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IPG Interns Name: Leopoldina Pittman Sub e!t: Fren!" #orei$n lan$ua$e 1& '()S * +b e!

ti%e * t"e students ,ill learn about t"e Fren!" !ulture- ori$in o# t"e lan$ua$e and t"e !ountry& 1 Date: 28 February 2014 Grade Le%el: 10t" $rade 2& .i$ /nderstandin$s * Student ,ill 0no, and understand t"e Fren!" !ulture- "istory and $eo$rap"y& '"is in#ormation ,ill enable t"e student to !ompre"end Fren!" literature and !ulture in $eneral&

2ssessment (%iden!e * I ,ill use pla!e mat to "a%e t"e students ,rite do,n in#ormation t"ey already 0no, about Fran!e or t"e Fren!" !ulture& I ,ill di%ide t"e students in $roups o# #our& '"is ,ill $i%e me an idea o# "o, mu!" t"ey already 0no,&

4& +penin$ 3oo0 * I ,ill use pi!tures about Paris- lands!ape and !ulinary staples t"rou$" t"e Po,erPoint& I ,ill $i%e t"e students interestin$ in#ormation about t"e Fren!" !ulture- !uisine- and lin$uisti! ori$in& I ,ill remind t"e students about t"e importan!e o# learnin$ as mu!" as possible& '"is ,ill enable t"em to !ommuni!ate ,it" Fren!" spea0in$ people- read #as!inatin$ literature- ne,spaper or en oy a $ood #ran!op"one mo%ie& 2ll t"ese in#ormation ,ill stimulate students !uriosity and ma0e t"em ,ant to learn t"e lan$ua$e& 4& Instru!tional Strate$ies 5 Student 2!ti%ities Input * students need to 0no, t"e lo!ation o# Fran!e- ,"at t"e !apital o# Fran!e is- and t"e ori$in o# t"e Fren!" lan$ua$e& '"e students must "a%e a !on!ept about t"e Fren!" !ulture and "istory& 6odelin$ * t"e lesson ,ill !omprise o# Po,erPoint lessons- paper pla!ement mat #or anti!ipatory set and printed assi$nment as s"o,n on t"e Po,erPoint& Guided Pra!ti!e * I ,ill use t"e Po,erPoint slides ,it" t"e %o!abulary ,ords- and numbers #rom one to ten& '"e students ,ill "ear t"e pronun!iations- read t"e ,ords and see t"e pi!tures& '"e students and I ,ill pronoun!e t"e ,ords& I ,ill say t"e ,ords in (n$lis" and "a%e t"e students tell it to me in Fren!"- and t"en I ,ill say t"e ,ord in Fren!" and "a%e t"en tell it to me in (n$lis"& 7F/ 8 "a%e mini 9:2 t"rou$"out t"e !lass Independent Pra!ti!e * I ,ill use t"e slide ;!est un5une<= Students ,ill "a%e to ,rite do,n t"e %o!abulary on t"e line& '"e senten!es are s"ort and simple& >& 6aterials 5 ?esour!es * I ,ill utili@e Po,erPoint ,it" teAts- pi!tures and %o!abulary& Pi!tures ,it" de#initions and students ,ill re!ei%e "ard !opies ,it" t"e same lessons to $o alon$ ,it" in t"e !lass& 3and !opies o# t"e entire lesson ,ill be $i%en to students ,it" learnin$ disability& B& Groupin$ Patterns * I ,ill use t"e %o!abulary ,ords on t"e Po,erPoint slide and t"e numeri! slide& I ,ill re!ite ne, ,ords ,it" t"e !lass& '"e students ,ill see t"e ,ritten ,ords& '"ey ,ill "ear t"e pronun!iation and t"ey ,ill $et to repeat t"e ,ords ,it" me& '"ey ,ill $o o%er pi!tures- ,"ere I ,ill "a%e students $i%e me t"e de#inition o# t"ose ,ords in Fren!"& 8& (ndin$- Summary 5 ?e#le!tion * I ,ill "a%e students tell me ,"at t"ey learned and retained today and I ,ill summari@e t"e lesson& C& 'e!"nolo$y * I ,ill use t"e Po,erPoint te!"nolo$y and laptop&

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