This is a sequel to Kissing the Bloody Demon! It was requested by xBloodyxAngelx and in this one, Zero Kiryuu is um..

seme ! Lets just say that it would be harder than hard ! If that’s possible ! My time is running out, but I refuse to surrender! ‘Rose petals, the smell of that sweet nectar that I call blood! Everything that makes me excited to see him again, even if, from the two of us, I am always the one with the cold demeanor! Sure, he is pushy and a little out of balance when I ask him to be polite, but we can’t hide the desire that courses our veins! It has been... what? Three weeks from our first time? Yes, but ... I can’t get enough of him! Every time he touches me I feel alive, as if I get my energy solely from him, and I know he feels the same for me! Even though our relationship is quite strange, and not so normal, what can you say to the charming love that chooses itself were to land? I can’t say one thing to him, because he will just smile and then cover my mouth with his, and we will end up fucking again! It’s no use talking! We don’t need words... but sometimes I wish... What am I saying? I was the one that told him to keep this relationship in the shadows! I still remember his sad face, but what can I do?’ his train of thoughts collided with his strange emotions. For an elderly vampire, he sure was emotional right now. Well, it has been about, what three, four days since Zero hasn’t come back? About right, and his cock needed attention, and the only one that could ease his pain and his appetite for sex right now was the silver haired vampire hunter, his lover. He missed him! This love was destroying both of them, but they didn’t want to end this fall, they wanted to keep falling if that meant that they will fall in each others arms. His brain raced every time to find a way to tell his lover how he felt, but, he was acting so cold every time that he feared that the love that first united them has already run out and that Zero will soon leave him. He didn’t know why he felt like that! He had enough power to make his lover his pet so that he could never leave, but, somehow, that never felt right. “Kaname!” that sweet sweet voice rang from the outside world, the world beneath his window! Opening it, with a smile on his face, feeling the relieve that he was hopping for so long, the brunette looked down. And there he stood, the stoic and yet playful child that he fell for. He was glowing with a strange emoting that Kaname couldn’t quite place, so... “Come down, I want to talk to you!” that husky voice went straight to his groin, as he bit his bottom lip. What did Zero Kiryuu want from him? Well, other than to feel him, what else? Vanishing from his room, leaving his stack of papers abandoned and his journal opened on the table, Kaname appeared right next to the boy, as if this was perfectly normal, not showing the excitement that rushed in his veins. Damn! His body was already calling out for Zero’s but he couldn’t just jump on him out of nowhere and in front of so many people. Well, technically he could, but... he just couldn’t! Zero for sure would think that it was strange, so he had to stop his trembling figure.

“You don’t know how much I missed you!” the quite cold teen said in a low voice, as Kaname’s heart skipped a beat. Well, it skipped a beat on the inside, because the cold vibe was still there. Zero knew better then anyone else what words would make the cold prince warm up, but he kept those locked up. His lover said that he wanted these relation to remain in the dark, so that no one would know about it. But, he wanted to spend much more time with this vampire, this bloody demon then he already was. “Hn... You foolish kid!” Kaname said in a strong voice, but his insides were screaming for other words. How come he was so cold to the one he loved the most? He didn’t understand himself sometimes. Sighting in wonder, as a smile tugged at his lips, Zero continued his walk. A couple of days ago he found this little secluded place, full of roses, of blood red roses, and somehow he remembered of Kaname. He wanted to show him this place, their place. When the wind blew the sweet smell that Kaname adored so much made it’s way into his nostrils as he sniffed the air. Running at a speed that Zero could barely keep, Kaname arrived in no time at the small wild garden that Zero had found. Trees, sakura trees were weeping on the ground their pink tears making a very beautiful bed of petals, as the roses stood proud up drinking the sun shine. Kaname’s eyes wondered over these beautiful sight, just as the sun went to sleep. The scene colored itself in a very beautiful reddish – orange color. “So? What do you think?” Zero rested his body on the cherry tree trunk looking at the roses, avoiding his lover’s eyes. But he never got a reply. Not in words at least. A rough kiss took his breath away as someone cupped his chin and tilted his head to one side as the same mouth moved sensually over his heating skin. Nibbling at it, Kaname shoved one of his hands in his lover’s pants and stated moving in up and down, squeezing it rough but gently at the same time. Ripping the black shirt that Zero had on him, and fumbling with this belt and zipper, Kaname continued sucking at his neck, leaving small red circle like marks on his skin. “Wait.. What if someone...” Zero moaned as Kaname pushed his body up against the one he desired the most. “I don’t care! I love you, and I want the world to know that they can’t snatch you from me!” he huskily replied, as Zero arched his hips in that wonderful hand that moved at his lower part. Panting, all flushed as Kaname got on his knees eyeing his weeping erection, as Zero bit on his finger, watching him, especially his lips as his pink tongue stuck out. In no time, Kaname’s mouth took in all that Zero had, sucking and licking the shaft as the owner barely stood up. Sucking at it greedily, Kaname felt the pre cum on his tongue so he urged Zero to come in his waiting mouth, by massaging his aching sacks. Arching his back off the tree as his cock hit the back of Kaname’s throat, Zero came violently in his lover’s mouth. Huffing, trying to catch his breath, as the brunette got up and took off his clothes, Zero looked around him. This, he didn’t expect. Grabbing Zero’s hips and pushing him off the ground so that the boy wrapped his legs around the older male’s hips, Kaname pushed his cock gently in that tight opening. It was a crazy feeling, very hot and very tight.

Biting his bottom lips, so that he would take it easy, the vampire king looked at his lover as he arched his back and tried to push back on that invading member. Stopping when he was fully shaded inside, Kaname huffed and tried to stop his racing heart. “You ...” he tried to tell him, but couldn’t mutter the right words. “ I .. know!” Zero moaned, smiling. Getting out and then pushing back in, the vampire started with a slow rhythm, pushing as deep as he could in that welcoming passage. It felt so good, and that aphrodisiac smell made him float. Thrusting back when he felt ready, Zero moaned an dug his fingers in Kaname’s back, as he speed up. Minutes flied by so quick as the moaned and screamed their pleasure. Rubbing his partner’s cock, the older vamp felt his climax was soon, so he pushed as rough as his inhuman speed would allow him, growling each time he hit that special spot that made Zero’s wall contract. It wasn’t long before Zero came in his hand, and soon after Kaname fallowed, coming deep in that tight channel. Panting, the much needed air not coming as easy as before, Kaname collapsed on the flowery bed of cherry petals with Zero in his lap, with his eyes closed and with his forehead resting on the spot were the pulse felt the easiest. “That was better then the times before!” Zero huffed looking into his lovers eyes. “Maybe so... Thanks for the gift!” the cold shell shattered right in front of the silver head, making him gasp and then giggle. “Why are you giggling?” Kaname asked puzzled. “You didn’t just thank me did you? “ Zero could barely keep his laugh in check. Huffing, and knowing why his boyfriend was so happy, or better yet amused, Kaname didn’t say a word, just petted his head and looked at the now all black sky, with it’s millions of stars as candles. It was beautiful. ‘Maybe it isn’t so bad to tell the world the truth! I know it isn’t bad, but... Ok! I will never fear to show my feelings to him! Zero of all people understands me the best!’ the oldest and strongest vampire that ever walked on the face of the earth swore on his heart and pride! And he should be keeping that promise too!

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