The Clarence List

On Dumpster Diving by Lars Eighner Essay on life as a homeless dumpster diver. Explains just how much one can learn from another’s garbage. The Idea of World Citizenship in Greek and Roman Anti uit! by Martha Nussbaum Multicultural education in antiquity. “The task of world citizenship requires the would-be
world citizen to become a sensitive and empathic interpreter. Education at all ages should cultivate the capacity for such interpreting”. Involves philosophy ethics and political science.

The Good "e#s Is$ These Are "ot The %est &ears of &our Life' by Gloria Steinem While student years are the peak time of rebellion and openness to change for men, that’s not necessarily the same for women. Indeed, the reverse is more often true women may be the one group that grows more radical with age. A (odest )roposal by Jonathan Swift !"#$ classic satire recommending that the %ritish upper classes deal with the poor by encouraging them to eat their own young. Dirt! *ecret in +raternit! Drinking *ongs by Katrina oley and Sheila Moreland &.'. (imes article that details the fact that some fraternity drinking songs glorify rape and promote violence towards women. %eautiful *enoritas and Other )la!s by !olores "rida )ole of women in contemporary society, addressing specifically the various sterotypes of &atinas and compares them to reality. *peak by Laurie #alse $nderson ' story about rape, recovery, and confession. *elinda is at first shamed by her peers for calling the police, and it isn’t until she discovers her voice through art that she is able to cope with and address what happened to her. It is a story about bullying, violence, and +(,- finding your voice and identity. (he book is often the target of censorship, and the author responds, .%ut censoring books that deal with difficult, adolescent issues does not protect anybody. /uite the opposite. It leaves kids in the darkness and makes them vulnerable. 0ensorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance. 1ur children cannot afford to have the truth of the world withheld from them.2 The *carlet I,is by James #urst 'ward3winning short story loaded with symbolism about a brother and his weaker younger brother. (hey bond, but the older brother pushes the younger too hard. +are#ell to (anzanar by Jeanne %a&atsu&i #ouston and James #ouston 'utobiography about life as a 4apanese3'merican before, during, and after internment at the *an5anar prison camp.

*ar !6, #6!7


Lord of the -ill by 'heodore 'aylor ,tory about a boy who discovers a human body in a jaguar cage at an animal preserve. The Outsiders by S.E. #inton 0oming of age in !$86s small3town 'merica. ,tay gold, +onyboy. The Road by (ormac Mc(arthy #66" +ulit5er for fiction. 9ather and son travel together through a post3apocalpytic world. )ersepolis by M. Satra)i :raphic novel about growing up as a female in Iran before, during, and after the Islamic )evolution. 1ne character lifts herself up from deepest throes of depression. A Thousand *plendid *uns by #osseini *ultigenerational story about class and gender in 'fghanistan. !onn Esmonde * Nelly urtado &yrics to a song that was released in #66$. ;ot taught in school. *e. /ducation in Our *chools by Jill Kuhn <istory of sex education. The Case for no 0elmets by !ic& 'eresi !$$8 ;ew =ork (imes article about bikers who don’t like to wear helmets. (his article says nothing about >ing >ong or condoms, but a !$$$ 9orbes article entitled, .(he Wild 1ne2 by the same author, does. .Imagine? a novice on a !@63mph bike wearing a plastic hat that will reduce any impact by !7 mph. It’s like having sex with >ing >ong, but bringing a condom for safety’s sake.2 (! Antonia by %illa (ather 0onsidered to be 0ather’s first masterpiece. ' tale about immigrant life on the 'merican frontier. *no# +alling on Cedars by !a+id Guterson 'ward3winning novel about a murder case in !$87 Washington ,tate and its subseAuent trial. ' local reporter knows the secret about the defendant’s innocence, but is in love with the defendant’s wife. Winterdance$ The +ine (adness of Running the Iditarod by Gary "aulsen 'utobiography about running the Iditarod over !" days. The Things The! Carried by 'im ,-.rien ' collection of short stories about a platoon of soldiers in the Bietnam War. 'ward3 winning collection brings first3person accounts of the war to life.

*ar !6, #6!7


The %ook Thief by Mar&us /usa& ' book set in ;a5i :ermany and narrated by a very busy -eath. It is the story of a girl who is ripped away from her parents and suffers tragedy before being taken in by a foster family, which teaches her to read. (he foster family takes in a 4ewish boy to live in the basement. &ear of Wonders by Geraldine .roo&s ,et during the black plague a small English town in the !"th century, it tells the tale of survival, terror, and loss during an uncertain Auarantine. Its themes include witchcraft, madness, and repressed sexuality, but also the power of women and trust.

*ar !6, #6!7