlsLorles of masochlsm and performance
as well as Lhe pollLlcs of paln ln performance and was Lhe launch of
ulSCPA8CL a bl-monLhly plaLform dedlcaLed Lo performance and Llve

nC-Aln-nC-CAln, ulSCPA8CL
SaLurday 18 !anuary 2013
llylng uuLchman, London
(./01 23 4.5673/78 435 9463

l see paln as an lnevlLable byproducL of lnLeresLlng performance."
uomlnlc !ohnson

Accordlng Lo Wlklpedla 'paln' ls an unpleasanL feellng ofLen caused by
lnLense or damaglng sLlmull.(lL) moLlvaLes Lhe lndlvldual Lo wlLhdraw
from damaglng slLuaLlons and Lo avold slmllar experlences ln Lhe fuLure.

8uL for many arLlsLs, and ln Lhe conLexL of Lhls presenLaLlon, audlences,
Lhe opposlLe ls [usL as Lrue, and paln wlLhln Lhe conLexL of performance
ls a challenglng, exhllaraLlng and profound experlence.

Cuch ls a small selecLlon of work drawn from LAuA's SLudy 8oom
holdlngs and onllne looklng aL a range of performance concernlng
Audlences and aln: audlences lnfllcLlng or belng compllclL ln arLlsLs'
paln, audlences bearlng wlLness Lo palnful or unbearable acLlons and
ldeas, or audlences belng sub[ecLed Lo paln and dlscomforL Lhemselves.

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">:68: &6:?7 <7@7>73/7
Cleg kullk 5'6 7'#-, u2083
MarLln C'8rlen 8#$#- 9)$:';< u1621
klra C'8ellly =(:+:>,* 2$:+'( u0297
klra C'8ellly 8)(< 7,)*,* 8'(-:,; ?:+>>- 1436
Marcell AnLunez 8oca @.+A'' Lv0084
8on ALhey B'((+, C,, u2140
Culllermo Comez ena 8).)0D';.' u0333

Marlna Abramovlc B%<:%E " F+>E
lranko 8 5'(G: C,)H, 8, I%+- J)<
Zoron 1odorovlc 26)>E)
Wafa 8alaal ?%'': 2( 3;)K+