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Screwtape Letters

Timothy Parsons Bell 4

Screwtape Letters
160 Pages 160 Pages read. Publication Date: 1942 Published By: Harper Collins

The book, Screwtape Letters, is a collection of letters about a chief demon, Screwtape, writing to his nephew, Wormwood, who is a up and coming demon. The topic of the letters is ,Screwtape, explaining and showing Wormwood different tactics on how to tempt a human man, Wormwoods client. During the course of the book, Wormwoods client starts as a newly converted Christian. Screwtape and Wormwood use several different kinds of temptation but they receive no progress. Instead of evidence of their hard work, the man falls in love with a nice Christian woman, despite their attempts to pull him away. Throughout the whole book their efforts are useless. They use events like War or character qualities such as spiritual pride to tear him away from his religion, but they continually fail.

Conflict and Resolution

The conflict of the book was quite obvious. The demons were trying to bring this man around sin. They were unable to do that while the Holy Spirit was in. The resolution is that the man trusted in God and was unstirred to the demons temptations at the end of the day.

Screwtape- He is a demon in the high ranks of hell. He helps his young nephew with his human client. He is quite proud of his demon experience. Wormwood- He is a young and beginner demon. He depends on the help of his uncle. Not much is really said about Wormwood because the whole book is from Screwtapes letters, not Wormwood. Human Client- the Christian man who Wormwood and Screwtape are trying to tear away from God.

The one of the themes of Screwtape Letters is that the devil will do anything he can to pull us away from Christ. But as long as we have the Holy Spirit living in us, they cant touch us.

The Genre of this book to some people is sciencefiction. To believers thats not true even though the book is labeled that, because we know that demons are real.

In one of these letters to Wormwood, Screwtape says that the enemy has an impenetrable force, the Holy Spirit. And that the client had this force. This foreshadows that the demons arent going to make any progress.

Screwtape knows that this human has the Holy Spirit, yet still acts like he can win him over after just admitting that the Holy Spirit will protect the man from demons.