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Volume 61, Issue 6 Quality is Our Standard April 2007

ACT Sponsors Conservation Week Endowed

Launches New Effort to Save the Environment Chair
by Donnette Noel

The Achieving Conservation

Together group (ACT), a campus by Meaghan O’Rourke
organization dedicated to environ-
mental activism, held their annual Ten years later and still wait-
Conservation Week beginning on ing. Manhattanville has been at a
Monday, March 26 and ending on great, seemingly self-imposed, dis-
March 31. It began with the movie, advantage in terms of its academia
“Who Killed the Electric Car?” for the past decade.
which discussed the role of the In 1997, the Philosophy
United States in destroying the Department was granted a fully
environment through gasoline endowed chair in Christian
Philosophy for a Junior Medieval
Tuesday’s Reduce, Reuse,
Scholar in honor of Sister Mary
Recycle attracted lots of students
who came to the event held on the Clark. The chair was endowed by
quad with loads of recyclables. Photo Courtesy of Cindy Tangorra former students of Sr. Clark.
Unsurprisingly, most of the recy- ACT members solve campus recycling woes Dedicated to celebrate her
clables were bottles: water bottles, devotion to Manhattanville, Sr.
beer bottles, and Smirnoff bottles. Park can be found past the should be warned to avoid wearing Clark sat as head of the
The ACT’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” President’s Cottage, down a wind- brand new sneakers, flip flops, or Department for 12 years. She acted
policy was the key element in col- ing road behind the Pub. The your favorite shoes. as the Graduate studies and Pre-
lecting the amount of recyclables Stream Cleanup drew a number of The thing everyone seems to law advisor- and her devotion to
they did. students from Dr. Nancy Todd’s remember about Thursday’s envi- the study of Philosophy. Sr. Clark
On Wednesday, there was a biology classes, ACT members and served terms as the President of
ronmental week activity is the
tour and information session by president Matt Neff were there
play. There was also an exhibit on Metaphysical Society of America,
John Todd, designer of pulling their own weight.
conservation, sustainability and President of the American Catholic
Manhattanville’s Living Machine. Volunteers were equipped
An hour later was a tree planting green energy, a sea glass jewelry Philosophical Association, and
with gloves and hedge trimmers to
ceremony stream cleanup; others pull apart the attacking vines com- sale, and a recycled art contest. served on the executive commit-
participated in the stream cleanup plete with thistles and thorns. The ten-minute play called “Time tees of the Society of Christian
at the Ohnell Environmental Park. Students who donate their time Flies” about the short lifespan of Philosophers and the American
Manhattanville’s Environmental Continued on Page 2
and help with the stream cleanup Continued on Page 3

In this Issue:
Chair of Finance Board Impeached
by Andrew Perez from his position. However, at the World View, and knowingly going
next SGA meeting, Berman to print during Winter Break with-
Andrew Berman, Chair of the
explained to his colleagues that he out sufficient funds to finance his
Student Government Association’s chosen not to resign. Upon his paper.
(SGA) Finance Board, was refusal to step-down, impeach- In February, when Touchstone
impeached and voted out of office ment charges were brought questioned Berman about this par-
Counter Point...5 on charges that he had violated
four sections of the SGA
against him in mid-March.
Berman was accused of going
ticular issue, he said “if any matter
came before the finance board in
Features...6-8 Constitution. Berman is also pres-
ident of Jewish Student
directly to Dean Kevin Hunter, for- which I held a personal interest, I
mer Dean of Students, in order to recused myself and did not vote or
Sports...9 Association and Editor-in-Chief of obtain funding for the Right voice my opinion about it.”
the Right World View. World View, thereby circumvent- On March 21, 2007 Berman
Columns...10-11 A week prior to the mid- ing the Finance Board. He was also defended himself before the other
semester break, Berman was asked accused of failing to recuse himself members of SGA. He was then
by Dean Karen King-Sheridan, the from the voting process on the dis- asked to leave, at which point
acting Dean of Students, to resign bursement of monies to the Right Continued on Page 3
Page 2 News April 2007

Professor Joyce Honored by ERM Continued from Front Page

the lonely mayfly inspired the
semi-erotic phrase “rub my anten-
by Declan Galvin
Music Professor Mary Ann that two separate orchestras could “Transport theme“ which signifies The last event of the week was
Joyce-Walter was one of 350 com- play simultaneously every day. the trains that have come to be the Goods Exchange. Clothing,
posers recently selected by the While visiting an old synagogue symbolic of transporting the Jews books, jewelry, and furniture were
Editions de la Rue Margot (ERM) near Prague, she became inspired to concentration camps in which donated for this event. Students
to have her work included in the by a poem from 12-year-old Franta Joyce said, “the beauty of their were happy to exchange their
CD series Masterworks of the New Bass. Sadly, Bass was not one of river was, in time, replaced by the unwanted goods for something
the 132 Jews to survive
“I have dedi- Terezin (out of a total
ugliness of the transports which
took them from their homelands.
President Richard Berman,
Children of Terezin”, cated this of 55,000, of which “Her work was inspired by the Dr. Todd and Matt Neff were
is taken from her work to the 15,000 were children). children’s poetry and the other art ecstatic about the turnout and
experience while visit- Joyce was moved not work done while in Terezin. “I
ing the Terezin children of only by the poem by wanted to give their poems new
accomplishments of the ACT club.
Neff stated “I think Conservation
Concentration Camp Terezin and to Franta Bass but the life through music, to let them week was a big success. We had a
(Terezienstadt) in the
all children other poems as well. “I
felt their loneliness,”
know that their hope was not in
huge turnout from the student
present day Czech vain, that they touch our hearts
Republic. Her piece is who die too Professor body and 601 pounds of recy-
Joyce today, and that they did defy death
clables from the student body and
for chorus (Soprano, soon.” remarked. as their beautiful lives and art live
this shows that the students are
Alto, Bass, and The piece’s con- on,” she explained.
becoming more environmentally
Tenor), orchestra, and children’s cept begins with a Smetana’s “The “I have dedicated this work to
Moldau”, which depicts the course conscious.”
choir. the children of Terezin and to all
The Terezin Concentration of a river by the Terezin camp that children who die too soon. Today,
camp was where the majority of Joyce witnessed; “these children the slaughter of the innocent con-
Czech Jews were sent and an over- who were familiar with the Moldau tinues, and this piece speaks for all
whelmingly large number of [the river by Terezin] in their every children who suffer,” stated Joyce,
Jewish musicians and artists day lives, [and] were embraced by explaining her final thoughts on
ended up; it has been said that that river,” she said. the piece.
there was enough musicians there The piece ends with a
April 2007 News Page 3

Continued from Front Page and that that violated a duty I had Continued from Front Page This is where the problem may
under the Constitution. But former actually lay. Finding the perfect
Dean Sheridan explained the Dean Hunter had told me to give Philosophical Society, as well as candidate for the position has
charges against him. A two-thirds him the request directly and there-
published numerous books and proven itself to be incredibly hard.
majority then voted to remove fore there was no need to seek the
articles. Sister Clark has taught all Manhattanville has a particular
Berman from office. preliminary approval of the
Finance Board.” Berman also over the countries at nearly 10 style of teaching that is, in fact, not
“I think everyone was shocked
when they found out what he was claimed that proper constitutional prestigious universities and col- the common standard at many
charged for.” says Chris Leo, protocol had not been followed leges, but stays true to other institutions of higher learn-
Senior Class Co-President. “I was during his impeachment hearing. Manhattanville, returning at least ing.
shocked because it wasn’t some- He also implied that Dean King- one semester a year to teach one Acting Provost, Scott
thing I expected.” According to a Sheridan “engineered” the vote to course. She has opted out of this Stoddard, stresses the fact that the
source who wished to remain remove him from office. He added year due to prolonged dental sur- person who needs to fill the Chair
anonymous, Andrew abused his that “it’s an uphill battle when gery. Her abundance of knowledge must not only be qualified and
power as Chair of the Finance someone having such power exerts and her joy of teaching it is truly a have the experience needed to
Board to work in favor of his per- it in this way.” gift in and of itself for the school. carry out the legacy of Sister Clark,
sonal affairs. The episode has left some dis-
The Chair will fill an essential but that they must also be a fit at
In a written statement to the illusioned. “I was surprised to
role in Manhattanville’s curricu- Manhattanville. By that he means,
Touchstone, Berman stated that learn that Andrew would take
advantage of his position in lum, filling the void in teaching the the candidate must put the stu-
“[Dean Sheridan] said that I had
made a request for contingency Student Government,” says period of Medieval Philosophy. dents before the research. “This
funds for Right World View” Amanda Minck, freshman class That period is considered one of must be a thoughtful process. [We
directly to then Dean of Students President. “The situation as a the most important periods in phi- need to find] someone who will
Hunter, rather than have the SGA whole [was] unanticipated and losophy for the methods that were work and grow with the philoso-
Finance Board act on the request, very disappointing, as well.” used in problem deduction. The phy of the school too,” he states.
use of reason to some problems is A person qualified to take the
considered to have been ear- Chair would most likely be a schol-
marked in this period. ar who is focused on
The importance of “This [search] research and self edu-
that is being complete- cation. However, at
ly overlooked but not
must be a Manhattanville, the
having courses offered t h o u g h t f u l focus has always been
to students year process. [We on the relationships
round. It is an essen-
tial study program
need to find] between students, fac-
ulty, and the further-
that needs to return to someone who ing of students’ educa-
Manhattanville after a will work and tion.
long absence. It is only grow with the It is increasingly
fair to the students. In hard to find someone
a letter to Alumni, philosophy of who would be able to
President Berman said the school too.” fill the position well,
of the gift, “A Chair in -Provost Scott meet the requirements
Catch a ‘Flique’ Every Weekend her name focused on a
subject that is an
Stoddard set by
Manhattanville stan-

Ever get tired of those mass- (with subtitles) every Sunday at important facet of dard, and does justice
produced and overpromoted 7pm from now until April 22nd. Dr. Manhattanville’s tradition will to the gift from Sr. Clark’s former
‘movies’ that National Amusements Binita Mehta, Chair of the French ensure that current and future stu- students. The applicant pool is
and Multiplex Cinemas regurgitate Department, has organized the dents have the opportunity to very small in the field of a qualified
every Friday, from the bowels of event with a grant from the French know …those philosophical princi- scholar on Christian Philosophy,
Hollywood in order to take ten American Cultural Exchange since ples that many of you consider but the department has just
bucks out of your pocket and two the spring of 2004. Très cool. vital aspects of your own educa- received a new group of applica-
hours out of your life? Well, it Come witness the story-telling tion.” tions that look promising. Provost
sounds like you need a break from genius of Michael Haneke, The Philosophy Department Stoddard seems extremely hopeful
banality! Make your weekend more Ousmane Sembene, André Téchiné, has advertised for someone to hold that the chair would be filled, pos-
enlightening by coming to one or Jacques Audiard, and the Dardenne the Chair in Christian Philosophy sibly, as soon as the Fall semester,
more screenings of fine French Brothers in some of the finest films established to honor Sister Clark's if these applicants are as strong as
films at the annual French Film to be produced in this new century. golden jubilee as a Religious of the they seem.
Festival and be bedazzled FOR Among them are recipients of top Sacred Heart and her Sister Clark hopes that when
FREE by the imaginative story- prizes at prestigious film competi- Manhattanville years of teaching the position is filled, it will help
telling of some of the finest artists of tions around the globe including courses in Augustine, Anselm, bring a renewed drive to the
the French ‘cinema.’ 2005 Cannes ‘Palme d’Or’ winner, Bonaventure, Aquinas, and others. Philosophy Department, benefit-
Hold on! No one’s asking you to L’Enfant. The candidate for the Chair may be ing not only the philosophy stu-
give up your precious Friday or So, if you’re tired of investing described, according to the wishes dents, but also the community as a
Saturday nights, no way, not even so much time and money at the of the Donors, as a Scholar of whole. Manhattanville Community
your Sunday afternoon tango with ‘movies’ well then come on by to the Junior Rank whose specialization very anxious to see this position
a hangover, uh, uh! Stay in bed all Pius X hall with a hot date or a close is Medieval Philosophy and has filled, since there has been an
you want on Sunday afternoon, as friend to catch some ‘fliques’ on competence in the history of phi- opening for a decade.
long as you find your way to the Sunday evenings at seven and lis- losophy.
Pius X Hall in the Music Building at ten to some new stories that just
7pm on Sunday evenings. French might make your weekend très Correction: Rae Gomes wishes to have her name removed from the article printed under
her name in last month's issue. She feels that during the editorial process, the article was
films are scheduled to be screened enjoyable. revised such that it no longer reflected her original intention.
Page 4 News April 2007

Good Food, Performances at Mville’s 30th International Bazaar

by Sarah Blakely

On Friday, March 2, 2007, cued meat on skewers, and hum-

students crowded into the halls of mus were just some of the many
the West Room to watch their specialties served.
peers as they modeled outfits from This year there was a
foreign countries during the fash- European section, an Asian sec-
ion show. Belly dancers, Turkish tion, as well as many others from
rock stars, among other perform- around the world. The food adds a
ers, showed off their talent as well. special touch to the evening. “It’s
This marked the college’s about celebrating different cul-
30th annual “International tures and celebrating diversity,”
Bazaar,” a Manhattanville tradi- said Chuan Shi, a student from
tion. The event is sponsored and China.
planned by the International
Student Organization (I.S.O.) Students were able to display
along with the help of L.A. Adams some aspect of their countries in
who is in charge of the fashion and talent show. They
Manhattanville’s international were also able to learn about other
students. The I.S.O. is a club that cultures that are underrepresent-
enables students from different ed by Manhattanville’s large inter-
cultures to learn about each other national population that might would be such an elegant dinner to represent our countries.”
through activities and discussions. not always be noticeable. served. Furthermore, students are able to
A popular aspect of the Franny Fernandez, a fresh- Students of all nationalities get together with fellow students
International Bazaar is that stu- man from the Dominican were welcome to partake in the faculty and staff to educate them-
dents are able to eat foods from all Republic said, “I didn’t know we festivities. Fernandez added, selves about others at
over the world. had people from so many coun- “People I never see were there.” Manhattanville. “I think it is a
In addition to the perform- tries here”. She also said that this is an oppor- very good way to get together,”
ances and fashion show, FLIK “I didn’t know it was so seri- tunity for Manhattanville students said Shi.
provided delicious foods from ous,” Fernandez stated. She also to represent their countries. Shi
around the world. Sushi, barbe- said that she didn’t know there and Fernandez both said, “We get

Winning With
Arden Marshal, of the Men’s Hockey team,
answered, “Sportsmanship includes how you
act while playing a sport, whether it is in good
or bad times. It is also the way you act off of the
by Andrew Perez playing grounds – the way you act toward oth-
Over one hundred Manhattanville stu- Launching yet another red and white t-shirt
dents, yanked from their nighttime routines, into the crowd, Doyle replies: “Good answer!
attended a sports-leadership conference. Not only does it apply to adhering to the rules,
Manhattanville athletes rowdily awaited the but to adhering to the spirit of the rules.”
ever-famous NCAA appointed Dan “The Man” Doyle turned to a young woman, looksed
Doyle. directly into her eyes and asked, “Do you
Doyle, founder and executive director of believe that playing sports will help you later on
the Institute of International Sports, is not, in life?” With a timid smile on her face, the
technically, a professor of ethics, but he talks young woman replied by shaking her head yes.
like one. He is one-part ferocious competitor, He repeated the question again, this time ask-
one-part honorable opponent – each persona ing the entire audience. A wave of hands then
contributing to a better explanation for his shot up. With a grin on his face, Doyle proceed-
cause. “Victory without honor is profoundly ed to acknowledge a book-full of positive bene-
fits that sports will carry over into life. The col- David Doyle
unsatisfying” stated Doyle as he gazed into the
eyes of young hopeful athletic scholars. lege crowd claps every so often in agreement an honorable competitor means aiming for
Team members from practically every sport with Doyle’s inspirational remarks. Although competitive self-restraint.
came out to support Doyle’s Honorable the 10pm nightlife waits beyond the castle He encouraged ferocious competition, and
Competitors campaign. An avid supporter of walls, students do not show sign of boredom or condones motivational team “talk.” He says
Division III sports, Doyle was chosen by the impatience. that a team must aim higher – as long as it is
NCAA to represent worldwide Division III ath- Doyle is a hard-hitting realist that believes within honorable and respectable boundaries.
letics. Doyle opened with a universally impor- in playing to win. Tucking the microphone “’Don’t start a fight, finish it’ - That is what
tant question: “How many of you think that we neatly under the podium, and then weaving in most of us have lived by. Well I propose to you
will survive the 21st century with 20th century and out of every aisle, Dan-the-man emotional- something different. Don’t start, finish, or con-
ethics?” Handing out free t-shirts to all willing ly shouted across the ballroom “fact of the mat- done a fight. Win the fight by winning the
participants, Mr. Doyle collectively gathered ter is; nobody likes to lose!” Emphasizing key game- win with honor on your side,” he con-
the student definition for sportsmanship. words, Doyle continued to say that becoming cluded confidently.
April 2007 Point / Counter Point Page 5

Were the Recent Firings of Eight US Attorneys Politically Motivated?

by Jeremy Mand by Phillip Berg
Alberto Gonzalez's recent dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys was When running a corporation or government, there are employees
politically motivated. The attorneys were fired because they did not and managers. In this particular instance the manager is Attorney
agree with the President and his administration. To suggest that General Alberto Gonzales. He fired eight employees because he felt
Gonzalez had no part in the firings and that he was completely they were not performing their duties competently. US Attorneys
unaware of the activities of his constituents is pure fluff. Even if he serve at the pleasure of the President and the Attorney General, and
were unaware of the dealings of those who work for him, it shows his can be fired and replaced at will, unless it is deemed by Congress to
incapability of holding such a prestigious position as Attorney be a blatant attempt to prevent a particular prosecution from pro-
General. Because Gonzalez is Bush’s former lawyer and was given the ceeding. There are no cases that could seriously hurt the Bush admin-
position by Bush, he simply appears to be Bush's proxy and will do istration or its allies in any of the eight districts in question, making
whatever the president asks of him. Gonzalez is supposed to uphold the purpose of these hearings quite bewildering.
the law, and the Constitution, first. Once appointed Attorney It is not possible that these firings were politically motivated,
General, the job should not become political- there should be no dis- contrary to what many claim the evidence supposedly suggests, since
crimination between Democrats or Republicans. it would make no sense whatsoever to fire several Republican
Historically, when a new President is elected, the former prose- appointees on the grounds of “politics.” In order to replace a recent-
cuting attorneys are asked to leave or resign, and new ones are ly fired Republican US Attorney, approval must then be given by a
appointed. In most cases, the president will ask the Senator of that majority of the United States Congress, which is of course dominated
state who they might recommend for that position - it is extremely by the Democratic Party. Therefore, why would Gonzales fire
rare to fire an attorney in the middle of a presidential term, unless Republican subordinates whose vacancies could not be filled by other
there are issues of misbehavior. California, however, is an exception Republicans since Democratic Congress would not automatically
to the rule. Attorney Carol Lam (R) prosecuted Duke Cunningham approve them? Executively appointed Interim US Attorneys are poor
(R) for taking bribes and was also investigating other high-ranking long-term substitutes as it always takes time to adjust to such an
Republicans, getting subpoenas. All the evidence points to the fact important government post. In such an area as San Diego, it is
that these firings were done to prevent the prosecution of certain extremely unlikely Mr. Gonzales would wish a replacement to handle
Republicans for political interests, not for misbehavior. E-mails in serious immigration cases which set forth legal precedent for the rest
Gonzales’ administration indicate they were looking at lawyers who of the nation. As a result, these attorneys must have been fired for a
were or were not "good Bushies"; they said Lam was an immediate good reason.
problem and needed to be fired. The firing of US Attorneys is not an unprecedented or alien idea.
The next day, she was fired, due to “job performance”, claiming During the first week of the Clinton administration, all 93 US
she wasn't prosecuting immigration cases. Lam, however, has per- Attorneys were systematically fired by Attorney General Janet Reno,
formance records that score her with 100% convictions, and is despite her council against this obviously politically motivated com-
ranked as one of the top 3 immigration lawyers in the country. mand. Why was there no public outcry demanding Reno and
The President cannot have an attorney fired for a political reason, Clinton’s resignation when one hundred percent of the nation’s US
and Congress will decide if that is the issue in this case. Gonzales has Attorneys lost their jobs and were required to vacate their offices
already lied to Congress and could go to jail based on that perjury, within two weeks? It seems that these needless and pointless
showing he is clearly lacking in the ethics department. inquiries derive from a liberal biased national media that has once
Conversely, many lawyers that were fired hailed from states that again swayed public opinion against a Republican politician for no
would be important in the 2008 elections. There have been previous legitimate reason, and blown a situation entirely out of proportion. It
problems with election fraud; and if these lawyers were not "loyal is simply amazing how much editorials to such publications as the
Bushies", they would not be essential to the Republican Party. If they New York Times and Washington Post have propelled this hunt for
had "Loyal Bushies" and cases were not prosecuted fairly, if the pres- wrongdoing. Frankly, it is sickening how easily influenced American
ident or anyone else interferes with the legal process, it is called government officials have become.
obstruction of justice. Often, no actual investigation or substantiated If there are no valid wrongdoings, then why are these proceed-
suspicion of a specific incident need exist to support a charge of ings occurring? While watching the questioning of former Assistant
obstruction of justice. Attorney General Kyle Sampson (29 March 2007) on C-SPAN for
Congress has asked for all emails so that they can investigate, more than five minutes it should become quite evident to most any-
however, the RNC website was used to route email, which is illegal as one what the true reason for these hearings is about: the Democrats
well. If evidence has been altered, concealed or destroyed, it is also are exercising their numerical superiority in Congress and engaging
called obstruction of justice. Even if Gonzales really had no idea that in a witch-hunt that they hope will be far more successful than the
someone had done something illegal, he would be guilty of obstruc- “Scooter” Libby fiasco. They are attempting to dislodge “bigger fish”
tion of justice if he learned about it after the fact and covered it up. in Washington D.C., like Karl Rove, who narrowly escaped their
The firings had nothing to do with performance; it was because clutches in 2005, Harriet Miers, President Bush’s personal lawyer,
they weren't "good Bushies". So, the question becomes: were the oth- and maybe even the President himself, for their true target is obvi-
ers not fired because they were doing what Bush wanted them to do? ously not Gonzales or anyone else in the Department of Justice,
Does this mean that some people were prosecuted that should not which is why the Democrats announced they will not accept
have been? Gonzales’ resignation as a satisfactory end to their baseless investiga-
Congressman Arlen Specter (R), or a helpful aid, secretly insert- tion. This latest set of hearings is merely another chapter in the book
ed into Patriot Act (when it came up for renewal) that the President of recent Democrat reprisals for Republican “roughshod” tactics
could appoint a prosecuting attorney without congressional prior to the 2006 election which empowered a Democrat majority in
approval. By inserting this, it seems like the intent was to bypass Congress. If anyone is to be accused of playing the ugly game of pol-
Congress and install a puppet judicial system. Since this violates the itics, it would seem the Democrats are far more guilty than the
Constitution, this will be reversed by Congress. Justice Department. In the wise words of Mr. Sampson, dismissals
were “properly made, but poorly explained.”
Page 6 Features April 2007

Mville History Series Part VI:

Brownson Hall
by Danielle Davis
specifically to accommodate the
Brownson Hall may just be the sciences; this is still true, with a
most popular building on campus, large majority of the psychology,
not by choice, but by default. More biology, chemistry, and physics
convenient than the Library or departments still having offices
Reid Hall classrooms used by there.
practically every student on cam- The north end was created
pus, it is the epicenter of learning specifically to accommodate the
here at Manhattanville College. arts, as it does today with class-
From the studio art department to rooms, offices, ceramics and pho-
the psychology department to the tography studios, a printmaking
Little Theater, Brownson has had room, and various other rooms for
its share of first-day traffic, finals studio art majors. There was much
week rush, and everything in debate over the construction of the
between. art rooms, particularly in regards
With features like the to its location.
Brownson Cafe, it is a suitable Some felt that a second-floor
place of knowledge and, with studio with skylights would be
smaller classrooms appropriate, while
and large lecture “In what the others felt that a

Overcoming Challenges
halls, as well as inter- college consid- ground floor studio
active computer labs; with window fillings
it is tailored for every ered ‘record would deem a better
kind of student on time’, architects working environ- by David Bedard
campus – from the spent five ment. Professors
undergraduate who understood the need On April 17, Jimmy Mulzet ed in, and was a spokesperson for,
likes to doze in class months sketch- for store-rooms dedi- will be speaking in the East Library the Special Olympics from 1990 to
to the graduate stu- ing out the ini- cated exclusively to of Reid Castle at 8:00pm. Entitled 1995. He also participates in
dent who enjoys the
intimate setting of a
tial building art supplies and felt
that four definite
“Overcoming Challenges, A Life Daniel’s Music Foundation, where
Story”, this event will be available he is learning to play keyboard.
smaller classroom. plans, and con- classrooms needed to to all, and will count as service On two separate occasions,
How did tractors spent be established: a hours for Duchesne Scholars. Mulzet has read at St. Patrick’s
Brownson Hall origi- clean work studio, a
nate? Was it always the next 15 dirty work studio, a
Because it is his first time speaking Cathedral in New York City.
at a college, it is important to show Mulzet went back to see the cardi-
poised to be the main months [build- lecture room for slide him support as he looks to speak at nal and told him that he would
academic building? ing].” projection; and a pic- other colleges and conferences in really like to meet the Pope.
Was it already a part ture collection room. the future. Mulzet said “I want to tell him
of Whitelaw Reid’s Between these two Having been diagnosed with about my faith in God and about
250-acre farm or did the Sisters of ends, four amphitheaters were cre- cerebral palsy at a what God has done for
the Sacred Heart decide to build it ated, which we now use as large young age, doctors “I want to tell me”. The answer was
him [the Pope] not
from scratch? lecture rooms. told Jimmy Mulzet’s “yes”, but more
Deemed “the core building” of The music building was creat- mother and father that importantly, the
Manhattanville College by official ed to be an entity separate of itself, he should not be alive about my faith answer was not “no”,
transcripts from the archives, as it still stands today. Although it with the severity of his in God and and on August 14,
Brownson Hall was erected during is attached to Brownson Hall, its condition. Doctors 1993, Mulzet met Pope
the same period of time as the con- sole purpose was to contain the said that Mulzet would about what God John Paul II, and,
struction plans for Founders, the Pius X School, which we now know be unable to walk and has done for being broadcasted on
Library, and Benzinger. In what as the Pius X Theater. Various that living on his own me.” television and radio,
the college considered “record classrooms were set up around the would be out of the spoke in front of a live
time”, architects spent five months theater, with the building’s echoes question. He proved them wrong. audience of over 200,000.
sketching out the initial building and acoustics in mind. His father practiced walking with He has also met New York
plans, and contractors spent the As one can see, not much has him everyday and neither one gave State Governor Mario Cuomo
next 15 months following through changed since the original days of up. His father always believed he (1982-1994) and New York City
with the construction. Deadlines Brownson Hall. However, the would walk and was fortunate Mayor Ed Koch (1978-1989).
were met with great ease and, in Sisters’ foresight that a learning enough to live and see it. When his Mulzet also keeps in touch with
the dog-days of summer, 1952, the environment such as that would father was sick with diabetes, Bowie K. Kuhn, who served as
building was ready to house “the withstand the test of time and gen- Mulzet took care of his father. “I commissioner of Major League
full spectrum” of incoming stu- erations is part of the reason that took care of him, like he had done Baseball from 1969 to 1984.
dents. Mville’s learning environment is for me,” Mulzet has said. Currently, Mulzet works for
The south end was created so vital to its community. Mulzet has been living inde- the City University and volunteers
pendently in New York City for at his church, St. Stephens of
Attention Writers, Poets and Cartoonists about 30 years now. He is current- Hungary, and is writing an autobi-
ly a part of the Achilles Track Club ographical book. He says that he is
and runs in the annual 26.2 mile “writing his lifetime story to help
The Touchstone seeks poetry, short stories, and ING Marathon. To date, Mulzet other people with disabilities” and
cartoons, both political and comical. has completed four of these the title of the book will be: “If I
Please send your work to Marathons. Mulzet has participat- Could Do It, So Can You.”
April 2007 Features Page 7

The Szlapka Report: AVERNUM IV

monsters, surviving inmates, and other sen- renewable quests make themselves known, and
by Matthew Szlapka tient (and hostile) beings such as the Nephilim the ever helpful ability of area-effect spells,
and the Slithzerikai. Three main quests involv- which the series has not had since its predeces-
For those who stick to the more demanding ing the explication of revenge against the sor. The most altered game from the rest is
and engrossing PC games that come out these empire takes well into the forty-hour mark, Avernum IV - with absolutely no difference
days within the RPG genre, Jeff Vogel is likely with several different quests and the thirst for between town, travel, and underground cavern,
to be a completely unknown designer, for the exploration of the caves; even in the shareware as well as a completely refurbished control
sole fact that all of his work has only been avail- version, which only allows one to learn of the
able online since 1994 (not to mention it’s three quests but not partake, the game is rather
exclusive nature for the Macintosh). The PC massive. Although there is no music to accom-
conversion for all the games at Spiderweb soft- pany the action in any part of the series except
ware gives gamers a unique opportunity to play for the opening screen, the sound effects for
a truly one-of-a-kind and enthralling series of spells, physical combat, entering towns, and
games. even walking add a sense of realism to the
Originally known as the Exile series, which game; after all, one could just use the music
used a 2-D bird’s-eye view of a customizable- they collect on Win amp or iTunes for the back-
party RPG in an expansive fantasy world in ground (that’s what this reviewer does.)
three numbered titles and a legendary editor, Graphics are an impressive display of
sprites and pale countryside as giant mush-
rooms, twisted trees created by magic, towers
and cities dot the landscape. Although bland, it
also contributes to a consistent environment of
a world under the surface.
Avernum 2 involved new features, such as A map of Avernum
the choice of using the three primary races
(Avernites, Nephilim, or Slithzerikai) against scheme, the game has become a completely dif-
the Empire, which is actively at war with the ferent kettle of fish, since players, new or expe-
underground after the events of the first game. rienced will be surprised. The website claims
The major plot twist comes very early on, with that there is no need for the player to have
the introduction of the cave’s natural inhabi- played the other three, although I beg to differ
tants, a truly alien-looking race, society and cul- for storyline purposes. With the improvement
ture known as the Vahnanaiti. Different build- of sound, along comes the improvement of
Character management is a mere click away graphics in such a bland atmosphere as the
ings, dungeons, and monsters wait as you trav-
Vogel was dramatically expanded on this fran- el between two distinct lands in a progressing immense caverns and the natural rock forma-
chise. With 3-D graphics, an easy-to-under- world. tions put things into perspective.
stand interface, game play elements, the subse- One glaring aspect of the series continues Overall, the series has come a long way
quent remake plus one of the original series of to be its difficulty, which is a huge breather from the original game, which was already a
role-playing fantasy games. A definite change from the scores of simple RPG’s which have groundbreaking achievement. Besides graphi-
from the normal, the player is in control of four turned the genre into a much simpler kind of cal issues and a lack of musical/sound effects
characters (a great difference from the original entertainment through highly visual, verbal, which create the setting even more, all of the
games’ six) in the extremely expansive caves of and musical methods. The matter of difficulty games have the background and ambience of a
Avernum, the aboveground Empire’s makeshift can be a blessing or a curse, since the game’s world which has its own unique nature and
prison for those who speak against the oppres- lack of music and highly appealing graphics environment all its own. A great game for those
sive government. serve to improve play, but could be far too tax- who spend $7-$10 for the full version, and
Thrown through a one-way portal, the play- ing a game for people to maintain interest. addictive enough to allow for several hours
er finds that Avernum is far different than the As the series progresses into its third and each day. A true gem of the shareware world.
fourth titles, more and more features and mod-
horrible legends and rumors that they expect-
ed, and is instead a magical place filled with ifications are added, such as a Job Board, where Judgement: 9.5 / 10

The Touchstone Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Joseph Fulginiti
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Performing at Quad Jam, 2007:


As usual, there is no fee for Quad Jam. Come on out...even Layout Editor Phil is going to attend.
April 2007 Sports Page 9

Presenting: The Roundup by Phillip Berg

Welcome to the third monthly installment of the sports column quite simply
entitled “The Roundup.” You should all know the drill by now, so here we go.

MLB trade might turn out to be the best deal made at Rutgers will make their first trip to the Final
the deadline because he brings grit, experience, Four, although in all honesty The University of
We start this month in the city that never and leadership to a squad in need of all three. If New Jersey will not help to purify any airspace
sleeps, where both baseball teams have an the defense can hold together and there are no in the near future.
abundance of offense, but no pitching. It has injuries, the Penguins have to be the favorites
gotten so bad in the Bronx that Carl Pavano is to emerge from the East to contend for the SOCCER
currently slated to start Opening Day, the same Stanley Cup.
Carl Pavano who has not pitched in two years. In the weeks following the Chris The US national team was off to a fast start
Perhaps one week prior to his first anticipated Simon/Ryan Hollweg incident, the anti-fight- in 2007 until progress was recently impeded by
start of the season he will finally remember to ing lobbyists have reared their ugly heads once a scoreless draw with Guatemala. Prior to the
inform the Yankees organization that he broke again, like they did after the Todd Guatemala contest, newly Christened captain
his ankle in a golf cart accident. Yankees fans Bertuzzi/Steve Moore incident. Let us get this Landon Donovan had five goals in three games.
can only pray that this turns out to be the case. out of the way and make it explicitly clear right Interim Coach Bob Bradley seems very close to
Across the East River in Queens, the Mets are in now: fighting is not a problem and it is an shedding the “Interim” part of his job descrip-
even worse shape as they will possess only one absolutely necessary part of the game. Simon’s tion. It will be interesting to see who he brings
healthy starting pitcher Opening Day, barring actions are inexcusable, but it amazes me that to the Gold Cup and Copa America tourna-
Spring Training catastrophe: Tom Glavine. Is the NHL did not suspend Hollweg for several ments this summer, especially at the center
Glavine regretting not leaving New York when games as well for his hit from behind into the back position, where there is a massive logjam
he had the chance in the off-season? If things boards that actually gave Simon a mild concus- of candidates. Tim Howard appears to have
stay status-quo the bullpen will be burnt out by claimed the starting goalkeeping spot, and
July. young players like LM Justin Mapp, CM
To write a sports column and not mention Michael Bradley Coach Bradley’s son), and RB
the latest on Pete Rose would probably be a Frank Simek should all be included on the ros-
good thing, but here we are. Mr. Rose (whose ter.
initials by the way are PR, which kind of makes UEFA Euro 2008 qualifiers have begun.
you think), has now admitted to betting on and two teams in each of the seven-team groups
baseball, but only in favor of his team, “I bet on will succeed in making the final cut. After sev-
my team every night because I love my team, I eral disappointing performances, it has become
believe in my team.” Too bad any kind of bet- apparent that England cannot handle even the
ting in MLB is illegal, Peter. This newest deba- smallest of countries, losing to the likes of
cle of course means the Rose supporters have Israel (since when is Israel in Europe?) as evi-
denced by their 0-0 tie, putting manager Steve
Chris Simon piecing together what just transpired.
McClaren on very thin ice. If England fails to
sion. The timing of Simon’s Slap Shot imper- qualify, McClaren will most certainly be sacked.
sonation was terrible because it came soon after In other Euro 2008 qualifiers Turkey came
a tough, clean hit to Buffalo’s Chris Drury, back from a 2-0 deficit with a double strike by
which sparked controversy, and an unwarrant- Hamit Altintop, to tie Norway 2-2; both goals
ed three-game suspension to New Jersey’s Cam can only be blamed on the goalkeeper as one
Janssen for a hit on Tomas Kaberle. The NHL shot heading directly for him bounced off his
needs to consistently punish the offenders and hands, and the another dipped directly under-
keep mum on fighting. If there is any controver- neath him. Danish goalkeeper Thomas Myhre,
sy surrounding fighting in hockey, it should be you earn this month’s Lemon Award. Take a
Pete Rose, you sir, are a bum
about the elimination of the instigator rule; year off and think about what you have done.
been out making noise recently and demanding skill players need to stop wining and get used to
his reinstatement to baseball and his enshrine- being hit again. There is no place in the game
ment in Cooperstown since he has finally “come for elbows and slashes to the face, but fighting
clean.” Maybe in a few more years he will actu- and hard hitting are essential.
ally admit to everything that was reported in
the Dowd Report; confirming that yes, Pete NCAA MARCH MADNESS
Rose is a bum.
For the most part a breath of fresh air made
NHL it to the Men’s Final Four this year, with the
finalists hailing from the University of Florida,
Amidst talks of a possible move to Kansas UCLA, Georgetown, and Ohio State. I sleep
City, among other places, the Pittsburgh soundly knowing that it is impossible for a team
Landon Donovan en-route to a hat trick performance
Penguins have been on an absolute tear. from North Carolina to win the championship.
Pittsburgh has lost only three games in regula- In other years I would not have been surprised That concludes this month’s Roundup. I’ll
tion in March, collecting 23 of 30 points! Sid if Coach K somehow wormed Duke in with a be back one more time in May. Until next time.
the Kid Crosby and company continue their rise rulebook loophole, but it is evident that he is
in the standings, recently surpassing the gimpy, still shell-shocked from the experience of (All statistics are accurate as of March 28)
depleted New Jersey Devils as leaders in the coaching Team USA. The Women’s bracket
Atlantic Division and the number two seed in shows many familiar faces. UNC, LSU, and (Send your hate mail to
the Eastern Conference. The Gary Roberts Tennessee are no strangers to the contest, but
Page 10 Columns April 2007

The Evils of employees get new or better jobs the productivity and competitive- college graduates? Those of us

because outsourcing allows the ness of American workers. IBM receiving degrees in science or
business to enhance its financial recently announced the creation of engineering will have more job
strength. Cost reductions from a new $25 million retraining pro- opportunities and are more likely
outsourcing can open up new mar- gram for employees who worry to have more job security than oth-
by Davion Marcus ket opportunities for U.S. compa- about losing their jobs to outsourc- ers.
The migration of American nies and create additional jobs in ing. On the skill spectrum, the Though we are receiving
jobs to other nations has caused America. The companies can also United States has fallen from third degrees, making us more appeal-
widespread debate among busi- afford to buy new to seventeenth. ing to employers, finding jobs after
ness owners, politicians and econ- equipment and “The United Education and train- graduation is still going to be very
expand training pro- ing is much needed difficult. As I stated previously
grams. Over time, States myopic for many American
omists. Outsourcing does not only
involve advantages and disadvan- there are more workers that are
tages, it also involves exploitation there is a positive approach to workers to compete willing to work for less money. In
turn we, as college grads, are
among workers in underdeveloped feedback effect from
e d u c a t i o n in my.
the global econo-
forced to look for jobs that pay
nations. The same way workers in
third world countries are being On the other explains why The United more as a result of the debt most
exploited today mirrors the treat- hand, outsourcing we have such a States’ myopic college students find themselves in
also has a negative approach to educa- after graduation. Just think six
side; others view it as high dropout tion explains why we
ment of American workers during
the 1930s. During the 1930s many months after you graduate if you
American workers were forced to the killer of American rate among have such a high have loans you will have to begin
paying them off.
work 12 to 16 hours a day under jobs. Outsourcing can
be devastating for
high school stu- dropout rate among
high school students. When job searching it will be
horrible conditions in factories.
After a while these workers started some American work- dents.” Many displaced difficult for us to find jobs that will
to unionize and participate in vari- ers because they are workers place the pay enough for us to pay our loans.
ous movements to stop their forced to compete against those blame foreigners, instead of hold- Starting out in the “real world”
employers from exploiting them. who are willing to work twice as ing the companies accountable. An already owing thousands of dollars
The accomplishments of these hard for half the pay. According to agenda of economic reforms is puts a huge pressure on us as stu-
movements include the creation of a study conducted by Linktv on long overdue in order to make the dents to have degrees in the fields
the; AFL- CIO, and influenced the outsourcing, 57 % of displaced United States a more attractive that are hiring at that time. I have
passage of the, 1935 National workers cannot find jobs that pay place to hire and keep productive found that most students I know
Labor Relations Act, which as much as their old ones. Anger employees. It is fascinating to con- that have graduated were forced to
strengthened workers rights to from these displaced workers grab template that adopting such a pos- take jobs they did not necessarily
organize and bargain collectively. the attention of politicians seeking itive approach to the outsourcing want just to pay off there loans.
In 1938 the Fair Labor Standards re-election and votes. debate; the unexpected results Though someday that “dream job”
Act was passed, the bill was the Representatives from a number of would be realistic and positive for may come, outsourcing has made
first Federal law establishing min- states heavily impacted by out- American workers. finding that job extremely difficult.
imum wages and a 40 hour work sourcing are leading the fight to What does this mean for us as
week for all workers. protect American jobs. States such college students and soon to be
Over time many businesses as, New Jersey are considering
started to seek the unprotected laws to ban offshore outsourcing of
and un-unionize workers they government tech jobs. Congress
desired within poor nations, where has also joined the fight and began
the low cost of living further considering ways to close the legal
reduced the price of labor. loophole that allows foreigners to
Immigration laws limited use guest worker visas to service
American companies from hiring clients in the United States.
undocumented workers and as a According to the Department
result many of these employers of Labor, the United States creates
took their businesses to the work- far more new jobs than Europe
ers. The types of industries that are and Japan combined. It is believed
exporting American jobs range that technology rather than inter-
from telecommunication, manu- national competition is the major
facturing, maintenance-repair, cause of layoffs and of new hires.
consulting and applications devel- Technological progress is believed
opment just to name a few. Many to be the heart of the American
companies migrate to other coun- economy. The positive growth of
tries because they want to monop- technology in the U.S. has encour-
olize on cost savings and increase aged foreign manufacturers to set
their competitiveness in the global up shop in the United States
market. The companies that move despite the low wages workers
offshore have a constant need to receive in other countries. Some
grow and expand so they can facil- foreign companies for example,
itate the concentration of wealth Honda in Ohio, Mercedes-Benz in
and power in favor of their own Alabama, BMW in South Carolina,
personal interests instead of their and Toyota in California have cho-
workers. sen to produce their products in
On one hand, the effects out- the U.S by high-wage American
sourcing has on the American workers.
workers are very complex and get As I stated above, the debate
mixed views from employees and over outsourcing has its advan-
employers. According to some tages and disadvantages. Many of
economists, many American the individuals who lose their jobs
employees are able to keep their are truly devastated. Some experts
jobs because outsourcing helps the say that the positive approach to
company stay competitive. Some fixing the problem is to enhance
April 2007 Columns Page 11
Trust, Hard to Come Mville Sound Performs at Disney
by These Days
by Meaghan O’Rourke by Danielle Davis

Many of my other columns have been about Even inclement weather at John F.
questioning others, such as why people act the Kennedy airport could not stop Manhattanville
way that they do. Looking at their motives and Sound from enjoying their Spring Break.
directions has been a main focus. Observing Departing from Mville on Saturday, March
others and their interactions has always fasci- 10th, the all-girls vocal group arrived in
nated me and I admit I’m a “people watcher.” I Orlando, FL that weekend with the intention of
can sit on a bench in Central Park for hours and performing well, soaking up some sun, and
just watch how people intermingle with each having a great time.
other. But lately, I have become more inflective Their journey to Disney World began with a
and I have questioned my motives for doing fairly detailed application process. In
things. That may be because, with graduation September, the group submitted paperwork, a
approaching, people ask me more and more video audition tape, and a group photo for Manhattanville Sound taking in the Floridian sun
why I want to do the things I have planned out. review. By December, the group was approved
The line of questioning got me to think of to perform and the girls began planning their
why I do the things I do. Most of the answers second trip to the Magic Kingdom. Nicole Vourliotis, senior ’07, who started
are simply I do the things I do because I think it Although they did have a discount on park Manhattanville Sound during her '03-'04 fresh-
will make me and the people close to me the tickets, the girls were responsible for raising man year, said that the trip to Disney World
happiest in the end. I try to make the choices to their own funds for airfare and hotel fees. With was “something [I] always wanted to do with
do what is most beneficial in the long run. But help from the Office of Student Activities, the the group,” and added, “everyone had a great
there is one thing that I cannot exactly figure Music Department, and various other depart- time.” It was deemed a successful trip and the
out. Why do I trust the people I do? I’ve trusted ments, as well as their own fundraising meth- group has been asked to perform again next
a lot of people in my 21 years, as I’m sure many ods, they were able to gather sufficient monies. year.
people do, and it has not always worked out for Celebrity followed Mville Sound to Mville Sound is led by Nicole Vourliotis,
the best, as I’m sure it happens to more than Mickey’s hometown; because they were a per- President; Carry Edwards, Vice-President; and
just a few people. But why do I, and why do oth- forming group, they were given a behind-the- Beatrice Flipse and Keri McCarthy, Musical
ers choose to trust one person over another? scenes look at various features at Disney. Directors. The group has 15 members, with 8
Trust. It’s a funny thing. Who determines Besides those benefits, the group found fame (including the aforementioned officers) gradu-
who we trust? We will give our money, our offstage as well; they used the ample time wait- ating seniors. They are entirely student-run,
secrets, our hearts, to complete strangers. We ing in line at rides to rehearse their repertoire, and the members of the ensemble arrange all
hope that they will protect those things and attracting listeners from all over the park. They songs performed.
treat them as they would treat their own things. performed their concert on Monday, March
And then it all comes crashing down. They lose 12th in the Magic Kingdom. Auditions for Manhattanville Sound 2007-
your money, tell your secrets, break your heart. Although they were scheduled to return to 2008 will be held April 9th through April
It seems like it is a consistent loop of testing campus earlier, the girls did not arrive back to 15th. For more information, please contact
your faith in people. Mville until Saturday, March 17th, due to
Humans are not solitary creatures by any weather delays.
stretch of the imagination. We crave, whether
we know it or not, contact by others. We need
that human interaction. It is what drives us.
But I wonder why we trust those we don’t
To the editors of all college news- The doctors will tell you that this is
even know, when sometimes we can’t even trust
papers: inherited, but research shows conclu-
ourselves. We have all had those moments; we
sively that it is caused by the unnatural
know we are going to screw it up big time, all
I ask that you publish this Letter to the amount of close focusing, such as on
the pressure is on and you just don’t trust your-
Editor. This topic is of vital interest to books and computer screens, we must do
self to follow through.
you and your readers. The national in our modern society. The use of read-
Perhaps we know ourselves too well. We
media, without exception, ignore this ing glasses, such as are for sale in any
cannot trust ourselves because we know our
problem because they do not want to drugstore, is an easy way to prevent this.
own flaws, we know our own capabilities, or
upset the doctors and optical companies However, there is a conspiracy (yes,
rather, our lack there of. We find our salvation
that spend a lot of advertising money. I that’s the correct word) to hide this
in the strangers because we do not know where
can only hope that newspaper such as information from the public. You owe it
their weakness lies. They are the end all be all.
yours have enough academic freedom to to yourselves, and any children you may
They are perfect and will be able to hold our
expose this tragedy. have in the future, to learn the facts. As
trust like caring for an orchid.
students, you should be able to compare
Or so that is the hope we all have. This must
Many students become myopic (near- the various sides of this issue and deter-
be why we do it. For me, finding people I can
sighted) during their school years. mine which is correct. Just look at the
trust is hard. I think that is true for so many of
Having to wear glasses the rest of your evidence. The whole story is on
us. We long to have a confidante, someone to
life is the least of it. Any amount of Email us from the side
tell all our secrets too and know they won’t be
myopia, because of the abnormal and if you have questions. We are working for
repeated. But where can we find that? At this
irreversible stretching of the eye which you, not the optical industry.
age, a college co-ed, it’s hard to know. Then
occurs, sets the stage for serious eye dis-
again, take a look at the people around you;
eases in later years, such as detached Donald Rehm
they seem to be dealing with the same things.
retina, macular degeneration, glaucoma President
Not knowing who to trust or why they do trust
and cataract. In some highly-literate Far International Myopia Prevention Assn.
the people they do.
East countries, this has reached an epi- Ligonier, PA 15658
I suppose it is just one of those things. We
demic with over 90% of college gradu-
trust who we trust because we need to. We need
ates nearsighted.
to have that person right there. We put our
trust in them and then all we can do it hope it
all works out for the best.
Page 12 The Touchstone April 2007

New York City Baseball

by Jeremy Mand

NEW YORK YANKEES should watch out because it appears that some should be solid and possibly great as the season
superstar hitters are anxious to prove that last goes along and relievers Duaner Sanchez and
The Yanks are loaded from top to bottom, year's quick playoff exit was an aberration. Guillermo Mota return from injury and suspen-
they have it all; their pitching is deep and When you think about last year, the sion respectively. The other question with the
strong in both the bullpen and the rotation. The Yankees were without Matsui, Sheffield, Cano Mets besides the unproven youth in there rota-
only thing they lack on their entire team is a and Giambi for long stretches and a struggling tion is the age of some there most important
true ace pitcher in their rotation, but how many a-rod, perhaps the games best talent, and they players. The rotation is headed by a couple of
teams really have an ace. Three number two also did not have Bobby Abreu till august and 40-something pitchers who could break down
starters in Mussina, Wang, petite and potential- they still managed to out slug almost everyone. and probably will break down at some point in
ly a fourth one in Pavano if he can return to 04' With those players returning it is scary how the case of El Duque at some point this season.
form make up one of the strongest rotations in good this team can be. And if they can get a-rod Glavine is solid, but at this stage of his career,
baseball and don't forget that they have super- back to his 2005 form, I don't know how any he is nothing more than a #2 or #3 starter.
star pitching prospect Philip Hughes in the team will be able to compete with the awesome There are two reasons why I like the Mets this
minors not too far away; he could end up being talent of the Yankees. The biggest reason why season.
that ace that they miss if he can master the the Yankees should be the best team this year is
mental aspects of the game, because physically that it seems that Brian Cashmen has focused
he has it all. When you look at the bullpen, you more and more on getting players that work
begin with the best reliever in history by far in well together and bring a team first attitude.
Mariano Rivera who is motivated by playing in In turn, the Yankees are showing, at least
a contract year and a chip on his shoulder that this spring, to have much better chemistry and
he is not nearing the end. direction. Cashmen and the front office have
Rivera should prove to be right. His num- done an excellent job of ridding the team of
bers show no drop-off whatsoever and his killer clubhouse cancers and downers with players
cutter has not lost significant velocity. He like Gary Sheffield and Randy Johnson along
should have another dominant year. Relievers with developing the farm system back up to one
Kyle Farnsworth and Scott Proctor give the of the best in baseball and giving them the abil- How many Mets will be voted All-Stars in 2007?
Yanks two rubber arms that can provide a more ity to acquire a talented veteran such as Bobby
than effective bridge between the starts and the Abreu at the trading deadline or bringing up a First, because of their potential to get much
automatic Rivera. Not to mention the fact that productive Melky Cabrera from the farm. The better as the season goes along. With several
they added Luis Vizcaino in the Randy Johnson Yanks, if they play there cards right, could be on young players adjusting and adapting to the
trade, which will provide the yank with a pitch- the verge of a legendary season and it should be major leagues, the pitching should get better.
er, capable of getting a big strikeout in the exacting for all Yankee fans everywhere, the And the impact of players returning from injury
tough situations he had 72 strikeouts in 65 empire is back... around mid-season. Hall of famer Pedro
innings. They are a little weak on the left side of Martinez and stud relievers Duaner Sanchez
the pen, as they will be relying on untested tal- NEW YORK METS and Guillermo Mota will provide big sparks to
ent in rookie Chase Wright and journeyman the pitching along the way. Also, with a lot of
prospect Sean Henn to replace Ron Villone who The Mets, well, they have their flaws and high ceiling prospects close to contributing to
was very effective last year. weaknesses, but it’s possible that the flaws the major leagues they offer the potential to
could turn out to be strengths. There combina- spark the team with youth or be used as trade
tion of youthful exuberance and veteran leader- chips to improve the club. One thing we cannot
ship along with some of the best talent in base- forget is the tremendous chemistry and resolve
ball make the Mets one of the most formidable of the Mets clubhouse. Veteran leadership pro-
teams in baseball and also one of the hardest vided by Julio Franco, Tom Glavine, Carlos
teams to gauge as to where they might go this Delgado and Jose Valentin and youthful exu-
year. They will be good, but the question is how berance with Jose Reyes, David Wright and
good. A lineup with stars such as Carlos Oliver Perez keeps the club lively and steady.
Delgado, David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Jose The one thing that stands out about the
Reyes backed by solid veteran hitting in Moises Mets players is the tremendous work ethic by
Alou and Paul Lo Duca will keep the Mets in almost every player on the club. Reyes and
every game. And a bunch of high ceiling players Wright are known for there tremendous devo-
could put the Mets on the verge of a dynasty. tion to the team and improving their game.
If pitchers Oliver Perez, John Maine and Tom Glavine and Carlos Delgado keep players
Can Jeter and A-Rod unite in 2007?
Mike Pelfrey can play to there talent the Mets in check and focused on winning. This team has
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is a team that relies on their pitching and keep- same guy who had 240 strikeouts in 195 years have core players that should be around for a
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offenses in the last 20 years and probably the could be this year's Justin Verlander. spend. The Mets could be on the verge of a
most dynamic and potent lineup in the game. However, none of the three are proven and dynasty. But only time will tell.
Their combination of speed, power, patience only one of the three has ever pitched more
and depth are unmatched and A.L. pitchers than 150 innings in a season. The bullpen