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AUDIT Please complete by place a cross in the column that best represents your current level using the

following scale: A I am very competent and confident. (add a star if you would be prepared to offer support to other trainees) B I am competent and confident. C I have an adequate level of competence but wish to strengthen my skills. D I feel competent at few or no aspects and need considerable training and support. Use the results to establish personal targets and record these with others on your Showcase Website.

Name: Alice Le Feuvre Expertise/Experience/Skill A

Level B C D

Level of knowledge and skill in using the following: Word processor Database Spreadsheet Presentation eg PowerPoint, Prezi Video/pictures/graphics Coding/programming Blogs Wikis Email Internet File Management (naming/saving/copying/deleting) Social Networking Website construction

Ability to demonstrate and use the following ICT hardware and equipment: Printers (troubleshooting) Video / cameras Scanners Digital cameras Interactive whiteboard/projector systems

Ability to: Identify areas of the curriculum that could be enhanced by ICT Use ICT so that it does not obscure the subject content/message Access information relevant to teaching from the internet Locate and access computer and non-computer materials, resources, support Use ICT to prepare and adapt teaching materials. Use ICT for administration systems for recording progress.

Ability to develop lesson plans that integrate the effective use of ICT across the curriculum to: Support teaching and learning Cover the programmes of study of the National Curriculum for ICT Teach ICT elements of the other core and foundation curriculum subjects Identify and detail the resources, software /hardware to support the lessons Improve learning of able children and those with special educational needs

Knowledge and skills relating to classroom management of ICT including: How to organise and manage group work How to approach whole class teaching How to organise ICT equipment to allow pupils access

Ability to monitor and assess childrens use of ICT: Identifying where they need extending and supporting Identifying how ICT influences objectives and outcomes Deciding whether or not all pupils have access to the objectives and outcomes Determining how group work may affect pupil capability

Awareness of issues and legislation relating to pupils access to information: Awareness of the role of the teacher in respect of child protection and ICT. Protection of pupils from unsuitable areas of the internet. Copyright regulations The Data Protection Act Health and Safety regulations