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Quality & Compliance

CSHM Chief Dental Officer: Dr. Gus Souri Chief Dental Officer and a member of CSHM's board of directors Dr. Souri is a diplomate of the !merican "oard of #ediatric Dentistry. Dr. Souri established and de$eloped a $ery successful %QHC Oral Health pro&ram in Chica&o. 'nder Dr. Souri's leadership %QHC oral health pro&ram secured its first federal &rant in ())* to support the oral health pro&ram's e+pansion. ,hen secured the second federal &rant in ()-). His pro&ram committed to ser$e the underser$ed population in Chica&o. .n ())/ Dr. Souri recei$ed the .llinois #rimary Health Care Clinician De$otion !0ard. Dr. Souri 0as the recipient of ()-) Health and Medicine #olicy 1esearch Group's 2HM#1G3 Medicine !0ard in honor of his dedication to impro$in& the li$es of others. .n ()-- he recei$ed the .nno$ati$e 1esearch in #rimary Care !0ard from the 4ational !ssociation of Community Health Center. He also completed a pediatric dentistry residency at Mott Children's Health Center5Hurley Medical Center in %lint Michi&an. Dr Souri ser$es as ad6unct faculty at the 'ni$ersity of .llinois at Chica&o's School of Dentistry. Dr. Souri is leadin& initiati$es desi&ned to ensure 7uality patient care 8 O$erseein& efforts to impro$e the care e+perience for children and parents at dental centers nation0ide. !d$isors on Quality: #ediatric Dental "oard 9stablished in ()): our #ediatric Dental !d$isory "oard assists Dr. Souri and focuses on 7uality of care initiati$es. Dr. #aul Casamassimo Chair Department of #ediatric Dentistry ,he Ohio State 'ni$ersity and Chief of Denistry at 4ation0ide Children's Hospital Dr. !rthur 4o0a; #rofessor 9meritus 'ni$ersity of .o0a Colle&es of Dentistry and Medicine

May 30, 2013: Oklahoma Smiles and Small Smiles Dental Centers donate emergency dental kits for tornado victims. May 21, 2013: o o!r "atients and #amilies in Oklahoma City.

Connect $ith !s:

Dr. <oe "ernat Chair of the Department of #ediatric and Community Dentistry at the State 'ni$ersity of 4e0 =or;>"uffalo School of Dental Medicine

Dr. !nupama ,ate Director #ediatric Dentistry Children's 4ational Medical Center and !ssistant #rofessor at the Geor&e ?ashin&ton 'ni$ersity

CSHM @@C is committed to ensurin& that all dental ser$ices meet professionally reco&niAed standards of health care includin& those of federal and state health care pro&rams state dental boards and those articulated by the !merican !cademy of #ediatric Dentistry. ?e maintain a detailed compliance pro&ram employ an e+perienced chief compliance officer and run a lar&e compliance department to train monitor identify formally trac; and follo0 up on all compliance> related issues. ?e also operate a comprehensi$e trainin& and education pro&ram re&ardin& compliance

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