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Little LalaOopsie is finished!

Was fun making this little one and hope you will have as much fun making her, as well as you daughters playing with her. Possibilities are endless. Specially when it comes making hair or dress. Looking forward to hear how about your ideas!

ere is the one ! made "this is #ust the first one$many more will follow %& & 'hink we can start with the pattern right away. 'here is a lot of work to do! (bbreviation, )S terms% Sc *c !nc Sl.St. *ec. Single crochet *ouble crochet + sc in one stitch Slip stitch

decrease, invisible decrease or + stitches together ,h -lo .lo ,hain back loops only front loops only /aterials used% + mm crochet hook 0 ply cotton yarn in various colors


black "for eye lashes and under the button placement& pink "cheeks& -lack embroidery thread for designing the lips 'wo 1 mm buttons

2mbroidery and darning needles for sewing up the parts and designing the face Wire "for legs and arms 3 to make them fle4ible and mobile& P.'...2. thread seal tape to secure the wire ends

Stuffing of your choice for the head and body .inished si5e of this doll is +6 cm "7 inches& 8auge per 9 inch "+,: cm&% 7st40rows ead !n skin color of your choice% ;9 sc< in the magic ring "work in continuous round& ;+ !nc< "9+ sts& ;6 =!nc9, sc9= 4< "90 sts& ;> =!nc9, sc+ 4< "+> sts& ;: =!nc9, sc6= 4< "6? sts& ;< =!nc9, sc>= 4< "6< sts& ;1 =!nc9, sc:= 4< ">+ sts& ;0 =!nc9, sc<= 4< ">0 sts& ;7 =!nc9, sc1= 4< ":> sts& ;9? =!nc9, sc0= 4< "<? sts& ;99 =!nc9, sc7= 4< "<< sts& ;9+@;97 sc<< sts ;+? =*ec9, sc7= 4< "<? sts& ;+9 =*ec9, sc0= 4< ":> sts& ;++ =*ec9, sc1= 4< ">0 sts& ;+6 =*ec9, sc<= 4< ">+ sts ;+> =*ec9, sc:= 4< "6< sts& ;+: =*ec9, sc>= 4< "6? sts&

;+< =*ec9, sc6= 4< "+> sts& ;+1 =*ec9, sc+= 4< "90 sts& -egin stuffing the head. Stuff it nice and firm. ;+0 =*ec9, sc9= 4< "9+ sts& 'ie off. .inish stuffing. -ody Working on the panties. ,hoose the color you want panties to be. ;9 sc< in magic ring "work in continuous round& ;+ !nc< "9+ sts& ;6 =!nc9, sc9= 4< "90 sts& ;> =!nc9, sc+= 4< "+> sts& ;: =!nc9, sc6= 4< "6? sts& ;< =!nc9, sc>= 4< "6< sts& ;1@;7 sc6< sts ,hange color to one you are using for skin. ;9? sc6< sts ;99 =*ec9, sc>= 4< "6? sts& ;9+ sc6? sts ;96 =*ec9, sc6= 4< "+> sts& ;9> sc+> sts ;9: =*ec9, sc+= 4< "90 sts& ;9< sc90 sts (t this point begin stuffing the body

;91 =*ec9, sc9= 4< "9+ sts& ;90 sc9+ sts 'ie off and leave long end for sewing the body to the head. .inish stuffing the body Legs "4+& Working with yarn in skin color of your choice ;9 sc> in magic ring "working in continuous rounds& ;+ !nc> "0 sts& ;6@6+ sc6? 0sts 'ie off and leave long end for sewing (rms "4+& Working with yarn in skin color of your choice ;9 sc> in magic ring "working in continuous rounds& ;+ =inc9, sc9= 4+ "< sts& ;6@;> sc< sts ;: ch6, "to this chain you have #ust made 3 we are making thumb here&, =sc+, inc9= 4+ "0 sts& ;<@;+: sc0 sts 'ie off and leave long end for sewing the arm to the body later Aow take the legs and hands and wire you have prepared. /easure the length from one end to another "for leg and arm& and cut wire in same length. Aow use a little bit of stuffing, wrap it tightly on the top of each side of the wire. Bou can tighten it with some thread if it will be easier for you,

take the seal tape and start wrapping it around ends, through the middle, towards the other end, until you have this nice looking, safe piece, with both ends closed and secured. ere is the photo of materials used in my Oopsie doll and how this CstickD looks like before put into arm or leg. wire sticksfinished stick (s you finish all four of the sticks place them inside the limbs. /ake another one short though, about : cm " + inches& long. 'his one make little bit thicker "!f the wire is narrow as mine, fold it twice and twist it a little before wrapping it and making it safe. 'his piece we will use for head@body connection so the head doest wobble around. Aow you can start sewing the body parts together. Start with head and body first. Place the CstickD "wire& in the middle of both parts and sew the head and body nicely through all of 9+ stitches. (dd some stuffing if needed. Legs% Sew the legs on the bottom of the body, starting at ;+@;< at each side. Safety pin them, check them twice and sew them nicely. (rms% Place arms on the sides of the body. Place them second row below from where the head and body are sewed together. Sew them through two rows, nicely. -e aware to place the thumb pointing front. Lala we can start working on hair

air !n color of your choice ;9 sc< in the magic ring "work in continuous round& ;+ !nc< "9+ sts& ;6 =!nc9, sc9= 4< "90 sts& ;> =!nc9, sc+= 4< "+> sts& ;: =!nc9, sc6= 4< "6? sts& ;< =!nc9, sc>= 4< "6< sts& ;1 =!nc9, sc:= 4< ">+ sts& ;0 =!nc9, sc<= 4< ">0 sts& ;7 =!nc9, sc1= 4< ":> sts& ;9? =!nc9, sc0= 4< "<? sts& ;99 =!nc9, sc7= 4< "<< sts& ;9+@;9: sc<< sts 'ie off and leave long end for sewing the hair to the head. ;inglets ! have done mine in pair of two bunches, but then sewed them all together to look as made in one piece. Bou can do the hair many different ways. Bou can make ringlets longer or shorter. Bou can make them thicker or thinner. Bou can make them less or more in numbers. Start working, make few, place it on the head and see if you like them to be that way. Play and have fun. !t really is fun! %* ! will give you directions n how ! did the ringlets. Will give you the

instructions on two bunches with : ringlets each and you decide if you will make them looking as one or will sew them as two pony tails on each side of the head. ! made each different si5e. Some are the same, some are not. Was making the chains from >:@:? stitches. !n instructions will say >: for each ringlet, but you increase or decrease as much as you like it. ,h >1 Starting at the third stitch from the hook, stitch 6dc, repeat this for each stitch on this chain. "6dc in one st& ;eaching the end chain >1 again and repeat 6dc in each st. 'his way make all : ringlets. 'ie off and leave long end for sewing them on the head later. /ake two of such ringlets bunches. -angs ! did almost the same way. *idnEt have the same shade of purple thatEs why these are little bit darker. )se same color yarn for the bangs. .or the bangs ! also started with chain ,h+6 /ake 6 more the same way !nstead of crocheting the bangs, you can #ust sew on few bangs on top of the head when hair will be done "before placing the bow&. !t is easier and also gives very nice effect. Oopsie9 Shoes

Starting with sole base "chose the color& ,h0 ;9 sc<, 6sc in one st, continue working on the other side of the chain, sc:, +sc in one st "9< sts& ;+ inc9, sc:, inc6, sc: inc+ "++ sts& ,hange color in one you like shoes to be. ;6@;>@ sc++ sts ;: sc:, dec6, sc0 "9< sts& ;< sc:, dec>, sc: "9> sts& ;1 sc<, ch9 turn backwards and stitch 9+ sts "from this point on we will be working the rows, not continuous rounds& ;0@;96 sc9+ sts ,hange color "or use this one you have been working with& and single crochet around the edges . Wave in the shoe laces with needle and thread of your choice. ! made chain and used it as shoe lace, but you can use a piece of yarn or thin bow. Bou can make boots higher if you like. Or, what can be done is to stitch the socks using the back loops only on the boots "making the sock or #ust nice lace effect coming out of the boots&. 8iving you #ust few ideas you can try to play with. *ress! )f! 'his can be done 9??9 way, trust me! !t was challenging to make it in one piece without buttons, 5ippers$

and easy enough for girls that will play with the doll be able to take it off and change "if you will make a several F& &. *ress is not done in continuous rounds. So after each row, ch9 or ch+, depending if you are starting with single crochet od double one. .inishing the row, slip stitch the last stitch to the first chain you started. ! have started my dress with chain of 6< stitches. -efore closing the chain into circle, check if it fits to your doll "so you can add or decrease stitch or two&. ere we go% *ress )se color of your choice for the base dress color )pper part ,h 6<, to close the chain into a ring ;9 sc6< ;+ sc6< ;6 dc6< ;> dc6< ;: dc6< ;< =ch+, skip one st, sl.st9= repeat all the way around )sing long chain "you made out of thread, yarn& in color of your choice, or string, or bow, wave in between the ;:@;< starting in front of the dress, going allthe way around and finishing in front right before you started. 'his we will use to close the dress after it is put on the doll, to give her nice fitting effect F& 'urn the dress upside down, to where we have started with the chain row. We are making the skirt now. Slip stitch to any stitch and start

with our first row making the bottom of the dress. ! used yellow yarn here "that was later decorated with green& to make belt effect on this dress. Bou can change the color or #ust continue with the same one you have worked the top with. Skirt% ;9 sc6< blo ;+ sc6< blo ,hange color "here ! switched from yellow to pink again& ;6 +dc in one st .LO all the way around ;> dc in each st ;: +dc in each st ;< dc in each st ;1 +dc in each st ,hange color "for this row ! used turGuoise color& ;0 sc in each st ,hange color "for the final row ! used yellow& ;7 =ch+, skip one st, sl.st9= repeat all the way around )nder skirt With thinner white yarn Slip stitch at one of the back loops on ;6 of the dressEs bottom. ;9 sc all the way around ;+ +dc in each st ;6 dc each st

;> +dc in each st ;: dc each st ;< +dc in each st ,hange color "! used green here& ;1 =ch+, skip one st, repeat till the end of this row. Shoulder sleeves Put the dress on the doll. 'ighten the upper part with the bow or string you waved in, and mark best place where the strings for the shoulder sleeves would go best. 'his is how ! did it. /ark all four points. 'wo in front and two on the back, take the dress off the doll and start making the shoulder strings in the same color as the dress was made. ;9 at the front of the dress. ,h9?, at the back "of the same shoulder side& ,hange color "first one ! did was pink, and now was switching to turGuoise& ;+ sc9? st ,hange color "mine is yellow here& ;6 =ch+, skip one st, sl.st9= repeat till end 'ie off sew and hide ends nicely !n addition there is bow to make on the belt, and if you like you can add one row of 5ig@5ag motif. ,hoose what will you use for the belt. Starting at front, wave in the string or bow or whatever you have chosen for this. !n one of the rows where you have front loops visible slip stitch the yarn in color of your choice and make this motif%

=,h+, skip one stitch, all the way around. 'ie off, hide the ends. oopsiebHw -ow ,h90 ;9 +dc, +hdc, +sc, > +sc, +hdc, +dc, ch+, turn ;+@> repeat the pattern from ;9 When finished with ;>, sc all the way around the bow. 'ie off, hide the end.

-ow middle ,h0 "one color& ;9 sc1 "second color& ;+ =ch+, skip one, sl.st9= repeat for all the stitches "third color& 'ie or sew this piece at the middle of the bow, and sew the bow nicely on top of the head. .inishing% air% Place the hair CcapD on, Position it the way you like it the best. Safety pin it and sew it all around. Aow place the ringlets the way you want them to be. Safety pin them and sew them so they stay at place where you wanted them to be. !f you are using bangs with slip stitched chains, the way ! made my Oopsie doll, place it on the very top of the head, safety pin each bang and sew one by one, little by little on the front of the head.

(t the end sew on the bow, One in the middle, on top of the head, or two at sides, depending how you will make your ringlets to be. 2yes% )se little bit of black felt. Place the buttons you will use of eyes on the felt, draw the outline and cut out two black felt pieces you will put under the buttons. We will glue them first. -uttons on the felt and felt on the head, so once sewed on will stay nice and firm. .or eye lashes cut black felt, making kind of I shape pattern "as for two lashes to stick on the eye sides&. Safety pin the eyes and using black thread sew them on the head. With embroidery needle and black thread, sew the smiling mouth. )sing pink felt, cut two circles of about 9cm big and glue them on the face. ! used regular all purpose crystal glue. !f you donEt have the felt for eyes or cheeks. 2mbroider the eyelashes on each side of the eye. )se little bit of powder blush for the cheeks. Was a little work to do for this doll but at the end itEs al worth it. ope you en#oyed making Oopsie and most of all hope your kids will en#oy playing with one! %* Looking forward to hear all you comments, suggestions, replies. Let me know how it goes! Send me some photos of finished doll! Looking forward hearing from you and seeing the photos. Wish you all the best of luck and lots of fun making these dolls. !f you will come up with some special and new ideas, let me know so we will publish them on the blog!

Jtill ne4t time wishing you lots of fun and #oy! p.s. On the left side of the home page ! have added the bo4 with several patterns in .pdf for your easier download and work.