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CHAMBER 580 PACIFIC STREET MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA Directors Present: Directors Absent: Staff Present: ROLL CALL President Della Sala called the meeting to order at 7:17 p.m. and all members were present, including guests City of Marina Mayor Delgado and City Manager Long. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE PUBLIC COMMENTS President Della Sala invited public comment for items not on the agenda. David Lifland expressed concern regarding the current drought emergency and encouraged requesting approval for use of the open water intake well option. Tom Rowley urged the Directors to thank the community for their past and continued conservation efforts. Nelson Vega expressed concern with the costs expended for the GWR project and the potential to trigger debt equivalency. Burnett, Edelen, Kampe, Pendergrass, Rubio, Della Sala None Executive Director, Legal Counsel, Clerk

Public Comment was closed and President Della Sala recognized that the region is doing a commendable job with conservation efforts. Director Burnett responded to Mr. Vega's question indicating the GWR project is less likely to trigger debt equivalency than originally thought. Director Kampe spoke to a presentation given by Cal Am regarding Cal Am billing practices and encouraged other member cities to request presentations during their City Council meetings. AGENDA ITEMS 1. Receive Report, Discuss and Provide Direction Regarding the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project Coastal Development Permit for Bore Holes in the City of Marina, California And Authorize Executive Director or Chair to Testify at Marina Public Meetings and to Submit a Letter of Support President Della Sala thanked City of Marina Mayor Bruce Delgado and City Manager Layne Long for attending the Special Meeting. Executive Director Cullem introduced the item explaining the critical elements needed to complete the environmental documents being prepared by the CPUC for the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project. This includes data derived from two bore holes to be drilled on City of Marina land. He further explained that Marina staffs municipal code interpretation regarding surface mining was a barrier and the scheduled meeting dates would delay the

MPRWA Minutes

Thursday, January 30, 2014

permit approval process passed the start of the snowy plover mating season, delaying the environmental impact report a minimum of 6 months and even further for the final project. The issue under discussion at this meeting was to determine the best course of action to be able to expedite the process within the City of Marina. Mayor Delgado and City Manager Long spoke in support of the efforts of Cal Am and the Authority but concluded that the Planning Commission acted as they did because they had incomplete information. They agreed to assist with expediting meeting scheduling. President Della Sala spoke to all the efforts to move the process forward in an expeditious manner and invited public comment on the item. Nelson Vega thanked Marina representatives for attending and spoke to the fact that many Marina citizens work on the Peninsula and would be severely impacted should the State impose the penalties of the cease and desist order and urged them to expedite the process for the benefit of their citizens. Rudy Rischer questioned if there is a program manager over seeing the numerous permits required for the project. John Narigi ,Chair of the Coalition of Peninsula Businesses and spoke to economic impacts of water rationing on vitality of the peninsula and the proportion of the Marina population employed by hospitality businesses. He urged any efforts to expedite the process to benefit both businesses and residents.

David Lifland spoke questioned why an already disturbed site should need CEQA mitigation.

The Directors thanked Mr. Delgado and Mr. Long for attending the meeting. They discussed the City of Marina meeting and appeals process, including appeal deadlines, specifically as it relates to the snowy plover mating season deadline and how long it takes to complete the bore holes. Rich Svinland from Cal am spoke to the nesting season that March 1st is the general guideline, but is dependent on the birds arrival. He noted that each bore hole takes 10 to 12 days to complete. The sample to be withdrawn is 7 liters of water. Director Kampe followed up and asked if Cal Am has a project manger shepherding the permits through to which Mr. Svinland responded since there is no approved project at this time, there is

no dedicated program manager for obtaining the numerous permits. Vice President Burnett spoke to the groups that are impacted by this project and the stakeholders in the settlement agreement and the desire to see it done right but that he does not understand
the current barrier as all of the local cities including the Salinas Valley, benefit from the gathering of this data, to inform the CPUC and the various interests. He noted the current, active state debate on how best to build desal facilities indicating it this project will affect statewide policy. He thanked the Marina representatives for agreeing to expedite the process, and encouraged the Planning Commission and the City Council to interpret the Ordinance 1755 in favor of the MPWSP and to continue to process the application for the coastal development permit.

Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority Special Meeting Minutes - Thursday, January 30, 2014 2

MPRWA Minutes

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Legal Counsel Freeman requested authorization to talk to City of Marina Attorneys to map out a timeline and any other alternatives that could be explored and other issues that could be clarified. The Directors came to a consensus to allow Legal Counsel Freeman to reach out to the City of Marina Legal Council to address the problem. Mayor Delgado indicated that the current challenge was due to a lack of information and informed representatives at previous meetings. He requested expert representatives to attend future meetings answer any necessary questions. On a motion by Director Rubio, seconded by Director Edelen and carried by the following vote, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority authorized a letter of support be submitted to the City of Marina, CA for approval of the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project Coastal Development Permit for Bore Holes in the City of Marina, California and authorize the Executive Director and Director Burnett to testify at marina public meetings.


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Burnett, Edelen, Kampe, Pendergrass, Rubio, Della Sala None None None None

ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 p.m.


Lesley Milton, Authority Clerk

Chuck Della Sala, President

Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority Special Meeting Minutes - Thursday, January 30, 2014 3