Installation Oracle Applications ( This Includes 1.Pre Installation Steps 2.Main Installation Steps 3.

Post Installation Steps(optional for 11.5.10 Installation) 1.Pre Installation Steps:-------------------------------1.1Creating two user accounts and set ownership rights  Create a group Log in as root and execute the command $groupadd -g 500 dba  Create users (applmgr $ oracle)  Create applmgr user and assigning to dba group $useradd -u 501 –g dba applmgr  Create oracle user and assigning to dba group $useradd –u 502 –g dba oracle  Create tow directories appl and ora $mkdir /appl $mkdir /ora  Change ownership of applmgr to appl $chown –R applmgr :dba /appl  Change ownership of oracle to ora $chown –R oracle :dba /ora  Set hostname and Domain name $vi /etc/hosts (insert ip address and domain name)
 Install Java™ 1.3.1 platform

$dump/ cp j2sdk2L3_1_16_Linuxi586.bin $cd /user/bin/java/

/user bin/java

$ Sh. j2sdk2L3_1_16_Linuxi586.bin /user/bin/java $/etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/default $rm –rf networking

 Create two links (gcc and g++ are system utilities) $mv /user/bin/gcc /user/bin/gcc323 $mv /user/bin/g++ /user/bin/g++323  Create tow soft links $ln –s gcc296 gcc $ln –s g++296 g++  Set the environment variable $vi /etc/sysctl . conf $vm. inactive-clean-pecent=100; $mv /usr/bin/unzip /usr/bin /unzip.back  Install inter-operbility patch $cd /dump/patchs/3006854 $sh ---------init 6( reboot the system)  Export java version $export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.19 $export DISPLAY= $export PATH=$PATH:/user/bin/java/jdk1.3.1_16 2.Main Installation Steps:---------------------------------$export PATH=$PATH:/dump/Stage11i/ 11.5.10/StartCD/Disk1/rapidwiz $cd /Stage11i/11.5.10/StartcCD/Disk1/rapidwiz $ ./rapidwiz (This brings java –InstallationScreen)

Run from path Welcome Screen appears and click “Next

Select a WIZARD operation and Click “NEXT

Identifying Configuration file and click “Next”

Choose Installation type as single-node and click “NEXT

Define Database Type as “TEST” Setup Database Installation Directory as “D:\oracle” Select Product License type as E- Business Suite Licensing
Select Country specific functionality

Select Additional languages as American English -US Select Database Characteristic as Default Territory as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Database Characteristic as ---------------Enter Node Specific Information MKS Directory ------------MSDEV Directory -----------Base Install Directory as d:\oracle Review global settings Domain Name ------Port pool ------------Save the configuration file Review Pre installation checks

Begin installation by clicking on “NEXT”

3.Post Installation Steps:-------------------------------- applying inter- operability patches  Install 8.0.6 Inter-operability patch  Login as applmgr and set the environment $su –applmgr $cd 11.5.10 $./APPSORA.env (or) APPS(context_name).env  Move to the Stage directory where the software’s are downloaded and copy the file $cp /Stage11i/11.5.10/patches/ /apps/soft wares  Move to the /apps/soft wares directory where the files copyed $cd /apps/soft wares  Unzip the patch $unzip -  Move to the patch directory $cd 3830807  Set Execute permissions to the $chmod u+x  Run the scripts

$./  Start all services $cd $COMMON_TP/admin/scripts/(context_name)/ apps/apps  Relink the executables $./adrelink force= y “all” (or ) by using adutilities (adadmin)  This will relink the executables to the oracle products  Bounce all the services  Stop all services $cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/(context_name)/ Apps/apps  Start all services $cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/(context_name)/ Apps/apps This is completes the post installation steps . Now the instance is ready for use.
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