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Partner Mini Lesson Plan: Geography Part 2 Name: Erin McGinnis & Amy Maroudas Class Subject: 6th

Grade Social Studies: Geography Date: March 7, 201 Student Objecti e!Student Outcome: Students !ill "e a"le to de#ine $compass% and its uses& understand the #unction o# a compass& to apply sense o# direction to real li#e situations and uses& to de'elop critical thin(ing s(ills through riddles& and !or( together !ith others) Content Standards: **SS)E+A,+iteracy)-S.)6,/)0 1etermine the meaning o# sym"ols, (ey terms, and other domain,speci#ic !ords and phrases as they are used in a speci#ic scienti#ic or technical conte2t rele'ant to grades 68 texts and topics) **SS)E+A,+iteracy)-S.)6,/) 3ollo! precisely a multistep procedure !hen carrying out e2periments, ta(ing measurements, or per#orming technical tas(s Materials!"esources!#echnology: Smart phone !ith compass& sca'enger hunt !or(sheet& "rie# 4re5i #or introduction http:66pre5i)com67#p8agm'0,s!6present69 auth8(ey:nm!02;5&#ollo!:t5uo#yl5 0mu& compass handout pro'ided #eacher$s Goals: <e hope to e2cite students in this lesson "ecause it has a real li#e application o# "eing a"le to use a compass and ha'e a sense o# direction !hile also learning a"out the "rie# history o# a compass) 4artner !or( !ill also tell ho! !ell students can !or( together at an interacti'e acti'ity) .ime: 1 minute 2 minutes Start o% Class: <elcome) Gather attention and ha'e them sit in assigned groups: Group leaders are Ma2, =annah, Scott, and >ulia) &ntroduction o% Lesson: 4rompt ?uestion a"out $*ompass% de#inition and uses) -e#er to >orie and Eli5a"eth@s pre'ious lesson a"out maps) Sho! 4re5i introductory lesson: , <hat is a compass9 , =o! many o# you ha'e used a compassAon your phone or an actual one9 , <hy is it important to (no! directions9 , <hat is a tric( at remem"ering !here you are directionally9 , Sun rises in the east and sets in the !est B-ight +e#tC

,7 minutes

10,12 minutes

Lesson &nstruction: 4re5i , 1e#inition o# compass , 4icture o# the compass , D-EE3 history o# compass , 1irections #or sca'enger hunt Entroduce sca'enger hunt !or(sheet , Drea( into 0 groups& one person must ha'e a smart phone #or compass , .!o groups start at F1, t!o groups start at F7 , Must stagger start time "y 1,2 minutes to gi'e group time 'ssessment!Chec(s %or )nderstanding: Students !ill #ollo! the created sca'enger hunt #or locations in the Education Duilding) 4aces and riddles help #ind the locations "esides $G S E <% directions Closure!*rap up!"e ie+: E'eryone ends "ac( at room /7 Huic( re'ie! o# ans!ers) , As( ho! help#ul !as the compass9 , 1id you end up saying le#t and right instead o# east or !est9 , <here !ould you pre#er compass directions , Street directionsA!hich !ay to go9 , 3orestI etc Sel%,'ssessment: <e didn@t !ant to lecture the !hole 20 minutes) E# the time allotted !as longer, perhaps !e !ould ha'e done a longer and more thorough 4re5i to gi'e more in#ormation on the compass and ho! it is used6importance) <e li(ed the idea o# an acti'ity "ecause learning a"out a tool is di##erent than actually using it) .he group acti'ity !as to ma(e it #un, e2citing, and interacti'e !hile "eing a"le to share e?uipment) .his !ould ha'e "een a more e2citing acti'ity i# our space !as larger Bli(e the ?uadC #or an interacti'e acti'ity)

7 minutes