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Title: Intuition your key to success

Authors: Frank La Pira and Murray Gillin

Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University of Technology
Of late there has been a renewed interest in the role and importance of intuition to the
Two recent publications concerning electro physiological evidence of intuition and the
relationship of motivations with spiritual intelligence suggests the need to evaluate how we
access our deepest meanings, values, purposes and highest motivations in recognizing
opportunities. This has shed some light on how we interpret meaning in the world around us
and its impact on decision making.
This research argues that entrepreneurs use all three levels of intelligence: namely intellectual
intelligence; emotional intelligence; and spiritual intelligence. Using intuition and spiritual
intelligence entrepreneurs can change a business-as-usual paradigm to a creative business of
high growth and spiritual worth. It was found that he heart autonomic nervous system is
involved in the processing and decoding of intuitive information.
Entrepreneurs with a strong propensity for intuition participated in an extended and semi-
structured interview. The results of these interviews were analyzed using a qualitative
software program some consistent themes emerged. In order to gain a level of triangulation of
the findings this data was compared and contrasted with some experimental evidence that
demonstrates the heart is able to react to future events pre-stimulus.
Twenty-one English and Australian Serial Entrepreneurs completed a survey instrument,
and were interviewed for this research. From the findings it was discovered that entrepreneurs
have a commitment to their own personal growth and development through the desire to make
a difference or contribution to their industry or community. The majority of respondents
proffered that helping their community or industy was “the right thing to do”.
There is now experimental evidence that we can and do sense events outside our
conscious awareness and that the bodies autonomic nervous system is capable of tuning into a
virtually instantaneous communication of information between particles separated by space in
which particles have “knowledge” of events before they actually happen. This provides a
powerful support for interconnectedness construct and explains that making decisions on what
‘feels right’ or is the “right thing to do” is a sound and valid method of decision making.

H e a rt R e sp o n d s

S ig n a l o u t/ f o c u s s e d in te n tio n

S ig n a l B a c k

F u tu r e D e s ir e

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