Jason Crews Essay #3 Important scientific events of the past decade are numerous.

We live in an age of constant change and discovery. Each discovery contributing to the next allowing us to witness exponential discoveries and progress. One of the most important of those discoveries occurred in 2003. After finishing the human genome project scientists discovered that we humans only have about 20,000 to 25,000 genes. That’s far fewer than originally suspected. Having made this discovery scientists can now narrow their focus when studying genetic disorders such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease. This discovery has also allowed scientists to begin study how to change and alter our genes. This has sparked debate in many related issues such as ordering the sex of your baby prenatally. Another important discovery in the field of genetics was made in 1998. Scientists discovered Ribo Nucleic Acid Interference (RNAi) which appears to interfere with the expression of certain DNA segments. It’s still unclear what specific function it serves in the cell and cell reproduction, but many scientists believe it may be used as a drug to treat some genetic disorders. Research in this area is still in its infancy so it hasn’t had the opportunity for debate. In 2001, Dr. Kenneth Matsumura and the Alin Foundation invented an artificial liver. The liver combines both biological liver cells from animals and various technological components. The liver cells from the animals filter the blood like a normal liver and the technological components help eliminate the body’s rejection of the cells. The liver is normally used in conjunction with other treatments such as dialysis, but has been used recently to save the life of a patient who was suffering from liver failure due to cancer. As with most scientific advances this development has been met with some resistance from individuals who believe combining technology and biology is contrary to nature and, over the long run, will steer the human species toward an unnatural dependency on technology. In 2003, Toyota invented and began producing hybrid cars. Production was and continues to be limited, but huge improvements in fuel efficiency has really allowed this idea to take off. Now almost all

Jason Crews Essay #3 major car manufactures are producing some form of hybrid car. The hybrid car isn’t the answer to all of the environmental concerns caused by cars, but it does demonstrate the public’s willingness to slowly shift their paradigms. Proponents of the hybrid car argue that the world can’t end its dependency on oil over night, and this is the first step to reducing that decency. Opponents of the hybrid claim that even if everyone in the world switched to hybrid cars we would still be negatively impacting the environment. Anxiety and fear caused by changing technology has the same root cause as all fears and anxiety. Change. People fear change. All people fear change to some degree or another. Different people compensate in different ways. Some eventually choose to embrace the change, while some resist and cling to their old ways. Take the Amish for example. They still cling to their belief that electricity is evil; despite all the good things it has brought society. I like to experiment and try to embrace the embrace new developments. Being a generation X’er has thrust constant scientific change throughout my entire life. I have not always been so accepting, however. I was raised very conservatively and Baptist. I was taught creationism, I was taught the sanctity of marriage means a man and a woman, I was taught that the races shouldn’t mix, I was taught men shouldn’t have long hair, and many more rather outdated philosophies. In fact I was known to vehemently defend those beliefs up until high school. It wasn’t until after high school that I began to question them and change them. I don’t think all of what I was taught was wrong, I choose now to believe that they are simply different points of view that should be respected and interprated if not followed exactly. I didn’t come to that realization night, it took quite some time, and it was frequently accompanied by guilt and anxiety. Thankfully, with time, I was able to adapt and formulate my own perception of the world. Perusing a college education is important for several reasons. Mostly because a college education adds credibility and refinement to the skills I already posess. I would like to think that my

Jason Crews Essay #3 perception tends to be more influenced by actual life experience than by any one teacher, class, or university. Hopefully a quality education will help further refine my analytical, reasoning, and communication skills so that I can more effectively convey my ideas to others. Then they will be able to take those ideas, interpret them and develop their own. Science does, at times, seem to be at odds with religion, and at times science seems to be a religion. People who believe in pure science require a portion of faith, perhaps less than religion, but still faith. I believe religion is a lot like science in that it can’t explain everything, despite what some believe on both sides, and should be used as a guideline. Most religions teach good human values that help people and help society if followed society could benefit. Science offers a rational explanation of the world, but doesn’t often offer anything that benefits society as a whole. Together one would have a rational explanation of the world with good values to create a better society. Unfortunately, science and traditional religion are content fighting one another, and content creating further means of discrimination and hate. I try to take a scientific approach to most problems I am faced with. I examine the problem, determine my available options, evaluate each option, and chose the best option and act. When choosing what college to attend I looked at each school I was accepted to, then I looked at the pros and cons of each school, I then determined which of those pros and which of those cons were the most important to me and decided to attend Ottawa. Darwin’s theory of natural selection has not directly influenced my view of the world. To me it offers one possible explanation of our origin. While we may have a good idea how we came to life, I doubt that incontrovertible proof will be found in my life time. I do like to use it as an explanation of people’s behavior. If you take moments to really observe human behavior you will notice that all

Jason Crews Essay #3 people have a few behaviors in common. I find that those behaviors can often be explained by us trying to pass on our genes, and demonstrate that we are the fittest.

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