Kate Walton, Event Planner – 203-435-0902 cell
Stop & Shop, 150 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511
New Haven, CT 06511 Community Relations Store Manager

Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC will host a “Healthy Teen Summit” at the Stop & Shop located at 150 Whalley
Avenue in New Haven on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 3pm. A Panel of four teenagers will discuss how food and all its
issues play out in their lives and how they see it impacting the lives of their friends and peers. The Panel will be
moderated by Charlie O’Connell, who attended Hillhouse High School and graduated from University of Pennsylvania,
who is now the Founder of FITSCRIP LLC., a fitness center located at Science Park in New Haven. Charlie is also the head
Track and Field coach at Hopkins School in New Haven.
The store will transform the entrance to create a stage and seating area for the panel discussion to be followed by an
activity called “Hunger Games” – a modified scavenger hunt to identify, locate and retrieve food items representing the
best and the worst choices for achieving a healthy and powerful body. Refreshments will follow.
The event planner is currently seeking to select the four teenagers who will serve on the panel. Teenagers who are
comfortable speaking to a large group, and who feel passionate about how food affects their lives, families and peers,
are invited to submit the attached form for consideration. Selected panelists will be expected to attend 3 planning
meetings between March 10th and April 22nd. Teen panelists will be recognized in the following ways:
Letter of recommendation for college or job
$50 Stop and Shop gift card
Recognition in various media
Preferred hiring if desired when feasible for part-time job at Stop and Shop
Input from the selected teens at initial planning meeting will be incorporated into the event script and is very important
to the success of the event. We want good ideas. We are also inviting agencies and organizations that serve youth to
present information tables and participate in the planning if interested.

April 22, 2014
3pm to 5pm

Student Information
Last Name_________________________ First Name _________________ Middle Name_____________
City___________________________State____________Zip Code_________________
Phone Number____________________________ Email _______________________________________
Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year) _____________________ Graduation Date ________________________
School Information
School Name___________________________________ Principal’s Name__________________________
City__________________________State___________Zip Code________________________
Parent or Guardian Information
Last Name___________________________ First Name _________________Middle Name_____________
City_______________________ State ______________ Zip Code_______________________
Phone Number__________________________ Email Address___________________________________
Submit this form by March 7, 2014 to: Manager’s Office, Stop and Shop, 150 Whalley Ave., NH CT 06511

Write 3 sentences below stating why you would be a good panelist for this event.


Presenting 1st ever…

April 22, 2014
3pm to 5pm

At Stop and Shop

It’s all about the food!
Save the Date
For more info:
Stop and Shop, 150 Whalley Ave, NH CT 06511

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