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ELI and Quality Matters Online Seminar Participant Chat ELI and Quality Matters Online Seminar - Online

and Blended Learning March 10, 2014: 1:00 p m E! "#!C$4% 12:00 p m C!, 11:00 a m M!, 10:00 a m P!& Abbreviated Chat Transcript 'eth Case: "1(:0(& l)*e +ad,esP Quic. /all: "1(:0(& 0hat is a di,ital +ad,e1 'eth Case: "1(:04& 'ad,es in2): http:33)pen+ad,es )r,3 4l Lind: "1(:12& 0as the transiti)n r)u,h1 5)n O6st)n: "1(:17& 6hat is 4PPQM5 and P5C1 Lisa 8idder: "1(:17& 0hat did y)u use t) assess 2aculty s.ills1 'ar+ra 'urch $ QM: "1(:17& !he 4pplyin, the Quality Matters 5u+ric and the Peer 5e*ie6er C)urse P Quic. /all: "1(:19& 0ill y)u share the list )2 participants1 Eddie Merc "/a6aii Paci2ic #ni*ersity$/P#&: "1(:19& 6ere the 6) mandat)ry1 Lisa / : "1(:19& :) these c)sts include QM 6) e;penses1 Lisa / : "1(:1<& 0ere all P: sessi)ns thr)u,h QM1 Lauren: "1(:1<& :id c)ncern a+)ut intellectual pr)perty c)me up in the transiti)n1 0h) =)6ns= the )nline c)urses n)61 8yle >)hns)n "Chaminade&: "1(:1<& 'esides the QM materials, 6hat )ther types )2 thin,s did y)u c)*er in the seminars1 8athleen !)rrens: "1(:1<& Is certi2icati)n t) teach )nline mandat)ry t) d) s)1 4l Lind: "1(:1?& 6hy did the 6) c)sts dr)p s) dramatically1 :a*id: "1(:1?& 6ith this pr)2ile )2 student learnin, phil)s)phy, l)). a andra,),y as +ase assupti)ns instead )2 peda,),y !ricia Sayles: "1(:20& /)6 many 2aculty ser*e as peer re*ie6ers1 P Quic. /all: "1(:24& :) y)u ha*e dem),raphic data )n 2aculty10hich racial3ethnic ,r)ups and 6hat pr)p)rti)n )2 male and 2emale 2aculty teach )nline1 :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "1(:24& 6as dr)ppin, 2)r me, s6itched t) ph)ne

ra@ m)han: "1(:2A& 0ere all the pil)t c)urses certi2ied +y QM1 :id the retenti)n in these classes impr)*e a2ter the Ceri2icati)n1 :a*id: "1(:2A& Bery---ra@ m)han: "1(:2A& Certi2icati)nC1 :a*id: "1(:2A& IDtensi*e-Lynn: "1(:27& :id y)u ch))se )nline )r 222 trainin, 2)r y)ur 2aculty1 0illiam Paters)n #ni*ersity: "1(:2<& /)6 did y)u trac. h)6 the students did in the QM$ enhanced c)urses *ersus )ther c)urses1 Earah: "1(:2?& 0hat res)urces y)ur 2aculty used t) teach QM1 4renFt their materials c)pyri,hted1 Eddie Merc "/a6aii Paci2ic #ni*ersity$/P#&: "1(:2?& than. y)u >en: "1(:2?& 0ill this 6e+inar t)day, tal. m)re in$depth a+)ut QM and the *ari)us areas1 :a*id: "1(:2?& 0e ha*e a similar reGuirement 2)r c)mpleti)n )26) 6ith certi2icati)n at teh clase Lisa / : "1(:2?& /)6 many )nline c)urses 6ere e*aluated1 0illiam Paters)n #ni*ersity: "1(:2?& 4re these QM$mana,ed re*ie6s )2 c)urses, internally mana,ed )nes, )r in2)rmal re*ie6s1 :a*id: "1(:(0& e;cellent 'ar+ra 'urch $ QM: "1(:(0& !he 6e+inar t)day 6ill 2)cus )n the implementati)n )2 QM at the instituti)ns the presenters are 2r)m and h)6 the impact )2 the implementati)n 6as measured !he panelists in the last hal2 )2 the 6e+inar 6ill c)mment )n the earlier presentati)ns H)u can c)ntact QM and chec. )ut the QM 6e+site 2)r m)re in2)rmati)n:Gmpr),ram )r, :e+ 4dair: "1(:(0& #:C has a 2ull su+scripti)n t) Quality Matters and this pr)*ides them a site license t) deli*ery the 4PPQM5 t) their )6n 2aculty SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:(1& i2 y)u ha*e speci2ic Guesti)ns 2)r SuIan, 2eel 2ree t) email me at shar.nessJudc edu SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:(2& !he internal re*ie6 )2 )ur )nline c)urses 6as in2)rmal SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:(4& #:C used primarily 2ace t) 2ace QM trainin, 2)r 2aculty, alth)u,h the P5C 6as c)ntracted 2)r 2ully )nline deli*ery #ni*ersity )2 St !h)mas: "1(:(4& /)6 d) y)u de2ine =internally certi2ied1=

SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:(A& Our internal pr)2essi)nal de*el)pment 6as 2ace t) 2ace 6hile the internal certi2icati)n pr),rams 6ere hy+rid in 2)rmat ra@ m)han: "1(:(A& 4re the 2acilitat)rs 2)r the internal certi2icati)n trained +y QM1 8yle >)hns)n "Chaminade&: "1(:(A& 4t #LL /)6 d)es internal certi2icati)n happen1 :) 2aculty sh)6 c)mpetencythr)u,h s)me .ind )2 )nline test, peer re*ie6 )2 c)urses, )r s)methin, else1 8athleen !)rrens: "1(:(A& 4re y)ur 2aculty part )2 a uni)n, and is y)ur uni*ersity ,)*ernance shared1 'eth Case: "1(:(7& 4,reed- 4ll )nline instruct)rs sh)uld ha*e the e;perience )2 +ein, an )nline student 0PI: "1(:(7& /)6 did3d) y)u m)ti*ate 2aculty t) c)mplete trainin,1 Eramin,ham State #ni*ersity: "1(:(9& /)6 d) y)u .eep 2aculty in the l))p a2ter they ha*e ,)ne thr)u,h the trainin,1 8eep them m)ti*ated1 8yle >)hns)n "Chaminade&: "1(:(9& I de2initely li.e the idea )2 a p)rt2)li) t) sh)6 pre*i)us e;perience SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:(9& Our 6) c)sts dr)ppeda2ter 6e implemented an internal !rain the !rainer 6h) deli*ered 6) "4PPQM5& and de*el)ped a lar,e p)rt2)li) )2 6) t) train 2aculty acr)ss an aray )2 s.ills t) de*el)p and teach )nline marc S $ :u.e: "1(:(9& 0hat i2 many instruct)rs 6)uld rather n)t teach )nline $ they d) +ecause they ha*e t) C)uldnFt reGuired certi2icati)n +e an easy )ut 2)r 2aculty1 I e , they c)uld intenti)nally n)t meet the reGuirements /)6 6)uld a sch))l that needs many )nline instruct)rs resp)nd marc S $ :u.e: "1(:(9& "1& Lisa / : "1(:(<& Interestin, Guesti)ns, Marc 8yle >)hns)n "Chaminade&: "1(:(<& 0eFre p)nderin, a chan,e in learnin, plat2)rm /as any)ne implemented s)methin, li.e QM in c)n@uncti)n 6ith a LMS chan,e1 SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:(?& #:C used +)th QM pr)2essi)nal de*el)pment 6) as 6ell as internally de*el)ped 6) Ber)nica:iaI: "1(:(?& J8yle, *ery interestin, appr)ach and ,))d idea SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:(?& Eaculty 6ere n)t reGuired t) teach )nline Eaculty 6h) 6ished t) d) s) elected t) @)in the initiati*e Marlene >)hnsh)y: "1(:(?& 8yle, IFm n)t QM 6)uld +e an appr)priate t))l 2)r LMS e*al unless it has *ery limited 6ays t) implement interacti*ity

8yle >)hns)n "Chaminade&: "1(:40& Jmarc, m)st )2 )ur )nline instruct)rs are ad@uncts, and I thin. that chan,es the dynamics s)me My Guesti)n is h)6 t) c)mpensate ad@uncts 2)r the addit)nal 6)r. t) ,et certi2ied :a*id: "1(:40& 2aculty 6h) de*el)p QM +ased c)rese are ,uaranteed ass),nment )2 that c)urse 2)r three years 6ith re re*ie6 e*ery t6) years Mary !al+ut: "1(:40& 8yle, 6e are in the pr)cess )2 that *ery thin, De6 LMS and implimentati)n )2 QM Mary !al+ut: "1(:40& S)utheast Misss)uri State #ni*ersity 8yle >)hns)n "Chaminade&: "1(:41& Jmarlene, 6asnFt, a)ut usin, QM t) e*aluate LMS 5ather implement QM as part )2 trainin, pr),ram 6hen 6e r)ll )ut ne6 learnin, plat2)rm 8yle >)hns)n "Chaminade&: "1(:41& Jmary, I may hunt d)6n an email address 2)r y)u and c)ntact y)u later a+)ut that SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:41& #:C .ept 2aculty en,a,ed thr)u,h 2reGuest c)mmunicati)n as 6ell as a teachin, and learnin, +l), 4ndria Sch6e,ler: "1(:41& 8yle, 6hen 6e s6itched LMS, 6e used QM t) +uild a rec)mmended c)urse template in the ne6 LMS marc S $ :u.e: "1(:41& J8yle, ,))d Guesti)n Marlene >)hnsh)y: "1(:41& J8yle $ yes, then that m)re sense- K& Mary !al+ut: "1(:42& .yle, mhtal+utJsem) edu Berm)nt !echnical C)lle,e $ L),an: "1(:42& J.yle $ seems li.e a ,reat time 2)r 2aculty t) e*aluate the materials they place int) the LMS usin, the QM ru+ric SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:42& 0e als) as.ed 2aculty t) present t) 2aculty , t) share their pr)ducts 6ith )ther 2aculty Lisa 8idder: "1(:42& 0hat did y)ur Settin, E;pectati)n E*ents l)). li.e1 Shann)n 5i,,s: "1(:42& IFd li.e t) hear m)re a+)ut th)se, t)) Berm)nt !echnical C)lle,e $ L),an: "1(:4(& It seems that s)metimes 2aculty l)ad materials int) their c)urses 6ith)ut, them +ac. t) learnin, )+@ecti*es and l)).in, at h)6 the 2uncti)n in the )nline settin, 6hile re+uildin, is a ,reat place 2)r it Ber)nica:iaI: "1(:4(& c)aliti)n )2 the 6illin,, i li.e itSuIan /ar.ness: "1(:4(& C)aliti)n )2 the 6illin, 6as als) )ur appr)ach at #:C Camille :ic.s)n$:eane: "1(:4(& 4ny)ne dealin, 6ith a uni)niIed 2aculty1

Peter Shapir): "1(:4(& 0hile m)*in, t) a ne6 LMS may +e a ,reat time 2)r 2aculty t) e*aluate the materials they use and the structures they +uild, h)6 are y)u plannin, t) m)*e ")r m)nit)r the m)*e& )2 materials 2r)m )ne LMS t) an)ther1 /)6 can y)u ,et y)ur 2aculty t) thin. critically a+)ut cleanin, )ut their LMS cl)set1 Eramin,ham State #ni*ersity: "1(:4(& 0e ha*e 2aculty champi)ns 6h) spea. t) the +ene2its )2 QM 22)r n)t )nly their )nline c)urses +ut 2)r their 2ace t) 2ace- !he 2aculty l)*e t) share their )6n ah ha m)ments S) 6e ,i*e them )pp)rtunities t) d) that SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:4(& #:C is uni)niIed Camille :ic.s)n$:eane: "1(:44& #:C1 8ent E 0illiams: "1(:44& Hes, IFd als) li.e t) hear m)re a+)ut the E;pectati)n E*ents SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:44& #ni*ersity )2 the :istrict )2 C)lum+ia, the 2irst case study t)day 8yle >)hns)n "Chaminade&: "1(:44& Jl),an, I 6as, the same thin, 0e @ust ha*e t) +e sensiti*e t) the am)unt )2 e;tra time and e22)rt t) d) +)th QM and learnin, plat2)rm mi,rati)n at )nce !han.2ully 6eFre plannin, a l)n, transiti)n Camille :ic.s)n$:eane: "1(:44& Lreat than.s ra@ m)han: "1(:44& L),an, QM trainin, helps Eaculty set ,)als 2)r each m)dule and ali,n the ,)als 6ith the c)urse ,)als !hen the m)dule ,)als are ali,ned 6ith theassessment )2 student s.ills Camille :ic.s)n$:eane: "1(:4A& did I miss it1#:C case study1 0illiam Paters)n #ni*ersity: "1(:4A& /)6 much )2 a 2inancial incenti*e d) y)u )22er1 /)6 is it structured, and 6here d)es it c)me 2r)m1 SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:4A& #tiliIin, internal peer re*ie6 all)6s 2aculty )utside )2 the discipline t) re*ie6 )ther 2aculty c)urses and this appr)ach has enriched the sharin, and desi,n )2 )nline c)urses at )ur instituti)n 8athleen !)rrens: "1(:47& 4ls) interested in the G )2 2inancial incenti*eSuIan /ar.ness: "1(:47& J Camille $ 6e 6ent 2irst, Lu.e is the sec)nd case study t)day Leslie C)rdie $ 4u+urn: "1(:47& ,reat @)+ SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:49& Lreat @)+ lu.e!ra*is: "1(:49& !han.s Lu.e- Bery insi,ht2ul and help2ul :a*id: "1(:49& Or distance learnin, )22ice has a pr),ram called OEC that includes a+)ut 10 2aculty per r)und S)me6here I thin. they ,)t 2undin, +ecaise the )22er each participant MA,000 t) de*le)p c)urses +ased )n QM

:e+ 4dair: "1(:4?& 0hat Lu.e is sayin, n)6 is 6hat 6e are seein, nati)n6ide :e+ 4dair: "1(:4?& Peer re*ie6ers are paid M1A0 2)r a QM re*ie6 and canFt ,et all that )ne it )n a c)urse re*ie6 SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:4?& Lreat P)int Lu.e, at #:C, 6e d) n)t pr)*ide any 2inancial incenti*e 2)r internal peer re*ie6 Eaculty d) s) +ecause they are 6illin, and interested in increasin, their s.ills andcapacity as 6ell as supp)rtin, their peers :a*id: "1(:A0& 0E ha*e teh same pr)+lem, +ut )ur Pr)*)st has +ec)me a champi)n 2)r )nline c)urses and teh result is increasin, pressurs )n E4culty t) meet his e;pectati)ns :r Lu.e :)6den: "1(:A0& 0e en,a,e :eans and :epartment /eads 4l Lind: "1(:A0& !han.s Lu.e :r Lu.e :)6den: "1(:A0& 0e d) e*ents 2)r them t) ensure they understand h)6 6e are ,r)6in, :r Lu.e :)6den: "1(:A1& J0illiam $ it c)mes 2r)m my +ud,et 8athleen !)rrens: "1(:A(& /)6 lar,e is y)ur I: team1 ra@ m)han: "1(:A(& Questi)n 2)r #ni*ersity )2 the 5)c.ies: :) all the c)urses ha*e uni*ersal desi,n1 Can indi*idual 2aculty cust)miIe their c)urses1 :r Lu.e :)6den: "1(:A4& I ha*e 2 8athleen and an E$Learnin, Media Specialist >ins)n, Nhan,: "1(:A4& !ina, /)6 much )2 a c)urse an )nline instruct)r can chan,e1 8athleen !)rrens: "1(:A4& 6hat chance d) 6e ha*e )2 ali,ni,n 6ith assessment1 SuIan /ar.ness: "1(:AA& Intellectual pr)perty has c)me up and 6e 6)r.ed 6ith 2aculty t) de*el)p an IP p)licy 6here+y there is @)int )6nership and use Car)l Parenteau: "1(:AA& Bery little Eaculty d) n)t chan,e the desi,n )2 the c)urse !heir input c)mes in the 2acilitati)n ra@ m)han: "1(:A7& It is true that y)u had all the standards )n the c)urse menu itsel2 It 6as *ery 6ell desi,ned !i22any Smith: "1(:A9& 6ill any )2 these p)6erp)ints +e shared1 :r Lu.e :)6den: "1(:A<& I supp)rt !inaFs decisi)n t) d) s) Ber)nica:iaI: "1(:A<& yes, all c)ntent 2)r this seminar 6ill +e archi*ed$$a n)te 6ill +e sent )ut t) re,istered participants 2)ll)6in, the seminar :r Lu.e :)6den: "1(:A<& H)u need t) pic. an appr)ach that 2its y)ur instituti)nal culture ra@ m)han: "1(:A?& 171 is *ery impressi*e-

8ent E 0illiams: "1(:A?& 0)nder2ul-IFm ,lad a+)ut the a*aila+ility )2 the P)6erP)ints :anielle 'udIic.: "1(:A?& Quite impressi*e :r Lu.e :)6den: "1(:A?& J!ina =Str)n, in Intenti)n= $ a success 2act)r SuIan /ar.ness: "14:00& 46es)me num+er )2 QM rec),niIed c)urses :r ParscalPatricia McLee: "14:02& 0hat d)es Style= re2er t) !ina1 Learnin, Style1 Car)l Parenteau: "14:02& 4P4 2)rmat Patricia McLee: "14:02& JCar)l than.s 8ent E 0illiams: "14:0(& /)6 6as impr)*ement ")r lac. )2& in 6ritin, at #O5 measured1 5)n O6st)n: "14:04& /a*e the results )n impr)*ement +een pu+lished1 :anielle 'udIic.: "14:0A& I sec)nd 5)nFs Guesti)n I 6)udl l)*e t) see them Marlene >)hnsh)y: "14:0A& 0hat i2 there is a c)urse that is speci2ic t) a 2aculty mem+erFs e;pertise $ and )nly that pers)n teaches the c)urse1:)es that pers)n 6)r. 6ith the I: pe)ple t) de*el)p a cust)m c)urse1 Car)l Parenteau: "14:0A& 8ent, 6e used 0ayp)int ru+rics t) c)llect data )n 6ritin, assi,nments and c)mpare this data t) c)urses that 6ere n)t QM certi2ied Car)l Parenteau: "14:0A& Su+@ect Matter E;perts 6)r. cl)sely in the desi,n )2 the c)urses :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:0A& Hes in )ur situati)n Marlene Car)l Parenteau: "14:07& /)6e*er, )nce the c)urse is ready and QM certi2ied,2aculty d)nFt ma.e many chan,es Marlene >)hnsh)y: "14:07& !han. y)u 2)r the interestin, resp)nse SuIan /ar.ness: "14:07& !) learn m)re a+)ut the #ni*ersity )2 the :istrict )2 C)lum+iaFs strate,y and implementati)n, y)u mi,ht read a 2reshly pu+lished chapter in Cases )n Critical and Qualitati*e Perspecti*es in Online /i,her Educati)n, includin, a c)mplete ta+le )2 c)ntents, chapter a+stracts, and +r)chure, please *isit: http:33666 i,i$,l)+al c)m3+)).3cases$critical$ Gualitati*e$perspecti*es$)nline3<4194 'ar+ra 'urch $ QM: "14:12& H)u can 2ind in2)rmati)n a+)ut QM ,rants "and their 2indin,s& thr)u,h this lin. and the menu )n the ri,ht:https:33666 Gualitymatters )r,3research$,rants$0 :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "14:14& 0hat i2 y)u d)nFt ha*e )nline c)urses1 :e+: "14:14& Internal Ber)nica:iaI: "14:1A& J:)nnie, can y)u clari2y1

:r Lu.e :)6den: "14:1A& !han.s 2)r all the ads )n Lin.edIn :anielle 'udIic.: "14:1A& Is this IDI!I4LLH )r n)61 :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:1A& !hey 6ere ner*)us t) ha*e s)m)ne l)). at their c)urse :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:1A& It 2elt intimidatin, :anielle 'udIic.: "14:17& Initially $ L)ts )2 2ear D)6 $ Much m)re interest :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "14:17& 0e are n)t pr)*idin, 2ully )nline c)urses, Ber)nica :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:17& Lreat p)int:r Lu.e :)6den: "14:17& Hes $ 6e dealt 6ith a similiar 2ear Ber)nica:iaI: "14:17& J:)nnie, I see% QM can +e used 2)r )nline )r +lended c)urses 8athleen !)rrens: "14:17& 0e ha*e had l)ts )2 the same resp)nses :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "14:19& )., the p)ll had @ust )nline listed Patty Pedersen: "14:1?& 6hat 6as the name )2 the e;pected +eha*i)r re*ie6 meniti)ned )n the p)6erp)int1!han.s 'ar+ra 'urch $ QM: "14:20& !he !he)ry )2 Planned 'eha*i)r Ha.ut LaIi$!e;as 4OM: "14:20& 4@Ien and Eish+ein 1?<0 the the)ry )2 reas)ned acti)n "!54& Patty Pedersen: "14:20& !han. y)u Ha.ut LaIi$!e;as 4OM: "14:21& and 4@Ien, 1??1 !he the)ry )2 planned +eha*i)r :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:22& 0e are l)).in, 2)r h)6 t) di*e deeper int) )ur SEI data as 6ell Car)l Parenteau: "14:2A& 0here can 6e 2ind the Sch6e,ler article )n 2aculty en,a,ement1 0as it pu+lished1 :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:2A& Internet Learnin, 'ar+ 4ltman: "14:27& 2)rthc)min, in Internet Learnin, >)urnal Car)l Parenteau: "14:27& !han.s, 'ar+ :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:27& J#LLa2ayette $ peer re*ie6s reGuired 2)r c)urses that are part )2 an )nline de,ree pr),ram :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:27& initial plan :a*id: "14:29& 6e call )urs peer )+ser*ati)n t) ,et a6ay 2r)m teh sti,ma )2 re*ie6

:r Lu.e :)6den: "14:2<& 8ay is, @ust a+)ut the Instruct)r 0)r.sheet 6hich is step )ne in the peer re*ie6 :r Lu.e :)6den: "14:2<& !hat t))l in and )2 itsel2 is *ery use2ul ra@ m)han: "14:(0& E)r this p)ll, +)th student per2)rmance and retenti)n are imp)rtant Ber)nica:iaI: "14:(2& n)6 y)u can ch))se m)re than )ne, please *)te a,ain 'ar+ra 'urch $ QM: "14:((& /ere is the lin. t) the QM 6e+site:https:33666 Gualitymatters )r,3 P Quic. /all: "14:(A& Is QM n)npr)2it1 :e+ 4dair: "14:(A& yes :e+ 4dair: "14:(9& 4s Lu.eFs presentati)n su,,ested, many sch))ls are l)).in, and the implicati)ns the QM standards ha*e 2)r all )2 these )ther areas In many cases, the standards +e, the Guesti)n Ber)nica:iaI: "14:(<& )ur panel presentati)ns 6ill +e,in in 10 minutes 8aren S6an: "14:(?& I am in*)l*ed in the Predicti*e 4nalytics Pr)@ect 6hich is a,re,atin, data 2r)m 20 uni*ersities t) e;pl)re 2act)rs a22ectin, retenti)n and pr),ressi)n in )nline "and n)6 222& c)urses and pr),rams :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "14:(?& I 6as t)rn +et6een the t)p t6) ans6ers )2 the sur*ey :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "14:40& they seem intert6ined 8aren S6an: "14:40& I thin. the +i,,est 2act)r is studentsF 2eelin,s )2 +el)n, $$ 6hat 6e are callin, 2it $$ n)t listed there /)lly: "14:40& Can y)u menti)n the )rder y)u 6)uld ran. 6hat 6e @ust did1 >a*ier Leun,: "14:42& 5esearch sh)6s that instruct)r c)ntact is .ey >a*ier Leun,: "14:4(& .ey t) student satis2acti)n and percepti)n t) Guality /)lly: "14:4(& I am still curi)us a+)ut the,s 3 )rders Car)l Eisher: "14:4(& !his assumes c)urse )+@ecti*es, c)ntent and assessmnet are all ali,ned, 6hich is n)t al6ays per2ect /)lly: "14:4(& S) true Car)l- !hat QM c)urse "Learnin, O+@ecti*es 2& 6as the hardest )2 all I ha*e d)ne8ent E 0illiams: "14:44& IFm assumin, that studentsF assessment )2 the c)urse desi,n 6)uld +e a part )2 the studentsF end$)2$c)urse assessment ra@ m)han: "14:44& In the l)6er le*el c)urses, students are interested in the ,rades they recei*e and the ease 6ith 6hich students can c)mplete the c)urse success2ully "6ith *ery little e22)rt&

Patricia McLee: "14:4A& I 6)nder i2 y)ur instituti)nal c)urse assessments address the deli*ery m)de and c)urse desi,n1 My instituti)nal c)urse e*aluati)n d)es n)t :a*id: "14:47& 0e n)6 ha**e an )nline end$)2$c)urse assessment that includes cae,)riIati)n as delie*ery type 'ar+ra 'urch $ QM: "14:49& Internet Learnin, @)urnal :a*id: "14:49& Interestin, resp)nse rate am)n, )nline students is hi,her than resp)nse rate in E$2$E Pat D)lan: "14:A0& L))d t) hear I 6as ,)in, t) as. that Guesti)n at the end

8ay Shattuc.: "14:A1& SuIanne called attenti)n t) c)llectin, c)mprehensi*e data and usin, )ur data 6areh)uses Michael Mander2eld: "14:A2& !han. y)u 2)r menti)nin, that IF*e +een l)).in, 2)r6ard t) hearin, a+)ut EH 1A 8ent E 0illiams: "14:A2& Our )nline student resp)nse rate t) end$)2$c)urse e*aluati)ns is *ery l)6 at )ur instituti)n /)6 can 6e increase this percenta,e1 8ay Shattuc.: "14:A2& Lu.e called t) attenti)n the +ene2it 2)r esta+lishin, a c)mm)n lan,ua,e and that QM addresses )ne )2 the num+er )2 2act)rs that impact Guality assurance at an instituti)n 8ay Shattuc.: "14:A(& !ina called attenti)n t) the imp)rtance )2 l)).in, at studies as pil)ts , the l)).in, deeper in t) desi,nin, 2urther studies 8ay Shattuc.: "14:A4& 'ar+ O 4ndria called attenti)n t) the need t) identi2y a the)retical 2rame6)r. and c)llectin, +aseline data that can +e used 2)r 2uture study /)lly: "1A:00& :a*id, d) y)u .n)6 6hat 4P#S stands 2)r +e2)re I try and l)). up1 :e+ 4dair: "1A:00& 4merican Pu+lic #ni*ersity System :e+ 4dair: "1A:01& !hey are in 0B4 $ )22ices are :e+ 4dair: "1A:01& Classes are )nline Eramin,ham State #ni*ersity: "1A:02& /)6 a+)ut OE51 /)lly: "1A:0(& !han. y)u :e+- /)lly J Bald)sta State #ni*ersity- :& 'ar+ra 'urch $ QM: "1A:0(& Open Educati)nal 5es)urces Eramin,ham State #ni*ersity: "1A:04& 5i,ht, includin, OE5 in the mi; Marlene >)hnsh)y: "1A:0A& 0e had the same discussi)n ")2 apples t) )ran,es& +ac. in the day 6hen addin, techn)l),y "C4LL& t) lan,ua,e learnin, c)urses that 6ere all 2ace$t)$2ace

Car)l Eisher: "1A:07& i')).s, )22 and )n$line :a*id: "1A:07& simulati)ns as c)urse ati*ities :a*id: "1A:09& Hes, *ery pr)ducti*e en*ir)nmentF !)m 5ee*es: "1A:0<& i @ust started a ne6 MOOC t)day: Carpe :iem MOOC 2r)m 4ustralia :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "1A:0?& !)m, c)uld y)u tell us m)re1 Ber)nica:iaI: "1A:10& http:33666 ips)net )r,3pu+licati)ns3)pen$access3internet$learnin, !)m 5ee*es: "1A:14& http:33m))cne6sandre*ie6s c)m3learnin,$desi,n$2)r$)nline$ed$an$ inter*ie6$6ith$,illy$salm)n$a+)ut$her$carpe$diem$m))c3 'eth Case: "1A:14& IFm addicted t) MOOCSPatricia McLee: "1A:14& !)m, s) truePat D)lan: "1A:1A& I ha*e t) step )ut and h)pe2ully 6ill +e +ac. +e2)re end )2 seminar3sessi)n /)6e*er, in case I d)nFt ,et +ac. in time, is it still p)ssi+le t) ,et the +ad,e1 :a*id: "1A:1A& /O6 dpes this di22er 2r)m m)st )nline c)urses 2)r credit1 B 'race ":re;el #ni*ersity&: "1A:17& !hat is s) true Ber)nica:iaI: "1A:17& JPat, I +elie*e 2)l.s 6ill ha*e t) +e in attendance thr)u,h)ut the seminar 2)r the +ad,e 'eth Case: "1A:17& MOOC )2ten ha*e th)usands )2 students, little direct c)ntact 6ith the instruct)r, Guesti)ns usually ansered +y peers Pat D)lan: "1A:17& I understand appreciate the n)tice I sh)uldnFt +e +ut a 2e6 minutes +ut 6anted t) as. in case I

:e+ 4dair: "1A:19& QM has a chance t) re*ie6 14 MOOCs 2unded +y Lates $ e*en 6ith a m)di2ied 5u+ric 2)r n)n$credit c)urses "CPE& there 6eres)me +asic di2iciencies 8aren S6an: "1A:19& Is that the 4CE ,rant1 Patricia McLee: "1A:19& J:e+ h)6 2ascinatin, :e+ 4dair: "1A:19& 6e /4: a chance, that is, these are c)mpleted re*ie6s 'eth Case: "1A:19& IF*e ta.en se*eral MOOCs 4 2e6 6ere 2antastic, )ne 6as appallin,, and the )thers 6ere ). 'ut IFm a hi,hly m)ti*ated sel2$learner ra@ m)han: "1A:19& I +elie*e )ne )2 the de2iciences 6as in the matters )2 assessment, especially 6ritin, c)urses Marlene >)hnsh)y: "1A:1<& J:e+ $ interestin, pr)@ect t) QM re*ie6 MOOCs

8aren S6an: "1A:1<& 6e are d)in, a re*ie6 )2 the peda,),ies in th)se c)urse, interestin,ly +ased )n s)methin, !)m 5ee*es de*el)ped 2)r C4I +ac. in the 1??0s 'eth Case: "1A:1<& I 6)uld l)*e t) e*aluate MOOCSLeslie C)rdie $ 4u+urn: "1A:1<& I ap)l),iIe, +ut can y)u remind us i2 the slides 6ill +e a*aila+le1 Shirah hecht: "1A:1?& :itt) t) that Guesti)n Ber)nica:iaI: "1A:1?& yes, 6eFll send )ut a n)te 2)ll)6in, the seminar a+)ut the res)urces and archi*e )2 the sessi)n Ber)nica:iaI: "1A:24& http:33666 educause edu3li+rary3res)urces39$thin,s$y)u$sh)uld$.n)6$ a+)ut$educati)nal$desi,n$research Ber)nica:iaI: "1A:24& http:33d+r;r)ads c)e u,a edu3 /an Dee: "1A:27& 0hat d) y)u thin. is the impact )2 lar,e classr))m siIe )n )nline c)urse learnin,1 /an Dee: "1A:29& 4re there research t) supp)rt that classr))m siIe in )nline learnin, is )r is n)t a 2act)r1 8ay Shattuc.: "1A:2<& s) !)m is sayin, i2 y)u ha*e ,))d research pu+lish, pu+lish:a*id: "1A:2<& It is, 6e ha*e a c)ach asi,ned 2)r e*ery 2A students enr)lled /)lly: "1A:2<& :idnFt he menti)n the dr)p )ut rate 2)r MOOCFs is incredi+ly hi,h1 8ay Shattuc.: "1A:2<& I ha*e s)me re2erences )n class siIe re )nline :a*id: "1A:2<& yes he did :a*id: "1A:2<& ( t) 10 percent :a*id: "1A:2?& retenti)n Eddie Merc "/a6aii Paci2ic #ni*ersity&: "1A:2?& d) 6e need t) ha*e *ari)us peda,),ical appr)aches 6hen teachi, traditi)nal and n)n$traditi)nal students )nline1 :a*id: "1A:2?& use andra,),ical assumpti)ns :a*id: "1A:2?& n)t peda,),ical :a*id: "1A:2?& yes 8athleen !)rrens: "1A:2?& yes Sandy: "1A:2?& 8ay can y)u pr)*ide s)me )2 th)se re2erences )n class siIe1

/)lly: "1A:(0& ( t) 10 d)es n)t seem hi,h I teach super secti)ns and that is n)rmal and e*en hi,her 2)r a dr)p :)nna S Mancus): "1A:(0& Lreat p)int, :a*id:a*id: "1A:(0& ( t) 1? 6as h)6 many 2inished a c)urs 8aren S6an: "1A:(0& me t)), Partiria:a*id: "1A:(0& ( t) 10 6as h)6 many 2inished a M))c /)lly: "1A:(1& !han. y)u 2)r the clari2icati)n I had th)u,ht he said that +ut s6)re I misunderst))d Can I +lame my nec. sur,ery 2)ll)6ed +y shin,les @ust n)6 )n my misunderstandin,1 LOL- :& :a*id: "1A:(2& my +arrier is heart aand dia+etes--/)lly: "1A:(2& Lreat pair:a*id: "1A:(2& thin,s hard t) hear /)lly: "1A:(2& :& !)m 5ee*es: "1A:((& I2 y)u ha*e n)t read it, chec. )ut a ,reat +)). )2 the synthesis )2 meta$ analyses: /attie, > 4 C "200?& Bisi+le learnin,: 4 synthesis )2 )*er <00 meta$analyses related t) achie*ement De6 H)r.: 5)utled,e :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "1A:(A& students +ein, ready K, they already .n)6 techn)l),y 6ell "6hen they .n)6 the tech they use& :a*id: "1A:(A& In )ne c)urse, teh students had )nline act*ity 0hen 6e met 2$2$2 6e used a t) ta.e a p)p GuiI t) determine 6hi;h t)pis 6ere least underst))d adn th)se 6ere the 2)cus 2)r the class disucsis)n s) 6e didnFt 6aste class time )n t)pics that 6ere 6ell underst))d !)m 5ee*es: "1A:(7& 0ith respect t) interacti)n, y)u may +e interested in this article: 0)), H , /errin,t)n, > , 4,)stinh), S , O 5ee*es, ! C "2009& Luidelines 2)r implementin, authentic tas.s t) increase meanin,2ul interacti)n in 0e+$+ased learnin, en*ir)nments E:#C4#SE Quarterly, (0"(&, (7$4( :a*id: "1A:(9& E;cellent +i, Guesti)ns 2)r acceditin, a,encies is c)ntact h)ur eGui*alence !)m 5ee*es: "1A:(9& I t)tally a,ree a+)ut assessment hi,her educati)n it is the 6ea.est lin. in all 2)rms )2

:a*id: "1A:(?& May I su,,est that ELI )r QM )r +)th ha*e a 6) )n andra,),y as )n)ine c)urse assumti)ns :a*id: "1A:(?& 6ish I c)uld type

:)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "1A:(?& Patricia, d) y)u mean usin, techn)l),y t) c)nnect students t) the 6)rld )utside the class1 !)m 5ee*es: "1A:4A& I l)). 2)r6ard t), )ut th)se res)urces, Patricia Patricia McLee: "1A:4A& J:)nnie $ there 6as n)t a l)t )2 discussi)n a+)ut c)nnectin, the t6) mdes Patricia McLee: "1A:49& Students +ein, prepared is 2ascintin, $ tech in @ust )ne small part $')6ers "200<& identi2ied 4 +arriers $ situati)nal, instituti)nal, disp)siti)nal, and epistem)l),ical :)nnie Sendel+ach, :ePau6: "1A:49& Interestin,, Patricia Patricia McLee: "1A:4<& !)mFs 6) interacti)n is s) use2ul, a ,reat res)urce Patty Pedersen: "1A:A4& d) y)u thin. ,raduate students 6)uld +e m)re resp)nsi*e than under,raduates 6h) are n)t as prepared n)r d) they ha*e as much )n the line1 :a*id: "1A:AA& I 2ind under,rads t) +e m)re resp)nsi*e that ,rad students Patricia McLee: "1A:A7& I thin. it may depend )n the nature )2 the c)urse $ reGuired3electi*e Patricia McLee: "1A:A7& I )nly teach n)n$electi*es, *ery di22erent 2)r ,rad students :a*id: "1A:A7& mine is reGuied as teh de,ree capst)ne c)urse 'ar+ra 'urch $ QM: "1A:A?& I @ust 6ant t) menti)n that y)u may c)ntact us at QM t) 2ind )ut m)re a+)ut QMFs research e22)rts and plans:8ay Shauttuc., .ay shattuc.JGualitymatters )r,:e+ 4dair $ dadairJGualitymatters )r, and 'ar+ra 'urch $ ++urchJGualitymatters )r,https:33666 Gualitymatters )r,3research